Congressman and Chairman of the House’s Homeland Security Committee: Terrorist Threat Worse Now than Before 9/11

Nice Job Creating More Terrorists, You Morons …

The Washington Times notes:

U.S. Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and Chairman of the House’s Homeland Security Committee, said Tuesday that al Qaeda is a greater threat now than it was before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

“That is the consensus of most intelligence experts,” he said on CNN’s “Starting Point.”

If King is right, then it shows that America’s anti-terrorism policies since 9/11 have been a dismal failure1.


D’oh! We’re Supporting Terrorists

Initially – in the name of fighting our enemies – the U.S. has directly been supporting Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups for the last decade.  See thisthis, this, this and this.

If Al Qaeda is a greater threat now than before 9/11, maybe it’s because – oh, I don’t know – we’re supporting them?

Our Program of Torture Created Terrorists

In addition, torture creates new terrorists:

  • A top counter-terrorism expert says torture increases the risk of terrorism (and see this).
  • One of the top military interrogators said that torture by Americans of innocent Iraqis is the main reason that foreign fighters started fighting against Americans in Iraq in the first place (and see this).
  • Former counter-terrorism czar Richard A. Clarke says that America’s indefinite detention without trial and abuse of prisoners is a leading Al Qaeda recruiting tool
  • A 30-year veteran of CIA’s operations directorate who rose to the most senior managerial ranks, says:

    Torture creates more terrorists and fosters more acts of terror than it could possibly neutralize.

“The administration’s policies concerning [torture] and the resulting controversies … strengthened the hand of our enemies.”

  • General Petraeus said that torture hurts our national security
  • And the reporter who broke Iran-Contra and other stories says that torture actually helped Al Qaeda, by giving false leads to the U.S. which diverted its military, intelligence and economic resources into wild goose chases

So the widespread program of torture under the Bush administration didn’t help.

Our Wars In the Middle East Have Created More Terrorists

Moreover, security experts – including both conservatives and liberals – agree that waging war in the Middle East weakens national security and increases terrorism. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.


Killing innocent civilians is one of the main things which increases terrorism.    As one of the top counter-terrorism experts (the former number 2 counter-terrorism expert at the State Department) told me, starting wars against states which do not pose an imminent threat to America’s national security increases the threat of terrorism because:

One of the principal causes of terrorism is injuries to people and families.

(Indeed, Al Qaeda wasn’t even in Iraq until the U.S. invaded that country.)

And top CIA officers say that drone strikes increase terrorism (and see this).

Furthermore, James K. Feldman – former professor of decision analysis and economics at the Air Force Institute of Technology and the School of Advanced Airpower Studies – and other experts say that foreign occupation is the main cause of terrorism

University of Chicago professor Robert A. Pape – who specializes in international security affairs – points out:

Extensive research into the causes of suicide terrorism proves Islam isn’t to blame — the root of the problem is foreign military occupations.


Each month, there are more suicide terrorists trying to kill Americans and their allies in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Muslim countries than in all the years before 2001 combined.


New research provides strong evidence that suicide terrorism such as that of 9/11 is particularly sensitive to foreign military occupation, and not Islamic fundamentalism or any ideology independent of this crucial circumstance. Although this pattern began to emerge in the 1980s and 1990s, a wealth of new data presents a powerful picture.

More than 95 percent of all suicide attacks are in response to foreign occupation, according to extensive research [co-authored by James K. Feldman – former professor of decision analysis and economics at the Air Force Institute of Technology and the School of Advanced Airpower Studies] that we conducted at the University of Chicago’s Project on Security and Terrorism, where we examined every one of the over 2,200 suicide attacks across the world from 1980 to the present day. As the United States has occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, which have a combined population of about 60 million, total suicide attacks worldwide have risen dramatically — from about 300 from 1980 to 2003, to 1,800 from 2004 to 2009. Further, over 90 percent of suicide attacks worldwide are now anti-American. The vast majority of suicide terrorists hail from the local region threatened by foreign troops, which is why 90 percent of suicide attackers in Afghanistan are Afghans.

Israelis have their own narrative about terrorism, which holds that Arab fanatics seek to destroy the Jewish state because of what it is, not what it does. But since Israel withdrew its army from Lebanon in May 2000, there has not been a single Lebanese suicide attack. Similarly, since Israel withdrew from Gaza and large parts of the West Bank, Palestinian suicide attacks are down over 90 percent.


The first step is recognizing that occupations in the Muslim world don’t make Americans any safer — in fact, they are at the heart of the problem.

1 King is a blowhard who basically thinks that all Muslims are terrorists …  and who supported the Irish Republican Army for decades.

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  • LootersParadise

    Yes, torture fosters increased terrorism, but isn’t that intentional? If the torture regime’s goal is to engender fear of an external foe in order to justify the funneling of “defense” expenditures to cronies and unconstitutional constraints on civil liberties, then torture becomes an essential political tool. The pro-torture policies instituted under GWB were never about fighting terrorism, they were designed to create conditions friendly to extractive financial interests and repression of protests by the American populace.

  • Rich H

    Peter King is an idiot. He’s the human verison of the Color Coded Alert – with the same intent and meaning as used during the Bush administration. He’s a fool’s fool.
    Some P.K. quotes, “WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.”
    “If we have another 2,000 people killed, I want Nancy Pelosi and George Soros, John Conyers and Pat Leahy to go to the funeral and say, ‘Your son was vaporized because we didn’t want to dump some guy’s head under water for 30 seconds.'”

    And this, “As far as Iraq, the important thing is that the Taliban is gone in Afghanistan, three-quarters of the al-Qaida leadership is either dead or in jail, and we now have Saudi Arabia working with us, Pakistan working with us.”
    Which is it Peter, better or worse? Or does your view has something to do with the election?

  • bcorno

    I don’t know why they’re concerned. They weren’t concerned before 9/11.

  • Where does one bivouac when travelling through the infinite tunnel of deceits? The public politicians may well be “morons” since they are puppets. However, their puppet masters appear to me to be evil geniuses, that are accomplishing exactly what they intended.

    Saying that the “war on terror” is a “failure” is similar to saying that the “war on drugs” is a “failure.” That is ONLY true IF one assumes that the public reasons given by the mainstream moron puppet politicians were actually the reasons for what was done. However, I tend to believe that what actually happens is what was actually intended by those who actually planned it.

    I begin by observing that the events on 9/11/2001 must have been an inside job, since the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings is impossible to logically understand, except as the result of controlled demolitions. After that, it becomes publicly obvious who had the power to obstruct justice, and summarily destroy evidence, and make sure that no proper investigations were ever done into those mass murders. It is also publicly obvious who went along with selling the official story, while deliberately ignoring the manifest absurdities and contradictions present in that official story. My conclusion, on the basis of what I am able to learn, is that 9/11/2001 was a false flag attack, done by Zionists, to blame on Muslims. 9/11 was intended to become an excuse for more wars, and to prepare to impose martial law on Americans. The global ruling elites, who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, are going for broke to consolidate their position through DELIBERATELY driving genocidal world war, and democidal martial law.

    The reality is that the puppet masters, who control our political processes, because they already control our money supply, and the mass media, and so forth, are accomplishing exactly what they wanted to accomplish, by driving a vicious spiral of creating more terrorists, since those puppet masters were always the supreme terrorists themselves, who have set up the entire system whereby they benefit from doing that. They are quite willing and able to make more money from mass murders, since that is what they have been doing for quite a few thousand years already. The puppet masters, that control our mainstream moron politicians, and the brainwashed Zombie Sheeple that vote for those politicians, are achieving what those puppet masters intended to achieve. The worse it gets, the better they like it!

    I have already abandoned all hope in this respect. I have no means to effectively resist the trillionaire mass murders that are controlling real world events. I already am 100% objectively depressed, and I already expect to become just another one of the many other people that they can kill with impunity. As long as the established systems can continue to fool enough of the people enough of the time, then nothing can be changed. I see no reasonable basis to expect anything else than the runaway triumph of huge lies, backed by lots of violence, automatically getting worse and worse, faster and faster.

    IF one perceives that 9/11 was done to deliberately manufacture more terrorism, by blaming people who had nothing to do with that, and attacking them, then that must be seen as a great “success.” Of course, those who were manifestly incompetent get promoted, while those who are not get fired! The same thing applies to the drug wars, and all of the other historical methods whereby various systems of slavery were maintained by violence based on deceits. The puppet masters are using their mainstream moron politicians to make more terrorists, so that there will be good excuses to start world war, and impose martial law. I see no way to prevent that from happening, and I already expect to be destroyed by that, which I why I can publish something like this, because I already feel there is no reasonable hope, and I am already quite sure that the puppet masters, through their armed forces, are going to destroy me and everything I care about anyway, More truth makes no difference to established systems based on lies backed by violence, and so my writing this is too insignificant to matter.

    Since the puppet masters, that control the politicians, are the supreme terrorists and torturers, who benefit from doing that, more and more, as much as they can, OF COURSE, that is what is actually happening, and that is not a “mistake,” but the manifestation of their deliberate, long-term, plans. My attempts to discuss and talk about that are practically pointless. If doing that could make any difference, then I too would become a target. However, the established systems are already so overwhelmingly dominant that they no longer care about being revealed. Instead, things which were always denied before might eventually be more openly admitted, because, after all, what can be done about it?

    The established systems are the runaway triumph of fraud and robbery, maintaining ignorance and fear, which is mostly working out exactly as planned. The only paradoxical problem is the possible final failure from too much “success” at starting world war and imposing martial law going out of control. However, the people who were really behind driving those events are precisely those people who have been selected by the long history of the money/murder system to be able and willing to take those risks. The established systems do not care about evidence and logical arguments. They ONLY care about continuing to be able to back up their huge lies with more violence. We are driven into the cul de sac that nothing could stop them, except if somebody else was even better at being dishonest, and backing their dishonesty up with violence, BUT, then that would only make things be even worse! Therefore, I see nothing else that one can actually do but wait and watch as things get worse. No bla, bla, blah about truth and justice is going to matter, nor make any difference. Only more dishonesty and violence could make a real difference, BUT, the only real difference that could make would be to make things get even worse, faster.

    LIKE I SAID, I AM ALREADY 100% OBJECTIVELY DEPRESSED BY THESE DISCOVERIES, AND THEREFORE, I CAN PUBLISH THIS BECAUSE I ALREADY FEEL THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, SINCE WE HAVE ALREADY LOST. The real terrorists have won, by driving their demented spiral that creates more terrorists, so that there will be more wars, and more martial law, without any end in sight … There are no practical and realistic ways that I can perceive to prevent that.

    • Rich H

      “since those puppet masters were always the supreme terrorists themselves.”
      Amen. I feel your despair. Somehow… I feel that if the government were to come for me I’d be able to present in a court of law how our government is nothing but a fraud and therefore has no legal right to sit in judgement of me.
      But then I laugh to myself, having been to court before and seeing first hand how it works.

      • Yeah, a lot of people, who originally believed in “truth” or “justice” have attempted to go to through courts, only to discover that, yet again, the courts are ACTUALLY based on huge lies, backed by violence. After going through several Canadian court cases myself, over political issues, by a minor miracle winning one, while fighting the others to stalemates, I have too have first hand experience about that. I have finally changed my fundamental political philosophy to start with the concepts of SUBTRACTION, and then ROBBERY. I now regard “truth” and “justice” as practically meaningless transcendental poetry. There are ONLY different systems of organized lies, operating organized robbery! The PROBLEM is both the astronomical amplification of the size of those systems, and that they are now RUNAWAYS!

        The social slavery system we are in has become a RUNAWAY FASCIST PLUTOCRACY JUGGERNAUT, which threatens to turn most of us into road kill. The theory of a democratic republic, or constitutional monarchy, etc., was that “We the People” would limit how bad the use of sovereign power became, and that the ability of the people to vote would be able to stop abuse of power. However, what has actually happened, bit by bit, is that the money system has become almost totally perverted, and then that enabled the perversion of everything else. Therefore, the powers of “We the People” ended up, more and more, being used AGAINST “the People.” The primary driver of that was the privatization of the money supply. The government gave away the power to make money out of nothing to private banks. The government legalized counterfeiting of the money supply by tiny elites, which elites then became runaway systems, that were able to buy up control over everything else, especially the mass media, and the political processes, by dominating the funding of politics. The real statistics are that more than 99% of the powers of “We the People” have ALREADY been privatized. Therefore, our “democracy” is a fake rubber stamp, and a cruel joke. The established systems only have to fool enough of the people, enough of the time, and they can easily do that. Therefore, we are endlessly tricked into a vicious spiral of more wars based on deceits, driving more debt slavery.

        LIKE I SAID, THE PROBLEM IS THAT IS NOW A RUNAWAY SYSTEM OF DEBT INSANITY, BACKED BY WARS BASED ON LEVELS OF DECEIT THAT ARE ALSO INSANE! The real world has become controlled by a global electronic fiat money fraud, backed up by atomic bombs, which has all be amplified billions, the trillions, then quadrillions of times, to make the previous systems of lies, backed by violence, running frauds and robberies, become runaway psychotic insanities!!!

        HOWEVER, there is nothing practical that can be done, given that those already established systems ALREADY control our money supply, and so, can ALREADY makes as much new money out of nothing as they want, and ALREADY own the mass media, and ALREADY totally dominate the funding of the political processes … so that the established systems are ALREADY RUNAWAYS!!!

        Dishonest governments, corrupt courts, and ignorant citizens, are now locked into a vicious spiral, which is automatically getting worse, faster, every day … as the whole system heads towards final psychotic breakdowns due to the consequences of too much “success” at controlling civilization with huge lies. In that context, the lies about the “war on terror” are current ways that the pyramidion people are herding the rest of the people, to stampede off the cliff. The threat of too much “success” at doing that is real … BUT, I can not see any practical way to prevent the established systems from being able to continue to do that!

        Therefore, like you said, Rich H., I have been there, and done that, regarding several attempting to take constitutional cases to court, especially about the laws that control the funding of politics in Canada, and everything I have experienced has forced me to face the facts ARE as I have outlined above: trillionaire mass murders are herding the Zombie Sheeple towards collective suicide, because of the runaway triumph of frauds being what actually is controlling civilization.

  • Gotta do a lot better than relying on Peter King. His record for veracity is just about completely negative. Disappointing post — disappointing because of reliance on an untrustworthy source. I expect far better.