In Praise of My Father


I’ve written a lot about the Founding Fathers.   Now I’d like to praise my own father.

My father worked hard and was successful … but he never forgot his roots, and he treated everyone – from the elevator operator (yes, they used to have them) to the parking guy – with respect.

My father valued truth, and taught me to stick with the truth … even when it is difficult.

My father put family first … even when he was slammed at work.

My father was a professional and an intellectual … but he wasn’t afraid to show his silly side, to laugh so hard that he couldn’t breathe, or to revel in the arts.

My father got beaten up as a kid by a group of African-Americans (he was white, like me).   But my father was a strong and big-hearted man.  Instead of becoming a racist, he volunteered in the South during the 1960′s to help black civil rights protestors who were harassed and arrested, and he supported civil rights and other causes his whole life.

I am the man I am today because of my father.

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  • Bill Pahnelas

    PLEASE! Your father never forgot his roots, not his “rots.” Please don’t leave it to spell check to make sure your copy is clean…

  • T. Montz

    Your father taught you well. I see very few people standing for these values anymore, Your blog is one of my favorite! Your blogs are things me and my husband discuss on a daily basis that so many seem oblivious to.

  • quinn

    A principled man – God bless him

  • Pops

    God Bless him and you!
    Thanks for all the hard work and time that you put in to keep us informed.
    I love your blog.
    The TRUTH is so important.
    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  • zonster

    here, here !!