Actual Photo of Boston Terrorist Bombing Suspect Number 2 Being Captured

Credit: Boston PD officer Edward Fitzgerald.

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  • bearscoach71

    why isn’t someone kneeling on his throat? Or his little terrorist testicles?

    • Gunter Dose

      because they dont have the russian mentality to do it… even though i wish they did also

  • bearscoach71

    why isn’t someone kneeling on his throat? Or his little terrorist testicles?

  • BradN

    Justice will be served my friends. Revenge will never fulfill.

  • meh

    you people realy think this is an actual terrorist?


    • Sowing terror into the hearts of unbelievers. Study Islam and u won’t need to ask dumb questions.

      • meh

        its not islamists that have recently illegally immorally invaded sovereign countries based on lies resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent men women and children who were never a threat to anyone. stop trying to look clever, it doesnt suit you.

  • an

    is there any certainty about the boy being chechen??? In french newspapers some were doubtfull of the boys real nationality.

  • human

    I hope this is fake. I would like to think even if someone did something bad to us, we wouldn’t glorify it. To think people are laughing and smiling at a the thought of a photo of Dzhokhar hurt, helpless, and wanting police to torture him- is very sick of anyone regardless of what he did. He is Chechen. He states it on his twitter account a few times, and they interviewed people he knew/related to.

  • noside

    Yes we really think it! Did you see what this ass hole did? Him and his decease retarted brother sat bookbags down next to innocent Americans! And do we really think they’re terrorist? My answer! Yes. Just wasn’t that good at it, and not enough sources.

    • morleron

      Think it might have anything to do with U.S. foreign policy over the last couple of decades? G.W. Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq has cost millions of innocent lives – and more lost before that due to economic embargoes which hurt ordinary Iraqis, but didn’t bother Saddam and his associates a bit. It’s no wonder half the world is angry with us. We’ve done the same to Iraq as Hitler did with Czechoslovakia and Poland – waged illegal, immoral, aggressive warfare. And the “War on Terror” be damned. It’s impossible to wage war on an emotion. Also, a state of war can only exist between nation-states. Not between a nation and a gang of criminal thugs. The worst thing the Bush regime ever did was give the “terrorists” the cachet of being “enemy combatants” It gives them a sense of honor they don’t deserve and serves only to undermine our own rule of law. Better to have tried the scum as the criminals they are and release them into the general prison populations – where they likely wouldn’t survive long.

      Also, whatever happened to the concept of “innocent until proven guilty?” Or does that only apply to you and your relatives and friends? It’s idiots such as you that have allowed this nation to become the cesspit of tyranny, lies, and deceit we see around us today.