Awareness of “False Flag” Terrorism at All-Time High

Curiosity about False Flag Terrorism Goes Through the Roof

We have no idea whether or not the Boston bombings were false flag terrorism … the trick which governments from around the world have admitted they use to justify war or consolidate power.

But interest in false flag terrorism is at an all-time high.

Specifically, here’s the interest in the phrase “false flag” between 2004 – when Google Trends was launched – and today:

Most of the searches came from North America, Australia, the UK and Malaysia:

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  • Steve Dubs

    Are you so simple minded you can’t come up with another reason? Don’t you think DHS would have had security at the Boston Marathon? They have security on every air plane, they also have security for major events. They were supposed to stop bombers like this, but it obviously didn’t work. You are a nutjob if you want to keep calling every bad thing a government conspiracy to take your guns away. You’ll never find the red pill, you’re too short sighted to see it.

    • You’re an idiot. The DHS doesn’t contract out to The Craft International but for one thing: killing.

    • Gunman Jones

      navy seals, blackwater running security at a marathon, right, give me a break..
      They interviewed professional marathon runners they said this the first time they had ever seen security like this in their life at one these events, bomb sniffing dogs etc…not to mention they were telling everyone there was going to e a bomb blast. Running a bomb drill, yeah right, you cant lie to us anymore. this guy is probably on the gov’t dole

      • SirPsycho

        we know who the PR firm paid assholes are, they’re a menace like vermin.

    • Rando Killrizian

      Ha! yes sir! I’m sure that A 10 warthog DHS just bought will turn some domestic terrorist into a pink freaking mist! WHOOP WHOOP. Murican Justice. I have total faith that our government will not use spent Uranium ammunition when killing us, so “it doesn’t bother me!” HERP_a_DERP.

      • colinjames71

        derpity derp derp derp, indeed. gonna be an uphill climb getting people to understand how insanely messed up govt is re war and terror. took a while for me, and I’m fairly open minded.

    • Patriot1

      It’s because the government and their minions in the media are good at hiding their crimes from the people. Some of us are on to them though. We see right through their lies. Only a dumb idiot sheeple like you would believe otherwise. Wake up!

    • cmadodge

      Lol. I envy you. Ignorance kept me happy and self-righteous too… but the truth is a burden… The difference is that most people don’t have so much contempt for “theory” that they’ll openly insult a person for expressing such “theory”, especially when the theory holds more water than the official story. In fact, the official stories for all these controversial cases have become the most permeable, inconsistent and illogical of all “theories” out there. The fact that you hate deviation from the official story simply for being in disagreement with those who are paid to lie to you illustrates your ignorance. I’d say you have quite an advanced condition. But of course we are fearful and fallible as humans, and so we must learn personal lessons before things truly sink in… Best of luck!

    • BlackSheep

      You’re the nut job for thinking your government shares your interests, and cares for your well-being.

      Yes, behind every major event/attack, is a planned operation. They are always a 100 steps ahead, why wouldn’t they be if they want to be successful? And by the looks of hundreds of years of history, they’re pretty good at it by now.

  • David Sageon

    Its Obvious, Its a set-up – people who are intelligent and do their own research will be surprised, its more like the 7/7 set-up.

  • Gunman Jones

    No NONONO O NO…We won’t get fooled again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HS

    False flag or not, the entire country was just test marketed martial law and they bought every bit of it. The dumbing down of America has created the perfect consumer. We deserve every thing that we’re about to receive.

    • Anne Jam

      Operation depopulation is what is about to commence

    • SirPsycho

      I know not who said this, but “a perfect slave believes he’s free”

      • NoMoreZeds

        Goethe said it.

  • Nat Scientist

    When mere lies won’t work, as Shakespeare said, “The play’s the thing; to catch the conscience of the King.” Now when there is a Republic instead of a King, repeat is the thing.

  • Most want to live in a little box and hand off their responsibilities as human beings to Big Sis or Big Brother, but it’s refreshing to see so many beginning to wake up world wide.

  • Non Infringetur

    Unity regardless of what happens!

  • Ken Griffith

    They clipped off the right side of the chart to make it look exponential. See the real thing:

    • FreedomForAll

      Ummm… if you look at the date this article was written you’ll see that his chart was current and accurate. The one your link points us to goes well beyond the date of this articles’ publication..

      • NewHampshire Bound

        VERY nice catch.

  • Tim Pope

    Please, let’s everyone stop calling them the “government.” This is not our government. Our government is not a person or group of persons or an organization or a Congress, Executive office or Judiciary. Our government IS the Constitution for the united States of America, period. And its framers knew that imperfect men ruling imperfect men would always lead to what the subversive elements operating from within our government have created for themselves. That’s what our founding document was designed “to bind up the several branches of government by certain laws, which, when they transgress, their acts shall become nullities” (Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XIII, 1782. ME 2:178). However, the people who can always be counted on to sacrifice Liberty upon the altar of security when threatened by forces real or promulgated, have acquiesced our authority and birthright to imperfect men to rule over us and engineer a benevolent despotism to control us from cradle to grave. So, let’s judge a tree by the fruit it bears and call these men for what they are, not the “government,” but the wolves, the criminals, the traitors, the terrorists, the tyrants, the pirates, the plunderers, the insiders. Anything but the “government,” for they are working from inside the governmental hierarchy to destroy this nation from within. Senator Barry Goldwater was right. Senator Joseph McCarthy was right. Congressman Larry McDonald was right. William Cooper was right.

    • OverIt

      It is the government in so far as it is the government representatives, the banksters’ useful idiots.

    • Paul O’Dowd

      Clarity. Well said.
      Hare and Babiak showed us how the most brilliant psychopaths become concentrated in high office. Officially, 1/100 in the general population and 1/25 in high office. Milligram and Zimbardo showed how “normal” people can be reliably corrupted into the endorsement of and participation in evil of the highest order. These scientist’s works contain the ultimate explanation for much that is wrong in the world.
      We stand no possibility of peace and equality of opportunity with violent lunatics in control of society. Fix that, fix everything.

  • cybervigilante

    I can see the peak after the Marathon bombing, but why the previous peak on July 2012? Something I forgot?

  • Earthman

    Land of the Fee,home of the Slave.Its theater of the mind in the USA media.