They Aren’t “Third Parties” … They Are SECOND Parties, Since the GOP and Dems Act as ONE Party On The Core Issues by Anthony Freda:

GOP and Dems: Two Sides of the Same Beast

The Republican and Democratic candidates have become incredibly similar in their core agendas . See this, this, this, this, this, this, this.    They are virtually indistinguishable on war, jobs, freedoms and favoring fatcats instead of the little guy.

Tony Blizzard hits the nail on the head, writing:

For the next elections quit referring to third parties. Call them – properly so – second parties, explaining that the two top parties are in reality one. Owned by the same money with tweedle dee, tweedle dumb candidates prostituted to that money.

The reason neither of them campaigns on [real] issues is that both back the same agendas of their owners, the money interests. THEY ARE ONE. TREAT THEM SO IN PRINT.

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  • JosephConrad

    The way to defeat a disliked GOP/DEM candidtate is for disaffected citizens to meet, select and then support – in every way (organizationally & financially- ‘one of their own’. if they follow such a formula, their COSTS of doin such will be MINIMAL and their END BENEFITS, M,AXIMAL! Throughout the electoral process, the ‘dIsaffected’ MUST STAY FOCUSED on their goal – ELECTING ONE OF THEIR OWN and
    NOT on divisive issues such as RACE, RELIGION, GENDER, MONEY DISTRIBUTION (Taxes) & ABORTION. These as SCAM ISSUES PURPOSELY presented to ‘DIVIDE’ citizens who want a more EQUITABLE, STRONGER, more SUCCESSFUL nation build upon FACTS as well BELIEFS!
    THE ‘WHITE WEALTHY’ ACHIEVE THIS GOAL every time THEY hold an election! That’s why they are so CONSSISTENTLY successful at PERPETUATING their WEALTH, POWER & CONTROL over US citizens.