Seismic Evidence Implies Controlled Demolition on 9/11

Yet Another Line of Evidence Shows Demolition

André Rousseau is a Doctor of Geophysics and Geology, a former researcher in the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), who has published 50 papers on the relationships between the characteristics of progressive mechanical waves and geology.

Dr. Rousseau is an expert on measurement of acoustic waves.

Rousseau says that the seismic waves measured on September 11th proves that the 3 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. Specifically, in a new scientific article published by the Journal of 9/11 Studies, Rosseau writes:

The seismic signals propagating from New York on September 11, 2001, recorded at Palisades (34 km) and published by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University (LDEO), have here been subjected to a new critical study concerning their sources. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that the nature of the waves, their velocities, frequencies, and magnitudes invalidate the official  explanations which imply as sources the percussion of the twin towers by planes and the collapses of the three buildings, WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7.


First of all, we show the contradictions in the official explanation between the seismic data and the timing of the events. Then we point out that it is strange that identical events (percussions of identical towers on the one hand, and collapses of identical towers on the other hand) at the same location would have generated seismic sources of different magnitudes. We demonstrate that only strong explosives could be the cause of such seismic waves, in accordance with the observed low frequencies.  According to the nature of the recorded waves (body and surface waves), we can propose a location of each explosive source. According to the presence of shear waves or the presence of Rayleigh waves only, we hypothesize a subterranean … explosion.


Near the times of the planes’ impacts into the Twin Towers and during their collapses, as well as during the collapse of WTC7, seismic waves were generated. To the degree that (1) seismic waves are created only by brief impulses and (2) low frequencies are associated with energy of a magnitude that is comparable to a seismic event, the waves recorded at Palisades and analyzed by LDEO undeniably have an explosive origin. Even if the planes’ impacts and the fall of the debris from the Towers onto the ground could have generated seismic waves, their magnitude would have been insufficient to be recorded 34 km away and should have been very similar in the two cases to one another.
As we have shown, they were not.


We can only conclude that the wave sources were independently
detonated explosives ….


Controlled demolition of the three towers, suggested by the visual and audio witness testimony as well as by observations of video recordings of their collapses, is thus confirmed and demonstrated by analysis of the seismic waves emitted near the time of the plane impacts and at the moments of the collapses.

This seismic analysis is just one of multiple lines of scientific evidence implying that 3 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition:

Watch 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out on PBS. See more from KBDI.

And see this.

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  • How Stupid

    Thanks, George Washington for continuing to speak of the evidence that shows that 9/11 is a “Big Lie,” just as the Reichstag Fire was in 1933.

  • pretiare

    Does our version of democracy lead to the death of Science? Do we have a democracy, or a corporatism? Politicizing Science warps it, divorcing it from what it was designed to accomplish—lead to truth.
    Even in this country, countless scientists have had their funding removed, their reputation ruined, even their lives threatened, for finding truths that hurts those with big money.
    So we hear the truth here. What will it lead to? Big money keeps the masses asleep, too busy with their debt repayment or trying to acquire the next something which will become nothing.
    Sometimes what appears to be a conspiracy is really,an epiphenomenon of the forces in play. But this appears to be a conspiracy at the highest level.

  • Bet Dick didn’t think of this one either.

  • TerryHuggles

    The only way the American people will defeat the 911 lie is by confronting zionist orgs, Hasbara propagandists, zionist fifth columnists and the body guard of lies Israel deploys to corrupt the US government.

    How did the Dancing Israelis know in advance to “document” 911 with their video cameras on tripods?

    • 🙂 spot on!

      • brenrod

        a red herring to prevent the truth coming out that it was a false flag operation in collaboration with the Saudis. That saudi, al qaeda and US collaboration has returned to the surface in libya, egypt, and syria just as it was in afghanistan in the ’80’s. DUH?? do you believe it was ever gone? My wager is that you are a black muslim anti semite mouthing the farakhan line trying to obscure the real connections.

        • TerryHuggles

          Interesting comment. You must be a zionist Jew.

        • TerryHuggles

          Interesting comment. You must be a zionist Jew. To you even a black person can qualify as an antisemite even though the critic may object to what you zionists do to the real Semitic Palestinians!

          I have seen zionists with my own eyes call Palestinians antisemites and nazis!!!

          You zionists are an obnoxious lot and overdue for your comeuppances.

          • brenrod

            Polls show that 35% of US blacks are anti semitic, which is 3 times higher than the next highest group at 12%. Your line is typical of the racist anti semite farakhan, who now has lost one of his main financiers: ghadaffi. If the shoe fits, wear it! You are just a parrot with your own psychological problems looking to blame others for your defects. You probaly agree with farakhan that white people were created in a laboratory by aliens.

          • brenrod

            you are an idiot in history, al husseini was hitlers ally in the mideast who anted to implement hitlers genocides there, He was arafats uncle and the forerunner of the MB. read please. “palestinians” are anti semites and nazis. Dont bother with the zionist BS, just say jew like you mean. Aren’t you afraid that the big bad mossad has already collected your url location?

          • TerryHuggles

            Mossad can kiss my ass. And you fictional Chosenite history does not wash.

          • brenrod

            apparently reading is not your strong suit. what I stated is available from any source you google. theres the link to the nzi anti semite and there are many more detailed. You are a liar and a fraud as the history I stated is neither fictional nor chosenite whatever that means in KFC.

          • brenrod

            apparently reading is not your strong suit. what I stated is available from any source you google. theres the link to the nazi anti semite and there are many more detailed. You are a liar and a fraud as the history I stated is neither fictional nor “chosenite” whatever that means in KFC.

        • England owns Israel and extorts money from middle east shiekdoms. Queen lizard and Bush41 shared accounts at the Coutts Bank branch of The Bank of Scotland, the same bank from which the 15 year LIBOR embezzlement has been going on. Saudis coordinate and launch the attacks of 9-11? Not even close. Israel based Mossad agents, working for England, were hired on by their bosses in England. England is 10XGDP in debt. That spells curtains for Brit royalty if they don’t take over the world again. American freemasons and Skull and Bones people are loyal to the queen, the ‘Grand Patron’ of freemasonry. This explains much of the government mismanagement and financial and other attacks on the U.S.. Go see who set two mininukes in the Fukushima facility. The Israeli security company guarding and loading the nukes would not DARE do anything so stupid without orders from a blueblood piece of moronic self-indulgent genetic slag like a British royal. Huggles should read this too.

    • Drdave

      You are an idiot… Blame the Jews? Get a life. What a moron.

      • TerryHuggles

        Did I write anything in reference to the Jewish religion you deranged lump of turd?

    • Josh

      There is no question that the Palestinians orchestrated the twin tower demolition. No matter how you look at, realistically or conspiratorially they are entirely responsible for the catastrophe.

    • brenrod

      what a crock of crap, grow up.

  • john

    We better hurry and get these bums, before the Nazi’s have complete control.

    • Yes. Queen Elizabeth gave Hitler $12 million in1930 at the request of German aristocrats. The City of London RULES Israel. It is complicated because they try to deny it, though they pay Israel’s way.

      • Old Codger

        Hate to tell you this Howard, but PRINCESS Elizabeth was a young girl in 1930. Had very few assets in he own right and $12 million would have been to sum total of the British Royal Family combined.

  • Transmissions Media

    OK, but about Dr. Judy Wood’s undeniable evidence showing that it wasn’t a controlled demolition but rather a directed energy weapon used openly for the first time? What about all the ‘toasted’ cars and other vehicles which were found seven blocks away from the WTC? There are way too many unanswered questions. In my opinion, this is rather a premature conclusion from the so called ‘truth movement’ but at least it is better than the ‘official story’.

    • why did wired go down in the building the day before the buildings were blown up then?

      It is possible that more than one method was used to create as much damage as possible.

      The official story is a downright lie.

      • brenrod

        that may be but your story is an even bigger lie and obviously designed as a red herring to prevent the truth coming out that it was a false flag operation in collaboration with the Saudis. That saudi, al qaeda and US collaboration has returned to the surface in libya, egypt, and syria just as it was in afghanistan in the ’80’s. My wager is that you are a black muslim anti semite mouthing the farakhan line trying to obscure the real connections.

    • ‘Dr.’ Judy Woods misuses her education following knowledge of engineering of steel structures with false logic bad enough to make a sailor blush. She seems to be keeping extremely bad company which stays in the shadows. I fear for her safety with them, though I have no proof beyond her B.S. lies.

  • politiwatch

    Who owned the Twin Towers? Who got all the money? Follow the money.

    • adamd zilla

      Larry Silverstein owned the Twin Towers and Bldg 7, he got billions from insurance after the attack. He also owns Sears Tower.

      • And he got paid twice claiming there were two events, also the cost of removing the Asbestos was not worth it when you can blow it all up,

      • And he got paid twice claiming there were two events, also the cost of removing the Asbestos was not worth it when you can blow it all up,

        • and you can bet he was paid privately by the US gov’t. too for agreeing to let the building be blown up. He’d never admit to it though. That would make him an accessory to a crime that police refuse to properly investigate,

        • The $240 billion of counterfeit securities laundered just after 9-11 dwarfed Silverstein’s part. It was a huge human sacrifice to Molloch, coincidentally Bush41’s name at Skull and Bones Society meetings. The Skull and Bones Society has been loyal to the British royal family for over 300 years.The loot was the payoff. Most Americans do not care at all, preferring to lap up the blood of war without interruption. Homework.

      • And since it was a Jewish holiday, none of the Jewish elite were in the buildings when they blew up. When will the political problem between Jews and Muslims stop affecting North America. Bad enough they are anhilating the Palestinian people. Ironically the same thing that happened to them, they justify doing to the Palestinians. I don’t get it. Obviously, the average Jewish person is not in on it, but the power elite are totally controlling and manipulating the thoughts about what is truly going on in the Occupied Territories. I know people who have gone there to help thinking initially to help the Israeli side only to learn that it’s the Palestinians who need help. Have gone back now for 10 years, nothing changes, the oppressed still need to fight back against troops destroying homes, olive groves, threatening and blocking children form getting to school, attempting to ensure that Palestinians starve and do not get educated. Just can’t believe humanity is so low towards one another. Why can we not all just get along and stop letting our governments control and manipulate us?

        • Wizzardly

          tell that to the Islamic jihadists

        • brenrod

          You are a liar regarding jews not being present in WTC, but then you have an agenda.

          • They were there. The whole concept of the ‘Biggest Building in the World’ being a disposable pyre presented itself since day 1. Ask the participants from Skilling and Associates Engineering. WTC I and II were piles of crap falling apart, with obsolescence and demolition due in 30-35 years. 2007 is the demolition date/year on record for WTC I and II. The siding was peeling off due corrosion around the bolts holding it on. Corrosion in the walls, Asbestos blowing all over, no fibre-optics, etc.. Those were Mossad trying to set a large truck-bomb on the G.Washington bridge and high-fiving after the video of the first jet hitting.

      • Silverstein was the jew ducttaped to the front of the ship. The Skull and Bones Pete Peterson’s BlackStone investment actually coughed up most of the down payment, though the records show someone else more and more these days. As ambassador to the U.N. under Nixon, who worked for Prescott Bush, Bush41 oversaw the nuke placement by a USSR/US team as per treaty of commercial nukes. all financial and insurance and judiciary accomplices were in place on 9-11-2001. Silverstein, with other investors, bought the Sears tower and renamed it before selling it to a rabbi friend shortly after purchase in 2004. It is still primed with thermite top to bottom. No kidding.

    • and where did the Canadian Gold in one of the towers disappear to?

      • Spook

        You can purchase the Gold and Silver coins on EBAY!

    • Follow the money.

  • All the available scientific evidence proves controlled demolition on 9/11 beyond doubt.

  • herp

    Go straight to hell NWO scum

  • Oystein

    This article is just an edited version of an old post by Rousseau from June 2010 – nothinh new in the state of Trutherdom!

    Rousseau writes: “we hypothesize a subterranean or a subaerial explosion … a strong subterranean explosion closely correlated with the WTC1 collapse … we draw the conclusion that the three buildings were demolished by a controlled process.”.

    This is so obviously nonsense, that I am surprised Truthers don’t comment on it. Here is why that is obvious nonsense:

    The twin towers failed first at the fire/plane impact floors, collapse progressed from there down, and ended on the ground (or rather in the basement). Whether or not a huge explosion occurred in the basement has absolutely no relationship to the actual, observed collapse.

    • heavystarch

      Removing interior support structures and reinforcements could in fact have a great deal to do with demolishing any building.

      I just watched a very interesting video providing tremendous circumstantial evidence around the events that day as well as more explanations for demolition and an entirely controlled event.

      This video is really worth watching.

    • Read above about the preset activated by the upper charges, as you noted. Nukes made the holes under the buildings and threw massive steel beams hundreds of feet from the upper floors.

  • Old Coldger


    How did all that explosive, and the required wiring and drilling, get done in all 3 buildings over many weeks prior?

    Not just ONE floor, but probably 30 or 40 floors with 1000s of workers all over the place?

    …and the US Building Demolition Society? has a website that disagrees with this writer.

    The ‘theory’ is illogical and defies common sense!

    • tomaidh

      No wiring, No drilling, just magnets and radio.

      • Old Coldger

        WOT? No explosives?

        And just how many points have to be set for a “controlled demolition”?

        • heavystarch

          WTC7 was almost certainly a controlled demolition. The only buildings to ever fall in that fashion have always been controlled demolitions.

          WTC1/2 look like messy/explosive controlled demolitions. If they were in fact staged demolitions – I don’t think they were trying to make them fall in the cleanest fashion. My gut tells me “they” (those who orchestrated said events) wanted this to be a spectacle. They wanted a hollywood showstopper to grab our attention. Exploding buildings do that. If WTC1/2 fell like WTC7 – too many people I think would question the events – it would be too clean. Remember that on 9/11 – WTC7 didn’t get quite the coverage time or attention that WTC1/2 did. After 9/11 the news outlets constantly showed us videos of WTC1/2 and very infrequently showed building 7. They were so much more dramatic to watch and made for “good news” (explosions sell well so to speak).

          The video I posted below really gives you an idea of possible motivations behind destroying WTC1/2/6/7 and the single wing of the Pentagon.

          • At the time of construction, the settled on way to assure the WTCs would never fall over on other buildings was to vaporize them with a nuke/thermitic material combination. This is the reason considered in now missing contracts between the Bush/Rockefeller cabal members and zionist interests thereabouts. Obviously suing the U.S.government and NYC/NJ Port Authorities had crossed the minds of the criminal cabal. They had their pe3ople in appropriate jurisdictions. Giuliani and Police Chief Kerik had their part covered and Kerik is in prison for another fraud right now.

    • Yah and you also probably believe that Sponge Bob is a real person.Idiot

    • heavystarch

      Those are good questions. How did explosives get planted? Who had access? There are so many questions that we need new investigations as to what happened.

      I think a good place for you to start is to watch this video explaining motives behind such an alleged false flag attack:

      Also just watch WTC 7 and it’s collapse. Every single demolition I have ever seen appears identical in behavior. I have NEVER seen or read about any steel structure in the world that has collapsed like WTC 7 that was NOT a demolition.

      Then go watch the NIST computer model reconstruction of WTC7 and ask yourself if they look anything alike (a little hint – they look nothing alike and it’s a huge red flag).

      There are so many red flags, unanswered questions, outright lies, plausible deniability from so many angles it makes question what really happened before and on 9/11.

      I went into the 9/11 investigation movement as hugely skeptical but as more evidence is presented – it appears very likely that the official conspiracy theories provided by the US Govt, NIST, the 9/11 Congressional Report and others all are incorrect in their theories.

      We need an independent investigation from 3rd party sources not tied to the govt. agencies they are investigating.

      It’s highly unlikely to ever happen considering the ramifications if anyone on the “inside” is implicated.

      • brenrod

        am i missing something, wasn’t bldg 7 demolished for safety reasons,because it had secondary safety problems relating to the first 2 hits.

        • It is suspected Flight 93 was supposed to hit WTC7. Ryan Dawson and the Pilots for 9-11 Truth proved the Flight 93 schedule would have brought the Flight 93 jet to NYC in the time frame to have hit at the time WTC was ‘pulled’ by Larry Silverstein. WTC 7 was preset with a demolition system during construction, which many taking part in construction tried to delay or negate entirely. I heard these words during the actual period of delay, and I may be considered under oath. I do know that the painting crews had NO IDEA that a thermitic primer was being sprayed on to compliment the nukes in the basements.

        • heavystarch

          Did you watch the video of WTC7 imploding?

    • Old Coldger

      Try this!

      Link to a PDF near the top of page.

      Well worth a read.

      • Grounded

        That was a worthwhile read. Thank you for sharing. It was nice to see a scientific investigation into the matter rather than conjecture and hunches. I felt they did a fantastic job on pulling together not only evidence, but down to earth explanations for things that seemed out of place to common folk like myself.

        I am all for examining government and firmly believe that there are conspiracies on multiple levels of our lives. I was even willing to entertain the idea that 9/11 was among them. However, the hokey youtube videos (popularity shots at best), coincidental connections (why wouldn’t the two biggest buildings in the US be connected to some of the biggest names), and so called evidence (still waiting) has left me disillusioned to the conspiracy theorists.
        Sorry guys – the burden of proof rests on your shoulders and so far, it is found wanting.

        • The evidence rests on the shoulders of the people who did it. It is there for all to see, and the brave to clean house.Eleven years is too much time to wonder. The U.S. Marshals need new role models. The FBI has spent the past eleven years worshipping a picture of J.Edgar Hoover in a red nighty. Congress watches mewling vermin on and calls it their national pride.

    • Rocky Racoon

      One of the Bush Brothers were in charge of security and maintanence of the WTC. How weird is that?

      As Margie Burns reports in The American Reporter, an electronic daily newspaper, Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport. The company, Burns noted, was backed by KuwAm, a Kuwaiti-American investment firm on whose board Marvin Burns also served.

    • Please see my notes above. Two years ago I had 117 million listings, down sized to just a few thousand now and several other times. It makes me look bad, but I assure you, I am real, and angry beyond words on the treasonous conduct of congress and others. Getting enough freemasons and others loyal toEngland into congresss took a media owned by the Rothschilds and a public hypnotized by halfnaked people, gunfire, and screeching tires on the CFRtv. CFR means Council on Foreign Relations, the English propaganda machine that keeps Hillary out of a life prison sentence.
      Homework!! or all this is just a random incoherent rant.

    • See my reports on the demolition system and retriggering with a huge amount of 1998 vintage nanothermate not available or invented during the 1960s construction period. Obviously, walls and ceilings would have had to have been removed before any thermitic material application would achieve the results as observed. my statements concerning this may be considered to be under oath. You will get no uncoerced argument from the U.S. Demolition Society. The vintage of the 1998 nanothermate is by Niels Harrit’s report at the Toronto convention and elsewhere.

  • Dusty squirrel

    First line says it all.
    Former & French, need I say more.

    I work with explosives and that is not what brought them down.

    • Thermitic material combined with other explosives and nukes to raise the ambient temperature enough to allow sublimation of the exterior and much interior steel.You have never done one of these.

  • rb

    Yea right. And Bush coordinated the whole thing to happen precisely when Al Queda suicide bombers were executing their plan that they had worked on for years. So then he could go blow the crap out of their countries for 7 years. Makes perfect sense to me.

    • heavystarch

      There is a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence to support that very theory.

      Please note that the CIA and other govt. agencies had worked with Osama Bin Laden in the 80’s during the end of the cold war with Russia.

      It would not be out of the ordinary to have CIA field operatives who might lead 19 Saudis (well one was a Jordanian right) to become suicide bombers as a cover.

      It is also interesting to note that a perfectly preserved passport for one of these hijackers was conveniently found at Ground Zero – while all 3 Titantium Reinforced Black Boxes were ALL DESTROYED in their crashes into WTC1, WTC2, Pentagon. Not a single black box is available yet the paper passport floated safely to the ground avoiding the massive explosion and fireball?

      • The black boxes showed up classified. The 19 ‘hijackers’ were middle eastern pilots in training who PROBABLY believed they were training to fly drugs for the bin Laden/Bush cocaine and heroine cartel. Those that did not show up to transfer drugs lived. Bush and drugs go back farther than 1953.Bush and the bin Laden clan go back to 1975 or MAYBE government contracts during the 1960s.

    • heavystarch
    • 15 of the 19 were from Saudia Arabia. Bush attacked Iraq. The Bushes oil money have been in bed with the Saudies.for ages. Bush and Obama were placed there to accomplish their misson. Bush got the ball rolling, Obama will finish us off.

      • You may be right. See youtube’s ‘Francis Farmer This is Your Life’ for an interview with a totally pacified lobotomy patient. Obama made a zillion earnest promises before the election and has gone against every single one since at the direction of his handlers. Watch and note Francis Farmer’s interview. Obummer to a T.

    • You must open the book to read the pages. Don’t think with your gut. There are many more brain cells in your head than there is in your gut.

  • I’d love to hear a logical explanation of the need to bring the WTC down at all, if the airplanes just struck the WTC wouldn’t that have been sufficient “false flag” without the total destruction that followed?

    I mean why risk being discovered planting explosives and “nano” thermite charges that would have taken many workers many weeks to install. (Without being observed and with none of the demolition team getting all overcome with guilt and confessing post 9/11)

    The damage done with the crash and fire would have necessitated demolishing the towers and the loss of life would have been very great owing to the resulting fire. Why would the government risk so much for so little? Any *logical* answers out there?

    • Pat Mac

      1) When they fall down, the cost of clean up for the owner is nil. The towers were environmental nightmares.. the asbestos liability alone made building renovations financially impossible.
      2) Gotta create a big enemy,,, the more dramatic, the better.

    • macdundas

      Various criminal investigative units and their data were destroyed; this is in addition to Pat Mac’s also relevant factors. Several birds with the one stone; the psychopaths have much to celebrate.

    • heavystarch

      There is a great deal of information as to why WTC1, 2, 7, 6 and the a specific wing of the Pentagon needed to be destroyed that day. This video goes into great detail as to Who, Why, What regarding 9/11 motives.

    • There was over $240 billion in counterfeit securities and the bulk of evidence in many organized crime cases and WTC records destroyed, as well as saving the underwriters of the Port Authority’s WTC insurance over a billion dollars. The Counterfeit securities were laundered by a moronic congress and the perps who ran off with the cash. The actual securities were cashed in later.

  • Jerry G

    I feel it had to be more than the guy owning the liability of a building full of asbestos. More like some of the Military Industrial Complex players creating job security and becoming a stimulus of sorts to the economy that was slow not long after the Dot Com Bubble so not much was going on and to get the economy going. That along with concerns of getting the Middle East under control and there was reason for kinds of interests to be involved in this one.

  • jjauregui

    As long as we’re on the subject, what happened to the wing and tail assemblies of the airliner which supposedly impacted the Pentagon?

    • They only trucked up a few other parts from 1 757 for the wreckage photos. See general Albert Stubblebine’s review of what happened at the pentagon on 9-11-2001. Utilizing a large collection of pro military 2×2 camera photos for analysis, Stubblebine reports. He was the director of all military photographic analysis for many years before retirement. Crystal clear photos exist of A-3 Skywarrior and Global Hawk cruise missile parts. The A-3 had a missile launcher to make an entrance hole, etc. Two 737/A-3 engines are present, One outside and another bashed to pieces inside. See Jane’s Military Aircraft for a photo of one of several A-3s converted to a two engined commuter jet for the brass. 14 feet tall at the tail and 66 feet wing span. Perfect size and parts indoors.
      The one video clip from the pentagon was phonied up by Bush41 cabal punks in office.

  • jjauregui

    Government 911 propaganda is similar to the official government (NASA, NIST, NSF etc) AGW story designed to convince the American public that 4 atmospheric molecules in 10,000 (ie 400 PPM) holds complete sway over the planet’s climate. Like the explanations for the 911 carnage, AGW simply is not possible when all trace gases together constitute only 1 percent of our atmosphere and CO2 itself makes up an infinitesimal portion (.04 %) of that 1 percent. Given these facts and the other events, legislative and otherwise, it is clear our society has become a socialist-totalitarian police state. The Obama government has only tight that grip.

    • Then how do you explain me? I tell the truth as does Pilots for 9-11 Truth.

  • I have believed it was blown up from day 1. There’s no way a plane hitting the top of a building would cause two to collapse on themselves,and there’s no way unless it was “ordered” that traffic control would not have known what was happening and have no recordings. The gov’t, knew the planes were coming, used them as an excuse to blow up the building and create a war that the people would buy into. People are awfully daft!

  • Ever wonder why many folks have a deep and emotional resistance to revisiting the science connected with that fateful day? B e c a u s e t h e i m p l i c a t i o n s a r e j u s t t o o h o r r i b l e f o r m a n y t o e v e n c o n t e m p l a t e …. However, more and more people are waking up to one of the biggest deceits in modern history (along with the JFK assassination)….

  • Ben Ghazzi

    Tin foil hats for sale, tin foil hats for sale, beat the Christamas rush.
    Do you weirdos know you sound like a bunch of antisemetic mental patients?

    • And you sound ready to be judged, Mr. Ghazzi.

  • Chris Crease

    The debate between “9/11 Truth” and “9/11 Debunkers” is not a fact based argument. It is always broken down to Scientific Evidence vs. Culture.

    The sad thing is trained professionals can release a study every day that supports controlled demolition. On top of that video evidence, eyewitness testimonies, thousands of pages of scientific research show controlled demolition. Numerous 9/11 groups of trained and certified industry professionals, banding together with nothing to gain, saying it was controlled demolition. That the same Administration who released the reports about 9/11, essentially all won the lottery on the same day and profited in the billions from 9/11. Etc. Yet all of this can be brushed aside if you don’t have the courage to consider it.

    The problem is you are fighting against the American Culture of Fear. So when a government funded agency says “Ignore all of that, one support beam gave way, so building 7 fell straight down with next to 0 resistance”. We support this theory and so should you”. You can’t fight this that even if their findings used little science and did not actually conduct proper research or test for explosives in any way. The temperature of the fires could not melt steel, that is science.The fires in the building must have melted steel or else our government lied to us, that is culture.

    Former American Lead National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski argues that the use of the term War on Terror was intended to generate a culture of fear deliberately because it “obscures reason, intensifies emotions and makes it easier for demagogic politicians to mobilize the public on behalf of the policies they want to pursue”.[6]
    Post Store (25 March 2007). “Terrorized by ‘War on Terror’ by Brzezinski”. Washington post. Retrieved 2010-11-23.

    That is also why when “Truthers” show fact based arguments with sources. “Debunkers” answer with insults and their opinion as believing the science this would go against their fundamental nature. They have been brought up for in this culture of fear (killer bees/ virus/ WMD threats from recluse countries) and that their government is the only thing protecting them. Take that away and there is just fear. It’s a tough position for so I am sympathetic to both sides.

    I am not American, though I feel for the families for those who have lost loved ones but it is fascinating to watch on both sides of the fence. If you don’t believe me look through the comment section of any Youtube video on 9/11 as an example. No matter how much scientific evidence you can provide, you can’t convince someone unless they are strong enough to question that the Government is the only thing protecting them and would never consider profiting from the death of their own civilians.

    Then consider war in Iraq.

  • What a load of old bollocks.

  • dutson

    did anyone ever notice 3 disc shaped objects in front and to the right and left of the building 7. They appear as smoky discs. Maybe UFO.

  • My father had me document the preset demolition systems installed in the WTCs I, II, and 7, as well as the demolition system installed during construction in the Chicago Sears tower. I did this from several periodicals including The Seattle Times, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, The New York Times, Construction Quarterly(I think), and a concrete/cement specialty journal. You would think people cared, but they don’t. They have been throwing shit and garbage at me and calling me names since 1969 over this. They STILL DO. They don’t care. There was even a lobbying effort in 1969-1971 to have this preload process in all buildings over 50 stories stopped, which came about after the Sears tower demolition permit was issued. Richard Gage, the 9-11 footdragger song and dance man will not respond to my statements either. My father and two or three other guys got the bid for Skilling and Associates the bid to build the Goddamned WTC I and II. Gage is doing it for Gage, the little creep. Niels Harrit, etal found thermitic AND nanothermitic residues, proving someone got in there and loaded a huge quantity of nanothermate to cut the cores and set off the previously set complete takedown system after 1998 but before 9-11-2001. Nukes initially were loaded in 1969-1972, though these devices probably were updated. Goddamned straight there was a Controlled Demolition and mass murder as well. The FBI is hypnotized by pictures of J. Edgar Hoover in a red nighty and black panties. They can’t be bothered, just like with the other attacks on America. Treason is treason.

  • James Norris

    Keep up the great work with the articles about demolition companies in Chicago. I think it is becoming more and more relevant.

  • unmovable

    I believe 9/11 was carried out through demons possessing people through there wallets.
    And that things in this life are far far deeper than what people want to know.
    Its time people start to search for the truth of life, JESUS! Im not being ridiculous either, before long you will see people reasoning the most horrible things. Already happening! Jesus loves and saves, its what he wants to do all the day long. But we’ve all been set up to hate good for evil. “READ THAT BIBLE” get out of bondage.