Are Comments Being Censored?


A reader sent us the following email:

Why is [a frequent commenter] allowed to off-topic rabidly, while my on-topic posts are censored, not allowed to post?

Why doesn’t Washingtons Blog embrace the accountability it otherwise pretends to seek?

We don’t censor, and we haven’t deleted any comments in many months.

Have other comments been censored by the Disqus comment system?  We switched a couple of months ago, and are trying to get a handle on how many comments are being filtered by Disqus.

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  • rwinkel

    Here’s a totally off-topic message that has been censored in numerous places by mainstream sites, if you investigate you’ll understand how disruptive this info is to the established order. So this is a test of the hypothesis.
    American babies are being brainwashed (imprinted) by rockefeller medicine with sociopathy, alienation, helplessness and rage at birth as a matter of SOP. American obstetrics is the result of decades of profit-driven medicine with no corrective feedback from one of the two people involved in every birth. They’ve radically changed the emotional meaning of the event for both mother and baby, with no scientific basis for doing so. Millions of years of evolutionary adaptation of female and fetal physiology, hormonal interaction and neural development, as well as centuries of wise midwifery have been thrown out the window. And it’s an important factor in the breakdown of our society through its connections to violence, depression, addiction, divorce and mass but subtle brain damage. There is no more pivotal time in anyone’s life than their birth. Follow this link:
    Sorry it’s not nicely formatted. But it’s packed with importan information.

    • Anonymous

      Well, in this case, there clearly was no censorship so everyone is free to draw their own conclusions.

  • Carl Herman

    My comments as a contributing author sometimes fail to post. It has been a problem both in the commenting page for authors, and logged-off with comments written like any other reader.

  • COTO

    Disqus is Disquise and you are being censored by the googleplex, a CIA segment of the Full Spectrum Survelliance grid. Wake up America and look in the mirror. You are not a facebook but they have you living in one.

    • nveric

      Good. Sometimes things said need a wide disbursal and this makes it easier to talk to those you claim to be watching. Let them read, for it’s why I’m here.

      Presenting material which is truthful and affecting all Americans needs a greater exposure. And, through advocating Non-Violent actions, the opponent is informed beforehand the intentions about to come. Only through communication stating the explicit desires and ways to fulfill those desires, can tensions be reduced and may encourage positive outcomes.

      Watchers are still human and can be influenced nonetheless; their current employment notwithstanding future changes.

      • blackyb


    • Sam Houston

      Mark Zuckerberg is Public Enemy Number One went it comes to spying. In fact, you could call him the Feds’ Master Spy. Facebook is the lead contractor to the NSA spy ring. With his Facebook Connect API, he is able to extract all sorts of sensitive and private data from people whether they have Farcebook accounts or not. This API is an integral part of almost all disparate account aggregator, like DISQUS, that allow multiple accounts from different services to authenticate to each other. Not just computers but smart phones, and internet connected devices and appliances like TVs, blu-ray players, washing machines, refrigerators, security alarms, security cameras, stand-alone webcameras, printers, NAS, game platforms, etc. Anything that has Farcebook code embedded in it. Soon, all cars will have this technology! Some already do with Microsoft Connect enabled Fords. So why hasn’t a Farcebook employee ratted our the Suckerberg spy network? Because he does not use American Citizens to do THAT work. THAT is why he, and all the tech giants, are demanding and getting millions more tech worker H-1B visas. Indians, Pakistani, and Turks desperate to work here have no problem spying on American Citizens and they will do Nothing to jeopardize their good life here.

      BTW. This treachery goes much deeper than Zuckerberg. Go to BING dot COM and type in a word to search. When the results page loads, click on your Back History and you will see a hidden Farcebook link. Click on it an it takes you to BING dot COM instead. Matters not if you are a Farcebook user or not. Speak to most Corporate Network Admins and they will tell you that it is near impossible to block Farcebook from entering there networks. That is because it has pathways embedded in HTML 6 and into the firmware of all the major routers/firewalls. Perhaps this was exploited by the North Koreans against Sony? That would make us all vulnerable.


        Why hasn’t an American Patriot taken him out?

        • Sam Houston

          Working on it. Thought the Mexican drug cartels would have taken him out when he went to play billionaires club with Carlos Slim. Guess Carlos is the Godfather of all the drug lords.

  • gozounlimited

    Obviously the off-topic rabid commenter isn’t having a problem, while your on-topic posts are censored. If your distress reflects your BS better for all……

    • gozounlimited
      • gozounlimited

        Well Come On Mr. On-Topic …. the floor is yours …. just sittin here behaving myself.

        • gozounlimited

          11:03pm (ET)
          Watch Eric Schmidt on Technology and Society in 2013 tonight 11:03pm (ET) or watch the stream here:
          He briefly explains how the Ethernet is taking on a life of its own developing it’s own algorithms uncontrolled by man. Welcome to the Ethernet …. it may hold a power you are unfamiliar with.

          • gozounlimited
          • gozounlimited

            Did the Ethernet create multiple time date stamps on the Sandy Hook Tribute that preceded the actual shooting event? This demands an explanation.

            Sandy Hook Planned: Video Tribute Video Uploaded Weeks Before Massacre

            Note: More evidence on Facebook shows a fundraiser posted 4 days in advance

            read more: Sandy Hook Shooting: Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enforcement Raises Suspicion of False Flag Operation

          • gozounlimited

            Are lives being censored? Props Manager that put Sandy Hook on map in Dark Knight Rises was Killed

            JR Studi0s
            has uncovered new information as to why the town “Sandy Hook ” appeared on the map in the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Movie scene, infamously associated with the Aurora, Colorado shootings.

            JR discovereed the master prop manager for the Batman movie was Scott Getzinger who lived in Sandy Hook with his wife and family. But asking Getzinger to clear up the details
            is not possible since he died of injuries due to an April 6. 2012 automobile crash.

            read more:

          • Michael Kelligan

            The phrase “sandy hook” was also used in the movie “Chasing Amy”,used by Ben Afflack

          • SortingHat

            Whoops! Your site is no longer there! It just spins and spins never doing anything!

  • jesus_loves_you

    Disqus has banned/censored me in a couple places, for no apparent reason. Must be a lacking sense of humor…

    • dddsba

      No – I think they’re just a bunch of simple minded cracker-bigots who really need to have their asses SUED – BUT GOOD! Case: 174048!

      • Ed Ward, MD

        Agree on court, but ‘disgust’ is just one of the corporations assisting government fascism. But, the trial needs to be much bigger, including government and all it’s corporate accessories. There are ONLY two options, as we have clearly seen. Shut the company down or comply with government propaganda, censorship and fascism, and of course cooperation is always very LUCRATIVE in the meantime.

  • hidflect

    To try and add some light; I have had some comments simply not post but rarely. Sometimes you need to refresh the page to see it posted. Disqus has a few light bugs.

  • Fizzywig Chronicle

    The commenting format used by Economic Policy Journal is vastly superior to the one used here. EPJ allows users to sign in using openID, name/email, or even anonymous when posting a comment. Forcing registration discourages some from posting their perspective on the articles. Additionally, allowing a Zero Hedge or Reddit type user rating system is a good way to allow users to participate in determining the quality of the content posted.

  • Bev

    You’re asking us because you must be seeing the comments, is that correct? And, so it is just commentors who are not seeing the comments. Why are you not asking Disqus? This is the second or third time asking.

    Interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and others about censorship during the upcoming 50th anniversary (where Dallas wants a week of silence) of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

  • ShankyS

    On my blog (STB) I use Disqus(t). It is free and what I offer. Us bloggers are not made of money and paying a grand a year or more for a comment system is just not in the cards for some of us. Disqust(t) can make comments disappear and bounce around from place to place without the bloggers control. We often joke of a “handler” that appears magically when sensitive subjects are being posted. Given the sensitive nature of the material on WB or Zh or even my blog, would it be a stretch to believe that someone is watching and possibly pushing buttons from the “other side”? I don’t think so. Actually I believe it happens. What aren’t they watching these days and trying to influence? Heck, you know they are taking names of all the “terrorists” that visit this site and the surrounding similar haunts. I don’t think that WB would be monitoring comments for anything other than blatant inappropriateness. Like COTO said below, “you are being censored by the googleplex, a CIA segment of the Full Spectrum Survelliance grid.”

    • Dennis Boylon

      If I click the link from my profile I can see my sensitive posts. If I go to the site and try to find it in the comments section it does not appear.

      • PerceiveToBeWise

        that demonstrates site censorship not Disqus. They maybe part of a conspiracy but I have not come to that conclusion whereas sites are certainly censoring content via Disqus controls.

    • Ed Ward, MD

      Interesting insights on ‘disgust’ and more than likely another censor being added to the mix.

  • Jody Paulson

    I’ve had one or two comments here censored within the last few months.

  • rwinkel

    Well I guess everyone here is in agreement that american medicine is beyond criticism in its treatment of children. Or maybe babies aren’t really children at all, not quite human even. Let me ask you: what is your earliest memory of being on this planet? If you’re a typical american male, your earliest memory may well be one of being tied down to a table in a brightly lit room, with a sheet covering you except for your private parts, and someone in a white robe fondling you. No kidding. It’s called circumcision. And if you don’t think it affects adult men to be molested, tortured and pleasure-lobotomized in this way, at a time when they imprint everything, you’re living in total denial. But don’t worry about it, no one will question your political affiliations or intelligence, because we live in the twilight zone where babies are born with wings that must be amputated so they look like their fathers. How sad. Barbarism really has taken over this country.

    • Shineon83

      —I have an even BETTER example for you (regarding “big” humans’ disdain for “little” humans): Up until fairly recently (5-6 years ago), newborns with heart defects were operated on WITHOUT anesthesia (under the assumption that it was “unnecessary,” as the “pain circuitry” in the brains of babies was, they assumed, “undeveloped,” and anesthetic drugs possibly harmful)…..

      —Surprise, surprise…Some genius pediatric surgeon finally noticed (after 15 YEARS of this protocol) that these babies were DYING at a much higher rate than were infants receiving the same surgery (performed by doctors who “bucked the system,” by refusing to do the surgery WITHOUT anesthesia, due to their personal beliefs that ALL patients experienced pain during surgery)…..It was determined—after a large study (cut very short, due to overwhelming evidence)—-that the babies receiving no anesthesia had actually died due to SHOCK caused by severe pain……..BTW—Our first son’s doctor said he has NEVER performed a circumcision WITHOUT anesthesia, and refuses to do so. My second son was born autistic, and I refused circumcision for him, due to my personal belief that he was having enough “circuit overload” to begin with…..

      —..Although circumcision is often viewed as a form of “mutilation” and unnecessary surgery (as you point out), there ARE very good medical reasons for its use: it reduces the spread of STDs and AIDS (according to many, many studies); in addition, the incidence of penile cancer drops to almost zero in circumcised males, and is seen almost exclusively in uncircumcised males………My son actually NAPPED during his circumcision (his doctor used a “rub-on” local anesthetic, before giving him local anesthetic injections with a baby needle—which he didn’t even feel)…..I wish EVERY baby receiving circumcision would have such a great experience….Of course, the decision whether or not to circumcise a male baby should be made after careful consideration of possible future risk (African males, for instance, are highly encouraged to be circumcised due to the high rates of AIDS in the continent), religious beliefs, and personal preferences…….

      • rwinkel

        Please see my paper on circumcision below and let me know if you still believe the purported benefits outweigh the proven drawbacks:

      • rwinkel

        hmmm my last attempt never showed up. Trying again:
        Please read my paper on circumcision below and let me know if you still believe the purported benefits outweigh the known drawbacks:

      • rwinkel

        Actually most of your statements about circumcision are based on fraudulent medical research which has been disproven repeatedly. As far as HIV, it turns out FGM is about as effective at preventing HIV in women as MGM is at preventing HIV in men. Another detail they never mention is that MGM increases M->F HIV transmission rates more then enough to compensate for its efficacy at preventing HIV in men, which accounts for the USA’s high rates of both HIV and MGM. By the way, the manufacturer of EMLA cream (used in your son’s circumcision) is contraindicated by the manufacturer for that use. Most likely your son wasn’t sleeping, he was in shock, since the most sensitive part of his anatomy was being amputated with only topical pain relief. It will do wonders for his future marriages as well.
        What I’m talking about here is a huge scandal that medicine will continue to cover up at all costs. Mainstream headline-making medical research in this area is not to be trusted. You have to dig to see what’s going on.

  • Peter Sveter

    disqus is THE censor’s tool. using fb is not a big win….

  • Alan

    Well. stupid as it was to post a video with David Ike (for reals? That guy is more cuckoo than an actual cuckoo wearing a feathery cuckoo costume) there WERE some uncensored posts by people pointing out how cuckoo Ike is.

    • Cyberat Rodent


      The cuckoo has been clocked more than once. ;-p

    • Michael Kelligan

      David Icke is crazier than a sh#t house rat,I saw a video of that nut back in the 80’s where he claimed to be the son of god,and another where he claimed Queen Elizabeth turned into a reptilian monster and crawled around on the dungeon walls below Buckingham Palace,it was funny at first but now its just creepy

  • Thomas Jefferson

    I laughed when I talked to the AIR FORCE kid in denver,and he told me they fully intended to block the tickets to the underground from anyone they considered to be a traitor,he said we may be safe but we ain’t sitting on the couch with any traitors either,and if any of them happen to get in,were going to put them in the cages down at the bottom,with their family………..sounds like the traitors have screwed them selves,they won’t get in and even if they do their going into a cage……………………….

  • Thomas Jefferson

    EVER notice how scum never believe they’ll get caught,censors are the same way,YET there’s a paper trail right to them,and what should happen to a traitor who has violated the FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE US CONSTITUTION…………..OH,thats right theres only one punishment “SUMMARY EXECUTION”………………….

    • dddsba

      You got that right, Tom!

    • Michael Kelligan

      Careful Tom your patriotism is showing…LOLx10

  • Marquand Dubber

    Huff post was great but heavily censored. I liked their news stories – especially about celebrities. I used to lurk there a lot.

    However they censor their comments by passively omitting comments rather than explicitly taking a red pen to them. I went round and round with the huff post comment moderators on this issue until I finally gave up and posted my censored comments on the censoredcomments blog.

    I think that comment censorship is becoming a real problem. I haven’t noticed heavy censorship at washingtonsblog.

    • Ed Ward, MD

      The only thing that can be done… BOYCOTT all these censoring sites, don’t promote, and post where you can. THE FACTS ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE, if they weren’t the fascist scumbags wouldn’t be censoring them. Don’t forget – ALL WILL NEED ACCOUNTABILITY.

  • dddsba

    My icon is very un-popular with someone along the food chain at disqus (re: recent posts to Politico) and I’ve been unable to post there for the last three days. My 1st Amendment Rights are being absolutely violated by these people…I’d love to hear from others who have had similar experiences w/ disqus. Perhaps my attorney can get together a BIG FAT CLASS ACTION against them. Hope you’re reading, disqus-dears. CASE # 174048!

    • rw93003

      The first amendment probably doesn’t apply to a privately owned website that you are allowed to post on for free.

      • PerceiveToBeWise

        Then a notice thereof should be made public that free speech is not afforded here. That is transparency even if it is in their rights; it is also in ours or should be by the notion that the public is allowed to comment.

        • Jo Peter

          I think they’d argue that they disclose in their terms that they can censor content (by giving themselves extraordinarily broad definitions of prohibited content.) They should have to stick to their terms though.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Disqus is censoring comments. Nowadays, one has to comment with a social networking site and be tracked, not unlike what is required in China.

    • Artimus Maxtor

      A government does not give up its propaganda machine ever. It drives the herd. Think about this. You go to work in a herd at approximately the same time. Same for lunch. Same going home from work. Your children are herded to school at the same time. Too lunch. Also home. Add to that Christmas, Easter all holidays.

      One guy up there said groupthink. I like that word. The same things are repeated, regurgitated back that people learn from the massive information system in place. Its all about promoting something. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston. We all know them. Just shows they can an promote a thought or person. A subject or any “information”. People will believe it. Run counter to the herd and what they have been told you can get run over quick.

  • dekor istanbul

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  • Engopo

    Beeing censored in Norwegian newspapers using disqus

  • Engopo

    Kind of disqusting

  • Bob Crouch

    I participated in a thread, My comments are still visible and responses are being made to them. Yet, I am told that “You do not have permission to post on this thread” I did not do ANYTHING (such as foul language) to warrant censorship, except perhaps disagree with the censor whoever he or she may be!

    • Ed Ward, MD

      Standard policy in promotion of government propaganda by main stream and alternative media. They are currently at the point where their ‘sock puppet’ articles and commenters are not enough anymore. Now, they have to censor posts from those promoting referenced facts.

    • YCNAN


  • Stuffinpup

    On another thread, Disqus blocked me from logging in, concealed comments that had been there before, and failed to accept my login. I myself have become blocked out, or censored by their system in that particular discussion.

  • Anonymous

    Disqus is a censorship conspiracy

    • Chien-Sun Zhao

      I agree.

  • Cyberat Rodent

    It seems Diqusting things are going on with “neutral” blog hosts.

  • Cyberat Rodent

    Can’t seem to post on infowars anymore.

    • Ed Ward, MD

      Infowars is covert op.

      Infowars ‘Out Psyops’ BBC: Exposes DC Naval Yard SWAT Propaganda?

      • Cyberat Rodent

        BS, I thought you have something more substantial.
        UK have been long supporters of the NeoNazi/Muslim Brotherhood anti-Israel terrorist organizations such as the PLO, which they trained and sponsored. BBC was banned in Israel for biased reporting and is as credible as CNN or less.

        Your credibility further dropped when there’s a post there by Talmudists, the 2% of the Jewish population, fanatic radicals in their own sect, probably the 20% of all Rabbis, a definitive minority of self hating Jews. Then the site makes it sound like a majority.

        Finally rock bottomed, at the link of Bill Hicks is Alex Jones, do they look a lot alike ? Yes, but that’s where all similarities end. Bill Hicks was a drug abusing smoker whose mannerism, way of speech & jokes do not resemble Alex Jones in the least. Pronounciation of words is the hardest to change later in life.
        It doesn’t matter who arrived when and what number bus they took, the Naval Shooting was a staged event for one purpose – Gun Grabbing. Why are the Local Yokkels involved on a military base ??? The M.P.s could’ve responded with adequate armor & firepower in 1min..
        The truth is out there, dump the BS.

        • Ed Ward, MD

          In what appears to be Infowars trying to one up BBC SWAT propaganda, they
          release the approximate time of arrival. If SWAT, had gotten there before 9 AM,
          don’t you think that is what he would have said? What follows afterward looks
          like a SWAT enlistment article. Based on the information, the SWAT team arrived during the last of the shootouts, if not AFTER the last shot was fired.

          According to Infowars, Navy Yard Shooting: SWAT Team Ordered to ‘Stand Down’, CERT, “arrived fully dressed in their tactical gear and armed with HK-416 assault weapons around 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.”

          “According to the BBC, Response Team (Cert) was near the Navy Yard when the initial report of an active shooter came in about 8:20 local

          The officers, wearing full tactical gear and armed with HK-416 assault
          weapons, arrived outside Building 197 a few minutes later, an
          official with knowledge of the incident told the BBC.”

          Yes, in trying to ‘out promote’ the SWAT conspiracy fantasy of ‘Super SWAT’
          ‘could have’, Infowars exposes the “few minutes later” as WAY closer to an HOUR with arrival during or more than likely AFTER the shooter was dead. All with referenced links and more.

          • Cyberat Rodent

            What part of “I don’t trust BBC as a reliable source for shoveling shit even.” don’t you understand ? Do you work for the BBC ? Are you doing damage control ?
            You just want some of the A.J. success to ooze over to your channel ? You’re doing it all the wrong way or you’re an Agent Smith, none of that matters.

        • Wookie

          You mean kinda like that song *Dump That Chump”?

          You should start a campaign the *Dump The BS* movement to get local governments to be alert and decide to go after the bigger ones.

          As Gandalf said in The Hobbit sometimes the greatest power comes in the littlest of things

          • Cyberat Rodent

            Local governments are not just on alert but proactively taking out dissidents today. In USA many shots have been fired and murdered whistleblowers. It is time for a world wide revolution. Dump nationality, flags, monetary systems, religions, etc…
            The Bilderberg meeting in Austria this month, goes unpublished by government controlled media. WAKE UP, we are far down the rabbit hole.

      • Artimus Maxtor

        Info wars is disinformation. In that it throws in things like the Illuminati, Martians and other nonsense. Its a tactic they use in a lot of web writing’s. To make you think that your suspicions. Are unfounded. Possibly a product of some guys cracked thinking.

  • Guest

    good then then they shall reap what they sow1

  • Erik Harahan

    I have the same problem. It sucks.

  • Fran Petin

    PR. The only answer they’re allowed to say. My civil comments anchored in reality have been censored. Unless you’re a political activists paid to comment, demonizing Christians and labeling them anti-gay, you will be censored.

    • PerceiveToBeWise

      Not to be outdone, the left is censoring against political comment against Hillary over her reset button with Russian and the resulting invasion of Ukraine. Unless there are rules round free speech your anti-Christian and my anti-Hillary comments are both censored. It is money of the billionaires that have the final say. This bodes ill for free speech even if we both disagree with each other.

  • Ed Ward, MD

    Disqus for comments is a scam joke. Your comment can be censored by any place you are commenting for any reason or more likely no reason as is the general mark of ‘government propaganda’ media. So, if you want to agree with an article use disqus, if not, forget about it, because ‘propaganda’ sites are not looking for ‘facts’, they are just there to push their agenda.

    Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum

  • FredJ11

    My comments are being censored right now on

    • Michael Kelligan

      me too

  • onno

    Disqus seems to encourage the constant obscene bickering and race baiting between Democrats and Republicans; however, ALL of my comments which suggest then Dems and Reps are the same party supporting a fascism hegemony get censored.

    Today, I posted a comment which was a quote from George Orwell. I wasn’t ‘approved’. Oh, the irony.

    • onno

      interesting….I stand corrected. It seems Mother Jones and HuffPost are the ones responsible for the censorship

      • Arden

        Liberal rags like those you mentioned and Newser censor anything slightly negative about the current administration.

        • whiteroseleaflets

          censored at bangor daily news many times i lib i call them up tell them i blocked or censored + about a week later i can post again

        • John Smith

          Rags? I guess I’ll take that. Rags are excellent for cleaning up messes.

      • Zaba

        and npr

    • Darko714

      Exactly. Reasonable conservative criticism of liberal authors is censored. Rabid racism is not. Leads me to suspect that the liberal media itself is posting the rabid racism as an Alinsky strategem to smear its opponents.

      • AK

        Wrong. I have the opposite experience from conservative sites with discussion boards powered by Disqus.
        It is not a liberal or conservative thing.

    • AK

      In my experience, Breitbart is the worst offender when it comes to censorhip.

      • Helene Hopley


      • Captain Central America

        My question is about Breitbart because there seem to be no comments available on the heat wave in India but the comments work fine on everything else. Why aren’t comments available on this? I’m not trying to troll and I’m neither a climate change supporter or denier so I was just genuinely interested.

    • Joe Blow

      yep, i post the same stuff, and my post today encouraging the GOP to nominate Rand Paul was put on hold, then just mysteriously disappeared. When I quote Orwell now, which is often, I always refer to him as “the Prophet Orwell”.

    • PropGuard

      Too ironic for words, I will be watching my comments. Dem and reps are one and the same

    • jennyjones

      I don’t have tv who the hell watches ABC anymore. Do they get their funds from Obama.

    • Sam Houston

      You have to be within the guidelines of what they want disseminated. The Truth is rarely that.

    • SortingHat

      I get banned from forums all the time but I have autism disorder so I can’t figure out people very well and it’s even harder online and society is not very *encouraging* both me and my parents have found out.

      Life really sucks and I don’t know if it’s God being evil or just plain stupid.

    • YCNAN


      • Jo Peter

        It’s censorship plain and simple.

      • Michael J. McFadden

        I believe that Disqus attaches some sort of “rating” to users that individual sites use to determine their censorship policies. E.G. a user may be rated a 3 out of 5 because Disqus’s engines have noticed them posting an identical post to half a dozen news stories in the span of twenty minutes. Of course it may be a totally valid and helpful posting responding to identical repetitions of a press release in different papers, but the robo-rater just treats it as spam. Now one web site with comments may simply blip all posters with scores of under 4. Another site may have a moderator who scans the spam bucket for 2’s and 3’s that might be dumped by mistake and restore them.

        It’s does clearly seem to be *something* on the Disqus end, because I actually had one experience like that “identical post” story a few years back where four out of the six repetitions in my Disqus history, although at totally different news sites, were marked as spam or denied or somesuch. One of the sites “unflagged” me and made my post visible. The others never responded to my email queries at all… indicating that they may very well simply depend totally on some form of robo-moderation triggered by something like a Disqus “score rating.”

        • SortingHat

          I don’t think there are actually any people at Disqus other then *updating* necessary core files and then just leave the rest to the bots.

          Or monkeys trained on keyboards! Oh eee aa aaa aaa twing twang walla walla bang bang!

          I told the witch doctor I fell in love with you!

          Never mind.

          Either way Disqus I doubt is even privately owned. When Google started sucking it was after they allowed public stocks to be traded which made the value of the site go down as it wasn’t really private anymore.

          In the early days of Google it was a completely private search engine ran by nerds.


      It’s called the marxist dialectic. Action, reaction, solution. All financed by the jews/communists. As they’ve been doing for centuries:

    • SortingHat

      What if that *obscene bickering* as you state it is paid for by higher corporations to make it look like that’s all America is interested in doing to distract people who are too stupid to think for themselves or are just starting to learn the truth but are unsure so they will fall back into a slump?

  • Shineon83

    —I have never once used foul language, hate speech, etc. when posting comments on various site….I AM, however, a writer by profession, am conservative, and when posting comments, tend to get more than a fair share of “likes” per comment ( a not uncommon occurrence for a person who makes a living by their “pen” )….

    —Here’s the “kicker” : I noticed, about a week ago, that my comments were being “pre-screened” (moderated prior to posting) on SEVERAL sites at the SAME TIME (I never had this happen before)….The sites doing the “pre-screening” were/are definitely “left-wing” : The Guardian, Huffpost, Daily Beast……As these sites are NOT owned by the same company, I have come to the conclusion that “Disqus” is responsible for the censorship…….Any other theories???

    • Chien-Sun Zhao

      I got the same problem in Taiwan with the “”. Disqus is indeed censoring my posts on politics. Now my status is “You do not have permission to post in this thread.”

      • Shineon83

        @Chien-Sun Zhao: Yes, I’ve noticed that Chinatimes is also in the “censorship business.”……Is it just me? I find this utterly frightening………………….

    • AK

      I am blacklisted by Breitbart via Disqus and can’t post there. All I did was disagreeing with the groupthink on the site.

      • Common Sense

        Me too!

    • davedoesthetruth

      Sure, ever make a comment and you can see the up votes clicking off they get to about 3 or 5 and stop like the anchor was thrown out.

    • Lil Indie

      Disqus says if your post shows “removed” it means that the site’s moderator removed it, not Disqus. I’ve had a couple of very mild comments removed from Breitbart. One had the word “hell” in it, but the other had no curse words.

      • Malawi Racum

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      • Common Sense

        I have been picking on the Hollywood tribe for their anti Israel stance, I think that is when I got kicked off.

    • jennyjones

      The Obama Administration did not approve

  • galatian

    I have never once used foul language, hate speech,etc., when posting comments on various sites.
    I have also noticed that my comments are removed when I assert facts and/or statistics that are routinely obfuscated or omitted when discussing political, economic, or cultural issues in mass media.
    I am neither conservative nor liberal, Republican or Democrat; I am an avid reader of the major subjects and write my points of view with an honest attempt to interrelate them all with one another.
    I was very wary about Disqus from the beginning: it struck me as a way for the NSA or other government surveillance agency to monitor and collect public opinion under the guise of “our convenience.” However, most of my favored websites have converted to this program, and so recently I logged into it…
    Out of two dozen comments I have made, six have actually been posted…
    Another poster below is right: the most incendiary, divisive, and hateful speech appears everywhere leaving one little doubt that not much is censored in that respect. However, the more circumspect, compassionate posts are not found as often as before, and strangely, “kicked down,” if you will, posted only minutes ago, it is relegated to the bottom of the thread…
    I am quite frightened, actually…enough to retreat back behind that wall of silence I was in for nearly a year.
    Behind the wall, indeed…

  • cons3rvative

    i called disqus.. they say that they don’t moderate and it is up to the indiviual site.

    • Shineon83

      —I don’t believe them for an instant. They MIGHT have a point if the censorship (in my case, for instance) occurred over a period of weeks or months with the sites I mentioned above. However (and here is my point): I received the “Your comments must be pre-screened before posting” message literally on the SAME DAY from the three (very left-leaning sites) I mentioned above—I did NOT, however, receive similar messages from more middle-of-the-road sites (i.e. CNN)… It seems more than a “tad” suspicious to me that THREE different organizations (all owned by different companies) would suddenly decide to “pre-screen” comments from me on the SAME DAY……(Sounds more like some kind of “trouble-maker” —i.e. conservative or Libertarian—alert is appearing beside the names of known “influential posters”—I have some publishing friends who SWEAR Discus is fielding calls from Huffpost, regarding users HP feels are “rabble rousers”.(and labeling them accordingly for other like-minded organizations which inquire)…………………………….

  • Corpus_Innominata

    Censorship check.

  • Leonardo


  • iTruthBeTold


  • Justin Bilyj

    Discus sucks dick, they censor comments

    • DeathMerchant

      Not true, it’s the individual sites that do the censoring and a lot of it is due to comments being flagged by people who don’t like them. Usually leftists.

    • Anonymous

      What usually happens is people who set up Disqus on their sites are too lazy to review flagged comments to see if they should be censored or not so they probably have Disqus automatically remove all flagged comments. (“Removing all flagged comments” could actually be the default setting in Disqus.)

    • Lilith

      Not necessarily. I’ve tried three times to post to another poster on a board about the black “professor” at BU who made racist & sexist remarks about white males, & all three times I was informed that it wouldn’t post until ABC News gave the go ahead. All three of my posts were then “removed”, & ABC News also blocked me from posting on that board again. There was nothing offensive, racial, etc., & I didn’t break ABC News’ TOS. Go figure.

  • Phil McCracken

    I googled “diqus censorship” (and this was the first result) since posts of mine and others have been repeatedly cast into the void, sometimes immediately, sometimes when you go back the next day. It has occurred on ABC’s website and Mother Jones repeatedly. I didn’t believe these outlets would so blatantly censor and got the impression it is some kind of block bot used by disqus. These deletions of comments most frequently occur seemingly when I and others are trying to speak in favor of free speech, making it particularly frustrating. If this is the way the internet is going it is quite scary. The problem with censorship is……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    • Artimus Maxtor

      I wrote this is the government using the net:

      Long sought. A government never gives up its propaganda machine. The web was invented for a reason. To collect data on the things they couldn’t get. To get more information than they could by having you register for license’s and other things. Your sexual habits free porn is everywhere. What you read. What your interested in. Any “Anti-American” activities. Employers can now pull reports right off the web. Showing your arrest record. Showing where you live your brothers and sisters and immediate family. Where they live and their information. Also your internet viewing activity. Including porn. What and where you go and any comments. I imagine the government data is much more detailed.

      The internet is a closed loop. Which information that’s the same from here to England. The days of CBS news and ABC news and NBC news. Giving you virtually the same facts and information are still here. Only way more evil. They know what your thinking and watching now. Even the Nielson ratings company is red faced with envy. Go on and enjoy your day. Ignore all of that. Humans are creatures of habit and they know your habits now.
      Add to that my opinion. There are flag waving bots. Also government trolls and apologists.

  • Nuge4Prez

    I was censored only minutes ago. The second I clicked “Post as Nuge4Prez”, it said
    “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by The Washington Examiner.” The only way that can be happening instantly is that I’m profiled. And my comments disappeared. They are not even being shown in my history.

  • Darko714

    On some sites, “up” votes for my comments don’t show. What does this mean?

  • cloybox

    I was censored today for asking if others had been censored. I was also censored last weekend for using the term similar to baboon. It is amazing that they did this!

  • rw93003

    My posts sometimes “vanish”. One time I got in touch with the actual disqus censor who said he deleted my post because he said he believed I copied it from another source. I proved to him that I didn’t by sending the sources for each of the points in my post and he agreed it wasn’t plagiarism and offered to restore the post. I don’t believe plagiarism was the issue at all–it was because the post discredited another post that was more to the censor’s liking. Lately several of my posts that included stats, dates and other facts “vanish” It appears to me that “progressive” posts are ok but ones that prove “progressive” posts wrong sometimes mysteriously vanish even though there is no rudeness involved. I don’t plan to post to disqus any longer, not because I think anyone cares but because it is a waste of time doing the research and writing just to have it deleted by someone who doesn’t like it.

    • Shineon83

      —You are exactly correct; there is indeed heavy censorship of “conservative” posts….One day (ala Snowden), someone will uncover the “ownership” of Disqus….(I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover it is funded by a progressive billionaire—who knows the POWER of web to influence opinion)…..Think about it: almost everyone who reads articles from any of the sites usually reads at least several of the comments following the piece; how powerful to, for example, allow posts that reinforce one’s worse stereotypes of the “other side.”……Notice how the most outrageous (read: stupid) conservative comments are published?

      • Jon Jones

        “…there is indeed heavy censorship of “conservative” posts.”

        Paranoid much? I’m far from being a conservative, and my posts are being put “on hold” only to eventually vanish.

  • None of your business

    Welcome to the Gulag Archipelago.

  • BiggerFatterPolitics
  • DrSmitty42

    Disqus removes my comments on a regular basis, and 90% of them are benign but in opposition to the emotional liberal mindset. They even remove comments on subjects that could not be construed as insulting at all, but rather make it clear the liberal topic I’ve confronted is useless.

  • Mona Ali
  • jburt56

    Yes, discus censors.

  • xeberyeni
  • xeberyeni
  • Joe Blow

    My comment, that took some time to compose, was just put on hold and then deleted. Why is Washington’s Blog still allowing this to happen?

  • farang

    My comments are removed daily, from many sites. I just typed this, and the screen “blinked twice”: now this comment will be removed. But, I will copy and paste it to you directly if it is. Just did it again.

  • farang

    Disqus “pretends” they do not “censor”, that is a Lie.

  • logansquare

    yesterday i posted a comment to cnn story “what are the russians hiding” (vis a vis the shootdown) directing people to youtube russian defense ministry presentation on the shootdown and it was deleted immediately. there was even a message saying it was being withheld. unsettling.

  • Valigator


  • davedoesthetruth

    I believe that they are pulling a facebook type censorship by controlling the display of comments and up and down votes as well. Thigs are starting to smell like a rotten fish.

    • TheLoneRanger

      The lies just aren’t enough anymore.

  • Ruger 1

    I believe Disqus does censor

    • John

      I have had the same thing happen.

      • Michael J. McFadden

        Ditto here, and it began happening on several sites, all at around the same time. On the sites where I was able to contact an admin, I was told the posts had been routed through Disqus into their spam bucket and those admins, upon reading my concern and checking the posts, quickly whitelisted them and future posts from me. On other sites however, there were either no easily seen ways to contact admins or the admins simply ignored my concerns about postings. There’s clearly some handling done on the Disqus end that interacts with those on the website end. Instead of denying that it has anything to do with moderation, Disqus should outline its policies and methods more clearly AND establish a responsible review mechanism when it downgrades posts.

        – MJM

    • PerceiveToBeWise

      Certain sites indicate site censorship verses Disqus censorship. They have not lost my confidence as my posts are still available via my personal log but they are not necessarily on the site. However, I question when Disqus allows censorship by content moderator which is by admission censorship allowance.

  • Justin

    I was just blacklisted by using a disqus account.

    • SparkleBunny

      Disqus doesn’t moderate comments. The site admin in which they use disqus does.

      So it was the admin from infowars who blacklisted not someone from disqus.

      • Justin

        That’s what I said…

  • dddoc

    There are people on right now slagging off Alex Jones for censorship. But as far as I can see since I just logged into this site using Disqus, even though I’ve never been here before or signed up to this blog.

    Disqus appears to be a program people can add to their site or blog to allow anyone leave comments as long as they’ve signed up and their program is on that site.

    So if there is any censorship going on, it has to be laid at the door of Disqus to whom we all signed up to and who appear to be monitoring our discussions and free f#### speech!

    You see how I censored the word F##### otherwise they might deleted this post and given I like Alex Jones believes in free speech, I can’t image he would discredit himself by deleting peoples posts.

    You have anything to say in defense of this Disqus

  • SparkleBunny

    CNN = Censorship Network Nationwide!

  • Doulos Christou

    They ABSOLUTELY are censoring comments – especially if we mention the Name of the lord Jesus Christ or quote Bible Scripture.

  • PerpetuallyMe

    CNN has proven that the censor our perspective and only allow us to post on articles according to “majority.” If we have a “reputation” according to our thoughts for thinking outside of the box or not in line with Obama rule, we can’t seem to post….even if our comments are logical and void of harassment and “trolling.” Enough. It is sickening and an absolute violation of Constitutional rights. Welcome to “America” under the Obama regime.

    • SortingHat

      Sad thing is they will allow *fake* Conservatives to post racist posts to enforce the stereotypical view of red necks which I am sure is to lead into Agenda 21.

  • tslateone

    www dot Examiner dot com Well never had a censor until now. The odd thing is I went to an older article and the same complete rebuttal went through wvwb though unrelated. Not sure it may be related to sources cited because words like hitler, Nazi, abortion, etc all pass through. I can’t believe they have human being sitting back reading these posts, that would be insane. Anyway, Hitler WOULD be proud.
    The poster wrote:

    Cass Ness Stacey Antes • 7 hours ago

    Infest? Now there is a good example of a bigot. Conservatives are full of these terms like disease and infest. Just replace the word Liberal with Jew and you see right away what camp conservatives idiots belong to.

    I wrote:

    Yes it’s true Hitler and his minions not only targeted Jews but his regime parallels progressive liberals today even though they like to hide behind the word fascist. For example, progressive liberals are intolerant of religion, supported (a)bortion, and only view the state as the supreme authority, throwing out all free will. That’s exactly what mimics a fascist definition but is oh so exactly the definition of a progressive liberal. History proves you wrong, chant slogans and insults all you want. Nazi history not only proves you incorrect but also shows where progressive liberalism in this country is headed whether you’re smart enough to see it or not. You’re a tool and have no clue that you are. Choice, yes the state’s choice. The parallels with today’s (a)bortion rules and that of Nazi Germany are striking if not horrific.

    The Nazis believed that a woman’s body belonged to the State, and the State would decide what to do with it. The Nazis did not allow (a)bortion for healthy “Aryan” German women, but demanded and forced (a)bortion upon women deemed “unAryan” (i.e. Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, etc.) and “Aryan” German women who were thought to be feeble-minded, or have hereditary diseases. ((a)bortion in the New Europe p.114)

    The first court to rule that “viability” and the “woman’s health” were determinate factors in (a)bortion was the Nazi Heredity Court of 1934, when it ruled that “…pregnancy may be terminated, with the concent of the woman concerned, unless the foetus is already capable of independent life, or unless the termination of the pregnancy entails a serious danger to either the life or health of the woman herself.” (The Racial State, 1991, p.141).

    In the United States, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that (a)bortion in the first two trimesters (up to 6 months) is permitted because the fetus is not “viable” (not capable of living outside of the womb “independently”). They ruled that (a)bortion in the third trimester (after 6 months) was still illegal, unless the continued pregnancy posed a “serious threat” to the physical or mental health of the mother.

  • Research Region
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  • Guest


    • SortingHat

      *smell goes right by due to an anti stink charm casted*

  • brotherton cat

    well they censored me on the WND a christian based website. I thought promoting Christianity was good thing there.

  • Guest


  • Hemp4Freedom

    My comments that are critical of Republicans are being deleted on NPR and I have been blocked from posting.

    Can anyone help? where is discis and why do they get to shape the political discussion and stifle Free Speech, especially on NPR.

    Thank you…

    Username Hemp4Freedom

    • deserthackberry

      I’ve experienced the same thing, by NPR’s Code Switch. Disqus says to contact the website, so I tried contacting Code Switch. No answer. I tried a direct email address. In that case, I got an response saying that person was no longer with Code Switch, but still no answer to my question. I tried contacting NPR management and was directed to “‘The Four Types of Comments We Usually Remove on Code Switch':

      which still didn’t answer my question. I’ve taken to making my comments to Code Switch by email. pointing out each time that they’ve blocked me from commenting and I have no idea why. Oddly, it seems like most of NPR’s radio stories — or at least the ones interesting enough to comment on — now come from that one blog.

  • Hemp4Freedom

    Welcome to Fascist America….so long Free Speech, Freedom of the Individual and Democracy.

  • Mr Leatherneck

    Disqus is not censoring. Blocking commenters is done on a site level…though obviously Disqus is known to be buggy.

    A good example is…where that little puke Jones has blocked me because I call him on his over-sensationalized bullsht for-profit.

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  • Yadja

    I would suggest that people look at history and the political cartoons and commentaries that were made by both parties and they were not censored nor were they Politically Correct. I am not in favor of any censorship unless someone is advocating Jihad or Treason against our country.

    This is not a good thing and what it smells like to me is that the Democrats and Liberals have not changed since kindergarten. Tattle to the teacher and get those of us punished for doing what he/she considers wrong. They want opposition censored while they are allowed to lie constantly.

    • Joe California

      No, as usual you conservatives are always to quick to play the ‘victim’ card. I am liberal and almost every comment I post on ABC News is flagged and deleted quickly. None of my posts are obscene, but I do make comments very critical of the government. That is probably what they don’t like about both your right and my left leaning comments–because we both dare to criticize the crooks and cowards running Washington and state governments. How dare we! 😉

      • David

        Joe I had comments deleted there that I could see no good reason why they were deleted. I mean geesh if they are going to delete like they were the other night why even have a comments section?

        • Joe California

          I agree completely!

  • Linda Antherson

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  • jennyjones

    HA Censorship FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jennyjones

    COmmunist pieces of low-life Anti-American pigs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BiggerFatterPolitics
  • thawedtheorc

    Professional political hacks use forums like this to post outrageous arguments. Many, many times the flame wars you see take place are many times the same person on two accounts or a group of like minded activists who are looking to provoke an otherwise honest person.

    The entire gamergate nonsense is a perfect example. In games you will see maybe one person out of tens of thousands ever bicker about that entire fabricated nonsense. But on message boards they make it appear as if there are hordes of crazed, mentally ill hateful maniacs looking to harm strangers.

    It is a lie.

    Stop falling for it.

    Sites like this love the toxic crap. They WANT it to get ugly for a plethora of reasons.

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  • Zelda Birch

    I think the problem is that once a person expresses internet paranoia a 3rd party becomes interested.

    While you are chasing your tails they laugh. I’m pretty sure the 3rd parties are 1. internet hacker savants with a sick sense of humor or 2. security agents with a sick sense of humor

    Just mention your fears in the little box here, and watch as your fears are the game.

    Making people uncomfortable is sort of funny in a sick way, I agree, It seems not very dynamic to me because it always ends up with another NSA CIA theory.

    • SortingHat

      Funny thing is while everybody runs around like chickens screaming NSA! NSA! In reality it is likely the China behind the online censorship which our government allows spy agents to do.

      NSA/CIA are all compromised so cutting them off would be equal to removing a branch from the tree which will grow right back. So go ahead conspiracy nut cases make fools of yourselves and run around in circles. It’s quite funny indeed.

      Now if only I could have some of the checks the NSA gives out. Mmmmmmmmmmmm money!!! I am going to Mc Dollars now!

  • Mayor Hogan

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  • Obscured By Clouds

    ABC just blocked my account

    • David

      Their reaction to the Jonathan Gruber videos was very telling. Many posts just disappeared that were critical of Obamacare. Including some of mine that I could see no good reason why they should be deleted. Many Pro Obamacare posts could not be replied to. But I have seen the same over the last few days on other left wing sites. I posted on the Atlantic a reply that was rather long. it was deleted without a trace. Then I posted a short version It was deleted without a trace. Then I posted a complaint about the deletions and it disappeared without a trace.
      I didn’t realize the ABC news was now owned by the Chinese CCP.

      • SortingHat

        That’s fast!!! Are you sure it’s not a live person doing it looking at each and every post that goes against the propaganda rules?

        • David

          I think it was a live person that was deleting as fast as they could. I have noticed more and more so called news sites are taking down their comments sections. For example I don’t see any on CNN these days. Of course they may have made it so only logged in users can see them. But I suppose having Don Lemon rated as the worse journalist of 2014 might explain the lack of any comments sections.

          • SortingHat

            I think this is being done to *shake up* rebellions to hopefully get those to post. “Why I have ten guns you will have to break my door down and get over my dead body!” type people.

            By making them upset they are hoping somebody will start something and can be blamed on a *lone wolf* armed movement. They WANT a revolution to lock down the nation so it will spiral out of control.

            The American Revolution didn’t go out of control because everyone agreed on what it would represent and that is taxation without representation.

            Now with Okuppy we have people with varying degrees of interests fighting each other and not coming to a general agreement on ending slave labor and putting up strong tariffs on slave labor nations so we can get goods from NON slave labor nations again.

            As well as Made in America.

            Did you know when you see a sticker that says *Made in the USA* it is actually the sticker not the product that is made? A law was passed in the 80s because machines were being made from different countries.

            One device could have parts from several nations making it hard to identify where it actually came from so the law was set that if American workers put a sticker on the device then it is *Made in America* regardless of anything else.

    • MikeChike

      I was blocked by ABC for expressing opposition to Obama’s immigration plan. I didn’t say anything nasty, racist, bigoted, or demeaning. No foul language.

      It’s all really bizarre.

      • SortingHat

        Maybe next time you should throw in the *N* word or something in a way that is sort of hidden then you will get you’re comments thru.

        No use anymore trying to play *nice* when they obviously don’t give two fucks as long as it fullfills their one world black utopia which only racial views will be shown to represent the *other side* of things. Further leading the way to the next elections likely being shut down thru a cyber war.

        I think we are going to have a major cyber way that will give Obama power which is why he seems so relax despite his ratings dropping like dead flies as he knows it doesn’t matter anymore with what they have planned.

        When this happens the UN will likely take over to restore order when that happens better sharpen those swords and hammer those shields!

  • Dani chante

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  • Guest

    YES, many of my comments have been censored. Most of the time its by independent journalists
    who do not want to hear an opposing point of view. Or they don’t want their readers to hear an opposing point of view.
    I never use foul language, I don’t bother with theory’s or opinions I just list the solid facts with the numbers to back up the facts and then I get censored.
    It got so bad one time I actually called out the monitor.

    Brief Example:

    – Median Household income has dropped $2,800 during the Obama administration.

    – 18.6 Million Americans are either unemployed to underemployed.

    – 97,000 Americans Dropped out of the work force between Aug and Sept.

    – 62.7 Labor Participation Rate is the lowest since 1978.

    – 41% of our Nations 17.9 Trillion debt has been accumulated under Obama…

    – In 2007, the average household in the top 5 percent had 16.5 times as much wealth as the average household overall. But now the average household in the top 5 percent has 24 times as much wealth as the average household overall.

    – According to a study recently discussed in the New York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

    – The overall homeownership rate has fallen to the lowest level since 1995.

    – The homeownership rate for Americans under the age of 35 is at an all-time low.

    – According to one recent survey, 52 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now.

    – The average age of vehicles on America’s roads has hit an all-time high of 11.4 years.

    – Due to a lack of decent jobs, half of all college graduates are still relying on their parents financially when they are two years out of school.

    Does anyone see anything wrong with what I said? If so please tell me so I can adjust.

    All I am doing is telling the TRUTH… And I get censored…

  • visibleunderwater

    The Atlantic recently blacklisted my comments; pretty sure it’s because I called out their writer who caused the huge “Rosetta mission sex shirt” scandal out on her involvement in a website called “ladybits” on how she’s a hypocrite. Guess the entire newspaper is the same, can’t handle the truth so just block the person who tried to shine a light on their darkness?

  • Ian

    CBS news has an insidious way of blacklisting comments. They remove the comment so no one else sees it but to the comment writer it appears to still be there, if the comment writer logs out and then reloads the comments he will see the comment is not there, if he logs back in the comment will reappear.
    In other words the comment writer will be writing comments that are only visible to themselves without knowing they are being censored.
    This happened to me when I had a point of view that was in opposition to the article writer and because my point of view contradicts the neo conservatives

    • SortingHat

      That would ruin whatever it is they are planning to lock down the elections thru the use of race wars both off line and online.

      I am very convinced the reason Obama seems so relaxed now is because he has AMerica under his hands to stop elections all together so he can remain forever. Which will lead to the 2018 prophecy of the Tribulation happening.

      Right now Israel is being threatened by Obama to be broken up into smaller states which could very well lead to Armageddon. There is a prophecy that a black man from the west will lead the way into Armageddon and now if you think about it Obama is viewed as a black man.

      Remember the *hot mic* incident where Obama said some chilling things that the media pretended didn’t exist or downplayed it?

  • PerceiveToBeWise

    The following sites are noted to have censorship but only when Hillary Clinton is mentioned. Obama appears to be a fair target now but Hillary’s “reset” button snafu with Russia and the current Ukraine crisis is not. Nothing but civil discourse and reasoning posted. This is the worst of the worst in political propaganda censorship – the appearance of free thought and the censorship thereof. – CCTV America, 1099 New York Ave. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20001. Operated by Chicago, Ill a Democrat stranglehold. Please also note the major sites they censor. – owned and operated as an LLC by Billionaire Peter G. Peterson (Rockefeller trustee and friends with Bill Gates.

  • wookie

    Disqus Disqusts me.

  • wookie

    I now get banned from ALL websites when I use my e-mail address as a reference. But if I use a fake e-mail address from an account I opened as “pretend” (like I did to post here) then they all come up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s disqus or wordpress or any other commenting system. I AM BANNED FROM THEM ALL.

  • nc2005

    the government is blocking me lol

  • Sam Houston

    I just got banned from Breitbart News forum. I am a Conservative and don’t believe that I violated their policies yet I can find no method to contact then to redress my banishment.

    • SortingHat

      Why would they have contact information if they were censoring people and leave *stereotypical* conservative posts up? It would ruin their entire dream of a perfect Liberal utopia free of whites.

      • Sam Houston

        I could not find any method to contact moderator but emailed other segments on Brietbart and I am reinstated.

        • A Muslim Guy

          Whom did you email? I was just banned last night (you can imagine why they might want to ban me, despite having contributed a lot of useful information and a different perspective than Breitbart is used to seeing).

          It’s funny that when you think of attacks on free speech, Islam comes to mind. But here we have a news forum blocking someone for expressing different views.

          • Sam Houston

            Agreed. Only those who seek to destroy conversation and debate (trolls) should be banned. What I did was just browse all the different segments for Breitbart like Breitbart Texas, the marketing department and whatever email address that I could find. No one ever contacted me back but I was able to post within a few days. Just look in the contacts on the home page. Hope this helps.

  • Illuminati Bloodline

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  • Mike Tu

    AHHH! So it is Disqus deleting all my comments. Nice to know.

  • Mike Tu

    I was arguing with a racist black person earlier. I was quoting facts and she was saying white people are evil and violent. Disqus deleted all my comments and left her racist comments.

  • SortingHat

    I went to George Washington’s personal blog because of the increasing rumors from the old rumor mill that people want the American Colonies to break way from under British Rule due to heavy taxation on importing goods so I went to post a comment to quiet the crowd as all sorts of racist chanting was being hurled and got blocked by George Washington himself for being a *traitor!* to the colonies as if *America* is it’s own nation or something!

    :) :)

  • SortingHat

    I am not going to post the link but there is a climate change denier blog I get censored from because I posted a little bit about the other side of things because here in Oregon and the West Coast we have had near record warm winters and summers.

    Snow pack each year has been getting less and less while climate deniers make it sound like any moment we will enter a deep freeze we cannot come out of. HA! :p

    It seems if facts are allowed it’s only one sided facts with 6 year old name calling aloud from both parties. I can’t help but feel there are higher forced putting us in a virtual psych test.

    I have notice since the end of the Bush era onwards message boards have become more Nazi like in structure wrongfully banning people or censoring those who go against the group think.

    • Michael J. McFadden

      Sorting, I’m guessing you may be talking about Watts Up With That? as the censoring blog. I posted there for about a year and got along well with the other posters, but then the moderator informed me that unless I changed my home page link (which linked to a piece of Free Choice, i.e. Anti-AntiSmoking,writing of mine that people were free to read/print/download if they wanted ) that all future posts from me would be banned. He then also admitted that he’d evidently been going back through my posts, without my permission, and somehow changing/erasing my home link.

      Very sad… intolerance is the death of extremists.

      – MJM

      • SortingHa

        No it is Ice Age Now dot info. However I wouldn’t be surprised of it happening there.

        I feel these sites are paid to sprout about global cooling.

    • The Purple Finger

      I have been on the internet since Usenet UUCP. I helped AOL set up their discussion “Town Hall” as it was called when it first entered the scene.

      I can tell you without doubt, without reproach, and reproducible in every respect, that the left and their brethren the Climate Changer Hysterics, will censor and ban speech coming from the right by a factor of 20 to 1.

      I have posted polite, mundane, chiseled, honed, completely toned down, race free, HYPObolic posts and have been banned from 57 left leaning sites and not one right leaning site.

      Despite my jousting in Politico, matching the rugby, bloody shinned back and forth, my latest posting focus on other non political sites, is the data that NASA and NOAA are fudging downward to make the current temps look hotter.

      Each and every time I post it I get heat. The Disqus format is better but CBS has banned me from Disqus there. ONLY left of center banter may drink from the fountain of discussion.

      And now Washington Post is hiding my comments (not Disqus format), so that only I can see them and no one else. After posting about Climate Changers.

      • Michael J. McFadden

        Purple, you wrote, “And now the Washington Post is hiding my comments (not Disqus format), so that only I can see them and no one else. After posting about Climate Changers.”

        Yes… That’s a particularly nasty form of censorship called Shadow-Banning. My smoking posts have gotten hit a number of times, and I wrote the following explanation of it in the Censorship section of my “TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame” (and while I’m referencing smoking posts in the passage, the same doubtlessly applies to other political hot-topics)


        iCyte is particularly handy for quick and concrete exposure of a particularly nasty form of web censorship known as “shadow-banning.” Shadow-banning was developed in the 1990s as a defense against spammers who would post ads or other offensive material and then stop back and repost them if they were removed. When a posting is shadow-banned, the original poster in question will stop back and see their work sitting there in all its glory and feel no need to put it up there again. Meanwhile, no one else on the Internet who happens to visit that page will see even a single word of the offensive posting or any obvious indication that anything was even erased. A news story about smoking bans followed by a dozen supportive posts may have actually had a hundred in disagreement as well… all of which have been silently rendered invisible to all but their individual writers who would have no clue about the censorship going on in the background and no idea that a hundred other posters had written to agree with them…

        The most egregious example of the use of shadow-banning that I’m aware of is found on the Internet conglomerate news posting boards of If you go to an active and contentious Topix news thread, you may notice that while it seems to contain only 10,000 posts, the last post to it is numbered 12,277. If you then go back along the thread history, you’ll find that there are “missing numbers” scattered throughout. You’ll find areas where the small numbers next to the posts might look like this: 517, 518, 521, 522, 524, 526 … etc. What has happened is that the group moderator has banned or shadow-banned about 20% of readers’ postings, including posts numbered 519, 520, 523, and 525. There is no notation or blank spot pointing out the deletions and most readers will never notice the censorship. And if you were the author of just posts 520 and 523 and they had been shadow-banned, they would still be quite visible to you (although 519 and 525 would not). You’d simply be left wondering why your beautifully worded arguments and carefully researched information and refer­ences were receiving no responses from either your opponents or allies.

        I discovered this phenomenon back in the early 2000s on Topix when suddenly, after several years of spirited debate on several smoking-related threads, I found my comments being totally ignored. Even the regular “trolls” on the boards who would normally follow every posting of mine with cracks like “McPrick just won’t shut up.” seemed to have nothing to say. It wasn’t until I signed on one day from another name just to check on an old email box that I suddenly realized my last few weeks of posts were missing! Returning to my main screen name miraculously made them reappear; but clearly they were visible only to someone with my unique ID and password.

        Complaints went unanswered and then several weeks later I discovered that my entire history of hundreds of postings had all been relegated to the Internet’s dustbin and seemed to be unavailable even to me.


        I continued with a discussion of the iCyte tool and how it could be used to expose sites like Topix and Watts Up With That when they use this “invisible censorship.” If you’re interested you can visit — although today simply using PrtScrn and Dropbox type screen captures work almost as well. Other than spam, total off-topic nonsense, two-person flame wars, and simple displays of deliberate offensiveness, censorship is unforgivable. Even the “Hate Speech” comments usually have their place: the display of them shows what’s out there: hiding them simply protects the disease.

        – MJM

        • The Purple Finger

          Oh wow, some great information, Michael J!!! Going for a walk then will be back to take it all in, and see whats’s what.

          BTW, when I was posting in WaPo I wasn’t posting ads or repeated spam. I was however, repeating a few replies because others were doing the same in a repetitive tit for tat, as it were, so as to be the last to have their points viewed.

          But was conversing, debating, discussing and contributing about 90% for the other replies that night. I had been there for 6 years (give or take). Then – BANG! No one could see my posts.

          Once again, thank you.

          • Michael J. McFadden

            While I’ve never done it because of having to “go the extra mile” on staying squeaky clean politically/financially, you can get around shadow-banning simply by signing on from a new IP (e.g. using AOL or a paid service like Vypr) and then posting under a new name. The alternate IP also allows you to discover if you’ve been shadow-banned.

      • SortingHat

        If the world is cooling why is the west coast heating up? I go to a weather forum and have learned but am not surprised about the warm readings we have been experiencing since 2013. Month after month of near record warmth especially at night.

        Last two summers have been unusually humid from Portland south and several times all the way up to Seattle during the last two August.

        Snowpack has been stuck on *decline* mode since then too where any storm that forms gets mysteriously downbursted and kills themselves.

        Look at this here for example which is a common scenario.

        And another he explains it very well showing frame by frame what happened to these storms that are dying in a non natural way. I don’t know if it’s actually HARRP as he stated but I do know enough about storm formations that he is right about it dying prematurely. I think heat is being released from the oceans right now which may be what’s actually doing it but nobody else ever thought about it and that’s why the Pacific Ocean has the mysterious *warm blob* that is mysterious as some scientists are pointing out and has been around since the drought weather pattern started killing our storms.

        I think the warm blog is feedback from heat being released perhaps underwater volcanoes not being monitored as we now very little about what’s down there.

        Here is another one.

        Even if you don’t believe in weather manipulation the images are still amazing and he teaches what normal looks like so you can look on your own at images.

        • The Purple Finger

          I like it. And i’m very intrigued indeed. I’ll search into it for a while. Thank you. One side note I’d like to put out there – anyone who uses weatherundrground, should compare every hour with local temps like accuweather.

          WU is jacking their temps by 10º +. And they’re in tight with the AGW crowd. Watch every day to see it for your self. Ever so many hours they spike the temp then sneakily bring it down again.

          I’m watching and listening to your clips as I type. Some good stuff, SortingHat.

          Post more stuff.

  • deci bells

    I posted a comment on how I don’t like woman’s cage fighting and disqus deleted it.
    No reason given.
    I guess my arguments were too strong so they had to press the censor button.
    Subsequently I deleted my disqus account.
    I only joined up for a few weeks so at least I didn’t post that much.

  • WhateverMan is deleting EVERY single post regarding the sanctions Obama just ordered on North Korea.

  • bodark

    I got banned last night on infowars commenting on a mars exploration story.made a joke about Dr. Smith on “lost in space” getting slapped by the robot when he got hysterical. Would that be considered “flaming”? Everyone is so politically correct nowadays,you cant even joke about “60’s” tv

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  • Lewie Paine

    Just got censored at infowars for pointing out zionism is a crime against humanity. The problem is not disqus but the gatekeeper sites.

  • Sparehead

    I just had all my posts deleted in a serious discussion about gold as an alternative currency to sovereign fiat currencies. It’s blatantly obvious to me that at the very least Discus has moderators that scrub discussions for socioeconomic/political views they dislike.


    Well, let’s see …

    American freedom diminishes in direct proportion to how braindead and cowardly the American “conservative” is. If you’re man enough, check out who really runs America. You disgrace our Forefathers in allowing this to happen. Pussy asses.

  • Richard Sievert

    I was just banned from disqus again

  • Bev

    What does it mean when google lists a phrase and directs to an article on your site where it is not located. It looks to be picked up from sidebar commenters’ quotes, but then that passes and so no reference to quote at all can be found. Ex:

    googled: Debunking Super Bowl conspiracy theories Except the one that might be true

    and has 2nd, 3rd and 4th spots on google list.
    The 2nd reference is correct, finally, under article, “Why Would Seahawks Coach Pete Carrol Question 911.” Finally, after a few days.

    The 3rd reference shows an article which should not be referenced,
    “Guantanamo Inspires ISIS Atrocities.’
    And 4th “Born at War.”

    This is not the first time this has happened. What is going on?

    • Bev

      Maybe this is why google is messing up, on purpose.

      How the CIA made Google
      by Nafeez Ahmed

      INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’

      The origins of this ingenious strategy trace back to a secret Pentagon-sponsored group, that for the last two decades has functioned as a bridge between the US government and elites across the business, industry, finance, corporate, and media sectors. The group has allowed some of the most powerful special interests in corporate America to systematically circumvent democratic accountability and the rule of law to influence government policies, as well as public opinion in the US and around the world. The results have been catastrophic: NSA mass surveillance, a permanent state of global war, and a new initiative to transform the US military into Skynet.


  • chie Chaie

    I believe so. There seems to be some kind of racial agenda behind the censorship.

  • Richard Sievert

    There’s way to much Bullying’s getting digs in just because you mention ‘God in a spiritual way atheist gang up on you flagging everything they can and I hate it. I’ve honestly put my back into some of these rude people who are no better violently pushing back just gets you banned and people that’s ther overall goal. The controls has taken thinkers out of the equations. Gangs on the’ INTERNET is a problem.

  • jwh018

    In the past, ABC’s newsroom has removed discus comments that are very intelligent, open and coherent, but conservative, while keeping conservative and liberal aligned comments that are offensive or racist.

    Often, censors can accomplish ideological goals different ways, by leaving up poor or offensive posts that attack and censoring well-written thoughtful posts that they feel are persuasive, but simply go against their ideological training.

    • Michael J. McFadden

      Yes, I’ve seen that happen in smoking ban discussions. During the recent ban fight in New Orleans, wiped out over three hundred comments against the ban on its news boards. They had *some* foothold of defense: we have one anti-banner who tends to paste pages and pages of cut ‘n paste studies and articles because he believes most people never get to see them… but he just overdoes it. But the moderator seemed to take that excuse to wipe out a half dozen OTHER commenters with the weak excuse that they might ALL just be him taking on different personalities. I happen to know a number of those others, and they most definitely were NOT him.

      They didn’t touch my posts, but I think that might be the “notoriety of authorship” at work — they certainly couldn’t claim that I was in any sense a “fake person.” But when the pro-banners ganged up on me with fairly libelous statements (basically claiming that I’m paid by Big Tobacco to post) the moderator refused to respond to my request that something be done about the postings. Still planning to follow up on that, but have been preoccupied elsewhere the past week or two.

      – MJM

  • copykon

    Yeah, they are censoring. and I am going to expose it to the masses.

  • Chiropractor in San Mateo

    Interesting blog.

  • The Bobster

    CBS3 has instructed Disqus to block me.

  • theyknowourIP-adress

    Sometimes they censor comments by simply moving the comment back with older posts do that it doesn’t get views.

  • female avatar would fit

    I know they didn’t take lightly a comment I made about Obama, when I put the letters WTF? I couldn’t even get it to show up. I’ll be surprised if it shows up now, even though some people get away with dropping the full f-bomb work and other cuss words.

  • John Gillis

    The Washington Times is a leftist rag. I just found my comments removed today by a moderator. Let’s just say my comments were mild, yet I found my posts removed, which irked me because I got some nice responses. Rabid leftist comments remained, and the nasty racist ones as well. WTF?

  • chloe

    In general…pretty much…And they use the lousiest pretexts. While giving a blind eye to those who are trolling the system

  • Hellen

    Censored on Breitbart! I was so pi**ed when I saw my comments removed I went off and ending up getting myself banned. How is it the government can tell people who you have to do business with, even against religious convictions and yet websites can deleted your comments at will and without explanation? I know the websites are privately owned, but so are those bakeries and florists!

  • Sway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • The Grey Forest

    4/2015 I can confirm this, DISQUS does in fact censor speech and blacklist accounts. It shows that you post, but you go back to the page a moment / 1/2 hr / day later, and your comments are deleted (though recorded on your DISQUS profile. (recorded forever and ever for use against you) even though you were muzzled from ever being heard online. ie: A Public Comment program for bloggers that CENSORS what it chooses ? My comments on certain sites regarding recent police misconduct/brutality & murder was washed from existence. I’m going to uninstall this program and never log in again, I’m DISQUSted !

  • RB Joe

    Disqus claims it is the website your visiting that rejects your comments. I believe it is some little low paid troll who has the power to censor the people or comments they themselves disagree with.

  • Rudolph

    This is ABC News censoring in the picture
    “2 Mississippi Officers Shot, Killed; Suspects Arrested”

  • HideReality

    Whites are going extinct. It’s not even conspiracy. They say the reasons are “unknown ” and that’s where the conspiracy begins. But make no doubt, Whites are indeed heading for extinction. Based on the raw data alone.

    The official reasons for implementing immigration and multiculturalism (given by our governments) is to “increase diversity”.

    Therefore ” lack of diversity ” means ” too many White people “.

    This means there is a calculated system designed to reduce the White population. This is genocide by definition.

    The fact that the media promotes race-mixing means that a group of people are paying money to reduce the White population. This is genocide by definition. The governments and media ENCOURAGE us to mix-races.

    The government imports immigrants instead of trying to raise our birth rates.

    By 2050 Whites will be minorities in Europe and North America. This isn’t conspiracy. It’s a fact.

    The current white birth rate around the world is about 1.6, which is too low to sustain a culture. The rate of replacement is 2.3, yet the government or media doesn’t even mention this or try to promote our birth rates. Instead they’re funding abortion and flooding us with free birth control and importing waves of immigrants to replace us.

    White birth rates are TOO low to survive. 1.6 is TOO LOW to avoid extinction.

    WHITES ARE going extinct. That is NOT a conspiracy.

    Please look into the matter yourself and don’t take my word for it.

    We’ve let the bankers take over. They have made puppets of our politicians and have set up a system of genocide.

    Nazism is their top threat and their top goal is to destroy it. The only way they can accomplish that is to destroy the white race. Nazi Ideology is based on race. To destroy an ideology you must destroy the people. They think any White person can potentially become a Nazi.

    Immigration is colonization.
    Population replacement.

    The bankers hold a global banking monopoly as well as media and press. Money is power and they print it. The bankers are a private group that funds government. They are above the government and hold the real power. Politicians are subservient to the bankers.

    White privilege

    The privilege of allowing tens of millions of non whites into your country and allowing them to whine and complain endlessly about ‘White racism”

    the privilege of often being targeted by these other groups for rape and other violent crimes.

    the privilege of having your own children brainwashed by the schools funded by your tax dollars, and told that your people are evil, and that they should be ashamed of themselves and their ancestors.

    the privilege of being systematically pushed down by Marxist affirmative action laws, in a supposed attempt to “level the playing field

    the privilege of becoming a dwindling minority in the nations founded and built by your ancestors.

    It is the privilege of being told that you must remain silent and accept your own genocide, because to do otherwise would mean you are a racist, and society has told us a racist is the worst kind of person, worse than even a rapist or thief.

    A Muslim rape gang raped and tortured and trafficked 1400 White British girls in the small town of Rotherham ,some victims as young as 11. They were targeted because they were white . Islam states that it is permissible for Muslim men to rape and enslave Non-Muslim women. The police refused to pursue the claims out of fear of being accused of racism. Investigations found that the police and politicians were covering it up. Some suspect Rotherham to be the tip of the iceberg of a national crisis with the real number of victims climbing into the millions. More investigations are currently underway and a number of police officials and city council members have been suspended or have resigned.

    The Western governments have been allowing the Islamification of the West.

    White Genocide.

    • SortingHat

      Guess we gotta get rid of them colored people eh? Only white people gotta have a place. (belches at the racism)

      • Karl Leon Lennon

        Would it be too difficult to comment on anything he actually said? (belching at your racism)

  • Matt Farris

    Not approved by the Ministry of Truth.

  • Alwuhush

    On the various news sites/discussion forums, what it boils down to is one must preach to the choir or you will be blocked.

    Holding a differing viewpoint or playing the devil’s advocate will get your post marked as needing to be reviewed by moderators or having it disappear into thin air.

    CNN, of course, has ditched their comment forums pretty much completely after Ferguson. I am guessing having so many people posting their very frank opinions on the situation was a bit too much for them to want to deal with.

  • eric

    I’ve also been blocked – buy by abcnews.

    • Karl Leon Lennon

      Me too! I just started looking for sites on this issue and found this one. Can you tell me if you have tried to do anything about it? I have called every number I can find for ABC News plus written to every email address. Not a single reply. I changed my Disqus profile, including names and email addresses to no avail – I presume their block is on my IP address.

      I used no profanity or insults and simply stated my opposition to US foreign policy. Not only were my comments deleted, the whole thread that I was commenting on was deleted – with no trace; i.e. no “comment deleted” message! It was just like 1984 – I was completely written out of their history. And I am apparently blocked for the foreseeable future – I have tried posting to other ABC News articles and get censored every time.

      A lot of people think it is only conservative views that get censored, but I am a long way from conservative. Makes me wonder just what the agenda is. Anything thought-provoking or too close to the facts? Just to keep the discussions simplified and easy to control? I dunno, but it’s really creepy. How can we complain about China and Russia with this crap going on?

  • SortingHat

    They are trying to create damage control. By censoring comments they are hoping that any resistance movements will not be able to form which is why the talk of an American revolution has died off.

    Before these censor ships happened you could find all sorts of topics about a possible and likely second revolution coming to America and I think the US Government got scared and rightfully so because a revolution today will just end in a huge mess.

    The French Revolution failed because of too much in house fighting among itself where everybody had a different idea of a *free nation* where in America it was generally accepted that it was about taxation without representation. Once the stamp act passed that was it but the ideas of revolution was building up before that and resistance movements happened such as boycotting the British goods system using their own sewing machines instead of British made approved by the royal crown.

  • SortingHat

    In other words if we were to have an armed movement today it will result in the nation being shut down and people killing each other arguing what way to have the revolution unlike the first one which was about taxation without fair representation. America wasn’t even being represented in English tax laws.

    Now too many groups will want free stuff like how some of the demonstrations you have seen that resulted in race riots. Imagine that ALL OVER America which will be grounds for martial law and once that happens it will never be lifted. Maybe partially lifted where we have TSA security for our homes but never going back to *green* mode.

    Just like in airports it has never gone back to code green even though it was suppose to. I had never been happy with Dear ole Bush since and was hoping our current President would do something to end the TSA and go back to the way things were before. I gave him the benefit of doubt and lost the bet.

    Now I don’t know who to vote for because if you vote R you will get terrorism in our nation again and false wars or if you vote D you get socialism leaning towards communism if they manage to disarm our nation and quell any resistance.

    We need a bloodshed every 15 years to overthrow tyrants so they won’t feel comfortable here in America. We need major house cleaning such as repairing America’s roof every 10 years instead of letting it collapse!

  • Syendra Paul

    Thanks for this awesome post. It is extremely helpful for me. Would you mind updating your blog with more information

  • Dale Scott

    I find some liberal websites go into a rage and block you for expressing a conservative opinion. They just don’t want to hear the truth or both sides of a viewpoint. Alternet, Crooks and Liars, Media Matters, etc. Are like this. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • LesterB

    Wanna win the Conservative vote for 2016?
    Just wear one of these throughout the campaign:

  • Tansy Raindrop

    I sent a letter to three senators yesterday and today when I post at Brietbart, they have to approve my post. It’s freaking me out.

  • SortingHat

    I think the main reason of this censorship is not about political dissent but they are desperate for foot traffic because a lot of people now uses apps which have killed the freedom of the net and the content supplier decides what you get to see or not but most people who uses phones have never used a browser before or had very little experience so don’t know any better.
    Therefore the *censorship* is a way to get *Yes* people to be the only ones to show up to make it look like a live dialogue is being formed. I think outside of a few accounts a lot of the web is now sock puppets due to Apps and Tumbler.
    The majority of Americans have the education of a middle school student and never rose above it and that’s by design not any fault of the Americans since they don’t know any better.
    The Country of India mostly uses cell phones and very few people ever got into computers in the first place which is sad because you can do so much more with computers.
    I have a cousin who HATED computers for a long time only using smart phones until he got into professional photography and found out how good computers actually are for his business which he now runs a photography shop and is doing well. He almost went with the *bad* crowd due to living in LA and got into some trouble a few times but turned around and did the right things and is now making a life for himself.

  • SortingHat

    However what killed the web was not just the rise of apps but Windows 8 which a lot of people did not take seriously because MS advertised it poorly so when they fixed a lot of things on 8.1 it was too little too late. Now Windows 10 may ruin that fix by charging subscriptions like Apple for every little thing you do hence not allowing you to choose between manual and automatic updates if it still remains that way after beta.
    Going to 64 bit computing also played a small role in killing the industry because a lot of developers got frustrated when Vista was mostly broken which 7 fixed a lot of the issues but lost a lot of developers in the process.
    Most of the software you see at stores like Wal Mart in the bargain bin are from the *Vista* time period and back when Vista was new you saw stuff from the Win ME/98 time period.

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