(Updated) Ending Nuclear Power DECREASED Carbon Dioxide Output In Germany


Nuclear Power INCREASES Carbon Dioxide

There has been a tremendous amount of voodoo science pushing the claim that radiation isn’t harmful.  (It is.)

Similarly, a new report published by Environmental Science & Technology claims that nuclear power saves more lives than it cost, due to reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

However, none of the following words appear in the report:

  • Construction
  • Construct
  • Building
  • Build
  • Facility
  • Facilities
  • Fabrication
  • Steel
  • Metal
  • Concrete

Why is this important?

Because, as BBC notes:

Building the [nuclear] power station produces a lot of CO2 ….

An International Forum on Globalization report – written by environmental luminaries Ernest Callenback, Gar Smith and Jerry Mander – have slammed nuclear power as catastrophic for the environment:

Nuclear energy is not the “clean” energy its backers proclaim. For more than 50 years, nuclear energy has been quietly polluting our air, land, water and bodies—while also contributing to Global Warming through the CO2 emissions from its construction, mining, and manufacturing operations. Every aspect of the nuclear fuel cycle—mining, milling, shipping, processing, power generation, waste disposal and storage—releases greenhouse gases, radioactive particles and toxic materials that poison the air, water and land. Nuclear power plants routinely expel low-level radionuclides into the air in the course of daily operations. While exposure to high levels of radiation can kill within a matter of days or weeks, exposure to low levels on a prolonged basis can damage bones and tissue and result in genetic damage, crippling long-term injuries, disease and death.

See this excellent photographic depiction of the huge amounts of fossil fuel which goes into building and operating a nuclear power plant.

Indeed, there is historical proof that ending nuclear will decrease c02 output.   Specifically, PhysOrg reported last year:

A special issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, published by SAGE, “The German Nuclear Exit,” shows that the nuclear shutdown and an accompanying move toward renewable energy are already yielding measurable economic and environmental benefits, with one top expert calling the German phase-out a probable game-changer for the nuclear industry worldwide.


Freie Universität Berlin politics professor Miranda Schreurs says the nuclear phase-out and accompanying shift to renewable energy have brought financial benefits to farmers, investors, and small business;

Felix Matthes of the Institute for Applied Ecology in Berlin concludes the phase-out will have only small and temporary effects on electricity prices and the German economy;


Lutz Mez, co-founder of Freie Universitӓt Berlin’s Environmental Policy Research Center, presents what may be the most startling finding of all …. “It has actually decoupled energy from economic growth, with the country’s energy supply and carbon-dioxide emissions dropping from 1990 to 2011, even as its gross domestic product rose by 36 percent.”

Moreover – according to some scientists – there is actually very little high-grade uranium left:

The use of nuclear power causes, at the end of the road and under the most favorable conditions, approximately one third as much carbon dioxide emission as gas-fired electricity production. The rich uranium ores required to achieve this reduction are, however, so limited that if the entire present world electricity demand were to be provided by nuclear power, these ores would be exhausted in nine years. Use of the remaining poorer ores in nuclear reactors would produce more CO2 emission than burning fossil fuels directly.

And Alternet points out:

Mark Cooper, senior fellow for economic analysis at the Vermont Law School … found that the states that invested heavily in nuclear power had worse track records on efficiency and developing renewables than those that did not have large nuclear programs. In other words, investing in nuclear technology crowded out developing clean energy.

Many experts also say that the “energy return on investment” from nuclear power is lower than many other forms of energy. In other words, non-nuclear energy sources produce more energy for a given input.

David Swanson writes:

The energy put into mining, processing, and shipping uranium, plant construction, operation, and decommissioning is roughly equal to the energy a nuclear plant can produce in its lifetime. In other words, nuclear energy does not add any net energy.

Not counted in that calculation is the energy needed to store nuclear waste for hundreds of thousands of years.

Also not counted is any mitigation of the relatively routine damage done to the environment, including human health, at each stage of the process.


Nuclear energy is not an alternative to energies that increase global warming, because nuclear increases global warming. When high-grade uranium runs out, nuclear will be worse for CO2 emissions than burning fossil fuels. And as global warming advances, nuclear becomes even less efficient as reactors must shut down to avoid overheating.

The question isn’t oil versus coal versus nuclear.  Decentralizing energy production and storage is the real solution for the environment … not building more centralized nuclear plants.

Unfortunately, environmentalists seem to have fallen prey to nuclear power lobbyists.

Update: One of the authors of the Environmental Science & Technology study – Dr. Pushker Kharecha – wrote to me and explained:

Despite the absence of those particular words, our analysis is indeed based on life-cycle GHG emission factors for each fuel — please see refs 30 and 34 of the paper, which we cite in Table 1.

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  • gozounlimited

    But wait a minute ….. John Kerry is in South Korea making a deal to protect the South from North Korea’s nuclear bombs while agreeing to to help South Korea enrich uranium and reprocess spent nuclear fuel.under the guise of green energy ….. Sounds a little Iranian to me ….. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/yonhap-news-agency/130401/s-korea-us-nuclear-accord

  • nveric

    “The question isn’t oil versus coal versus nuclear. Decentralizing energy production and storage is the real solution for the environment … not building more centralized nuclear plants.”

    The answer is organizing and taking control of the federal government again. People of the USA must see their purpose realized in controlling their Republic’s government. Decentralizing that government WILL remove it as the life threatening force it has become. Regional government is needed to disburse the out-of-control foreign influenced federal government. End this Empire.

    68 years of secrecy must end. How many secret programs are being paid for at your financial expense and your personal expense? Money is one thing, but what about your self-respect? Heroin is less addictive than your need for money. Kleptocracy is what you voted for, and you’ve got it – the fast lane to riches beyond belief goes to the very few. Fools are all who support the system – stabbing yourself in the back by greed and selfishness.

  • Ole C G Olesen

    To this excellent article I would like to add another story on Macro Level :


    a small excerpt

    Over many years, four large firms had dominated ( Germanys Elictricity Market )
    — E.ON, RWE, EnBW and Sweden’s Vattenfall.

    By 2010, these four once-mighty firms accounted for only 6.5% of electricity
    generated in Germany — with their role being supplanted by hundreds of local
    co-op, municipal and small-scale producers that have sprung into existence. This
    is a democratization of economic power unprecedented in the industrial world.

    ( and I presume the numbers are even more impressive .. today !… 3 years later )

    The Issue and Evidence is perfctly clear

    Decentralisation minimizes the PROFITS of Corporations but BENEFITS all aspect of CIVILIZED COMMUNITY and NATIONS. Ofc Corporations have been aware of this for a very long Time and counteracted any developments in this area for the same time .. buying corrupt Politicians to do the pseudoparlamentarians work for them . Politicians also implicitely acting in their own Interst as NOTHING is more detestable to Poliicians and Corporations than FREE and INDEPENDANT CITICENS !

    The Facts presented are INSTRUCTIVE displaying the DIFFERENCE in the POLITICAL NATURE of Nations .. The USA pursuing a ” SHALE – GAS BONANZA ” .. owned by Big Corporations with the Aim of PROFITS whereas EUROPE pursues long term Energy Solutions beneficial to the PEOPLE … AND … therefore in the End to the NATIONS . That the USA at the same time robs itself of precious WATER without which the american Agricultural Sector will be cut out from behind .. makes the Choices by the POLITICAL ELITES of the USA the more DESPICABLE !

  • Todd Millions

    This is a good summa but-Germany isn’t going nuc free in reality.The new subsidy game is for the german taxpayer too build nuc powered subs for-israel.To deliver the nuke armed cruise missles one supposes.Having the tritium from the subs,to top up the nukes,now Demonia is crapped via nuetron embrittlment,must greatly ease israeli existentialittus.Is this similar too-hogtownittius?
    Bye the bye-‘Renewables International’ has exellent recent posts on some duech states ramping up too 40% wind solar input on existing grid.This is easier than I would have thought,and from this it looks that 80% is easy doable-not sabotage resistant though.The point on local gen and storage is well taken too discourage that.