Other Terrorist Suspects Turn Themselves In … Appear Innocent

Are the FBI’s Main Suspects Innocent?

The FBI – as well as Internet sleuths at Reddit and 4Chan – have analyzed photographs from the Boston marathon to help identify the terrorists.

Suspicion originally focused on these guys … 24-year-old Yassine Zaimi and 17-year old Salaheddin Barhoum:


Zaimi and Barhoum are both Moroccan immigrants. Zaimi graduated from Revere High School outside of Boston, and Barhoum – who works at Subway – is currently a student at that school. Barhoum calls Zaimi his “track coach”.

Zaimi looks scary in the photo above, but other pictures of him and Barhoum make them look harmless:


They both vigorously deny that they are the bombers, and have turned themselves in to investigators in order to clear their names.

ABC News reports:

Federal law enforcement sources told ABC News they are no longer seeking information about Barhoun or the other man in the photo published in the Post.

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  • I think the bombers are women, if those anti government people are smart enough to pull off that highly planned attack they are smart enough to cover their tracks. They most likely used women to do their dirty work. I saw a few women with bulking backs that were really heavy and nobody has mentioned them on the news, which is what those terrorist goons expected.

  • JJ

    Poor guys! Imagine being in there shoes. 24 and 17, YIKES!

  • JOE

    the perpetrators are long gone from boston and are safely back in D.C.

  • Tonto

    Who is controlling the information being released? This whole -Mission Impossible- episode is being scripted.

    Now last night we are to believe that the “terror” suspects robbed a 7-11 and took off throwing bombs out the window of a carjacked Mercedes Benz SUV. One person has been “accounted for” and is now dead.

    Martial law has been declared in Watertown, Massachusetts as police and soldiers go door to door, forcing occupants out into the street, so every house can be searched. Why? Are the people of Watertown suspects? Are they not to be believed if they say, “Nope. He’s not in here?”

    How soon before the other person is “accounted for” and dead too?

    The government did this “terror attack. This is all a charade. They are completely controlling the script, just like the fake bin Laden raid. Only this is here in the U.S. And what the story line is, is pure baloney.

  • Daisee

    I listened to the scanners, it’s them, black cap had a bomb strapped to his chest. The other still at large and may have more explosives. This was not scripted, the cops were amazingly brave.

  • Tgly

    Really? They look scary? No, they don’t. They look like two guys having a conversation at a crowded event. The two actual bombers didn’t’ “look” scary, either. Stop with the hyperbole. Just write the facts. I am not interested in your opinion.