More than a Dozen Nuclear Plants Near Hurricane Sandy’s Path Brace for Impact

North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut

Bloomberg reports:

“Because of the size of [Hurricane Sandy], we could see an impact to coastal and inland plants,” Neil Sheehan, a spokesman based in Philadelphia for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said by phone today. “We will station inspectors at the sites if we know they could be directly impacted.”

The NRC met earlier today to discuss the necessary precautions to take for the storm, Sheehan said. Plants must begin to shut if wind speeds exceed certain limits, he said.

As of 2 p.m. New York time, Sandy had winds of 75 miles (121 kilometers) per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. It was about 430 miles south-southeast of Charleston, South Carolina, moving north at 7 mph.

The current Hurricane Center track calls for the system to come ashore just south of Delaware Bay on Oct. 30.

Reuters provides a list:

The following lists the nuclear reactors and utilities in Sandy’s potential path.

While we don’t foresee any problems, the risk of nuclear accident in the U.S. is actually much greater than it was in Japan before Fukushima.

For example, fuel pools in the United States store an average of ten times more radioactive fuel than stored at Fukushima, and have virtually no safety features.

Let’s review the list and look at examples of problems experienced by the nuclear plants in Hurricane Sandy’s path:

  • Salem has been riddled with problems with security, turbines and other issues.
  • Hope Creek has suffered security problems, has the same design as the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1, has “some of the same issues with above-ground storage of spent fuel rods as Fukushima” and “was designed to withstand certain major weather events but we need to look at the potential impacts of more extreme events, especially … sea level rise and flooding”
  • Limerick has suffered electrical and other issues
  • Oyster Creek has been plagued with electrical and other problems
  • Millstone’s vulnerability is shown by the fact that it was shut down due to warm seawater

It’s not surprising that there have been problems at all of these nuclear plants. After all, the U.S. has 23 reactors which are virtually identical to Fukushima. The archaic uranium reactor designs developed more than 40 years ago are only good for making bombs.

Most American nuclear reactors are old. They are aging poorly, and are in very real danger of melting down. And yet the NRC is relaxing safety standards at the old plants. And see this.

Indeed, while many of the plants are already past the service life that the engineers built them for, the NRC is considering extending licenses another 80 years, which former chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority and now senior adviser with Friends of the Earth’s nuclear campaign David Freeman calls “committing suicide”.

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  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Not if … but when — just a matter of time.

    • Exactly, all these so-called “experts” sit there and “warn” us that they can’t (possibly) guarantee they’ll always have excess power to waste in order for them to waste free heat-energy power from hot fuel rods as heat-pollution into our environment, so they’ll have to just let the “waste” power they can’t waste “properly” (as they’d planned to) blow the hell out of their orphaned nuclear waste storage pools, the world, and us along with them.

      This is either just ignorant stupidity, deliberately negligent corruption or a myopic disorder. The thermocouple technology to make an “atomic battery” out of any heat producing isotope is as simple, direct and as old as the hills! Why is there any “heat energy” problem here to begin with?

    • What you have here is that the capricious, malignant and parasitic “private” (read crony) military-industrial payola cut-out corporate mobs that “operate” nuclear-communist power stations for the Pentagon Communist’s “Nuclear Regulatory Commissariat” (NRC) monopoly are privatizing the theft of ill-gotten gains and profits while they greedily and violently socialize the Pandora’s Box of mega-losses that their deliberate negligences will cost us all.

      Somebody needs to show these morons where their butts are

  • John Russell

    Notice the NRC doesn’t say what those ‘certain wind limits’ are?

    That’s because like the so-called “Safe radiation levels” the level is set not by Science and Engineering but by Greed for more Mammon … And change on a moment’s notice … like higher radiation levels and wind speeds … Exceed the limit well the solution is to just raise the limit not fix the problem

  • Chris Brown

    This map will blow your mind: Could Hurricane Sandy be New York’s Fukushima ? – htt

  • Hmm… Hurricane+Nuclear, sound like a recipe for disaster.
    Seems to be garnering a getting a bit of attention though. This maps shows
    nuclear sites in the path of the hurricane and associated storm surge:

  • Great! We are all doomed to a slow painful death! WTF?

  • Woo hoo! And unlike Fukushima that had a GE piece of crap shoved down their throats, these marvelous reactors were probably made in China. Karma comes in many shapes and forms.

  • What Fukushima has taught us is that:

    1: Free (decay) heat is (also) free (and horribly wasted) energy!

    2: Wasting free heat energy by ignorantly relying upon and totally wasting unreliable “other” electrical energy just to pump it “away” into water bodies is criminal waste, criminal engineering negligence and thermal pollution!

    3: This ignorantly wasted free rod-decay heat ITSELF should be generating 90% or more of the power needed for them to cool themselves off, sustainably!

    4: Spare fuel rods must always be safely enclosed in thermocouple sleeves to convert them and their hazardous waste-heat into self-sustaining thermopile battery power!

    5: Fukushima was the result of criminal engineering incompetence, malpractice and gross engineering and regulatory criminal negligence.

    666: STUPIDLY failing to heed this simple lesson in this satanic deal with a trillion nuclear-terrorist devils is now going to inevitably cause a series of global catastrophes unparalleled in all living history. Maybe the end of all life here, forever, itself.

    The Egyptian hieroglyph “666″ is a pictograph of the three “threateningly subhuman” bestial reptilian urges of “Envy, Greed and Violence” that threaten the divinely all-transcendent Ahket (house) of our lovingly all-creative and conscientious Human Parentage’s (Amun-Family).

    Our Lord and Savior’s prayer to “Our Parentage (sic: father) Whom art Heaven” means we are all of one house, one tribe, one race, one nation, one corporation and one human (amun) family.

    Get with the plan here