China Is Quietly Becoming Gold Superpower

World’s Top Gold Producer Holding Onto All of Its Gold

While Western central banks have frittered away their gold, China is quietly building up its reserves.

China is the world’s largest gold producer.

And yet – according to various sources – gold bullion brokers have not seen any gold coming from China.

In other words, China is producing more gold than any other country, but isn’t exporting any of it.

In addition, china is importing huge amounts of gold.

As such, China is quietly becoming a gold superpower.

Note: China has a habit of being quiet for several years at a time, and then announcing big increases in gold holdings. So quoting old numbers will only mean that one is caught flat-footed as to China’s current holdings.

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  • JohnH

    Throughout history, gold ended up in China. Until a couple centuries ago, the West bought from China but had nothing to sell China, which is why the Brits finally started pushing drugs there.

    Now the Chinese have gobs of reserve currency plus gold.

    Sounds like the catbird’s seat to me.

  • If by “Brits” you mean Jews from Britain, then I would agree. Just like money printing, no matter which central bank. Read Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”.

  • You spelled Uzbekistan wrong.

  • Jimmy H

    I think we all know what’s a brewing, a super-currency in which Gold will play a role. Align yourself with the emerging power ( China ) and buy gold at these manipulated low prices.

  • JosephConrad

    Romney-Ryan can HAVE broke, cowardly America. China’s GOT ALL THE GOLD & RUSSIA & THE MUSLIMS HAVE ALL THE OIL!

  • The golden rule

    China is being very smart. Let the the rest of the world babble and talk big. The truth is in the numbers. Its like sports, losers babble at the end of the game to feel better. Response…look at the scoreboard. When China emerges with a gold backed currency and rules the rest, the rest will babble and yell and call them names or unfair. Like a true winner they will simply say look at the numbers (score board). They will be the biggest gold holders and US bond holders. Bye bye Western world.
    Its the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.

  • dmx

    America’s Dollar Imperialist system is deservedly imploding, as other countries reject the
    Dollar as the world’s reserve currency and move to real investments such as gold.

    Good bye and good riddance.

    America’s decades-long free lunch is coming to end.

    Grab your popcorn, and watch all the pants-wetting hysteria as America gnashes its teeth in rage! LOL.

    Seriously though, nations like China should be careful. The American Godfather does not tolerate ANYONE rejecting the Fiat Dollar (and investing in actual assets like gold instead)–as the dirty Dollar is the basis of America’s parasitic economy in general.

    Hell, maintaining America’s global Dollar dictatorship is one of the primary reasons that the “Land of the Free” attacked Iraq and Libya and is threatening Iran.

    Libya was creating a Gold Dinar as a pan-African currency before it was attacked by America.

    Iraq committed the “crime” (in America’s Orwellian mindset) of using EUROS instead of Dollars for oil sales before it was attacked by America.

    Meanwhile, Iran has been attempting something similar with its non-Dollar oil bourse, and China is divesting from the Dollar into gold before they….

    Like a rabid enraged animal, America will use the Sampson Option (i.e., take down the entire world) in response to all these developments.

    Indeed, the USA has been aggressively pushing this gambit with its decade-long war rampage called the phony War on Terrorism.

    The only question now is if (or when) America pulls its nuclear trigger. ;-(

  • China is a rising nation. They are growing in both economically and in military power. But it is not so easy to become a superpower using these. Here is a good post based on some research of pew research center – China over United States-

  • just

    Clearly China plans to move to the gold standard and trade with the Eastern economies, the same way Gadaffi wanted too, which would have destroyed the Western economes. He was unfortunately far easier to remove.

  • John

    Note that China is stacking silver as well. The population is buying a lot, while it is widely believed that even the central bank, PBOC does so.

  • CharlesSolomon

    China IS In the driver’s seat with The Golden Rule; “He who HAS the Gold, Makes the Rules”…….israel has been living The High Life off America’s Back For Far Far Too Long; forcing America To BORROW From China for israel’s benefit. China KNOWS Her Advantage. israel’s long term goal of controlling China is NOW quickly Fading away. That German, Swiss and World Gold held by the fed zionists in New York Is NOW Sitting in China’s Vaults. Tough SH IT netanYooHOO!, You FAT SH IT, We’re All Sc rewed because of jewish EgoManaical Greed. You “likud lickers” have been enjoying a FREE Ride on America And This Is ONE of the Reasons pres TaliBama is NOT in love with your FAT corpulant jewish deli you…..did someone say Jewish Deli??? corned beef on rye w/Pickle and Heated mustard anyone????? YUMM!!!!!!