Terrorists explode aircrafts into buildings, kill thousands: that’s US drone warfare

How You Ended The War from PuppetGov on Vimeo.

The US regularly flies explosive vehicles into buildings to kill civilians in their own countries. US Senator Lindsay Graham admits to 4,700 drone-murders. The US regime orders these murders with dictatorial authority, including assassinating American citizens.

US “leadership” claims drones assassinate “terrorists” who “hate us for our freedoms” and intend to harm Americans. They also claim these are armed attacks/wars the US did not choose.

Let’s examine those claims.

First: US leaders have oaths to support and defend the US Constitution. The US Constitution literally and legally defines what it means to be an “American.” The only way to act “American” is to uphold the Constitution. Article 6 of the Constitution states that US treaties are our “supreme law;” that is, an explicit requirement in being American. The intent of this Constitutional law is for everyone to know when a US President and 2/3+ of the US Senate (ratification) say we’ll do something, we will do it.

After two world wars with all our families’ most dear sacrifices, the US led creation of two treaties to forbid any armed attacks unless in response to a narrow definition of self-defense: nations can never attack another nation unless under attack by a nation’s government. All other armed attacks on other nations are unlawful Wars of Aggression.

Moreover, the US Constitution provides detailed rights to all “persons” in the US Bill of Rights from harm by the US government. These rights include freedom of speech and press without fear of being declared an enemy of the state, freedom from searches unless government obtains a specific warrant from a judge upon probable cause of having committed a crime, right to juries (both a Grand Jury to examine the evidence before a trial, and then to determine the facts of the case for innocence or guilt), freedom from helping the government’s case through one’s own testimony, a speedy and public jury trial, being informed of the government’s charges of alleged crimes, freedom to engage directly with government evidence and witnesses, immediate right to attorney representation, no excessive bail, and no torture.

When a government is no longer limited by the laws in its constitution, we have to change its description from “constitutional republic” to another term. In this case, because drone-assassination applies whenever a leader says so/dictates, that is the exact definition of dictatorship. 

As you know, “leadership” violates the law in “emperor has no clothes” fashion in other central areas to what it means to be American. These include related War Crimes such as torture, in banking and other cartels that loot the 99% and then hide $20 to $30 trillion in off-shore tax havens, and corporate media that criminally lie in commission and omission to “cover” these facts.

The trillions of dollars/billions of lives question for each American: Is dictatorship what you want, or do you choose freedom under unalienable rights?

Now is the time to choose, live your choice, and voice your choice.

Choose carefully: choices have consequences, including non-action. Consider How you ended the war, Billy Vegas’ of PuppetGov’s 8-minute video.

Hat tip to Mike Rivage-Seul in catching the 9/11-drone irony.

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  • Media blackout regarding the ongoing developments in the Korean Peninsula:
    On Monday March 11th, 2013, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has officially (and unilaterally) nullified the 1953 Armistice Agreement, meaning war is effectively on.

    This decision carries the following message:
    – Continental United States, Japan and South Korea are legitimate targets for nuclear strikes by North Korea’s ICBMs
    – China and the Russian Federation will side with North Korea
    – If war remains on a conventional level, North Korea will emerge victorious
    – This event (armistice’s unilateral nullification by the DPRK) will accelerate the demise of the US Dollar, a dramatic increase in the prices of oil and precious metals
    – The emergence of People’s Republic of China as the indisputable superpower of the 21st century

    • nveric

      I still doubt China will eclipse the US in arms or economics. They growth rate has been seen as rapid, but remember, they didn’t create what they have. Meaning they didn’t spend the decades and centuries developing the modern World. Their rise is understandable when considering they invented little. However, their population is shrinking, the pace of economic development and opportunities Worldwide are accelerating – the unknown factor of which country will pull ahead of China is a real concern kept quiet.

      As the technological pace quickens, economics falls behind, people even further in their understanding of what’s going on. Emerging markets, the World’s poor increases, planetary weather and climates change and shift, uncertainty prevails to make predictions iffy.

      Communication leads understanding, with dogmas controlling reason. Sure China may do this or that, but will the World allow a new unknown tyrant country to replace a well known one?

  • nveric

    Good job. Pace is important. This seems to be and endless marathon.

  • nveric

    Here’s some legal thinking. I’ve not read it, but it may be helpful in understanding where some others stand on this issue.

    Targeted Killing: When Proportionality Gets All
    Out of Proportion

    SSRN has many papers written by those in the legal field covering many topics. Each paper has more footnotes than is healthy, meaning their style of making arguments is by piecing together other people’s work with their own dialog, much like is done here with the hyperlinks. Whereas, I form what I want to say based on my understanding of the issue, and try to keep the rhetoric down, however, truth is maintained based on my understanding.