Auction 2012: Two-Party Oligarchy Vs. The People

(David DeGraw speaking with Cenk Uygur.)


Painting by Anthony Freda:

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  • Jeff

    AWESOME video!! A truthful mind fuck 🙂

  • Reader
  • Jim G

    Generally I was ready to pull the lever for 3rd party until I watched Gordon Duff’s video on Romney laundering Bush drug money for the Latin aristocracy who sponsored the death squads and the details thereof. The video can be seen at the Veteran’s Today website. Gordon is for real, a hero, and should be rewarded with an audience for his journalism. Obama is a tool, but he may be the only thing between us and hell.

  • anonymous

    Couldn’t watch the video; some of us merely need to be informed, not blugeoned over the head (or in the ears) with over-the-top editing and LOUD grating music.

    Good for the youngters I guess.