California Proposition 37: A Farmer’s Perspective

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  • Geek Hick

    Farmer from WHERE? Looks like a North Bay Area not really a farmer but a weekend hippy, NOT a farmer down in the “Big Valley” or the Salinas Valley where all the real growing is done.

    Opinions vary. Maybe if the Calif. Water Board would give the Central Valley more water to work with, there’d be MORE FOOD and the cities would not be whining over GMO table scraps. Until Calif’s coasts pull their heads out and stop frittering away good water into the SF Bay, don’t expect bandaids like Prop 37 to even help.

  • JosephConrad

    The problem here is two fold. First, big corporations have seized control of nearly 100% of high-quality, strong/high-production seed companies. Second, they’ve RIGGED the farming process to make it too expensive for small farms to compete, thrive & much less continue to exist vs. FACTORY FARMS. Llast, ciizens CONTINUE to select and VOTE FOR BOUGHT CANDIDTATES all too willing to VOTE ONLY FOR THEIR PAYMASTER-CONTRIBUTORS! Farm state citizens must SELECT, SUPPORT (organizationally & financially) & VOTE FOR only those THEY SELECT WHO SHARE their FARMING VIEWS! Remember, the NAME OF THE GAME is FRAMING FOR PROFIT – NOT GAY MARRIAGE, RACE, ABORTION OR WARS ON TERROR! MEET, PICK YOUR WINNER, STAY FOCUS, ORGNAIZE, WIN & GET RICH FARMING!