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George – the main writer for Washington’s Blog – is a busy professional with young kids.

This week, I’ve got the equivalent of the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup or NBA Finals for my profession.  So I’ll have very little time to write.

We’ll have some great guest posts, so stay tuned …

One day, we might be able to write full-time.

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  • wunsacon

    Do you have a mailing address for donations?

  • time will tell

    just not idiots who post nonsense based on voices in their heads.. please..

    obama still alive, and still no apology 😀

  • Norman Pecoraro

    yer an awesome blogger/writer/newsman.

  • Charles J Carter

    I have the deepest respect for the Judge. However, being a retired police officer and DEA agent I take serious exception to his obvious bias against police officers and DEA agents. Most LEO’s are serious about their job and are as knowledgeable and conscientious in the performance of their job as anyone in the judicial system. With almost no exceptions the LEO’s observe the Constitutional rights of violators. I noticed the Judge claimed to be the Judge for 150 cases, I presume a majority of those cases involved drugs. The Judge is openly critical of “The War on Drugs”…. How does the Judge know what the current situation would be it there were no “War on Drugs”. I had the opportunity to work in four source countries, three large drug active states and DEA Hqs. While in Hqs. I worked Inspections on criminal agents. The picture that the Judge projects is an exaggeration and not accurate. The judge is loose while sing terms such as Always, Never, etc Those LEO’s who are assigned to Narcotics are doing a very commendable job and I’m proud to have been one of them!

    Charles J Carter