New Mile-Long Oil Slick from BP’s Gulf Macondo Well

Debunks BP’s Claim for Source of Leaking Oil

The Times-Picayune reported Wednesday:

An overflight inspection of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster site 40 miles south of Grand Isle this past weekend found a new, mile-long oil sheen, which has prompted the U.S. Coast Guard to again require BP to inspect the wellhead and debris area on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico with a remotely operated vehicle for the source of the oil. The flight was piloted by Bonny Schumaker, founder of the California-based non-profit On Wings of Care, which has conducted surveillance flights in the Gulf in the two years since the spill.

So much for BP’s “leaking cofferdam” theory.

Note:  The new leak from BP’s site is totally separate from the explosion on a different drilling platform in the Gulf which recently killed several workers and leaked oil into the water.

Absolutely nothing has changed since the 2010 spill, and so more and more destructive oil spills may occur.  Former EPA officials and attorneys put it: BP will “kill again”.

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  • majiandsn

    Thank you for continuing to report on this very important and troubling situation.

    If Matt Simmons was correct, and the ocean floor is fractured, what symptoms might we see, besides the continuation of these “spills”?

  • JosephConrad

    And Ignorant, Distracted and PURPOSELY UNINFORMED Americans will permit it to happen. indeed, MILLIONS with children with NO FUTURE will just get another COORS & reach for the remote to change the @#$% channel. America DESERVES to careen FASTER into Financial Servitude!

  • The energy industry will not be stopped or even hindered. This will only get worse as more spills, leaks and explosions occur, more Life is snuffed out and Gaia is raped.

    But she will have the final say.

    We have sealed our own fate as a short-lived, failed evolutionary experiment; a dead end genetic aberration racing toward imminent extinction.

    I think Homo sapiens has less than fifty years left.

    Just my opinion.

    Consummatum est.

    • Rocky Racoon

      Maybe less if we don’t do something about climate change once that permafrost starts to melt and that methane is let loose-we are dead.

      • You’re not wrong Rocky. Methane, in the permafrost and deep ocean clathrates, is the 500 gigaton gorilla in the living room.