Hamas Shouldn’t Fire Rockets … But Israel Has Violated HUNDREDS of UN Resolutions

Hamas Firing Rockets Is Unforgivable … But Israel Has Done MUCH Worse

We condemn Hamas for firing rockets into Israel. We believe that targeting civilians is unconscionable and illegal under international law.

But by any objective measure, Israel has broken the law much more than Hamas.   Haaretz noted in 2002:

Israel holds the record for ignoring United Nations Security Council resolutions, according to a study by San Francisco University political science professor Steven Zunes.


[Zunes] systematically went through all the states given instructions by the security council to find out how common a phenomenon it was. His results were somewhat surprising: “Some of the countries are considered and are known to be friendly to the U.S.,” he told Ha’aretz yesterday. “In the vast majority of cases I examined, the governments violating UN Security Council resolutions are countries that receive significant military, diplomatic and financial aid from the U.S.”

Israel leads the list. Since 1968, Israel has violated 32 resolutions that included condemnation or criticism of the governments’ policies and actions. Turkey is in second place, with 24 violations since 1974, and Morocco is third with 17 resolutions it ignored.


Zunes specifically avoided counting resolutions that are vague or unclear so that governments could claim different interpretations to the meaning of the resolutions. Thus, the famous UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338 are not included in his study. He also did not count resolutions that only included condemnations. Instead, he focused on those that included specific calls for changes in the subject governments’ policies.

The resolutions Israel violated were either about its annexation of East Jerusalem or settlements in the territories. Israel also ignored UN Security Council resolutions that called for Israel to cease using harsh measures against the Palestinian population and to cease expelling Palestinians.

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges points out that Israel has broken nearly a hundred UN Security Council resolutions regarding Gaza alone:

The continued presence of Israeli occupation forces defies nearly a hundred U.N. Security Council resolutions calling for them to withdraw. The Israeli blockade of Gaza, established in June 2007, is a brutal form of collective punishment that violates Article 33 of the Fourth 1949 Geneva Convention, which set up rules for the “Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.”

Here is a brief sampling of UN Security Council resolutions against Israel:

  • Resolution 106: The Palestine Question (29 Mar 1955) ‘condemns’ Israel for Gaza raid
  • Resolution 111: The Palestine Question (January 19, 1956) ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for raid on Syria that killed fifty-six people”
  • Resolution 127: The Palestine Question (January 22, 1958) ” … ‘recommends’ Israel suspends its ‘no-man’s zone’ in Jerusalem”.
  • Resolution 162: The Palestine Question (April 11, 1961) ” … ‘urges’ Israel to comply with UN decisions”
  • Resolution 171: The Palestine Question (April 9, 1962) ” … determines flagrant violations’ by Israel in its attack on Syria”
  • Resolution 228: The Palestine Question (November 25, 1966) ” … ‘censures’ Israel for its attack on Samu in the West Bank, then under Jordanian control”
  • Resolution 237: Six Day War June 14, 1967) ” … ‘urges’ Israel to allow return of new 1967 Palestinian refugees”. and called on Israel to ensure the safety and welfare of inhabitants of areas where fighting had taken place
  • Resolution 256: (August 16) ” … ‘condemns’ Israeli raids on Jordan as ‘flagrant violation”
  • Resolution 258: (September 18) … expressed ‘concern’ with the welfare of the inhabitants of the Israeli-occupied territories, and requested a special representative to be sent to report on the implementation of Resolution 237, and that Israel cooperate
  • Resolution 259: (September 27) ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to accept UN mission to probe occupation”
  • Resolution 265: (April 1, 1969) ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for air attacks on Salt
  • Resolution 270: (August 26) ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for air attacks on villages in southern Lebanon”
  • Resolution 279: (May 12, 1970) “Demands the immediate withdrawal of all Israeli armed forces from Lebanese territory”
  • Resolution 280: (May 19) ” … ‘condemns’ Israeli’s attacks against Lebanon”
  • Resolution 285: (September 5) ” … ‘demands’ immediate Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon”
  • Resolution 298: (September 25, 1971) ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s changing of the status of Jerusalem”
  • Resolution 316: (June 26) ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for repeated attacks on Lebanon”
  • Resolution 317: (July 21) ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to release Arabs abducted in Lebanon”
  • Resolution 332: (April 21) ” … ‘condemns’ Israel’s repeated attacks against Lebanon”
  • Resolution 337: (August 15) ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for violating Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and for the forcible diversion and seizure of a Lebanese airliner from Lebanon’s air space”
  • Resolution 347: (April 24)” … ‘condemns’ Israeli attacks on Lebanon”
  • Resolution 444: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s lack of cooperation with UN peacekeeping forces”
  • Resolution 446 (1979): ‘determines’ that Israeli settlements are a ‘serious obstruction’ to peace and calls on Israel to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention”
  • Resolution 450: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to stop attacking Lebanon”.
  • Resolution 452: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to cease building settlements in occupied territories”
  • Resolution 465: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s settlements and asks all member states not to assist Israel’s settlements program”
  • Resolution 467: ” … ‘strongly deplores’ Israel’s military intervention in Lebanon”
  • Resolution 468: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to rescind illegal expulsions of two Palestinian mayors and a judge and to facilitate their return”
  • Resolution 469: ” … ‘strongly deplores’ Israel’s failure to observe the council’s order not to deport Palestinians”
  • Resolution 471: ” … ‘expresses deep concern’ at Israel’s failure to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention”
  • Resolution 478 (20 August 1980): ‘censures (Israel) in the strongest terms’ for its claim to Jerusalem in its ‘Basic Law’
  • Resolution 487: ” … ‘strongly condemns’ Israel for its attack on Iraq’s nuclear facility”
  • Resolution 497 (17 December 1981), decides that Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights is ‘null and void’ and demands that Israel rescinds its decision forthwith
  • Resolution 501: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to stop attacks against Lebanon and withdraw its troops”.Resolution 515: ” … ‘demands’ that Israel lift its siege of Beirut and allow food supplies to be brought in”
  • Resolution 516, demanded an immediate cessation of military activities in Lebanon, noting violations of the cease-fire in Beirut
  • Resolution 517: ” … ‘censures’ Israel for failing to obey UN resolutions and demands that Israel withdraw its forces from Lebanon”.
  • Resolution 520: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel’s attack into West Beirut”.
  • Resolution 573: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel ‘vigorously’ for bombing Tunisia in attack on PLO headquarters
  • Resolution 605: ” … ‘strongly deplores’ Israel’s policies and practices denying the human rights of Palestinians
  • Resolution 607: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel not to deport Palestinians and strongly requests it to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention
  • Resolution 608: ” … ‘deeply regrets’ that Israel has defied the United Nations and deported Palestinian civilians”
  • Resolution 636: ” … ‘deeply regrets’ Israeli deportation of Palestinian civilians
  • Resolution 641 (30 Aug 1989): ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s continuing deportation of Palestinians
  • Resolution 673 (24 Oct 1990): ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to cooperate with the United Nations
  • Resolution 681 (20 Dec 1990): ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s resumption of the deportation of Palestinians
  • Resolution 694 (24 May 1991): ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s deportation of Palestinians and calls on it to ensure their safe and immediate return
  • Resolution 726 (06 Jan 1992): ” … ‘strongly condemns’ Israel’s deportation of Palestinians
  • Resolution 799 (18 Dec 1992): “. . . ‘strongly condemns’ Israel’s deportation of 413 Palestinians and calls for their immediate return
  • Resolution 1435 (24 Sep 2002) demanded an end to Israeli measures in and around Ramallah, and an Israeli withdrawal to positions held before September 2000

The war crimes are ongoing.

Note: We have not been able to find a single UN resolution against Palestine.

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  • meh

    no law against firing rockets onto your own land..

    if the jews dont like it, they can ef off.

    • Peter

      Really? So if the US military fires rockets within the US, aimed at population centers, and some of them hit their marks (homes and schools), you’re saying that that would be legal and ethical? Or do you mean that it’s OK when the targets are Jews?

      • monstermeh

        not talking about the USA here lumpen, and the people that have stolen the land can not be considered innocent.

        heres 50 cents, go rent a clue.


      • I’d like to see that

        The United States firing missiles against ignorant flag-waving war mongering Americans instead of killing millions of innocent men women and children all over the world who are no threat to anyone? What a novel idea!

      • spktruth200

        Population center! Gaza is a 7mile stretch of land with 2million people in it…there is no where to run or hide…they have no bunkers to hide in, cuz apartheid Israel refuses to let concrete in to make homes, let alone bunkers.. The US military has killed millions of people around the world with their high tech weapons of mass destruction, they can hardly talk about any country firing chinese firecrackers at their oppressors. Hypocrisy reigns.

  • meh

    “Hamas Firing Rockets Is Unforgivable …” – NO IT DAMN WELL ISNT!!! – and its disingrenuous of you to even suggest it.

    whats truly unconscionable is that the rest of the world doesnt bitch slap israel into yesterday..


    • Alexander

      Why is it forgivable to murder (defined as the intentional killing of an innocent person)? What kind of monster are you to be able to say this?

      • monster

        they wouldnt be “murdered” if they were not there.. no one is forcing them to illegally occupy someone elses land

        • wingy

          Especially the children, they could get a passport and visa on their own, grow wings and fly out of there.

        • spktruth200

          If they werent there? Where? These are the refugees thrown out of their homes in Palestine (when the entire territory was palestinan) Pre 1948. Look at a map you monster of 1948 Palestine, and the apartheid nation of Israel today, and see who the real monsters are. Jews around the world march with us against the brutal occupation of Palestine. Its the occupation STUPID.

          • monster

            jewish occupation STUPID!

            israel was a stupid idea to begin with, wipe it off the map, problem solved.

          • AZConservative123

            Exactly! Israel is a criminal state and all of it’s citizens are criminals, including the Palestinians living there. Nuke the country and kill everyone. If God is really on their side, let’s see if he protects them. Is that you’re way of thinking, you stupid, Neanderthal, piece of shit?

  • Nomoremuslims

    Keep running ISRAEL down and you will see the final outcome. Hell is forever and you are a prime candidate. Do some reading about who owes the land

    • kgeakin

      Yeah, right. The Jew’s God said the land belongs to the Jews…….Well, that might carry some weight if you can get said supreme being to testify under oath in court affirming the claim. Also, if you check history, when their god gave them the land it actually belonged to the Canaanites. But that was no problem for the Jews. They just killed a bunch of them and drove the rest off or enslaved them. Some things never change I guess, like the Jews brutality and contempt for non-Jews. It’s all in the historical record. But annoying facts like these are no problems for bigots like you. Jews INVENTED terrorism and we poor taxpayers in the USA get to fund their misdeeds, against our will in most cases. If Hell does exist, I am sure it is full of people just like you nomoremuslims. One thing I can assure you of is that there will be many more Muslims and a lot less Jews in the not too distant future if Israel doesn’t stop behaving like the Nazi’s of the Middle East.

      • amerikagulag

        God doesn’t need to testify. Everyone just believes the JEW bullshit. Afterall…..it’s written in the ‘book’. The book THEY WROTE.

    • Nomoregods

      What hell?

    • spktruth200

      Israel is its own worst enemy…they are a bunch of paronoid freaks who have done to Palestinans what was done them in Germany…they are repeated offenders. Palestinans, jews Christians lived in peace prior to 1948…when the Khazar European Jews (zionists) moved into arab lands. Ariel Sharon, and his buds were terrorists (aptly named that by US and UK) at that time. They went on a bloodthirsty hunt for anyone not Khazar Zionsist and began to purge the rightful owners (palestinans) of their land. Never staying within their borders…and today, hundreds of UN resolutions have been broken by ISRAEL all for the Greater Israel. If they had their way, they would take Jordan, parts of Egypt, Lebanon for their apartheid state…it will never happen. Ole Bibi Bullets for Ballots is a war criminal.

  • theCCC

    you paid your cash & they just gamed your ass – you paid, now you own Gaza

    those who paid for it own it …
    theCivilian Connservation Corps says – end religious warfare in our lifetime
    end the seige of Gaza now

  • SpiritMatter

    Israel was promised the title to land from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean if they submitted by faith to the way and torah of God. They were to be a light to the world demonstrating the benefits of God’s way of liberty and love. They were carnal and never converted to God’s way but preferred to hear the torah of Moses rather than the Torah of God. 19 Then they said to Moses, “You speak with us, and we will hear; but LET NOT God speak with us, lest we die.” (Exo 20:19 NKJ) As Hebrews says, They always go astray in their heart, And they have not known My ways.’ 11 So I swore in My wrath,`They shall not enter My rest.'” (Heb 3:10-11 NKJ) and they have never yet fully entered the rest/peace in their own land. Why? Because of lack of faith in the way of God…..”So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.” (Heb 3:19 NKJ) God was still their King even though they chose to hear (what the Christ called) the burdensome “traditions” of men which made the liberating Torah of God of “no effect”. To put icing on their worldly carnal cake, they then also rejected God as their King(12 “the LORD your God was your king.”) and demanded a human king. 19″they said, “No, but we will have a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles.”” (1Sa 8:19-20 NKJ) They became more evil than the nations around them so God took back their title and used Assyria to evict the house of Israel in the north and Babylon to evict the house of Judah in the south. God prophesied their return but has never authorized their national restoration. God allowed but did not authorize the corrupt Hashmonean independence before the Roman beast empire conquered them. God did authorize the restoration of the temple for the Christ to come to. Israel will yet fulfill its purpose at the real Christ’s return.
    The solution in today’s world- one nation,not two, under God with liberty and justice for ALL(not just Jews!)

  • Wiseacre

    Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man
    His enemies say he’s on their land
    They got him outnumbered about a million to one
    He got no place to escape to, no place to run
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    The neighborhood bully just lives to survive
    He’s criticized and condemned for being alive
    He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin
    He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    The neighborhood bully been driven out of every land
    He’s wandered the earth an exiled man
    Seen his family scattered, his people hounded and torn
    He’s always on trial for just being born
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    Well, he knocked out a lynch mob, he was criticized
    Old women condemned him, said he should apologize.
    Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad
    The bombs were meant for him. He was supposed to feel bad
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim
    That he’ll live by the rules that the world makes for him
    ’Cause there’s a noose at his neck and a gun at his back
    And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    He got no allies to really speak of
    What he gets he must pay for, he don’t get it out of love
    He buys obsolete weapons and he won’t be denied
    But no one sends flesh and blood to fight by his side
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    Well, he’s surrounded by pacifists who all want peace
    They pray for it nightly that the bloodshed must cease
    Now, they wouldn’t hurt a fly. To hurt one they would weep
    They lay and they wait for this bully to fall asleep
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    Every empire that’s enslaved him is gone
    Egypt and Rome, even the great Babylon
    He’s made a garden of paradise in the desert sand
    In bed with nobody, under no one’s command
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    Now his holiest books have been trampled upon
    No contract he signed was worth what it was written on
    He took the crumbs of the world and he turned it into wealth
    Took sickness and disease and he turned it into health
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    What’s anybody indebted to him for?
    Nothin’, they say. He just likes to cause war
    Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed
    They wait for this bully like a dog waits to feed
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    What has he done to wear so many scars?
    Does he change the course of rivers? Does he pollute the moon and stars?
    Neighborhood bully, standing on the hill
    Running out the clock, time standing still
    Neighborhood bully

    Copyright © 1983 by Special Rider Music

    Read more: http://www.bobdylan.com/us/songs/neighborhood-bully#ixzz2Cmql4TZm

    • asaxon

      Amen brother.

  • JewIt

    Israel fuck palestine and palestinians with love.

    They never forgotten to suck our balls after an explosion on their face.

  • Rehmat

    “Criticizing (blaming) Israel is an old-fashioned anti-Semitism,” Stephen Harper, prime minister of Canada, 2009.
    War Crimes – Both the US and Israeli leaders are beyond the reach of the International Criminal Court which is controlled by the Zionists.

    Britain’s Chief Rabbi Lord Sack admitted at BBC, last week, that Israeli slaughter of Gaza people is to get Iran involved in the war so that America can start a new war for Israel.

    British veteran journalist and author, Alan Hart, has posted a brilliant article, entitled ‘Excuse me while I vomit’.
    “I imagine I am not the only one who feels the need to vomit (dictionary definition – “to throw up the contents of the stomach through the mouth”) when Israel’s Goebbels justifies the Zionist state’s ferocious and monstrously disproportionate attacks by air and sea on the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip, the prison camp which is home to 1.5 million besieged and mainly impoverished Palestinians. The Israeli to whom I am referring is, of course, Australian-born Mark Regev, the prime minister’s spokesman, for which read spin doctor. The more I see and hear him in action, the more it seems to me that he makes Nazi Germany’s propaganda chief look like an amateur,” wrote Alan Hart. Read full article here.


    • Alexander

      Britain’s Chief Rabbi Lord Sack admitted at BBC, last week, that Israeli
      slaughter of Gaza people is to get Iran involved in the war so that
      America can start a new war for Israel.” – No he didn’t. He said, “I think it has to do with Iran, frankly.” He meant that that since Iran is supplying Gaza with all its weapons (you don’t think that Hamas is manufacturing advanced rockets do you?), Hamas is a proxy for Iran and Israel, feeling threatened by Iran, felt it needed to take action. But he didn’t “admit” to this, it was his opinion. He may be 100% wrong. His statement is evidence of nothing.

  • International law has suported the elite in destroying israel defense and the defense of many countries. The UN and world government should be disbanded and members charged with TREASON! Israel has the right to defend Itself. Israel has always been singled out. Wiseacre is correct! Keep running ISRAEL down and you will see the final outcome. Israelites know how to fight, They are considered the best in hand to hand combat!

    • amerikagulag

      The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity. Judaism should be outlawed world wide. It is a fictitious religion which preaches supremacy, exclusionism and hatred of all others. It is a cult of evil.

      • BornintheUSA

        “Some people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world…. We owe to the Jews…a system of ethics which, even if it were entirely
        separated from the supernatural, would be incomparably the most precious possession of mankind, worth in fact the fruits of all other wisdom and learning put together.”
        – Winston Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920

  • It was named Palestine as an insult to the Jews for their
    stubbornness, by the Romans. Israel remained inhabited by Jews and
    Christians even though the Moslem Arabs, on orders from Mohamed to
    convert the entire world by conquest, invaded and killed Christians and
    Jews who would not submit nor pay the continuous Jizya Taxes Mohamed
    extorted from them if they surrendered. Mohamed murdered, raped and
    extorted his way across the Arabian Peninsular and on his death bed he
    ordered his Moslem followers to continue into Turkey. They butchered
    their way across Christian N Africa and up into Christian Turkey and to
    all the “stan”countries, which were also Christian.

    Israel was simply a region under the control of various Arab and Turk
    rulers. It was never developed and the population was always small.
    Mark Twain when he was there, described Palestine as desolate. Jews
    began moving back in increasing numbers the last half of the 1800s. More
    Arabs started moving in when they saw that the Jews had built something
    worth moving there for. By 1900 Jerusalem was 50% Jewish. I know Jews
    whose family have lived in Israel for 2,000 years.

    BOTTOM LINE: The land was divided but the Moslem Edomites wanted the
    whole thing and waged war on the Jews of Israel. The NWO hates Israel.
    That is because the top of the NWO are Luciferians. They want to see
    Israel destroyed because their master hates everything that God built.

    Do not be fooled by all this deception.

    These Palestinians are Jordanians the descendants of Essau or
    Edomites. They were cursed by the Hebrew God and the prophecy about them
    says that they will always make trouble and scrap and fight. The other
    Arabs hate them. That’s why they were not allowed back into Jordan and
    became refugees. The leaders of Jordan are a minority group, Hashemites
    while the people of Jordan are largely of the House of Essau, Edomites.

    The prophecy also says that they, the House of Essau, (Palestinians)
    will be annihilated by Israel at some point. Sit back and watch.

    Sargent Koranflusher

    • krinks

      Thank you friend. The truth about the region never seems to see the light of day. If Israel and Jews were to disappear overnight these useful idiots would be the next ones Muslims would have a problem with and attack. Even in places like Saudi Arabia where there are no non-Muslims they attack each other for not being fundamentalist enough. It will never end.

    • kerston

      Wow. That has to be in the book of world records. Who are these people you know that have family records back 2000 yrs. That has to be one amazing family. They should own the history channel.

    • This would come as a surprise to Herodotus, who wrote about Palestine before the Romans had even defeated the Etruscans.

  • asaxon

    If you’re interested in UN resolutions, you’ll enjoy reading this:


  • amerikagulag

    I see the sayanim are out in full force today!

  • krinks

    Israel peaceably withdrew from Gaza for a peace that never came. They had to build walls to keep the suicide bombers out. All they get in return are rockets fired over the walls into Israel. The lot of you never say a word to that, and only have a problem when Israel rightfully responds.

    How about Hamas that fires rockets into Israel from the roof of a school or hospital, holding everyone hostage inside? If Israel doesn’t respond they win by firing more rockets. If Israel responds they win when you antisemites rend your garments over the innocents killed, oblivious to the fact that some people have been killed more than once.
    Have you watched MEMRITV’s Palestinian channel where children’s programs are full of clips of 6 years olds dreaming of the day they can strap a bomb to themselves and blow up a bus full of Jews or do you just hate Jews that much that you don’t care?

    • kerston

      How do you withdraw and bulldoze homes and build….??? All so confusing.

      • Hadassa

        You are confusing the West Bank and Gaza

      • krinks

        It isn’t confusing at all. Israel pulled out and left a thriving economy behind. The animals that took over vandalized and looted it all.

    • dave

      how about you try a nice bug cup of STFU..


      • krinks

        Did you go to MEMRITV’s Palestinian Channel? Didn’t think so.

        Do you not know that Israel did indeed withdraw peacfully for a peace that never came?

        Do you not admit that Israel does indeed ship in aid to Gaza by truck after it is searched for weapons?

        Your ignoring all of this and posting a picture to which you have no context proves you a useful idiot.

      • krinks

        How do you know a child was indeed shot in the head and the the picture wasn’t photoshopped or staged as most of what comes out of the area is?

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    What’s the history of any country following U.N. resolutions against them. Let’s discuss Syria, Iran etc
    I’m very disappointed in Washington’s Blog. The bias is clear.

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    Israel seems to unite the U.N. They agree on nothing except to condemn Israel. Additionally consider the members include Syria who served on the security council three times and bombs its citizens, is a dictatorship and engaged in a civil war.

  • Jack Savage

    Oh dear. A very uninformed view in what is usually an excellent blog. The spectacular bias of the UN against Israel is well documented and you really have no excuse for not being aware of it. I would defend neither side here against the other but just to roll out a list of of these resolutions is not an argument.

    By the way… “Palestine” is NOT A STATE which might explain why there are no resolutions against it.

  • Blair T. Longley

    I have developed a macabre sense of humour to cope with this. The FKN NEWZ tends to present my point of view.

    This is all NEOLITHIC CIVILIZATION looping around like a boomerang to hit itself in the back of the head, The problem is that it is only a question of time until weapons of mass destruction come out of that blind spot.

    Of course, any relative sanity is a non-starter in this race towards collective omnicide. The paradoxes of final failure from too much “success,” also with success with failure, are dancing around and around, like matter and anti-matter, in particles and anti-particles, just waiting to annihilate each other.

    Although it is useless, I will point out that the basic structure of the social pyramid system, with it original patriarchy, and increasingly abstract nutty numbers in its plutocracy, have become runaway insanities. The WHOLE of the JudeoChristianIslamic bla, bla, bla is INSANE!!!

    There are no “good guys” only different kinds of “bad guys!” There are nothing but different gangs of organized criminals, attempting to wipe each other other, by acting through their morbid social habits, due to their long history of being abused making the worst abusers, around and around and around, until we all fall down!

    I wish it was possible to just totally ignore ALL those crazy people. However, since they are hell bent on starting a world war, and North American governments are wrapped up inside the same social systems of now terminally sick Neolithic Civilization, we are screwed into place by being forced to take sides over which one of these evil and insane gangs of criminals are the “good guys.”

    Although it is a waste of time, I will suggest we need to dramatically change the paradigms of militarism, and their murder systems, and their death controls. We should turn over way more of the responsibilities for maintaining a saner human ecology to the women, who could do more of the necessary death control through “birth control.” We should attempt to have a peace process that included human ecology, industrial ecology and natural ecology. Instead, we only get bullshit “peace processes” which are nothing more than temporary truces, to get prepared for more insane wars.


    It would be nicer if that view was not a waste of time to express! It would be nicer if the reality of weapons of mass destruction being trillions of times more powerful than ever before in history would be seriously imagined and allowed to enter into the minds of the insane “leaders” that are running us off the cliff of their craziness, as fast as they possibly can.

    As I said, after I while, I sympathize with the FKN NEWZ views on this. Go ahead and get it over with, all of you suicidal crazy people. Start your third world war, and kill billions of people, including yourselves, as well as myself. It is clear that your success at lying to other people depends on being able to lie to yourselves. It is clear that my view of more radical truth is not going to make any practical difference to all your kinds of runaway social insanities, headed towards spectacular psychotic breakdowns.

    It is clear that all these conflicts are full to the brim of crazy people, who come from a long historical line of crazy civilizations, that have perfected their abilities to be dishonest, and to back that up with violence, and that, therefore, everything that they are doing, as aided and abetted by other nut jobs spread all over the rest of the whole world, as setting themselves, and most of the rest of the world to commit collective suicide, in the stupidest possible ways!

    Too bad, so sad!


    Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of every Jew ! This is a terrorist organization go read their charter and not the English one they put ouit but the independant translation of their Arabic written charter ! They are just the proxy of Iran .

  • spktruth200

    Chinese firecracker filled with nuts bolts nails and fertilizer with no guided missile system, compared to F16’s, weapons of mass destruction down on a defenseless people is a high crime. The International Court will investigate the crimes of Israel, and Bibi should be frogmarched (just like Pinochet) into court. The Hague awaits.

  • Firstly, the term “Palestinian” was a national designation given to the inhabitants of the Jewish Homeland in 1922. Other than that, it had no ethnic/intrinsic nationalist* value, which is why the territory was re-named Israel on May 14, 1948 when the Jews declared independence.

    Secondly, Arab governments resurrected the defunct “Palestinian” name in 1964 (at the first Arab League summit in Cairo, Egypt, where the PLO was officially created and launched) when they were forced to alter their strategy towards Israel, because Israel in 1963 had either tested their first nuclear bomb or actually acquired their first nuclear bomb.**

    This brings us to the Six-Day War, which was planned (with the cooperation of the USSR) to be lost by Arab governments, so as to operationalize the Arab governments’ proxy strategy, using the newly-minted “Palestinians”.

    Note that Arab governments never did create an “Arab” state for West Bank/Gaza inhabitants between 1948 – 1963, nor a “Palestinian” state (when “Arabs” was changed to “Palestinians”) between 1964 – May 1967.

    The next phase of the Arab governments’ Long-Range Strategy will be to have Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza renounce their claim for an independent state and opt to become Israeli citizens instead, which is what they are according to the Palestine Mandate of 1922***. When one throws in Arabs living in the refugee camps, the Jewish inhabitants of Israel will be electorally out-voted, leading to the reincorporation of the territory that is now Israel back into the Arab fold.

    There is, however, one tactic that Israel will use to thwart the “new” Arab governments’ Long-Range Strategy:

    Israel’s counter-strategy to offset the looming Arab electoral majority will be to offer Jews living all over the world automatic Israeli citizenship, thereby conferring the right to vote in Israeli elections, swinging the electoral balance back overwhelmingly to the Jewish side.

    Contemporaneous with events described above, watch for the fake “collapse” of the Chinese Communist government (following the last major Communist disinformation operation: The fraudulent collapse of the USSR. Both disinformation operations fall under the “Long-Range Policy”, the “new” strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 to defeat the West.), when soon after that “collapse” Mexico will request the “assistance” of Chinese troops in combating the then spreading Mexico City-manufactured “drug wars” there. America, however, will be stymied from preventing the presence of Chinese troops in Mexico due to emergencies that will “suddenly” crop up in the Korean peninsula, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    *”The First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations (in Jerusalem, February 1919), which met for the purpose of selecting a Palestinian Arab representative for the Paris Peace Conference, adopted the following resolution: “We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographical bonds.”[60]” – Wikipedia, “Palestinian People”.



    “An all-Palestine Congress was held in Jerusalem between January 27 and February 10, 1919, to formulate a common policy, called “program”, on Palestine to advise Faisal while attending the Paris Peace Conference on behalf of the Arabs. The Jerusalem Congress was presided over by ‘Aref Pasha al-Dajani who was, at the time, the president of the Jerusalem branch of the Muslim-Christian Association mentioned earlier. (Representatives of the Association also attended the General Syrian Congress in Damascus.)(8)

    The Jerusalem Congress, resolved to reject political Zionism and to accept British assistance on condition such assistance would not impinge upon Sovereignty in Palestine.(9) Basically, the Congress wanted Palestine to be part of an independent Syrian State to be governed by Faisal of the Hashemite family. It

    also preferred U.S. political tutelage, should this be necessary, or British tutelage, as a second choice, but under no circumstances would the Congress accept French political guardianship.” – PALESTINE:



    Note that DR. MANUEL HASSASSIAN inadvertently admits to the lie of the “distinct Palestinian People” when he writes, “Basically, the Congress wanted Palestine to be part of an independent Syrian State to be governed by Faisal of the Hashemite family.”

    In these consultations between Arab elites of Palestine circa 1919-1920, there was NO mention of the “distinct ethnic Palestinian people”. They referred to themselves as Syrian, Arab.

    ** Note: Arab governments held their first Arab League summit the very year after Israel’s reputed first test (or acquisition) of a nuclear bomb. The summit was necessary in order to implement a new Pan Arab government “Long-Range Strategy” towards Israel.

    ***ART. 25. (Palestine Mandate):

    “In the territories lying between the Jordan and the eastern boundary of Palestine as ultimately determined, the Mandatory shall be entitled, with the consent of the Council of the League of Nations, to postpone or withhold application of such provisions of this mandate as he may consider inapplicable to the existing local conditions, and to make such provision for the administration of the territories as he may consider suitable to those conditions, provided that no action shall be taken which is inconsistent with the provisions of Articles 15, 16 and 18.” — http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/palmanda.asp

    Article 25 says the territory of Palestine “lying between the Jordan [River] and the eastern boundary of Palestine” (today’s Jordan) may be “postpone[d] or with[held] application” of the territory. All ares west of the Jordan River (including the so-called West Bank and Gaza) are undisputed Jewish territories.