Will War Criminals Ever Be Prosecuted?

Images by William Banzai 7

It is virtually beyond dispute that Bush and Cheney are war criminals.

Will they ever be prosecuted?

Or does might make right … since the victor writes history?


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  • jo6pac

    I have one green back left and will bet the answer is NO. A sad place Amerika has become and the rest of the world letting Amerika get away with it. It was good news that Putin now has become the largest oil company in the world. Strange Amerika cover Russia with weapons and they have the weapon everyone dies for Minerals/Oil. Good luck EU on who your friends are winter is coming.

    • Warren Celli

      An earlier comment I made was deleted. What was the infraction if any?

      • jo6pac

        I’ve had comments deleted also but I don’t own the site

  • kgo

    It is LITERALLY beyond dispute that Bush and Cheney are war criminals.


  • Cheney should be publicly put out of his misery. Same with the whole Bush family. Exterminate that seed.

  • In all seriousness war criminals should be prosecuted. But will they, sadly I don’t think so. Anyone who commits a violent crime against anyone should be jailed. Fitness Program