2 Year Anniversary of Fukushima: The Accident Is NOT Contained

Worse Than Ever?

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen said today that the containment vessel at Fukushima reactor 2 has a large crack in it.

Reactors 1, 2 and 3 all exploded.

BBC reports today:

They know very little about what’s going on inside Reactors 1, 2, and 3 […]

They don’t really know what the state of the reactor core is.

Indeed, there is no containment at Fukushima.

Large quantities of radiation are still leaking into the Pacific Ocean. And see this.

The operator of the Fukushima plants says it’s “impossible” to keep storing radioactive water in tanks, and Tepco will need to intentionally dump it into the ocean.

The area around Fukushima has become so contaminated that even the trees are radioactive.

And Tokyo is almost as irradiated as Fukushima.

Agence France-Presse notes:

Beach walkers are likely to encounter a disturbing but relentless flow of flotsam [from Japan] for years to come.


American sailors were exposed to massive doses of radiation. Conditions were so bad that they considered suicide. Many of these good men and women are now really sick.  More here, here and here. (But both the Japanese and American governments have abandoned them.)

Tepco might not even meaningfully start working to decommission the plants until the radiation level drops … decades from now (Or until the technology exists to clean it up.)

It has now been officially admitted that the accident was caused by collusion between the government and nuclear industry.

A worker at the Fukushima nuclear plan succinctly notes:

Even an elementary-school kid knows TEPCO always lies.


We have been fooled by the government …

We don’t mean to pick on Japan. After all, the American government is dictating nuclear policy in Japan. American reactors are even more dangerous than Fukushima. And a secret report confirms that Southern California Edison knew of major problems at the San Onofre nuclear plant … but let the slipshod expansion and remodeling project continue anyway.

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  • wunsacon

    [I’m nitpicking here but…] “Fooled by government”? Anyone think the plutocrats would run a safer ship without any government at all? (You’re kidding yourself.)

    I don’t know how to rid ourselves of corruption. Maybe we should start with a “Nobel Prize for Whistleblowing”.

    • amerikagulag

      Have to rename it. NOBEL has lost its credibility.

  • jadan

    Will the human race adapt to increased levels of radiation exposure? The Japanese seem to think this may be the case. So, they’re staying put.

  • amerikagulag

    No only uncontained – it’s UNCONTAINABLE!

    Japan is TOAST. Within 10 years that island will be uninhabitable. Fukishima is worse than Chernobyl by an order of magnitude. And there’s a distinct possibility that Israel had a hand in it.
    But we shouldn’t be surprised by that. They’ve been performing terrorists acts since they set up camp in Palestine in ’48.

    • GIVE ME BREAK! Now you anti-semites are blaming the Jews for earthquakes and tsunamis?
      You people are nuts with your hate.

      • lakristinita

        get over yourself, if you have not researched it then you have no right to call someone names for trying to share information. Your tactic of calling someone racist is not going to work anymore. Facts are facts and if some group or someone had something to do with a crime, you will not be able to stop people from talking about it just because you call them racist. Its 2013, do some research and stop the name calling!!

        • JP

          Indeed, do some research and find out how the Soviets pulled all kinds of disinformation tactics to discredit Jews and anyone else who believed in a non-human (soviet) god. It’s amazing to see anyone besides the Muslims still buys into that old propaganda but there you go again.

      • TruthBeTold

        It’s funny how zionists always rely on the same bogus tricks to try to cover up reality.. There’s nothing “anti-semitic” about observing Israel’s suspicious involvement in this disaster. And btw, israelis were caught trying to blow up the GWB on 9/11.. LOOK IT UP.. Does telling you this make me an “anti-semitic” jew?? Nope.. Just someone who’s not to chicken shit or BLINDED BY PREJUDICE to deal with reality or the possibility that the Israeli government is corrupt and evil, just like MOST governments.

    • JP

      Are you a “soviet” and why are you propagating such vile disinformation?

      • TruthBeTold

        Same bullshit tactic to try to discredit information without DEALING WITH THE INFORMATION.. YOU are the one making ad hominem attacks. YOU are the one who can’t deal with reality.

  • Bunga Bunga

    Initial health consequences of Fukushima catastrophe are now scientifically verifiable

    Decline in birth rate, rise in infant mortality. Children with thyroid gland
    cysts and/or knots in the Fukushima Prefecture: 55,592. Expected
    incidence of cancer cases resulting from external exposure
    to radiation: 37,899 – 82,606. Expected incidence of cancer
    cases due to food intake: 37,266.


  • gozounlimited

    So whats the plan? Now that Japan has been good and nuked and the Pacific Ocean destroyed,….Korea is next?

  • driscolllamvert

    Hi friends

    This day is the most worst day for this word because the whole word see the dangers result for nuclear power technology because 20,000 people are dead only high level radiations over Fukushima.

  • driscolllamvert

    Hi friends

    This day is the most worst day for this word because the whole word see the dangers result for nuclear power technology because 20,000 people are dead only high level radiations over Fukushima.

  • driscolllamvert

    Hi friend

    This day is always remember with black day because after that Fukushima design fully changed like his geographical situation changed.That day Japan lost 20000 people in two hours.

  • donjusko

    Yesterday 3-14-13, a refrigerator sized piece of flotsam landed on Maui from Fukushima and there was no mention of its radioactivity in the Maui News. Instead it had bathers standing around looking at it. The same thing happend when a very large piece of their dock landed here.