4-minute video: Courage vanquishes fear; exposes 1%’s isolation, lies

Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians may or may not have other helpful analogous themes, and I invite you to consider this one:

  • Humanity’s subjugation to fears, wars, and looting by a fraction of the 1% has two primary causes: unexposed lies and irrational fears. Both disappear with simple courage to be a guardian of our brothers and sisters.

Given the exercise of law solves our problems of lie-begat unlawful wars, bankster economics, and corporate media lies, will you stand as a guardian of your brothers and sisters with all your heart, soul, and mind?

I know that you would have at least when you were a child, as this 4-minute video artistically portrays.

Outside of this artistic analogy in our real world, the dark 1% annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions with a strategy reliant upon unexposed lies and irrational fears.

Consider and act as you will.

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  • nveric

    A year plus 3 months of arguing for Nonviolent struggle to remove the federal government and make new government has no one interested. Even so, I continue on.

    People are not even concerned over their lost and stolen representation. Even so, I continue on.

    Finding a single person to consider making some changes to the federal government is also a lost cause. Even so, I continue on.

    Find anyone to discuss the above returns scant and poor replies. Even so, I continue on.

    Locating durable people to join me is a failure. Even so, I continue on.

    While my knowledge in these areas has grown much, I’m still an idiot.

    So, now, my dear Sir, you ask a question. It’s a very good question. It’s very rational and harbors great substance. Succinct and Impeccable! However, it’s sort of ….. like … saying the color blue is blue in color.

    “…will you stand as a guardian of your brothers and sisters with all your heart, soul, and mind?”

    Decency points to truth. But, who will trust truth? To your question is my reason for being here and a dozen other “places.” The real and overwhelming drawback of your master stoke of extreme and unaccounted for brilliance, however, is and has always been the lack of reciprocation.

  • Carl Herman

    nveric: We are guests on this planet with zero control over how others choose to respond. It may be that our role at this time and place is to facilitate choice, at least for a time and perhaps for the rest of this lifetime.
    If one trusts Life, then we act in good faith effort. I’ve had enough insightful experiences to trust Life absolutely. I will play my role as best I can imagine and be satisfied.
    And that said, the escalation of evil from our dark brothers seems to point to ever-stronger polarization and forcing the choice upon the 99%. Personally, from me to you, those who have yet to awaken will be jarred from their sleep soon enough.

  • Yeh! for the Guardians! Very inspiring. I just got done reading a critique of “The Walking Dead” from the Nation, and yes, I know who the zombies are supposed to be – us. This is much more inspiring – perhaps Idealistic vs. fatalistic, but “The Guardians” works much better as a metaphor also – so George Washington wins over the most popular show on TV. Frankly, I think you have the best political site on the www, even better than Zero Hedge where it gets a bit right wing for me occasionally – but I discovered you there. I have thought for some time you need a bigger audience. Best I can do is like you on Facebook. Radio? TV? In the Court room telling truth to power?