Mainstream Commentator: Vote Third Party

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell encourages us to vote for a third party:

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  • jo6pac

    Thanks, I live in Calli but even if I lived in swing state I would still vote for a third party.Evil is still evil even if it’s the lesser of the too.

  • KYGaryJohnson

    Kentucky for Gary Johnson!

  • In the “2 party” elections, voters have good reason to feel irrelevant. They have been nearly so for a long time. As of 2000 however, the “elections” have been utterly meaningless theater played out for the sole purpose of keeping the public deluded, believing they have a choice.

    If you vote for either of the duopoly candidates, you are not making a choice and your vote will be of no consequence.

    Unless many millions vote for the same third party candidate, this election, like those preceding it, is completely pointless. The next “president” has already been chosen by our masters and nothing short of a “voter revolution” will have any impact whatsoever on the outcome.

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.”Joseph Stalin

  • Finally, the truth about this election!! Thanks

  • signalfire1

    Lawrence, too bad you didn’t have Gary Johnson on your show, and on MSNBC more than just as a curiosity. If you’d given him a voice that CNN denied him in the debates, he might be polling at greater then 33% now. I like you Lawrence, but you blew it.

  • Drive185

    Albeit literal truth, and I did vote for Gary Johnson, this is a vain attempt by MSNBC to lower the vote in swing states for Romney. Statistically Ron Paul voters went 8/1 to Romney, so removing a small amount of votes for Romney would swing the vote to Obama – Their MAN

  • I am writing in Ron Paul because Mitt Romney is the same candidate he was six months ago.