Holocaust Survivors Criticize Israeli Policy Towards Palestinians

Leading Jewish Voices Call For Honest Debate

Preface: The main problem is the dehumanization and demonization carried out by both sides.

And see this.

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  • Doug_Terpstra

    Thank you, GW. The voices of Holocaust survivors are refreshing and powerful testimony to the self-evident crimes of the fascist state of Israel and its gun-bearer accomplice, the USA.

    The first two and Amy Goodman’s interview are especially compelling and persuasive, as are the IDF dissenters, but Norman Finkelstein’s brave and passionate rejection of Israel’s crocodile tears of persecution is a must watch. He makes clear how the transmogrification of Israel into a Gestapo regime is so utterly perverse and shameful.

    Clearly AIPAC censors cannot allow such “free speech” voices of conscience to air on on PBS, 60-Minutes, or any other MSM channels where they should be broadcast — if we had an ethical free press.

  • SK

    Like many countries, Israel sometimes behaves poorly and unwisely. That said, I believe there is a tremendous amount of ignorance about the source of this conflict. There was violence directed toward Jews by local Arabs going back to the 1800s, long before there was a State of Israel or any settlement on disputed land. The Arabs simply did not want the Jews as neighbors much in the way many black people were treated decades ago in the United States. As the Jewish community grew (Jews were always present in this part of the world unlike European settlers in the USA, Latin America, Australia…) on legally purchased land, violent attempts to disloge them also increased. Consider the 1929 massacre of Jews in Hebron. It is interesting that much of the world considers Hebron to be part of the “occupied territories” yet there was a sizeable Jewish community living there long before the formal declaration of the State of Israel in 1948. Now when the the local Arabs along with their compatriots in the Arab countries attempted to wage war on the Jews after the vote on the UN Partition Plan in 1947, they failed and lost land in the process. I don’t see how this is any different than other historical episodes of countires/peoples being on the losing side of battle. You may view it as unjust, but then we would have to redraw the maps of perhaps every single country in the world including the one in which you live. The situation was similar in 1967.. the Arabs lost the war, and territory along with it. I wonder, where are your crocodile tears for the millions of Sudeten Germans?

  • Mikey Mike

    I’m an American who is sick of funding the Nazi State of Israel. The only way you can be elected to our crooked U.S. Congress is to take a pledge of allegiance the Racist state of Israel. That is treasonous within itself. Sadly America is controlled by Jews who are running the country to Hell. Yes we all know Jews are always the victims, the Jew Lobby has infiltrated American Education Institutions with all the Holocaust (holohoax) propaganda. We will never hear about the Ukrainian Holocaust carried about by Jews because only “gods chosen people” can be victims. Jews were behind the USS Liberty attack in 1967 and 9/11. No true American should ever join the U.S. military which is only used to defend the terrorist state of Israel. I’m an America Firster nor will I ever be a Israeli firster.

  • David

    How many Palestinians must die to equal that to the very very few number of Israeli’s killed.