Small-Time Drug Possession Warrants Jail Time But Laundering Billions In Drug Cartel Money Doesn’t?


Quote of the day:

If you’re caught with an ounce of cocaine, the chances are good you’re gonna go to jail. If it happens repeatedly, you may go to jail for the rest of your life.

But evidently if you launder nearly a billion dollars for drug cartels and violate our international sanctions, your company pays a fine and you go home and sleep in your bed at night — every single individual associated with this. And I think that’s fundamentally wrong.

– Senator Warren

Background here and here.

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  • Honest Harry’s Used Cars

    My hope is that the Freshman Senator from Massachusetts, Senator Warren, is NOT saying that those who get caught with an ounce of Cocaine should not serve jail time. But that seems to be the implied meaning behind her words. Big Pharma is likely thanking Senator Warren extravagantly, because she is following the party-line of pharmaceutical manufacturers who are conducting a rapacious Opium War on America’ at-risk youth. The message is legalize dope.

    Ninety-nine percent people caught with and ounce of cocaine are dope-dealers. Dope dealers are people whose intended customers are America’s at-risk youth. This is why someone caught with an ounce of cocaine should spend time in jail. Dope-dealing is not a victimless crime.

    Those who advocate legalization of dope, as well as those like Senator Warren who commonly chip away at the ethic that put in place dope laws, have to grapple with the stark truth that dope ruins lives. And they also must consider how dope is peddled to our country’s at-risk youth.

    Legalize dope, and your average dope-schmuck will be able to walk down the street -legally- with enough dope in his pocket, to get every fourteen-year old kid in town high on a Friday night. An ounce of Cocaine is not small time drug possession.

    And dope is not a victimless crime. Read the obituaries. Senator Warren should be excoriated for her reckless statement. Those who voted for this politician, should be ashamed. Massachusetts does not have much further to fall.

    Massachusetts is already the colostomy bag of an intellectually ill nation.

    Nationwide deaths by drug overdose have reached a new level for eleven straight years.

    • Dana Shetterly

      Your post is a political slam of Warren masquerading as a comment about the article. Your probably the only person on the plant that construed Warren’s words as advocating legalization of cocaine dealing.
      Take your political hackery to where it belongs. I don’t know where it is, but it’s not here.

      • Honest Harry’s Used Cars

        People who steal money are in a far different class of criminal than people who get busted with an ounce of cocaine. Possession of an ounce of cocaine is not an insignificant crime.

        Let me suggest to you, and others who think like you, that you should try to explain the implications of Senator Warren comparing the two classes of criminals as she did. It was wrong-headed. It was out-of-step, if not out-of-touch.

        The former class of criminal -dope dealers- make society suffer worse than the latter criminals, people who steal money. Dope dealers are criminals of the worst sort who prey on at risk youth, destroying lives and ending them too. There is no cogent comparison in what Senator Warren said. She has her simile turned upside down.

        If Senator Warren wanted to make a point, then she should have chosen her simile more carefully, exactly BECAUSE she is in effect arguing that drug dealers are lesser criminals than people who steal money. That is simply wrong.

        Steal my money. Go ahead, try! But when you’re selling dope to my kids -I expect when you are caught -you are going away for a long prison sentence to protect other vulnerable kids.

        You say, “Take your political hackery to where it belongs. I don’t know where it is, but it’s not here.”

        HA! Right here is where I have read about this moronic statement by Senator Warren. In fact, I read this statement here -as the statement is in effect being praised. You are simply afraid of the truth about her statement. It was wrong-headed. It showed some blind spot, or some huge ignorance, either one enough to question the Senator.

        • nveric

          Your concerns are misplaced and out of touch with your words.

          De-criminalized drugs will not be pedaled, but rather sold like alcohol and tobacco. Drugs can and do destroy lives, but many other things do likewise, such as over-protective parents or parents who abuse their children or parents who inflict strange ideas into young minds.

          Your concerns are mis-directed at the effect which laws create.

          A youth susceptible to a “pusher” is a youth already in trouble from a lack of proper parenting. You do not own your children, but rather you are there to guide them and develop their sense of reason. Through proper reason, choices will exclude the harmful things inflicting humans.

          You sound like someone who beats they children, and if so, you perpetuate the cycle of violence and are so much, much better at destroying everyone’s future. Let’s hope you’ve never struck your children even once.