No, North Korea Will NOT Start a Nuclear War Tomorrow

“Mad Dog” Bluff Based on Fear of U.S.-South Korean War Games Turning Into Real Invasion

It’s easy to make jokes about North Korea.  For example, the following 2 photos show the entire North Korean navy:

And this photo shows the North Korean army showing of their entire collection of weapons:

But North Korea’s threat to launch a test missile over Japan tomorrow has raised tensions substantially.

Does this mean nuclear war?


Initially, both Japan and the U.S. are deploying missile defense systems which can shoot down any missiles which North Korea aims at Japan, South Korea or the U.S.

Moreover, as crazy as North Korea’s threats are, they are arguably in response to massive U.S. and South Korean war games … which simulate a nuclear attack on North Korea.

As the Wall Street Journal reported last month:

Some U.S. officials argued that the bomber flights would be unduly provocative and akin to recent North Korean actions, which these officials said have irresponsibly ratcheted up tensions. Defense officials acknowledged that North Korean military officers are particularly agitated by bomber flights because of memories of the destruction wrought from the air during the Korean War. [The United States Air Force demolished every target over one story during the Korean War. It also dropped more napalm than it did later in Vietnam.]


U.S. officials said they didn’t believe North Korea could detect the approach of the B-2s but couldn’t be certain. They noted that once the bombers passed over the Korean peninsula, they were no longer trying to hide their presence.

We could fly it at night, but the point was for them to see it,” said a U.S. defense official.

The Journal reported this week:

After a high-visibility display of military power aimed at deterring North Korean provocations, the White House is dialing back the aggressive posture amid fears that it could inadvertently trigger an even deeper crisis, according to U.S. officials.

The U.S. is putting a pause to what several officials described as a step-by-step plan the Obama administration approved earlier this year, dubbed “the playbook,” that laid out the sequence and publicity plans for U.S. shows of force during annual war games with South Korea. The playbook included well-publicized flights in recent weeks near North Korea by nuclear-capable B-52 and stealth B-2 bombers, as well as advanced F-22 warplanes.

The U.S. stepped back from the plans this week, as U.S. officials began to worry that the North, which has a small nuclear arsenal and an unpredictable new leader, may be more provoked than the U.S. had intended, the officials said.

“The concern was that we were heightening the prospect of misperceptions on the part of the North Koreans, and that that could lead to miscalculations,” a senior administration official said.

We are not defending the North Koreans.  The leadership lives an extremely lavish lifestyle … while most of the North Korean people are starving.

And the North Koreans are out of line threatening nuclear attack, and ending the peace treaty with South Korea

But given that the U.S. carried out preemptive war on Iraq, took out Libya’s Gaddafi, is in the process of taking out Syria’s leader, and has long branded North Korea as part of the “Axis of Evil” – and that North Korea has just undergone a transition of power and has a very young leader – many believe that North Korea is acting “mad dog crazy” to try to prevent an invasion by the U.S. … and that tensions will recede as soon as the annual American-South Korean war games are over.

Like the small dog that rushes up and bites the ankle of the big dog to scare him away – because he is terrified of a real fight – North Korea is bluffing.

Postscript: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is a steady hand. As long as he is in control of the American response – rather than people who might have other agendas (and see this and this) – things shouldn’t spiral out of control from the American side.

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  • kimyo

    it shouldn’t be so hard to figure out what tptb are about to foist upon us. but, i’m stumped. all the noise about cyber-warfare seems silly, as if not being able to shop at amazon for 48 hours will bring us to our knees. likelier, i guess that’s a pretext for a bank holiday.

    aside from shutting down the banks, at their disposal are the x37b, some kind of weaponized flu.

    the eu’s actions in cyprus seem like a deliberate attempt to induce a loss of faith in the european banking system. some of the comet action we’ve seen around the world could be man-made, via the x37b, say testing, calibrating. the pfif people see flu everywhere, blame the chinese, but they could have it backwards.

    if there is a widespread release of a killer flu in the us, grid issues would likely bring down at least a few nuclear plants. as it goes, fukushima has probably caused more u.s.-based radiation contamination than any north korean attack could. in any case, lose a couple of spent fuel pools and much of the east coast will be uninhabitable for 1,000 or more years.

    they are certainly painting north korea with the same crazy brush they used for iraq. it’s non-stop, 24/7, on all the social/dino media.

    9/11 made sense. it was used to start the war in iraq, cement the loss of our liberties and probably take all of the gold. what would be the point of war with north korea? it’d be over in 10 minutes. there’s no oil there. who would benefit?

    • fshy00

      Its *almost* as if your crazy conspiracy theories doesn’t make sense. Naaah, that can’t be right. The super-effective conspiracy must have detected room temperature superconductors in North Korea ripe for mining.

    • There’s no Rothschild-controlled central bank in NK. The British want to have the entire world under their thumb.

  • gozounlimited

    North Korea has an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear weapon to the United States, as demonstrated by their successful launch and orbiting of a satellite on Dec. 12, 2012.

    In fact, North Korea is a mortal nuclear threat to the United States— right now. In summer 2004, a delegation of Russian generals warned the Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Commission that secrets had leaked to North Korea for a decisive new nuclear weapon — a Super-EMP warhead.
    So, as of Dec. 12, North Korea’s successful orbit of a satellite demonstrates its ability to make an EMP attack against the United States — right now.

    The Congressional EMP Commission estimates that, given the nation’s (US) current unpreparedness, within one year of an EMP attack, two-thirds of the U.S. population — 200 million Americans — would probably perish from starvation, disease and societal collapse.

    Thus, North Korea now has an Assured Destruction capability against the United States. The consequences of this development are so extremely grave that U.S. and global security have, in effect, gone over the “strategic cliff” into free-fall. Where we will land, into what kind of future, is as yet
    unknown…… read more:

    After the US demolished 1/3d of North Korea’s population during the 50’s, refused to sign a peace treaty, and then placed them in the axis of evil….paranoid payback is possible with one blow of an EMP.
    see here:

    I would suggest that the US sign a peace treaty and stop the BS……

    • gozounlimited

      Dick Cheney Warns GOP On North Korea: ‘We’re In Deep Doo Doo’

      Cheney reportedly expressed concern about the lack of intel on young North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un, making him very unpredictable. The former vice president cited his past experience with Saddam Hussein and added, “you never know what they’re thinking.”. (Reminiscent of 9-11?)… read more:

  • MrLiberty

    “may be more provoked than the U.S. had intended” – there you have it folks. It was their intention to provoke all along. In the great spirit of Wilson, and FDR, we have yet another democratic (you remember, the “party of peace”) president provoking war with one of our enemies. Way to go Obama. Does he realize that unlike Iraq and Iran, these folks actually DO have WMDs?

  • Donk

    Kim Jong Un needs to be killed before he wipes out his people. And for all that do not know this fact, Dennis Rodman gave Kim Jong Un anal sex while he was there.

  • Robert Teed

    The Bully is the US who’s Government officials live a lavish lifestyle while the citizens are taxed excessively to provide military funding that exceeds all other countries combined.
    US is A country that provokes military reactions from others by using economic sanctions as provocation for armed conflict with targeted countries it wants to control.