Fed Spends As Much Each MONTH as Sequestration Budget Cuts Cost In a YEAR

Painless and Easy Ways to Cut $83 Billion

Stopping the failed war on drugs would more than pay for the $83 billion dollars in “sequestration” budget cuts.

Congressman Grayson notes that we could replace the sequestration cuts by ending the Afghanistan war early.

We could pay for the budget cuts – and save a lot more money – by cutting down on waste and fraud.

And the Fed is buying $85 billion dollars – the amount of annual sequestration cuts – each month to carry out “quantitative easing” … a policy which benefits the super-elite but hurts the American people and the economy as a whole.

Stop the Fed’s quantitative easing program, and we’ll be in much better shape.

Note: Admittedly, the Fed does get something for its money, so $85 billion is a gross -not net – figure. But it’s getting is worth a lot less than $85 billion a month.

And there are much cheaper and much more effective ways to help the economy. For example:

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  • DianeB5

    I agree with everything except the part about the fed. The fed is not increasing the deficit. On the contrary, the federal reserve is reducing the deficit by making our debt effectively cheaper. If the fed hadn’t started QE3, unemployment wouldn’t be coming down. Bernanke said he will continue quantitative easing until the unemployment rate reaches 6.5%.

    • Jack Dunn

      THey are reducing the interest rate on the debt while increasing the principal. THe Federal Reserve is spending money. I want to know to whom they are giving this money to buy down the ineterst rate.

  • forthepeople


  • Brad

    Read a book. The Fed is independent from government and it doesn’t use tax payer money to buy bonds. The Fed has nothing to do with our government or its debt.