The American and British Governments Knew – Down to the Day – of the Coming Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor … And Let It Happen to Justify American Entry Into WWII

Military Officers and Code Breakers Speak Out … On Camera

Preface: We don’t contest that World War II was – in many ways – a “good war”.

The Nazis, imperial Japanese and fascist Italians were nasty folks trying to take over the world, who brutalized millions within their own borders and in the nations they occupied.

But a full and honest account of World War II shows that some big American banks funded the Nazis. And America dropped nuclear bombs on Japan when top U.S. military officials said it wasn’t needed.

And – as shown below – we probably knew about the coming Pearl Harbor attack, but let it happen to justify America’s entry into World War II.

The White House apparently had – a year before Pearl Harbor – launched an 8-point plan to provoke Japan into war against the U.S. (including, for example, an oil embargo). The rationale for this provocation is that the U.S. wanted to aid its allies in fighting the Nazis and other axis powers, and decided that an attack by Japan would be the most advantageous justification for the U.S. to enter WWII.

Moreover, Honolulu newspapers warned of a possible attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor:

Indeed, as the following must-watch BBC documentary – with interviews with many of the main players, including military officers and code-breakers – shows, the American and British knew of the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor — down to the exact date of the attack — and allowed it to happen to justify America’s entry into World War II:

And see this short essay by a highly-praised historian summarizing some of the key points. (The historian, Robert B. Stinnett, a World War II veteran, actually agreed with this strategy for getting America into the war, and so does not have any axe to grind).

Active Interference with Military’s Ability to Defend

It has also recently been discovered that the FDR administration took numerous affirmative steps to ensure that the Japanese attack would be successful. These steps included taking extraordinary measures to hide information from the commanders in Hawaii about the location of Japanese war ships (information of which they would normally be informed), denying their requests to allow them to scout for Japanese ships, and other actions to blind the commanders in Hawaii so that the attacks would succeed. See, for example, this book (page 186).

Key Military Players Incommunicado

In addition, the heads of the Army and Navy suddenly disappeared and remained unreachable on the night before Pearl Harbor. And they would later testify over and over that they “couldn’t remember” where they were (pages 320 and 335).

Gagging Whistleblowers

Two weeks after Pearl Harbor, the Navy classified all documents top secret, and the Navy Director of Communications sent a memo ordering all commanders to “destroy all notes or anything in writing” related to the attacks. More importantly, all radio operators and cryptographers were gagged on threat of imprisonment and loss of all benefits. (page 256).

Scapegoating and Labels of “Conspiracy Theory”

The commanders in Hawaii, General Short and Admiral Kimmel, were scapegoated as being the cause for the “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor (they were recently cleared by Congress).

And, according to a statement made to me privately by a leading Pearl Harbor scholar, the government repeatedly denied foreknowledge and labeled anyone who discussed the military’s prior knowledge of the attacks as a nutty conspiracy theorist.

Media Complicity

Amazingly, the Army’s Chief of Staff informed the Washington bureau chiefs of the major newspapers and magazines of the impending attacks before they occurred, and swore them to an oath of secrecy, which the media honored (page 361); and listen to interview here (we personally spent an hour speaking with Stinnett, and find him to be a highly credible and patriotic American.)

Postscript: Coincidentally, Philip Zelikow – the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, the administration insider whose area of expertise is the creation and maintenance of “public myths” thought to be true, even if not actually true, who controlled what the 9/11 Commission did and did not analyze, then limited the scope of the Commission’s inquiry so that the overwhelming majority of questions about 9/11 remained unasked – also happened to be the main guy defending the alleged unforeseeablity of the Pearl Harbor attack, who wrote a hit piece on Pearl Harbor historians like Stinnett.

It has been proven that 9/11 was entirely foreseeable and yet – unexplainably – all of the key military players just happen to have been unavailable and out of the loop when they were needed (and see this).

But that’s just an interesting coincidence, because countries never use false pretenses to launch wars. Well, almost never, especially when it involves the innocent killing of our own people.

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  • Pierre Brandt

    Thank you for being alert and vigilant about truth which is the real fondament of real peace.

    You exposed the banking sytem
    You exposed 9/11
    You exposed Pearl Harbour

    Just go back to 1969 and work on exposing Apollo Man walking on Nevada Moon.
    Truthfully yours Pierre

    • You really shouldn’t mix your arguments, unless you are trying to discredit them. You sound reasonable enough until you bring in the moon landing as a hoax. When you ‘bundle’ all your theories and ideas together, even though some may be correct, the perceived false ones bring the rest of them to the same level.

      • dubld

        In all fairness, you can believe in the moon landing or not, but you cannot deny that many circumstances surrounding the moon landing, and the official responses to questions about it follow the same standard template as the ‘official accounts’ provided for these other events. Note also that all such questions, and their askers, are regularly dismissed as conspiracy theory/theorists.

        Regardless of what I believe about any one of them, I think its justifiable to bundle all of these things together based on these similarities. You can’t just applaud objectivity when it supports your personal beliefs, then attack it when it doesn’t.

        Just sayin’…

  • EdD

    Sounds a lot like 9/11, doesn’t it? Not being a military type, I can’t understand why any US commander in the Pacific would have obeyed orders not to scout for Japanese ships. Hindsight being what it is, it’s easy to see that, had Pacific Navy officers simply gone ahead and taken steps to secure their ships and men, they would have detected the Japanese navy coming to attack and would have been heroes for thwarting the surprise element of the attack, at least.

    I don’t know, maybe their careers were more important to them. Guess that’s why I would never be able to serve in the military. I can’t take orders and won’t obey anybody. Distrust of authority can be healthy at time, I suppose

    • Forebearance

      Admiral Husband Kimmel’s grandson maintained a website for years that showed the many similarities between 9-11 and Pearl Harbor. Heck, the neocons even wrote pre-911 that “a new Pearl Harbor” was necessary to kick off a century of war and expansion of America’s hegemony.

    • telecomsearch

      Dear Ed,
      In late November 1941, Admiral Kimmel sent a battle-ready exploratory fleet north of Oahu where he suspected the Japanese fleet was heading. The decision was based on intuition based on the limited intercepts he did receive in November 1941. But low and behold, when his Washington superiors discovered his proactive maneuver, they ordered him to return his fleet to Honolulu, of which, he complied. Afterwards, and before December 4th he was manipulated into sending his most recently manufactured ships elsewhere such as his carriers. What was left in the harbor on the morning of December 7th were aged ships of the WWI era. Great planning by FDR?

      Why was Kimmel ordered to return his fleet to port? Because the mission of the Commander-In-Chief was for the Japanese to make the first overt attack in order to have maximum impact on the pacifist American public and their congressional representatives. A naval battle north of Oahu would not provide this impact. The battle could have even been construed by a pacifist print media that the US Navy attacked the Japanese Navy in International waters without provocation. Hence, we could probably agree that waiting another year to enter the war might have been catastrophic for the British in Africa, and permitted the Japanese to gain greater entrenchment in Asia and the Pacific, and perhaps Australia.

      Ironically, Britain, France and the USA indirectly caused WWII with their inordinate economic punishment against Germany. If they forgave and helped Germany recover from WWI (as was the USA post-WWII policy), the German people wouldn’t have wanted or needed Adolf Hitler. Instead, he would have been relegated to just another has-been mediocre Austrian artist. And Japan? Just another Asian trading partner.

      And the International bankers and military industrial complex? Well, they would have created other conflicts; somewhere; elsewhere, because they both love conflicts and wars. Good for business.

  • Moe Badderman

    # World War II was – in many ways – a “good war”.
    It was certainly good for the military-industrial complex.
    For anybody else, not so much.

  • lemuria

    NO the German Nationalists did NOT brutalize millions in the countries they went into!

    That is propaganda by the Soviets and the jews!

    And BTW, why don YOU mention the REAL nasty guys, the Soviets, who REALLY did commit brutal slaughterings,BEFORE Hitler…namely, the Ukrainian Massacre, and others.

    Why don;t you mention that the leaders of the Soviet Union, were main JEWS! And at the end, they slaughtered 50+ MILLION non-jews?

    And that AFTER WWII, the good guys, the Allies, FDR and Churchill, gave the ENTIRE Eastern Europe to the Soviets? Poland and Czechkoslovakia, for whose sake WWII was started, went to the SOviets.
    The Balkans, Hungary, and the rest, Bulgaria, Yogoslavia, ALbania, et al, given to puppets of the Soviets?

    And THAT was the true HELL ON EARTH !

    I bet you, that the Poles and Czechs, wished fervently, then, to have Hitler back!

    Why don’;t you have the guts to speak about the horrors under the Soviets, eh?

    • Cicero

      No guts because they are the Jewish(Socialist/Communist owned)media!!!

    • Mechanized

      While it is absurd to claim that the Nazis abstained from the brutalization of the Eastern European and Jewish people you are correct in acknowledging the brutality of Soviet Oppression. However, blaming “the Jews” a long-debunked conspiracy theory.

      • Yodamoo

        Succinct and lucid.

    • bumbutcha

      Nazis and soviets both were “bad guys”

  • Big M

    I can’t find it any more, but I read an article some years back that stated the Department of the Navy and the War Department held exercises and did studies at Pearl Harbor to see how the Japanese could most effectively attack Pearl Harbor if they chose to. They came up with the exact scenario that happened on that day, right down to the weather and the direction they would attack from. If I remember correctly, this was at least a year before it actually occurred.

    • Yukon Bobby

      Big M. You are partially correct, but here is the clincher. 8 years before Pearl Harbor, one of our greatest aviation heroes, Billy Mitchell, prepared a likely scenario for Japan attacking the US. Mind you, that was NINETEEN THIRTY THREE, prox the year that the Japanese began their war of terror on the Chinese and later all of Southeast Asia. It was the precise means by which the Japanese began their attack.

      Then again, prox 1938, a graduate of the Naval Academy chose that situation to once again warn of the danger faced by ROOSEVELT (spit.) and his commies, to move the US Fleet to Pearl Harbor.

      Every single top officer in the Navy and Army and Marines went to Roosevelt to point out the folly of such a move, that our oil reserves , shipyards, dry dock facilities, etc were well established on the West Coast of the USA. They pointed out that Pearl Harbor had few facilities, a very shallow harbor, no room to move ships readily, especially Battleships, and much more. But no, no one rebelled and that massive traitor moved the fleet as “cannonfodder” in order to aggrandize himself , to help Communism….especially postwar, etc.

      There were the US Army and the Navy official investigations into Pearl Harbor immediately post war also.

      TREASON did not begin with “the sixties”, Presidents-wise.

      • Swami_Binkinanda

        -1000. Roosevelt was a hereditary wealth elite and member of an aristocratic family whose policies in the New Deal prevented both German-Italian style Fascism from taking hold (as it had grown in the Midwest, e.g. Indiana under the Klan, Silver Shirts, DAF) and Communism/Socialism which had grown with the abject failure of capitalism as demonstrated by nearly a century of Wall Street corruption and theft and industrial policies abusive towards workers.

        • tancred

          You do not defeat facism by imposing it.

  • abc

    “The Nazis, imperial Japanese and fascist Italians were nasty folks trying to take over the world”
    That is Allied propaganda. The Nazis, imperial Japanese and fascist Italians wanted to create empires for exploitation similar to the ones the British and French already had and that the Americans were in the process of building.

    Hitler’s dream was the Aryan race ruling the world. He would have loved to collaborate with the British and Americans and carve up spheres of influence. Whether the Italian, French and Japanese also got a share was probably of secondary concern to him.

  • And by coincidence the carriers were out of port, taking aircraft to guam etc ((excrementus bovis))!!

    Re Governmant actions everything is planned!! and intentional!!

    Ming Bucibei

    • Forebearance

      True. What’s more: a luxury ocean liner named the SS Lurline was cruising in the South Pacific when the radio operator intercepted communications from the Japanese high command to their fleet in the week preceding Dec. 7. Pearl Harbor was one of the Lurline’s ports of call. On Dec. 4 once they had docked the radio operator turned his log book over to the Naval station in Honolulu.

      To this day, the record of the log book being turned over to the US Navy is a matter of record, but the log book itself has disappeared. All wars are started with lies.

  • Cicero

    lemuria is correct..this history of the Bolshevik murderous Jews has been suppressed by the Jewish owned media…Stalin,Marx,Lenin,Beria et al murdered over 100 million non Jews, NOT HITLER! He hated the Communists and wanted them(Jews were the Communists in Germany) evicted from Germany as they caused incessant trouble and agitations.One never hears of this in the politically correct(Marxist term) history books!

  • curiosity einre

    Pearl harbor…Sacrificial Lamb??..hhhmmnn..

  • Ron Paul – “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”

    • telecomsearch

      Because in central banking there’s lotsa money to be made in creating conflicts and wars.

  • Forebearance

    All wars are started with lies. As more information on the causes of WWII becomes declassified and more widely known, it encourages people to be skeptical when the present-day government announces something along the lines of “an attack by Al-Qaeda on a major city is likely to happen on such-and-such holiday…”. If the intelligence services know about an impending attack with that much specificity but STILL appear incapable of preventing said attack, then it is probably a false-flag designed to goad the American people into yet another war of conquest.

  • InnerCynic

    “…nasty folks trying to take over the world”… Nasty? Yes. Trying to take over the world? By whose definition? If the “world” being what had already been seized and colonized by the powers, at that time, then it was merely a turf war between rival gangs. All a matter of degree. Just ask those Filipino civilians, about 200,000 its estimated, who died at the hands of the Marines, after having fought long and hard with the Spanish, if they wanted their country to become an American colony. The rising American Empire simply wanted another excuse to expand.

  • Mechanized

    While the nefarious leaders of Nazi Germany and Japan were intent upon creating powerful empires it is quite a stretch to suggest that their respective governments were bent upon world domination.

    Adolph Hitler intended to create an empire in Eastern Europe in order to fulfill pre-Nazi ambitions of what is referred to as lebensraum. In fact, had Great Britain and France refrained from declaring war upon Germany after the invasion of Poland in 1939 it is highly unlikely that France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Denmark, or Norway would ever have been invaded. The Allies should have played their hand intelligently and allowed Hitler and Stalin to weaken their respective empires in a dual which most assuredly would have been a stalemate at best or perhaps a defeat for Germany.

    Imperial Japan originally only had designs on China but greatly expanded it’s imperial ambitions after the United States and Great Britain instituted sanctions (particularly oil) again them. Unsurprisingly, this forced Japan to acquire its natural resources via the conquest of territories rich in resources such as oil and rubber.

    While wars in Eastern Europe and China would most certainly have occurred outside of Allied interference the war would have otherwise never become as destructive and world wide as it did historically.

  • pat

    9/11 was no different

  • Johnny Shiloh

    My mother worked at Santa Anita Sanitarium in Temple City, California in the 1950’s. She had a co-worker at that time, a former German, who told her that when the Americans came to her city, the soldiers lined up the women and, with the approval of their commanders, raped them in celebration that they had just won the war. This German lady was highly credible and we have never doubted her story.

  • Tom

    Sanctions, similar to the ancient siege, are acts of war according to the Just War Theory as offered by Noam Chomsky and others.
    Thus, we started the war with Japan using an oil embargo.

  • C. Adkins

    this is old news. Most people know Peal Harbor was, “aloud” to be bombed to enrage the American people and draw us into the war.

  • Preston James

    Royal Navy Commander Ian Fleming was involved in the deception to bait the Axis member, the Japanese fascists to attack Pearl Harbor to get American industry and military forces into the war to defeat HIGH-TECHNOLOGY NAZI GERMANY before it was too late and they had weapons of mass destruction–you can read the details in Creighton’s OPJB: The Last Great Secret of the Second World War and James Bond is Real: The Untold Story of the Political-Military Technological Threats Ian Fleming Warned Us About;; the goal was to oblige Hitler’s Germany into declaring war on America; therefore Pearl Harbor was the actual turning point of WW2 and a defeat for both the Germans as well as the Japanese and Italians.

  • “…all radio operators and cryptographers were gagged on threat of imprisonment and loss of all benefits.”

    “…the Army’s Chief of Staff informed the Washington bureau chiefs of the major newspapers and magazines of the impending attacks before they occurred, and swore them to an oath of secrecy…” (That would be George Catlett Marshall Jr., guilty of treason and collusion in mass murder of the American people. His grave is stained with the blood of innocents, and he will have a very difficult time on Judgement Day.)

    I have known of the “pre-knowledge” of the PH attack for some time. When one looks at Golden Lily, Black Eagle Trust / Project Hammer, then one should not be shocked of motivations and attitudes of those actors of pre-PH. It is quite suspicious that the ground breaking of the Pentagon predates the PH attack.

    When one studies Golden Lily, there is a direct link that goes from Nanking in ’35 to 9/11 to the very present nano-second of our economic follies. This does not happen by accident or negligence. It must be planned, in order for the present results to materialize as a relative success…

  • Charles

    The UK/USA establishment planned both World Wars. After both wars they created attempt at world government in the League of Nations and later the UN, both planned by The British Crown to rule the earth. The Pilgrims Society is what this group calls themselves and is sponsored by The Crown. Not Skull & Bones, not Bilderberg, not Trilateral nor any other group! Those are all inferior to and managed subsidiaries of this group you never heard of till just this moment. This is the only globalist organization refusing to release membership lists into the public domain—because they have a very great deal to hide. Very extensive details at

  • Edward Ulysses Cate

    I’ll never understand why veterans of any war wouldn’t gang up together and expose the financial sociopaths (bullies with means)) who get behind certain psychopaths to finance them into war. War can not happen without financing, and I’m refering to the build-up, not the actual fighting. I know why the financial sociopaths do it, because it’s so damn profitable to lie, steal and murder. What I don’t understand it why the other 99% allow it.

  • This article amounts to a steaming pile of gelatinous opinion. How was WW2 a “good” war when FDR was a bloodthirsty traitor for letting it start? The central logic of this propaganda-piece is flawed. Terrible propaganda, sorrynotsorry LOL

  • Blair Bentley

    The article stated that the “Japanese may strike somewhere” over the weekend. How you get an advance notice of an attack on Pearl Harbour from this mystifies me. The date of the paper was November 30.