Tepco Admits It Knew of Problems at Fukushima BEFORE the Earthquake Hit

Tepco Finally Comes Clean … But Tries to Blame Anti-Nuclear Movement

Ever since the Japanese earthquake hit a year and a half ago, we have reported on Tepco’s criminal negligence in failing to prevent the Fukushima disaster. See this, this and this.

Due to the pressure put on Tepco by whistleblowers, writers and others, Tepco is finally coming clean.

As the Wall Street Journal reports today:

In a stunning reversal, the operator of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant admitted for the first time Friday that it had made errors of judgment that contributed to one of the world’s worst nuclear accidents last year.

[Tecpo] said in a report that the company failed to adequately prepare for a disaster and that it knew it wasn’t prepared, and yet it did nothing, out of fear for the economic and social consequences.

“There was a worry that if the company were to implement a severe-accident response plan, it would spur anxiety throughout the country and in the community where the plant is sited, and lend momentum to the antinuclear movement,” said the report, explaining what it described as the “underlying reasons” Tepco didn’t have a good plan for such accidents.

That makes as much sense as claiming that American football players should take off their helmets and pads because protective gear implies that football is a dangerous activity.

The Journal continues:

The report represents a shift in stance for Tepco, which had continued to maintain it had done its best to prevent an accident from happening—despite repeated criticism from government and private-sector panels that studied events.

Postscript: While a Japanese Parliamentary inquiry found in July that collusion between Tepco and the Japanese government was the cause of the Fukushima disaster, the American government has long played a huge role in dictating Japanese nuclear policy.

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  • “Houston – we got a problem”….something happened in August, and then something happened around Sept 17 of this year. Beta radiation CPM (clicks per minute) has doubled and tripled in some cities in the US, particularly in the Pacific Northwest and now spreading south and east.

    Charts from around 20 cities are here. No rocket science needed, simple chart inspection says it all. HEPA and anti-oxidants, and stay out of the rain!


  • Robert Torres

    Good article. I’ve always felt uneasy about the argument that Truman would have had to explain to the mothers of dead American servicemen why he didn’t employ the bomb against Japan, as a justification for using it. I find the argument full of holes that the bomb saved Japanese and American lives ,…well they didn’t give a rats ass about Japanese civilians, since they firebombed their cities. We went from initially targeting military industrial areas to civilian during the war. American military and civilian planners embraced “total war” as welcomed policy change expecting the civilian population to turn on their government, who couldn’t protect them from high flying American bombers. Instead it affirmed the Japanese government’s messages to the people that they were fighting against total annihilation of their culture. Americans shouldn’t expect any consideration of their civilian population from a future conflict with our enemies. War is hell.

  • Bruce H

    This subject was well covered by Gar Alperovitz’s “Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam – The Use of the
    Atomic Bomb and the American Confrontation with Soviet Power” which was published over 40 years ago. I read it as a student around 1970 for a general studies project and it seems to have been republished in 1985.
    Worth the read.

  • InnerCynic

    This is an on-going disaster and not one that “happened” and is being now taken care of. The radiation gushing out of that place is horrific and they’ve even instituted a zone about the reactors in which nobody is allowed. So family homes, businesses, farms, you name it are now off limits and therefor DEAD! And where in our mainstream propaganda organs, AKA the poodle-press, do we see the massive rallies in Tokyo to the tune of tens of thousands? Nary a peep but you sure as hell know about dancing with the friggin stars!