Beware Obama Israel assassination blamed on Iran to start more unlawful war

Preface from the owner of Washington’s Blog: I tend not to believe the claims set forth in this post by guest poster Carl Herman, and I wouldn’t have posted it myself. However – because he writes good posts on economics and war – Carl has guest posting privileges.

President Obama travels to Israel as a convenient assassination target to ignite a US-desired war on Iran. Here are the objective facts:

The above documentation explains and proves all “reasons” for war on Iran are known to be lies as they are told.

To help place US lies on Iran in context, we know now from official US government reports that all “reasons” for war on Iraq were known to be lies as they were told.

Therefore: BEWARE AN ISRAEL ASSASSINATION ON PRESIDENT OBAMA that is blamed on Iran as a new “reason” for war. Reject US/Israel war-murders of Iranians when we already know who has lied, and who is currently lying for unlawful wars. Suspect a false flag attack as behind any assassination or attempt.

US military’s Oath of Enlistment is to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” US military is trained to refuse unlawful orders: there are no lawful orders in current US unlawful wars. US military officers are trained to arrest anyone who issues an unlawful order: unlawful war is the most important unlawful order to stop.

Therefore: US military is authorized NOW to arrest the criminal faction among US “leadership” in government, military, and media who lied to engage us in unlawful wars since 2001, and lie now for more unlawful war.

Honor demands our action to uphold the US Constitution, refuse unlawful Wars of Aggression, and arrest obvious War Criminals.

Millions of lives are at stake, including our own. Trillions of our dollars are being wasted that could revitalize our nation.

We have the rule of just law with us, all of our ancestors who upheld the US Constitution, and 99% of humanity today when informed of the facts.

What will you do about this?

Be proud of your choices.

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  • gozounlimited

    What will I do about this? Break The Spell On the Human Psyche …. the Matrix Of Control, and Discover the Full Magnitude of Who I Am and the Power I Posses …..

  • This seems like a bad case of trying to be a Nostradumbass. I find it sad that this speculative piece of trying to predict the future is above George Washington’s excellent, honest, and sourced expose on the 9/11 Commission Report.

    • Then you place your prediction of the future above the documented history of US lies for war on Iran and US lies for war on Iraq, and more important than the millions of humans killed by those lies. Your sadness also blinds you from the power of US military to arrest War Criminals to end these Wars of Aggression.

      I’m trying to stop a predictable war, dumbass.

      What are you trying to do?

      • Well over the years there are always predictions of bad things to come in the future. From Bush attacking Iran. To Bush declaring martial law and calling off the election. To terrorist attacks at the Super Bowls and I’ve found that most of them are based in fear mongering and don’t come to pass, so I prefer a more reasoned approach to dealing with this mess we are in.

        • You got a more reasoned approach than the one I present of documenting the lies of war on Iraq and lies for war on Iran, presenting war law that proves these as not even close to lawful, and then requesting US military to honor their Oaths to refuse such orders and arrest the criminals???

          If you have one, you have our attention. If not, then you may wish to join us in our reasoned approach to uphold the rule of law to end unlawful wars. You may also wish to join us to embrace the history of false flag attacks that can precede Wars of Aggression.

          What you do is up to you. I’m just respectfully admonishing you not to be a dumbass in the face of ongoing and predictably escalating “reasons” for war on Iran 🙂

          • I love everything about your article except the admonition that President Barack Obama might get assassinated on his upcoming trip to Israel. I don’t really see anything to substantiate that claim or prediction and warning. Keep telling the truth!

          • Thanks, Orangutan. I just see the desire of our 1% to lie for war on Iran, know that murder is well within their strategy to get what they want, and see war on Iran has not yet been accomplished.

            It’s late in the game for the 1% to either roll us, or be rolled. In my observation, someone needed to speak-out a warning that this is a possible move on their part requiring the 99%’s awareness.

          • Yeah. It’s a possibility amongst many other things. I’m not sure they’d have to kill Obama though. He’s been following the PNAC plan pretty well as far as I can tell. Although he did get Republican Chuck Hagel confirmed which seemed positive and John Kerry was once anti-war and is now Secretary of State. I guess we’ll see.

          • If you were a puppet-master, and Biden is just as willing a slave, why not sacrifice him? I mean, they don’t feel bad about murder, no? Yes, we’ll see.

          • That’s in the territory of Nostradumas. That’s all I’m saying.

          • Fair enough. Operation Northwoods was a US Joint Chiefs of Staff approved military plan to kill Americans to achieve domestic support for US wars of choice. When murder is authorized, who is exempt? As in the game of chess, pieces above the status of pawn can be willingly sacrificed for greater rewards than the price of a piece.

            I’ve done the job I intended to do in bringing this possible move to public attention, to the extent I am able, along with the solutions to end these unlawful wars.

          • Cool. Good effort. Connecting the dots doesn’t occur nearly enough in this realm of corporate media. The path or pattern I see is pretty disturbing as well. We need to figure out how to stop it. I think spreading the truth online is working. The Truth stands the test of time.


            It’s Over.

          • Obama could be Party Candidate that doesn’t realize he will eventually serve as a sacrificial lamb for the greater Good of the Party.

  • Stuart Debaker

    What I don’t understand is why Obama would willingly go and offer himself as a sacrificial lamb of sorts. (pun intended). I agree that there is dishonest politicking at work here, and that the US, as always nearsighted in its foreign policy, is indeed ramping up for action against Iran. But I do think that you go a bit too far — your post smacks too much of conspiracy theorism. I used to read Washingtons blog regularly, and haven’t been back in a while…..but my the blog has gone off the deep end.

    • “Dishonest politicking” and “nearsighted policy” are unlawful Wars of Aggression, Stuart. These are all foisted on the US and world from known lies. These obvious crimes end with arrests.

      Tell us again how that documentation is “conspiracy theorism,” and “off the deep end.”

      Tell us how my work in any way states Obama is a willing sacrifice.

      Again, Stuart, what will you do about these unlawful wars and threats for more unlawful war on Iran?

      Be proud of your choices, they will have consequences.

      • Franz Von der Fost

        What’s all the uproar Mr. Herman? Even if the current President gets assassinated or not, there will be a military conflagration in the Persian Gulf. In fact, we are ad portas to what could be considered WW3 and the contending sides are just waiting for the right excuse to launch their salvos. Amazingly how you pretend to be so concerned with such hypothesis, when real facts as the ones presented below, should have a higher priority and not to be ignored:

        “The Korean Armistice Agreement was nullified on March 11, as we had declared earlier, with the start of the “Key Resolve” joint military exercises by the U.S. and its south Korean puppets. War has resumed between the DPRK and the U.S. From now on nothing will surprise anyone to see large-scale military actions taking place in Korea.
        (Rodong Sinmun, 03/13/2013: the official mouthpiece of the North Korean government )

        Those who think the DPRK is merely bluffing, better reconsider their thoughts: this is an official declaration that war has been resumed after almost 60 years in the Korean Peninsula…I don’t think you need history lessons pertaining to the Korean War.

        War is on effectively from this point in the Korean Peninsula and the implications are extremely clear:
        – Continental United States, Japan and South Korea are legitimate targets for nuclear strikes by North Korea’s ICBMs
        – China and the Russian Federation will side with North Korea if war escalates
        – If war remains on a conventional level (no WMDs used), North Korea will emerge victorious simple because they have more manpower, military hardware, thousands of infiltrators already operating in the south and perhaps most important, ordinary South Koreans do not want to see a slaughter between people who share the same ethnic roots (it is estimated that 1/3 of the entire population in South Korea will turn against US forces if they get directly involved).
        – This event (armistice’s unilateral nullification by the DPRK) will accelerate the demise of the US Dollar, a dramatic increase in the prices of oil and precious metals and the collapse of the current financial system as well
        – The emergence of People’s Republic of China as the indisputable superpower of the 21st century (perhaps your blind-patriotism won’t allow you to accept this fact).

        The question for you Mr. Herman is very simple: are you living in a state of self-denialism?

        • Thank you, Franz, for helping people choose between two basic positions:

          1. Yours of surrendering to war: “there will be a military conflagration in the Persian Gulf,” “War is on effectively from this point in the Korean Peninsula,” and additional war/fear mongering with other nations and economics.

          2. Ours that represents 99% of humanity when in command of the facts: recognize war lies and War Crimes, arrest the criminals, and implement economic solutions; all with love and justice (we are willing for Truth and Reconciliation rather than arrests).

          Choose carefully. When the time for choosing is over, you’ll have exactly what you chose.

          • Franz Von der Fost

            “War is the continuation of Politik by other means” Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz (July 1, 1780 – November 16, 1831)

            Better make preparations for what’s coming next (WW3 could start tomorrow if conditions are finally met). Once the language of weapons start to talk, nothing will stop the most likely outcome: a global thermonuclear war.

          • You’ve answered your first question, Franz, of, “What’s all the uproar?”

            We choose peace and justice over war and tyranny, and uproar for that choice.

            Have you surrendered to war and tyranny, Franz, rather than living your own uproar for what you can imagine as a better choice?

  • stevor

    No, not do a JFK on him, the one who “suffers a mortal head wound” is to become the anti-christ, and he’d probably relish that title (for his ENORMOUS ego)

  • time will tell

    “Preface from the owner of Washington’s Blog: I tend not to believe
    the claims set forth in this post by guest poster Carl Herman, and I
    wouldn’t have posted it myself. However – because he writes good posts
    on economics and war – Carl has guest posting privileges.”

    id take those privileges away immediately unless you start to get confused with sites like “before its news”

    when it doesnt happen, i hope carl has the testicular fortitude to say how utterly wrong he was and admits he indulges in fear porn.

    • Let’s look, ‘time will tell’: I’m utterly correct with the history documented of unlawful war on Iraq and lies for war on Iran – we welcome your attempt to refute.

      I’m also only giving a heads-up consistent with an entire world’s history of heads of state often targeted for assassination. This is not a prediction, but a rational warning about the acts of US “leadership” that lie and war-murder as usual practice. As you may know, the US government was found guilty for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the civil trial, with the family’s conclusion of motive to facilitate ongoing foreign US wars:

      There’s nothing to be “wrong” about in such warning, given this history that includes US leadership assassinating one of the most brilliant voices in history for the sake of more war.

      But hey, ‘time,’ you seem quite excited to divide us at Washington’s Blog. This is a curious focus of attention compared with the facts of lie-begat unlawful US wars. Why is it you’re more interested in removing “good posts on economics and war” rather than adding your voice for solutions in those areas? Why is dividing authors of such posts more important to you than the millions killed, billions harmed, and trillions looted?

      Time will tell, indeed.

      But me to you, pal: choose your focus of attention with wisdom. Life may just give a world exactly as you work for it to be.

      • time will tell

        “I’m utterly correct with the history documented of unlawful war on Iraq
        and lies for war on Iran – we welcome your attempt to refute.”

        hey “pal” i never said i disagree with any of that.

        “But hey, ‘time,’ you seem quite excited to divide us at Washington’s Blog.”

        show me where im excited, and where im trying to divide anyone..

        you keep saying youve offered solutions to these illegal immoral wars, you havnt, nor have you offered any reasonable credibility to your claims that obama could be assassinated… the claims are based on your imagination. im simply calling you out for being a hyperbolic attention seeker. curious to watch how easily your panties bunch up when anyone offers anything slightly critical of you.

        simply, time will tell whos right here, you or me, if obama cops a headshot, ill apologise, i doubt youll be able to bring yourself to do the same if he makes it back alive, but i dont expect anything more from you.

        “But me to you, pal: choose your focus of attention with wisdom. Life may just give a world exactly as you work for it to be.”

        wow, what a preposterously pretentious prat. you think youre in a position to lecture people you know absolutely nothing about, including what it is they may or may not focus their attention or, or even what it is they may or may not be working for.

        i dont see any benefit to this blog by having the likes of you contributing.

      • time will tell

        maybe you dont believe the whole obama assassination spiel as much as you pretend either…

        seems completely missing from here..

        ohhh wait.. that was written in 2009! your just copying articles from years ago… – and we are still waiting for this so called false flag.

        whats not missing from that article though is your vitriolic condescending condemnation of anyone who dare have a different view than you.

      • time will tell
  • Essential_Intel

    Why bother posting such a pile of utter rubbish ?
    Lie #1: Iran’s president did not threaten to wipe Israel off the map:
    Rebuttal here: “Top commander reiterated Iran’s commitment to full annihilation of Israel”

    • Essential_Intel

      Lie #2: IAEA found no evidence for Iran nukes.
      Rebuttal here:
      “Veteran weapons inspector Olli Heinonen on how the
      U.N.’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ has aided Tehran’s drive for the bomb—and
      why an unsettling secret may be lurking in the Iranian desert.”

      • Essential_Intel

        Plus, when Obama won’t be assassinated (obviously), the crackpot author will cause irreparable damage to Washington’s blog [alleged] reputation ? Was it worth it ?

        • time will tell

          you and carl are very similar in the way you both say opposite things with the same conviction.

          carl says theres a good chance obama will be assassinated, based on no evidence, and you say hes obviously under no threat at all, based on no evidence. i guess you can ring the secret service and tell them not to show up for work tomorrow as no one anywhere wishes any harm to the president. im not a murderer, but i wouldnt cry if a murderer got a taste of similar justice, so im kinda hoping carl is right. and he should be out there getting the troops ready for an all out assault of shock and awe, because even though we know its a false flag, there will be war regardless.

          while your motive seems patently clear, to bang on with the same fear mongering for years, as detailed in links below* ( * maybe above as comments in this blog seem to be recent at top? dunno ) to carls other stories, about imminent war with iran, is just as asinine, and makes one wonder about carls motives as well.

          time will tell if obama gets topped, time will tell if such an attempt, successful or not, leads to war with iran, time will tell if washington blogs reputation is irreparably damaged due to one authors opinion.. i doubt it all, but time will tell.

          one thing you can be sure of right now though, is baseless fear mongering, and blatant misinformation, both belong in the same garbage can.

    • time will tell

      youre making carl look good here.

      theres a little difference to your rebuttals headline, and the paragraph that immediately follows it.

      “and stressed that the Iranian nation will remain committed to the full annihilation of the Zionist regime of Israel to the end.”

      a commitment to the end of the zionist regime is not the same as “wiping israel off the map” – this has been well established and anyone with even a slight interest in the matter knows this, youll have to try harder to float that boat. israelss world standing according to recent polls has fallen below that of north korea, and not for no good reason.

      stockholm syndrome? spare us…

      even if iran is after nuclear weapons, its not for the likes of the united states to say yes or no.. and really, who could blame them if they did.

      your essential intel is really nothing but banal propaganda, but nice try.

      • Essential_Intel

        1)”even if Iran is after nuclear weapons, its not for the likes of the united states to say yes or no.. and really, who could blame them if they did.”
        Careful mate, you’re causing a huge embarrassment to your handlers in Tehran with this, because they still insist they don’t even dream of nukes (yeah, right), so you’re literally pulling the rug under their propaganda here.

        2)Their OWN TITLE in their OWN WEBSITE says they’re committed to FULL ANNIHILATION OF ISRAEL . in their terminology “Zionist regime” is euphemism for Israel, it’s the same thing.
        Your pathetic attempts to deny this reality actually show that you are the one pushing banal propaganda, and very poorly, but nice try.

    • You respond to documentation about what Iran’s president said with an article claiming to quote a different person???

      Readers: I participate in comments for those interested to discern fact from spin in these essential topics with millions of lives in the balance. That purpose is fulfilled for this article.

      What I mean to say is directly in the article and comments in clear language.

      • time will tell

        i meant to make the same point myself about the idiocy of claiming what the presidents said being somehow null and void by what anyone else may or may not say.. but..

        “Readers: I participate in comments for those interested to discern fact
        from spin in these essential topics with millions of lives in the
        balance. That purpose is fulfilled for this article.”

        that could also be more accurately interpreted i think as..

        readers, ive been caught out where i provide nothing but fluff and spin and simply have no logical argument left now so im leaving…

        if one follows the links ive provided, one reader actually asks you why you bother resopnding to such obvious shills, instead of simply deleting the comments, and you respond by saying you appreciate the opportunity to highlight their invalid arguments, yet on another page, a reader takes you to task for simply deleting their comments.. 🙂 – so, really, your moderating and participation depends it seems entirely on which direction the wind is blowing rather than a hard core conviction.

        readers, im simply pointing out that carl has been beating this drum for YEARS now, about imminent war with iran.. otherwise known as fear porn. maybe if he keeps it up long enough, he might actually get it right, there could indeed be war with iran. but to pretend israel needs to wait for obama to come visit to stage a false flag, again, based on his imagination only, well.. like he says…

        “What I mean to say is directly in the article and comments in clear language.”

        crystal clear “pal”

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