Say No to Tyranny: TSA Screening Opt Out

Painting by Anthony Freda:

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  • QEternity

    I opt out every trip as i have metal implants and don’t trust the machines.

    A trip is just not a trip unless TSA gets to ‘2nd base’ with me.

    • Contrarianism

      I have a mental implant … making me distrustful of the machines and the government agents who run them.

  • voispoed

    I’ve never used the full-body scanners and I never will. All the TSA officers have been very respectful of my wishes but in turn, I have been very cooperative. The female officers are always called…I may need to wait a bit longer, the process may take five times as long as walking through the machines, but hell will have to freeze over or I will have to be physically forced to do so…and that, unfortunately, will be the last time I fly!

  • Fred

    You want this to end? Then stop flying period- no not permanently, I mean the flying public needs to go on strike. Seriously, all it would take is for another 40% drop in air passengers and the airlines would scream for changes. Believe me, if the flying public launched a serious strike against TSA, a strike “For Better Flying Conditions”- yes we have the power!! They would back down I guarantee. Then after we fight back against TSA- who’s next?? You decide.

  • I’m always shocked at how many sheep just go through the naked body scanner / backscatter X-Ray especially when I see poor little children getting zapped it’s just sickening. I always opt out and 90% of the time get treated nicely as long as I am not antagonistic with the gestapo. Reports from TSA say agents have a serious morale problem because they have to grope same sex individuals all day. That’s good, they should!

  • flatbird

    Osoma bin Laden may be dead, but he won.

  • It’s not about me.

    I always opt out and while I am being searched, I point out that the xray scanners are outlawed in Europe due to safety concerns, that the TSA agents standing next to the scanners should be wearing radiation dose badges and that I am concerned for their welfare. I point out that those machines are not sufficiently monitored and suggest their union should have radiation monitors for them all. The TSA agents are respectful and they often start out a bit testy, until I say they should be worried bout their own safety and then nearly every one says, ‘yeah, I hope the union gets us covered’. So they are worried about it too.

    • NationOfFraudAndWarCrimes

      Nice. Basically what you’re saying is that these TSA thugs don’t give a hoot about YOU until you express some sympathy & concern for THEM first.
      Isn’t that just SUCKING UP to the bully you fear?