Big Banks and D.C. Politicians Doing the EXACT SAME THINGS Which Caused the Financial Crisis In the First Place

Instead of Changing their Behavior to Prevent Another Crisis, the Powers-That-Be Double Down On the Strategies that Caused the Financial Crisis In the First Place

Liberals blame deregulation and reckless Wall Street greed for the economic crisis.

Conservatives blame bad government policy.

Now, the D.C. politicians are doing the exact same things which got us into the crisis in the first place.  For example, they are:

And the big banks and financial institutions are engaging in the same risky behavior which got us into the crisis in the first place.  For example, they are:

What could possibly go wrong?

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  • amerikagulag

    Get over the ‘liberal/conservative’ bullshit. Ever hear of ‘divide and conquer’??? That’s exactly what they want you to think…that there are 2 different groups. It’s all a scripted play; a practical joke and you are the loser. There is only ONE PARTY in DC. The CRIMINAL PARTY. Demopublicans and Repocrats…. a 2-headed hydra. Wake up!

    • wunsacon

      Yes, plutocrats buy both parties. We should stop nibbling around the problem and start taxing wealth (not income — might even drop that to zero) big-time.

  • Jeffg

    Ok, Zacahry Goldfarb is saying the “gov’mint is forcing banks to make bad loans”. Absolutely false.

  • nveric

    “…the Powers-That-Be…”

    Yesterday it was at Alternet, today…….. my work will never end, and no one is paying me for it either.

    People must talk from a position of strength, not subservience or weakness. These types of phrases place writer and reader in a false way too.

    Banks have money, but money is not power. Money can buy power from the power company, but money is never power or powerful, it’s just a pile of cotton, linen, ink, and some tiny little magnetic threads.

    PS – Yes, good work otherwise.

  • Warren Celli

    Xtrevilism has doubled down on the herd thinning…

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  • HS

    The wealth transfer mechanisms are becoming more brazen. While they are corrupt and, perhaps even, psychopathic they aren’t stupid. After all, they did manage to transform a representative republic into a kleptocracy right under our noses. Thus, I believe that they are well aware that there is no saving the current system but they continue to kick the can down the road to extract more wealth from us in anticipation of a future catastrophe (peak oil, global warming, financial meltdown, take your pick).

  • gozounlimited

    US Senator Inhofe: Banks Never Paid Back Bailouts…… By Sierra Adamson

    Luke Rudkowski interviews U.S Senator James Inhofe about his opposition to the 700 billion dollar bank bailout in 2008 and martial law threats he received from Henry Paulson. Even though the public has been led to believe that the banks paid back this money, according to Senator Inhofe this is false and the full amount was never paid back…… see here: