Peaceful Protest Treated as Terrorism By the FBI

Tyranny Comes to America

Yves Smith notes that newly-declassified documents prove that the federal government treated peaceful protesters as terrorists:

The FBI deemed OWS [Occupy Wall Street] to be a terrorist organization and went into “guilty until proven innocent” mode. Many of the FBI descriptions of possible OWS actions or those of affiliated organizations like Adbusters consistently look to have taken the most inflammatory snippets and presented them out of context.

The FBI also seems to believe that there is no such thing as peaceful protest, that any non-violent activity has the potential to turn violent and therefore should be treated as violent.

In fact, according to Department of Defense training manuals, all protest is now considered “low-level terrorism”. And see this, this and this.

And an Army colonel has written a paper advocating military methods for “crushing” a Tea Party type insurgency.

Indeed, doing anything to challenge government or big bank policies can get you labeled a potential terrorist in America today.

Do you get it yet?

Big Brother is hereand he’svery well armed.

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  • Kevin

    A non violent protest just means it isn’t a violent protest, but a protest itself is not peaceful and never will be. Is it a peaceful way of solving something? No, it’s not, and the people who participate in protests certainly don’t have a peaceful mind. Again, they may not be violent, but what drives them to protest isn’t peaceful.

  • Rich Barrett

    It’s a problem when a government has to be wary of the protests of its citizens.

    It’s a crisis when a government has the power to dismantle the protests of its citizens.