Investigative Reporting?

We might have the ability to buy the domain name

Do readers think this is a good domain to switch to? Bad? Or we shouldn’t switch at all?

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  • OzarkHillbilly

    Interesting idea. Depends on what the price is.

  • Gail

    Why? What for? Washintonsblog has a personal ring to it, and is cozy. Investigative Reporting sounds impersonal and cold. These days we need the human touch of cozy more than anything else.

  • save your money.

  • Ice G

    ir is better but for all the good ir you may do you sometimes devalue it with a few articles that are less investigative or exposé, and more toward conspiracy. Stick to hard facts because credibility it paramount. Also keep learning/growing so your arguments get better.

    Good work!

  • EndTheFed

    I wouldn’t bother. What has passed as investigative reporting for the last 50 years is an insult to the types of things we are trying to bring to light today. Is the domain “ available?

  • EndTheFed

    Although buying it would keep it out of the msm’s hands…..

  • What’s in a name?

  • Anita

    Please keep your original name. 1.) Switching to “ir” would position you closer to mainstream media. 2.) In a world as upside down as ours, category names adopted by groups/ various players are proving to be camouflages for their real nature. Consequently, to those seeking an alternative to MSM a site called “ir” could by analogy become suspect of actually being a disinformation site.

  • PrissyPatriot®

    GW blogspot reminds me of the founding principles of America. IR reminds me of the propaganda coming from the rest of the MSM. Besides, you have too many opinion pieces (which is fine) to be called IR.

  • PisanCantos

    Never a good idea to re-brand yourself… you’ve spent years building up this brand. I know the Washingtonblog brand… what it stands for, the nom-de-plume, the reason for that… the whole thing. More importantly I trust the brand, and more importantly still I remember it and thus visit regularly. Change your domain name and you will loose a lot of readers by virtue of the fact that they no longer know who you are, or will otherwise be irked by this re-branding and (on a purely emotional level) no longer ‘trust’ the brand. All in all it’s a bad strategy IMHO…

  • Wayne

    What EndTheFed and PicanSantos said. No sense in swapping your personal, well-earned Washington’s Blog brand for the genric Investigative Reporting.

  • Negative. You’ve already got a great brand.

  • Griffon

    Not to be flip, but such monikers as “Fair and Balanced” are anything but.

    It seems in the MSM, those outlets who most aggressively wrap themselves in iconic descriptors are the ones that need them since, in my experience, their coverage is so substandard that it requires the marketing ploy of ‘charitable’ adjectives. It has come to make them suspect.

    “The Best Political Team on Television, The Worldwide Leader in News, The Place For Politics, Eyewitness News,” all seem to be pushing hard to create an illusion that they do not remotely fulfill.

    I cannot imagine veterans like Bill Moyers or the Seymour Hersh needing to tack-on a title like “PBS Investigates,” or something similar. It sounds much too local-news-dramatic to my ear.

  • jo6pac

    Stay with what you’ve already built up

  • KathyP

    If you were to change the domain name, “Investigative Researching” would be a more descriptive name. Your gift to readers is to pull together all of the threads revealed by others who actually do the investigative reporting. I’d vote for your not switching at all. You’ve provided something of enormous value to your readers under the name “Washington’s Blog,” and I ardently hope you continue to do so.

  • Dennis DeJarnette

    Depends on the cost.

  • gozounlimited

    You might start with this investigative report ….. Who geoengineered hurricane Sandy? …… see here: ….

    Geo-engineering Frankenstorm — Hurricane Sandy weather modification proved.

    Frequency manipulation of hurricanes.. finally documented in an easy to follow format.

    In essence, what we have captured are NEXRAD RADAR pulses into Hurricanes
    Irene AND Sandy ( pulses formerly known as HAARP rings ) —–
    additionally, multiple researchers recorded two large scale microwave
    events , manipulating the center of each storm … this was done during
    BOTH Hurricanes (a year apart) as they passed north of the Bahamas.

    people observed the appearance of large Microwave blasts into the
    center of the storms (Irene and Sandy) — the microwave bursts coming
    from downrange at the Arecibo radio observatory (this year during
    Hurricane Sandy, causing possible tornadoes to be detected, at the same
    time of the blast, over the Arecibo radio antenna in Puerto Rico)

    us to see TWO events.. one in 2011, one in 2012 — BOTH hurricanes
    (Irene and Sandy) coming up the east coast — the chances of these
    large microwave blasts from Arecibo going into the center of each
    storm—- the chances of that being some kind of an accident, or some
    kind of an anomaly are now reduced to ZERO.

    There is a
    0 % chance of anything other than INTENTIONAL weather modification
    using a NEXRAD and a HAARP type facility in concert with one another.

    seen it happen each time now, as the Hurricanes pass north of the
    Bahama’s , they are first pulsed with a NEXRAD RADAR Frequency Pulse
    from a station along the coast in North Carolina , then the Hurricanes
    are blasted with a high frequency microwave transmission from the huge
    array in Puerto Rico.

    The chances of having this happen for BOTH
    storms.. Irene and Sandy … are astronomical (or dare I even say it
    would be ‘impossible’ for these events to happen twice only during
    hurricanes on the East Coast in range of Arecibo).

    The NEXRAD
    RADAR frequency pulse (which I have called HAARP rings in the past) is a
    confirmation 100% that RADAR is being used in ‘pulse mode’ to have an
    effect on the weather directly.

    In the past, we have seen storms
    be drawn to the center of the NEXRAD RADAR pulses — here are all the
    past documented storm hits on pulses that appeared on RADAR over the
    past 2 years:

    It should not be shocking, if you have followed these events at all over
    the past 2 years of the “discovery process”, that a high frequency pulse
    from a NEXRAD RADAR, and a microwave burst from a HAARP facility
    (Arecibo) would be used in conjunction with each other to influence the

    Here is a post I have put together explaining the theory
    behind NEXRAD RADAR pulses causing ‘plasma heating’ — thus causing
    weather phenomenon around each pulsing station:

  • Keep the name, but maybe juice up the nameplate at the top of the page. A touch of graphic design could enhance first-impression, eye-candy appeal.

  • washingtonsblog is a trusted brand. keep the name, save your money, keep up the good work.

  • alice

    I luv Washington Blog, however, taking it a step up w/ would eliminate blog in title (i think) would add a higher level and broader scope.

  • jane doe

    No. Please keep your current name, it’s much better.

  • JosephConrad

    Stay as you are and keep h facts coming!

  • Wouldn’t you have to go through a period where lots of people don’t realize you switched your name and you’d lose a lot of readers?

  • Don’t switch.

  • Jay

    You would be starting over as far as link juice. Google shows 360 links which makes me think you have much more. They show 0 for the IR site.

    Older URL’s also have an advantage in google.

    Stick with your hard work. And put your money into new graphics and ads.

    Jay R.

  • BobM

    Like others I think best to leave the name alone. I also agree IR would tend to make an uninformed reader associate with lame stream media, which Washington’s Blog is not.
    WB is my daily read, and often several times I day I check in, now that I’m retired I can do that.
    Keep the name please.

  • Agree with above: (1) keep your current domain name, and (2) get a new logo. Ask people to send in samples, you’ll get some nice ones, then choose what you like, and modify it in Photoshop (I’ll be happy to help) if it’s not exactly what you want.

  • Tony Scott

    You could use “investigative reporting” in a descriptive subtitle for your current masthead without it costing any money.

    As I suggested before get rid of the word “blog” from your current title if you wish and replace it with “Watch” so it becomes “Washington’s Watch” The word blog does have a certain unfortunate connotation.

    Keep “Washington” as it has an enormous amount of goodwill. It is the critical component of a well recognised and respected brand. You must keep the current font and design if you change to “Washington’s Watch”

    I am a publisher so I have a little bit of experience in this area. Please don’t throw away “Washington”.

    The previous comments should convince you that you have an enormous amount of goodwill and this is much more valuable than any name.

    “Washington’s Watch” describes what you do. You are keeping watch. On your watch you have kept and continue to keep your readers informed of the critical issues the corporate media has ignored either through ignorance or by design.” Investigating reporting” in some form or another can be used as a sub title.

    For example” Washington’s Watch,’ “investigative reporting for the socially conscious”

  • Who’s a hologram?

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Love you the way you are.

  • amerikagulag

    It could work either way for you. But you know what you have here. In these days of ‘bigger is better’ mentality, it might be best to err on the side of caution. Griffon said it best – those monikers are anything but.

  • sirius3

    switching flags ? what for?

  • jed

    i like your name. it almost connotes the idea of the spirit of george washington chiming in on the decidedly unconstitutional republic we find ourselves living in.