Action Alert: We Have 1 Week Or Less to Stop Genetically Engineered Foods and Destruction of the Separation of Powers

 Do We Have a Right to Know If Our Food Has Been Genetically Modified?Painting by Anthony Freda:

Bill Would Strip Courts of Power … And Push Genetically Modified Foods Onto Our Plates

America has been decimated by the breakdown of the separation of powers between different branches of government. For example, the executive branch is negotiating laws in secret – and grabbing powers – without telling Congress.

And life-and-death decisions about who the government labels an “enemy combatant” and assassinates are being kept away from the judges altogether.

At the same time, government agencies like the FDA go to great lengths to cover up the potential health damage from genetically modified foods, and to keep the consumer in the dark about what they’re really eating. Remember, genetically engineered foods have been linked to obesity, cancer, liver failure, infertility and all sorts of other diseases (brief, must-watch videos here and here).

Things are about to get a lot worse within the next week … unless we stand up and say “NO!”

Specifically, a law has been snuck into the Agriculture Appropriations bill – which will be approved by March 27th – which would destroy the separation of powers by stripping courts of the power to challenge genetically modified foods.


The “Monsanto Rider” (section 735) uses “farmer-friendly” happy talk, but is an iron-fisted ploy to allow GMO crops to be planted even if a court has ruled that planting them is illegal.

If the United States Department of Agriculture – which suffered “regulatory capture” by the big food companies decades ago – approves a genetically modified food without any testing, a court can enjoin (i.e. halt) production of that food until testing occurs.

Yet the Monsanto Rider would strip the courts of power, and would allow GMO crops to be planted and put in our food … no matter what a judge has ruled.

As the Weston Price Foundation notes:

If a GMO crop approval was shown to violate the law and require further analysis of its harmful impacts (as several courts have concluded in recent years, for example with GMO alfalfa and GMO sugar beets) this provision would override any court-mandated caution and allow continued planting and commercialization while further review takes place.

Here’s a good summary of the bill.

Luckily, Senator Tester has introduced an amendment to kill the Monsanto Rider. Tester’s amendment – Amendment 74 – is backed by Senators Boxer, Gillibrand, and Leahy.

Amendment 74 will help to keep genetically engineered foods out of your rood … and help to preserve the Constitutional principal of separation of powers.

It is urgent that you call both of your senators today … and tell them to vote for Senator Tester’s Amendment 74 to the Agriculture Appropriations bill.

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  • nveric

    I like Happy Talk.

    So, we flood them with e-mails?
    Faxing seems to work a little better.

  • ForestSilverwood

    I think it’s a good idea for mankind to experiment with genetically modified foods, might eventually make better foods.

    Is the current state of genetically engineered foods ready for mass consumption by everyone with a forced blindfold? Not yet, especially the ones geared towards pesticides. If a company is going to bother with genetic engineering, it should at least be able to put on the label what they engineered it for. (example; grow faster, grow bigger, pesticide resistance, produce it’s own pesticide, etc.)

    • nveric

      While GMOs in theory sound promising, GMOs go beyond the nature of plants. Using non-plant materials to modify food raises ethical questions and unpredictable results. The basic problem with GMOs is these changes could or would never occur by themselves or might take millions of years to do so. And with these changes being introduced into the real World, the real side-effects along with the unknowns are and will upset the natural order to uncertain results.

      These GMO things must be kept isolated completely from the outside World. But, even so, their introduction is not for the benefit of humanity, but rather for one company’s ill-conceived ideas. Monsanto is doing this to sell a product. Their mono-crop outlook is destructive to the needed diversity of plants.

      Modern farming without GMOs is already limiting the varieties of of many foods. These foods developed their many varieties and each combats the many types of attacks. With mono-crops and RoundUp Ready types, lack of variety invites attack to devastate the entire crop. What the RoundUp Ready does is allows more herbicides to be used on the crops. This does two things. First, it pollutes the soil much more, and allows Monsanto to sell more of the product.

      GMOs are about money not better food or more food. Our for profit system is to extract profits by selling products. Our system creates the un-natural need to do things foolishly and without thinking of the long-term consequences. With earning more each year as the only goal, risk is ignored if there’s no law prohibiting the risk. The need to keep growing drives the unsustainable use and misuse of many things. GMOs were seen as a way to increase food production and increase Monsanto’s profits. The first is a failure as far as I know.

      • ForestSilverwood

        But, future!

        • There won’t BE a future if we keep letting these thugs mess with Nature. Do you really think God/Mother Nature isn’t good enough? And that these money grubbers are more trustworthy?

          • ForestSilverwood

            …pretty sure most wars are caused by religion, no thanks.

            edit-no, mother nature is not the perfect engineer. It is definitely possible to make a better super food that grows fast, no bad side effects, even adding anti-aging properties are possible.

            The current ways that are popular are making the plants resistant to pesticides, and having them produce the pesticides themselves. That’s not going to be healthy no matter what.

      • Joey

        The changes GMO can do also can occur in seconds in nature. Just because you lack an understanding of biology does not mean nature is incapable.

        Yes, GMOs need to be much less about money, more non-profits and universities should be developing and controlling rather than the large corporations.

        GMOs have drastically increased crop production and efficiency.

        • Planter

          Really, tell that to the farmers in India that were told they would have increased crops with the gmo cotton and instead it was the reverse their crops were less then their traditional cotton crops and so they were killing themselves. And how are fish and tomatoes, strawberries going to get together so that the tomatoes and strawberries would be frost resistant. Yes there are things that happen in nature and that’s where hybrids come from because of cross pollinization not from scientist in a lab mixing dna’s.

        • nveric

          Yes, biology is not one of my strengths.

          However, it’s my understanding animal genes are being introduced into GMO’s. If true, it seems very un-natural and improbable such would occur on its own.

          While people have been altering plants for thousands of years, GMOs being introduced to this natural progression is dangerous for many reasons. GMOs are pollutants vastly unknown in their effect on natural plants, to those eating them, and how they will evolve.

          As with climate change, the science of GMOs are not being given out very much. Lacking coverage from a wide number of sources, these more technical issues remain given to hype. Science magazine has many articles of current research, but they don’t get covered from a lack of science reporters. Too many Americans lack science knowledge, so stories on science become sound bites of alarm and sensation.

        • GMOs failed aplenty. Indian farmers have world record rice crop yield using organic means only. Excellent organic wheat yields too. Only thing GM yields is poisonous food, superweeds, superbugs and more profit from more crop spraying. Where have you been these past few years? Do the GM companies pay you to post BS?

        • ponerology

          Incorrect; GMOs have NOT increased crop production and efficiency (Tell that to the people in India…) And “non-profits” are FRONTS for corporations and transnational banks, you knucklehead, as are the “universities” which do nothing but take grants (supposedly “free” money) from corporations ALL day, EVERY day.
          And what MAY occur in nature, if it’s detrimental to nature, will be stifled and killed by nature –unlike forced genetic mutations which are more difficult to dispose of and certainly the human body will have trouble fighting effectively. That’s the whole point of forcing gmo upon the peasants, you knucklehead.

    • countrywitch

      Growing more food is not the answer to our hunger problems in the world. We need to teach people to share. Share food, share knowledge and share compassion We here in the states have tons of food go into our landfills and yet we have children starving. This makes no sense…..

    • Quarty5545

      oh yes that sounds so good for the body -.- think hard about what your health is worth

      • ForestSilverwood

        Are you saying it is impossible to engineer a super food that is better in every way than organic food?

      • ForestSilverwood

        Are you saying it is impossible to engineer a super food that is better in every way than organic food?

        • Quarty5545

          anything that is engineered is going to have some unnatural compound to it

          • ForestSilverwood

            Ok, now you’re just trying to be vague. Of course an engineered food is going to have unnatural DNA in it. That has NO base on whether it’s possible to make an all-round better engineered food than what could occur naturally.

          • Quarty5545

            meh, have fun with you nasty fake food


    stop poisoning everything we eat these are crimes against humanity

  • Joey

    You linked Cancer to the Serliani study, which has been debunked many, many times, including by some of its own authors! This reflects poorly on your integrity. Should I assume everything else is pure junk that you say here as well?

  • Quarty5545

    You americans really need to start fighting back harder. don’t just complain, do something, make people aware of what is going on with your food productions. im fighting back here in canada the only way that i currently can and that is by me taking the time out of my day, everyday to inform those around me of what is happening. and i have pushed more people to research what is happening and making others aware. i alone have already caused a chain reaction of those in my own circle to tell and share to others and to be informed and to fight back. the little things can do alot

    • badweatherrr

      hell yes, tell them, we are lame here in America, beholden to a system that is killing us all… but we benefit so much from it and no one here is willing to even ride their fucking bike a day a week… and that’s about all we’d have to do… a day a week and then many of us would adopt this lifestyle everyday… that would be nearly enough to safe the earth… One solid day a week fixing what is really broken, our government, our corporations, our communities, our food system, our transportation system, everything

      In one day a week

    • I open a facebook page in Spanish… nongmos onmylife, and people is sharing the links… I got in touch with a mayor business people in Corn, Soy byproducts producers…. they were unaware of the problem, but now, I know more than 200 people, business, food processors are ready to fight back Monsanto… welcome to my FB page.Little by Little.

  • Cindy

    @ Joey. So glad you trust everything FDA & EPA are feeding you. I have absolutely no trust in either agency. It’s usually FDA who disapproves of a drug/food after they after already approved it. You are prob one of the folks who thought nuke power is good for us too. smh

  • I think your web pages are a mess — I couldn’t find where to sign the petition against Monsanto !!

  • Concerned citizen

    Stop this greedy organisation from further dominating our Agricultural industry and in the process ruin the lives not only of farmers but consumers of these foods. We do not want the choice of food taken away from us which is what will happen should Monsanto be allowed to proceed with this outrageous monopoly.

  • Debby Morgan

    Do not produce GMO foods as it is very unhealthy for our bodies. It destroys many organs in our body and does not break down the way real food does. Stop killing us slowly!!!!

  • Dee

    I think its 733 rather than 735

  • is there a petition we can sign somewhere or just call the Senators? Monsanto needs to be stopped!!!!!! Shut down!! OBLITERATED!!

  • cielodrive

    Do you paranoid, anti-science scaredy cats realize that human beings live three times longer, on average, than we did just a century ago? Stop trying to stop progress.

  • attygen

    You have to assume that the people here who support GMOs work in the industry and are shills.

  • njhavner

    To the powers that be – “Please keep our food as God created it. Don’t genetically modify seeds.!

  • STOP! You wonder why we have all these cancers that the insurance won’t pay for yet you are forcing us to eat genetically modified food. You need to stop this now! We are becoming a communistic country. The government tells us what to eat. Forget the FDA and the EPA. They are just your puppets!

    • badweatherrr

      this is not becoming communism, it is already fascism, corporatism, or whatever else you want to call it, neo-liberal feudalism is where we’re headed now… Or post heroic society anarchism (which will really be the better choice)

      I’d rather have no government at all rather than bad government (which they all historically have either started out bad, or really been bad all along)

      George Washington was the richest man in America and the first welfare queen of America too.

      These were not nice people, and we had to have a rebellion in order to even get the bill of rights. Otherwise, the constitution is a document meant expressly to protect the wealthy and their wealth from the “predations of the masses”. Mobocracy is what the elites call democracy. Fully participational democracy has never existed in the United States.

      So, worlds crappiest democracy, now beholden to the military industrial slavery coinage complex.

      But you’re right about the GMO’s causing cancer and all that. Don’t eat it, don’t stop fighting and learning about nature.

      Just watch these videos:

      The Difference between liberals and radicals

  • chip

    The trouble with info is you cannot know if it is true unless you do the research. To conclude an opinion on the basis of hearsay is un=scientific. I still have gut awareness and I trust it but I MUST remain skeptical and be careful what i report. I do know from long observation and several semesters of university statistics courses that polls and surveys are financed by entities with a stake in the “results”. Also that experts are well paid and aware of this fact. My survey of it is that Big Science is a baloney sandwich and if you trust them you might as well eat it.

  • agadinmar

    Shooting foreign DNA into target DNA with a 22 caliber cartridge is NOT science, it’s MADNESS! The perfect analogy is: Dumping all the loose components of a laptop into a 6 ton press mold, crushing it all together into the shape of one and expecting to result in an operating computer.

  • Marisol Schlemmer

    We don’t want these trash in our bodies we want normal and healthy food

  • America, today, 1 in 50 with autism. Mostly boys too? Are the stats the same in Asia, India, China, Russia, Philippines? Just wondering.

  • amy vegan

    they want us dead.

  • badweatherrr

    The roots of radical biocentric anarchism lie at the very source of our humanity; our capacity for cooperation. It flows from our refusal to calculate each others worth, or politicize our biologic differences. It is what makes all living things part of “We the people”.

    rebellion is the only answer

  • Senator Jon Tester, D, Montana, attempted to remove the Monsanto Rider & he deserves credit. I guess he is one of the few who doesn’t get money from those vile subhumans (not concerned about the future of humanity or the environment, sociopaths) at Monsanto.

  • badweatherrr
  • stop putting poison in our food!!!! stop playting with gentics …leave the food alone!

  • stop all this bulshit and poisening us and our animals+the planet