RECREATIONAL Marijuana Legalized In 2 States

Colorado and Washington Allow Non-Medical Pot Use

Medical marijuana has been legal in a number of states for years.  Another state – Massachusetts – legalized medical pot tonight, becoming the 18th such state.

But in a historic first, Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes today.

As ABC News reports, the Feds will probably quickly challenge the states’ legislation:

Even though the issues have passed, they are likely to meet legal challenges very quickly.

In 2005, the Supreme Court struck down a California law that legalized medical marijuana in the state. The Court said Congress had the power to criminalize marijuana under the Commerce Clause.

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  • gozounlimited

    Hopefully Washington or Colorado will pick up the GMO labeling campaign after it’s defeat in Cali. In the meantime we can avoid consuming prepared foods containing GMO products by educating ourselves. Eventually Americans will connect loss of health and shortened lifespan to the deadly genetically altered substances. Thank You Washington’s Blog for taking a leadership position on this issue. We aren’t done with Monsanto …. yet!!!!!

  • gustafus

    The GOP must give up the cultural war and concentrate on the uneven playing field for Americans.

    I didn’t vote yesterday.

    Obomney would not have saved me from groping TSA dykes.

    Obomney would not have stopped multi nationals from off shoring and then selling back to the people they betray.

    Obomney would not have brought our military home from wrong headed expensive wars [for Israel and the military industrial complex]

    Obomney would not have stopped illegals from taking American jobs.. I don’t care what color they are.

    Obomney would not have stemmed the growth of for profit prisons who want us all in jail.

    So… what a great place for the NEW IMPROVED Republican party to start.

    Akin and Mourdoch lost 2 RED seats in the Senate… will the GOP learn? or grouse about parasites, gays and socialists??

    NEVER EVER select a corporate raider or religious crazy again… got it?

  • JosephConrad

    If the WA & CO laws were to ‘propogate’ across just 25 STATES including NY & CA, the U.S. PRIVATE PRISON INDUSTRY would collapse. Fewer dark-skinned Americans would be in prison. More of such men would have relaionships & children; the FASTER white Americans would become an increasingly angry, racist MINORITY; and lose justification the WEALTHIEST EMPLOY for holding unfettered POWER, WEALTH & CONTROL over NON-wealthy America’S citizens. So, 2 more is good but scary for the ‘powers that be’!