Are the New Generation of Anti-Depressant Medications Contributing to School Shootings?

Gun shooting a caduceus

SSRI’s May Be Exacerbating Violent Tendencies

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SSRI Stories has compiled a partial list of incidents of school violence committed by people on anti-depressants:

WhatDrugDate        WhereAdditional
School StabbingMed For Depression2011-10-25Washington**Girl, 15, Stabs Two Girls in School Restroom: 1 Is In Critical Condition
School ShootingZoloft Antidepressant & ADHD Med2011-07-11Alabama**14 Year Old Kills Fellow Middle School Student
School ShootingMeds For Depression & ADHD2011-03-18South Carolina**Teen Shoots School Official: Pipe Bombs Found in Backpack
School Massacre PlotProzac Withdrawal2011-02-23Virginia**Teen Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison For Columbine Style Plot
School Hostage SituationMed For Depression2010-12-15France**17 Year Old with Sword Holds 20 Children & Teacher Hostage
School Incident/BizarreZoloft*2010-08-22Australia**School Counselor Exhibits Bizarre Behavior: Became Manic On Zoloft
School Knifing/MurderMeds For Depression & ADHD2010-04-28Massachusetts**Sixteen Year Old Kills 15 Year Old in High School Bathroom in Sept. 2009
School ShootingSSRI2010-02-19Finland**On Sept. 23, 2008 a Finnish Student Shot & Killed 9 Students Before Killing Himself
School Shooting ThreatsCelexa Antidepressant2010-01-25Virginia**Senior in High School Theatens to Kill 4 Classmates: Facebook Involved: Bail Denied
School Hostage SituationCymbalta Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL2009-11-09New York**Man With Gun Inside School Holds Principal Hostage
School/AssaultAntidepressant2009-11-04California**School Custodian Assaults Student & Principal: Had Manic Reaction From Depression Med
School Shooting PlotAntidepressants2009-09-22England**Two English School Boys Plot to Blow Up High School
School Bomb ThreatMed For Depression2009-06-29Australia**Vexed Father Makes Bomb Threat Against Elementary School
School ShootingMed For Depression2009-03-13Germany**16 Dead Including Shooter: Antidepressant Use: Shooter in Treatment For Depression
School Knife AttackTreatment For Depression & Strattera2009-03-10Belgium**Three Dead in School Day Care: Two Children & a Caregiver: Happened Jan 23, 2009
School Shooting PlotMed For Depression WITHDRAWAL2008-08-28Texas**18 Year Old Plots a Columbine School Attack
School Threat/LockdownLexapro*2008-04-18California**Violent High School Student Shot to Death on Campus by Police
School ThreatAntidepressants2008-03-20Indiana**Teen [16 Years Old] Brings Gun to School: There Is a Lockdown
School StabbingMed For Depression2008-02-29Texas**Teen [17 Year Old GIRL] Stabs Friend & Principal at High School
School / Child EndangermentAntidepressants2008-02-27Canada**Wacky School Bus Driver Goes Berserk: Also Involved Painkillers
School Suicide/LockdownMed For Depression2008-02-20Idaho**Teen [16 Years Old] Kills Self at High School: Lockdown by Police
School ShootingProzac WITHDRAWAL2008-02-15Illinois** 6 Dead: 15 Wounded: Perpetrator Was in Withdrawal from Med & Acting Erratically
School ThreatProzac Antidepressant2008-01-25Washington**Student Takes Loaded Shotgun & 3 Rifles to School Parking Lot: Plans Suicide
School ShootingAntidepressant WITHDRAWAL2007-11-07Finland**Student Kills 8: Wounds 10: Kills Self: High School in Finland
School ShootingAntidepressant WITHDRAWAL2007-10-12Ohio**Teen [14 Years Old] School Shooter Possibly on Antidepressants or In Withdrawal
School SuspensionLexapro Antidepressant2007-07-28Arkansas**Student Has 11 Incidents with Police During his 16 Months on Lexapro
School ThreatWellbutrin Antidepressant2007-04-24Tennessee**Young Boy, 12, Threatens to Shoot Others at School
School ThreatAntidepressants2007-04-23Mississippi**Student Arrested for Making School Threat Over Internet
School ShootingAntidepressant?2007-04-18Virginia**Possible SSRI Use: 33 Dead at Virginia Tech
School Knife AttackMed for Depression2006-12-06Indiana**Teen Knife Attacks Fellow Student
School StabbingWellbutrin2006-12-04Indiana**Stabbing by 17 Year Old At High School: Charged with Attempted Murder
School Hostage SituationAntidepressant WITHDRAWAL2006-11-28North Carolina**Teen Holds Teacher & Student Hostage with Gun
School ShootingAntidepressant2006-09-30Colorado**Man Assaults Girls: Kills One & Self
School ShootingCelexa Antidepressant2006-08-30North Carolina**Teen Shoots at Two Students: Kills his Father: Celexa Found Among his Personal Effects
School Hostage SituationMed for Depression2006-03-09France**Young Ex-Teacher Holds 21 Students Hostage
School/AssaultZoloft Antidepressant2006-02-15Tennessee**Teen Attacks Teacher at School
School ViolenceAntidepressant2005-11-19Arizona**Violent 8 Year Old GIRL Handcuffed by Police at School
School ShootingProzac Antidepressant2005-03-24Minnesota**10 Dead: 7 Wounded: Dosage Increased One Week before Rampage
School ViolencePaxil2004-10-23Washington DC**Young Boy, 10 Year Old, Has Violent Incidents at School
School Shooting ThreatMed for Depression*2004-10-19New Jersey**Over-Medicated Teen Brings Loaded Handguns to School
School ShootingPaxil [Seroxat] Antidepressant2004-02-09New York**Student Shoots Teacher in Leg at School
School Shooting ThreatAntidepressant2003-05-31Michigan**Teen Threatens School Shooting: Charge is Terrorism
School Shooting/SuicideCelexa2002-10-07Texas**Young Girl [13 Years Old] Kills Self at School With a Gun
School Arson IncidentsPaxil2002-04-12Michigan**Unusual Personality Change on Paxil Caused 15 Year Old to Set Fires inside High School
School ViolenceCelexa Antidepressant2002-01-23Florida**Violent 8 Year-Old Boy Arrested At School
School ShootingAntidepressant?2002-01-17Virginia**Possible SSRI Withdrawal Mania: 3 Dead at Law School
School Hostage SituationPaxil2001-10-12North Carolina**Young Man Holds Three People Hostage in Duke University President’s Office
School Machete AttackMed for Depression2001-09-26Pennsylvania**Man Attacks 11 Children & 3 Teachers at Elementary School
School StabbingsAntidepressants2001-06-09Japan**Eight Dead: 15 Wounded: Assailant Had Taken 10 Times his Normal Dose of Depression Med
School ShootingCelexa & Effexor Antidepressants2001-04-19California**Teen Shoots at Classmates in School
School Hostage SituationPaxil & Effexor Antidepressants2001-04-15Washington**Teen Holds Classmates Hostage with a Gun
School ShootingPaxil [Seroxat] Antidepressant2001-03-10Pennsylvania**14 Year Old GIRL Shoots & Wounds Classmate at Catholic School
School Hostage SituationProzac/ Paxil Antidepressants2001-01-18California**Teen [17 Years Old] Takes Girl Hostage at School: He is Killed by Police
School ThreatsProzac Antidepressant1999-10-19Florida**Teen [16 Years Old] Threatens Classmates With Knife & Fake Explosives
School ShootingLuvox/Zoloft Antidepressants1999-04-20Colorado**COLUMBINE: 15 Dead: 24 Wounded
School Shooting ThreatAntidepressant1999-04-16Idaho**Teen Fires Gun in School
School Shooting PlotMed For Depression1998-12-01Wisconsin**Teen Accused of Plotting to Gun Down Students at School
School ShootingProzac Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL1998-05-21Oregon**Four Dead: Twenty Injured
School Violence/MurderAntidepressants*1998-05-04New York**Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots his Wife in an Elementary School
School Stand-OffZoloft Antidepressant1998-04-13Idaho**Teen [14 Years Old] in School Holds Police At Bay: Fires Shots
School ShootingZoloft Antidepressant1995-10-12South Carolina**15 Year Old Shoots Two Teachers, Killing One: Then Kills Himself
School Murder AttemptMed For Depression1995-03-04California**Young Woman Deliberately Hits 3 Kids with Her Car at Elementary School: Laughed During Attack
School Shooting RelatedLuvox1993-07-23Florida**Man Commits Murder During Clinical Trial for Luvox: Same Drug as in COLUMBINE: Never Reported
School ShootingAntidepressants1992-09-20Texas**Man, Angry Over Daughter’s Report Card, Shoots 14 Rounds inside Elementary School
School ShootingProzac Antidepressant1992-01-30Michigan**School Teacher Shoots & Kills His Superintendent at School
School ShootingAnafranil Antidepressant1988-05-20Illinois**29 Year Old WOMAN Kills One Child: Wounds Five: Kills Self

**   Indicates a school shooting or school incident.
*Indicates a legal case won using SSRI defense.
++Indicates an important journal article.
+Indicates a highly publicized case.
numAn age < 25 covered by FDA black box for suicide.

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  • Second Amendment advocates (and the American populace by extension) are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. These mules are unable to grasp that gun manufacturers in the United States are amassing huge profits driven mainly by fear and paranoia of an imminent economic collapse and the subsequent social unrest. Moreover, these so-called “patriotic” Americans cannot envisage that the Federal Government has already a national database of all gun owners in the country, so if Martial Law is enacted due to the scenarios posted before, these animals will be requested to turn their guns in exchange for food coupons and a symbolic monetary compensation.

    Those who ignore this mandate will be legally held as Enemies of the State and lethal force can be used by law enforcement authorities if they perceive some sort of resistance during the confiscation process.
    Americans do not have a single clue of what Martial Law is all about and hundreds of thousands may foolishly die as a result of their misguided (and chauvinistic) patriotism.

    • geepers

      Wanklord must be sitting in langley cubicle. His little “comment”
      here is the same exact one that he posted over at American Overkill.
      Over there he goes by the name of Tobias:


      Caught one!!

      Wanklord/Tobias is a Henry Kissinger wanna-be, with all that “stupid
      animal” talk. He also appears to be someone who would have been part of
      KGB in the Soviet Era. He sure doesn’t support democracy or a

      • That would be the CHEKA in the Bolshevik era.

      • That would be the CHEKA in the Bolshevik era.

    • Having lived under Martial Law and gone through a Bloody Revolution 1st hand, I can see the reality of what is being said here. Thank you for reminding me…

      • charlieprimero

        We have to help people like Wanklord overcome their myopia and see the long-term, big-picture.

        • No, we have to expose the agent provocateurs, the infiltrators, the dissemblers, the liars for what they are: extremely low-paid fools who are selling out their country, their constitution, the future of their families for a few shekels. That is, if they are not dual citizens who are, in reality, representing the interests of another country.

        • No, we have to expose the agent provocateurs, the infiltrators, the dissemblers, the liars for what they are: extremely low-paid fools who are selling out their country, their constitution, the future of their families for a few shekels. That is, if they are not dual citizens who are, in reality, representing the interests of another country.

    • Well, bring it on. Us lowly “animals” will just have to take our chances. “Americans don’t have a single clue what martial law is all about…”? So 300 million of us are utterly in the dark about these issues, save you? How do you get all your study in amidst all the wanking?

  • Abbi

    Matt Taibbi: LIBOR Rate-Fixing Scandal “Biggest Insider Trading You Could Ever Imagine”

    Father of Alleged Connecticut Shooter is VP of GE Capital According to Reports – Adam Lanza, is the son of Vice President of GE Capital, Peter Lanza. Peter Lanza is also a partner at Ernst & Young, and major accounting firm. The older brother, Ryan Lanza, is also reported to be employed at Ernst & Young. Peter Lanza, who drove to northern New Jersey to talk to police and the FBI, is a vice president at GE Capital and had been a partner at global accounting giant Ernst & Young. Adam’s older brother Ryan Lanza, 24, has worked at Ernst & Young for four years, apparently following in his father’s footsteps and carving out a solid niche in the tax practice. He too was interviewed by the FBI. Neither he nor his father is under any suspicion.

    Sandy Hook Elem: 3 Shooters

    Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud? YES! and this also follows the Batman Rising (Phoenix) plot perfectly!

    Batman Massacre: WHY and HOW and WHO

  • ForestSilverwood

    There really is no reason to sell guns to anyone other than military in the USA. Call in a military platoon when someone holds up a bank with lethal guns.

    The USA TV news don’t help by pinning the violence to videogames. Anyone that wants to shoot a gun are better off doing it in a simulator – not to mention if violent videogames were THE problem, there would be no USA anymore. It would be renamed to Chaos States of America…

    • So who checks and balances the military with all their guns?

      • ForestSilverwood

        Three months…

        I have since given thought as to why there was a right to bare arms, and now understand that cheaper weapons mean more control of laws from the larger group. (rich group vs middle class/poor groups for example)

        I still stand by my Chaos States of America statement, though.

  • gozounlimited

    We have a choice …. we can continue to allow mass genocide by being willing participants, or we can seek and find out who we are, discovering the power within us to change the evil reality perpetrated by evil intent……

  • davidgmills

    Maybe it wasn’t the drugs. Maybe what was lacking was an institution to house them when they were a diagnosed danger to themselves or others.

  • The problem with psychotropics is we don’t know if it was the drugs that contributed to their thoughts or an already underlying condition of which the drug was ineffective against. Someone can be diagnosed with a condition that is similar to a different one they actually have, and receive the wrong treatment, so their original condition isn’t alleviated. If you suffer from a mental illness, like depression, your body can reject certain medications and not others. Obviously their medication didn’t work in these instances, but can we be certain that it was the medications that drove them to these thoughts rather than the original depression or other issues that their medication simply didn’t have the hoped effect on?

  • Susan Yoga

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  • kimyo

    reuters (quoting the bild) is reporting that the germanwings a320 co-pilot was taking ‘lorazepam’ as well as other medicines for depression.

    Medical records showed that Lubitz said that he was taking medicines for depression, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, Bild said, adding they included tranquilizer Lorazepam.

    among the side-effects listed at
    blurred vision
    confusion about identity, place, and time
    seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there
    thoughts or attempts at killing oneself

    • kimyo

      ‘Blindness fear & depression’: Germanwings pilot’s health covered-up by privacy laws

      Robin also said that the 27-year old “feared going blind,” according to the data extracted from Lubitz’s tablet. Some of the doctors questioned, said that he complained of seeing flashes of light, having anxiety attacks and complained he had only 30 percent vision, but no physical ailment affecting his sight was recorded.

      An investigation discovered that two weeks before the crash, Lubitz emailed a doctor claiming to have doubled his dose of an antidepressant to treat insomnia that triggered his fears about his eyesight. Lubitz’s body is now being examined to determine whether he had taken any medications on the day of the flight.

      Antidepressants: Get tips to cope with side effects

      Blurred vision is a common side effect, but it usually goes away on its
      own within a couple of weeks of starting an antidepressant. With certain
      antidepressants, such as tricyclic antidepressants, it may be an
      ongoing issue.