Arkansas Hit with Nuclear Accident AND Major Oil Spill

Arkansas Nuclear One Reactor and ExxonMobil Pipeline Both Suffer Major Accidents

The Arkansas Nuclear One nuclear reactor – operated by Entergy – suffered an accident yesterday which killed one and injured 8 workers.

The plant vented steam to cool the reactor.  Air detection teams have been deployed to the area, and local residents are worried.  See this, this and this.

The operator of the reactor is “trying to understand scope of damage”, and there may be structural problems at one of the units, after a 500 ton device fell on water lines and electrical equipment.  Reactors are still using emergency generators.

Only 40 miles from the nuclear plant, Arkansas was hit with a major oil spill.

NBC News is reporting that an ExxonMobil pipeline rupture near Little Rock Friday evening has resulted in a “major oil spill,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  And see this.

Why are nuclear and fossil fuel disasters happening at the same time?  Because the accidents are caused by the exact same thing:  greed.

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  • nveric

    Infrastructure crumbling? Breakdowns troubling? Trains late?

    Employ people here in the USA. Citizen workers what to help, but their value is held hostage to outside forces.

  • gozounlimited
  • yeahright

    3 were injured, not 8. Sadly, yes, one was killed. By a falling piece of equipment. There was no “nuclear incident” causing a need for emergency cooling. I have family who works there, I know what I’m talking about. Get your facts straight.

    • Tim Deegan

      Spin control, spin control!! How insignificant was the Exxon pipeline oil spill north of Little Rock?

    • steelhead

      You are just small cog in the propaganda effort.

  • HS

    It’s funny how none of this was covered by the teevee.

    • illyia z

      Isn’t it….