Should Californians Have the Right to Know?

Background (and see this).

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  • ForestSilverwood

    From what I’ve gathered, the Genetically Modified Foods that do cause cancer are ones are are geared towards killing certain bugs, or being less sensitive to pesticides.

    I would presume Genetically Modified Foods that are geared towards something else, such as growing in salty water, would not cause as much cancer trouble.

    • “as much”

      • ForestSilverwood

        That should be stressed. Though I think Bananas may give more chances of cancer. (they are radioactive, after all)

    • I would suggest that you do a bit of research before making “presumptions”.

      • ForestSilverwood

        That’s the thing. I don’t think there are any studies on cancer risks of Genetically Modified Foods geared towards salt water. It’s all on the ones geared towards the crops producing specific poisons and resistance against specific poisons. And logic would say making a food produce any type of poison will not be healthy for humans.

          • ForestSilverwood

            “Mitt Romney is just one in a line of politicians who support and promote GE foods as being just as safe and “natural” as conventional foods while privately serving up nothing but organic for their own families.”

            That’s interesting.

            But, the article clearly only talks about crops geared towards resistance of poisons and use of poisons on the crops.

            In the video, again, it talks about the crops producing poison, insecticides. There are unlimited ways foods can be engineered. It’s just that engineering them towards resisting a poison or producing said poison is much easier(and profitable, apparently) than, say, changing the taste.

            It’s possible the politicians getting all these poisons into the food streams(as there’s proven science that those specific Genetically Modified foods are very bad to eat). They are worried about over-populating, and aren’t willing to let the populous learn. If everyone in the world had access to the same information, overpopulation would never be a problem. (as there would be so fewer accidental pregnancies, everyone would plan for it, etc.)

            It’s the MAINSTREAM way they are gearing the Genetically Modified Foods towards that is BAD. It shouldn’t stop the human race from trying to create giant strawberries or corn that can grow on the ocean. Though I do believe it is wrong to feed people PROVEN poison. That corn that produces poison for bugs has clearly been proven to be the wrong road for Genetic Engineering of foods.

          • Actually, I think the interesting point is the way in which the genetic modifications to the plants transfer the information to the entity consuming it, which then can reprogram the functions of that entities internal organs.

            Therefore, in my opinion, it’s not really relevant what the modifications are ostensibly purposed for. The resultant mutations to the bodies of entities consuming the modified foods will irreversibly alter the genome of succeeding generations as they will be passed on to the offspring.

            It would seem that one of the goals of foisting GM foods on the masses is to allow the indirect genetic modification of the human population.

  • Anyone who has not yet done so needs to see this documentary.