U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes for Using 9/11 As a False Justification for the Iraq War

U.S. Officials Created a False Link Between Iraq and 9/11

5 hours after the 9/11 attacks, Donald Rumsfeld said “my interest is to hit Saddam”.

He also said “Go massive . . . Sweep it all up. Things related and not.”

And at 2:40 p.m. on September 11th, in a memorandum of discussions between top administration officials, several lines below the statement “judge whether good enough [to] hit S.H. [that is, Saddam Hussein] at same time”, is the statement “Hard to get a good case.” In other words, top officials knew that there wasn’t a good case that Hussein was behind 9/11, but they wanted to use the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to justify war with Iraq anyway.

Moreover, “Ten days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President Bush was told in a highly classified briefing that the U.S. intelligence community had no evidence linking the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein to the [9/11] attacks and that there was scant credible evidence that Iraq had any significant collaborative ties with Al Qaeda”.

And a Defense Intelligence Terrorism Summary issued in February 2002 by the United States Defense Intelligence Agency cast significant doubt on the possibility of a Saddam Hussein-al-Qaeda conspiracy.

And yet Bush, Cheney and other top administration officials claimed repeatedly for years that Saddam was behind 9/11. See this analysis. Indeed, Bush administration officials apparently swore in a lawsuit that Saddam was behind 9/11.

Moreover, President Bush’s March 18, 2003 letter to Congress authorizing the use of force against Iraq, includes the following paragraph:

(2) acting pursuant to the Constitution and Public Law 107-243 is consistent with the United States and other countries continuing to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Therefore, the Bush administration expressly justified the Iraq war to Congress by representing that Iraq planned, authorized, committed, or aided the 9/11 attacks.

Indeed, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind reports that the White House ordered the CIA to forge and backdate a document falsely linking Iraq with Muslim terrorists and 9/11 … and that the CIA complied with those instructions and in fact created the forgery, which was then used to justify war against Iraq. And see this.

Suskind also revealed that “Bush administration had information from a top Iraqi intelligence official ‘that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – intelligence they received in plenty of time to stop an invasion.’ ”

Cheney made the false linkage between Iraq and 9/11 on many occasions.

For example, according to Raw Story, Cheney was still alleging a connection between Iraq and the alleged lead 9/11 hijacker in September 2003 – a year after it had been widely debunked. When NBC’s Tim Russert asked him about a poll showing that 69% of Americans believed Saddam Hussein had been involved in 9/11, Cheney replied:

It’s not surprising that people make that connection.

And even after the 9/11 Commission debunked any connection, Cheney said that the evidence is “overwhelming” that al Qaeda had a relationship with Saddam Hussein’s regime , that Cheney “probably” had information unavailable to the Commission, and that the media was not ‘doing their homework’ in reporting such ties.

Again, the Bush administration expressly justified the Iraq war by representing that Iraq planned, authorized, committed, or aided the 9/11 attacks. See this, this, this.

On December 16, 2005, Bush admitted “There was no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the attack of 9/11” (and see this video).  However, Bush and Cheney continued to frequently invoke 9/11 as justification for the Iraq war.  And see this. (Cheney finally admitted in 2009 that there was no link.)

A bipartisan Senate Report from 2006 found that Bush misled the press on Iraq link to Al-Qaeda.

The administration’s false claims about Saddam and 9/11 helped convince a large portion of the American public to support the invasion of Iraq. While the focus now may be on false WMD claims, it is important to remember that, at the time, the alleged link between Iraq and 9/11 was at least as important in many people’s mind as a reason to invade Iraq.

Indeed, the false claims about Iraqi WMDs probably would not have gained traction if it wasn’t for the anti-Arab hysteria after September 11th. And the government policy of torture would not have been tolerated if we weren’t misled into thinking that Saddam and Al-Qaeda had formed an unholy, all-powerful alliance on 9/11, and had to be stopped at any cost. Thus, the Saddam-911 deception was a necessary precursor to the administration’s WMD lies and torture policies.

And 2006 polls show that almost 90% of the troops in Iraq are under the mistaken belief that the U.S. mission in that country is “to retaliate for Saddam’s role in the 9-11 attacks.” In other words, our kids are fighting and dying because of this lie.

U.S. Officials Launched a Systematic Program of Torture Using Specialized Techniques Which Produce False Confessions … to Justify the Iraq War

Not only did Bush, Cheney and other top government officials lie about us into the Iraq war by making a false linkage between Iraq and 9/11, but they carried out a systematic program of torture in order to intentionally create false evidence of that allegation.

Indeed, the entire purpose behind the U.S. torture program was to obtain false confessions.

And the torture techniques used were Communist techniques specifically designed to produce false confessions.

Senator Levin, in commenting on a Senate Armed Services Committee report on torture in 2009, dropped the following bombshell:

With last week’s release of the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) opinions, it is now widely known that Bush administration officials distorted Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape “SERE” training – a legitimate program used by the military to train our troops to resist abusive enemy interrogations – by authorizing abusive techniques from SERE for use in detainee interrogations. Those decisions conveyed the message that abusive treatment was appropriate for detainees in U.S. custody. They were also an affront to the values articulated by General Petraeus.

In SERE training, U.S. troops are briefly exposed, in a highly controlled setting, to abusive interrogation techniques used by enemies that refuse to follow the Geneva Conventions. The techniques are based on tactics used by Chinese Communists against American soldiers during the Korean War for the purpose of eliciting false confessions for propaganda purposes. Techniques used in SERE training include stripping trainees of their clothing, placing them in stress positions, putting hoods over their heads, subjecting them to face and body slaps, depriving them of sleep, throwing them up against a wall, confining them in a small box, treating them like animals, subjecting them to loud music and flashing lights, and exposing them to extreme temperatures. Until recently, the Navy SERE school also used waterboarding. The purpose of the SERE program is to provide U.S. troops who might be captured a taste of the treatment they might face so that they might have a better chance of surviving captivity and resisting abusive and coercive interrogations.

Senator Levin then documents that SERE techniques were deployed as part of an official policy on detainees, and that SERE instructors helped to implement the interrogation programs.  He noted:

The senior Army SERE psychologist warned in 2002 against using SERE training techniques during interrogations in an email to personnel at Guantanamo Bay, because:

[T]he use of physical pressures brings with it a large number of potential negative side effects… When individuals are gradually exposed to increasing levels of discomfort, it is more common for them to resist harder… If individuals are put under enough discomfort, i.e. pain, they will eventually do whatever it takes to stop the pain. This will increase the amount of information they tell the interrogator, but it does not mean the information is accurate. In fact, it usually decreases the reliability of the information because the person will say whatever he believes will stop the pain… Bottom line: the likelihood that the use of physical pressures will increase the delivery of accurate information from a detainee is very low. The likelihood that the use of physical pressures will increase the level of resistance in a detainee is very high… (p. 53).

McClatchy filled in some of the details:

Former senior U.S. intelligence official familiar with the interrogation issue said that Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld demanded that the interrogators find evidence of al Qaida-Iraq collaboration…

For most of 2002 and into 2003, Cheney and Rumsfeld, especially, were also demanding proof of the links between al Qaida and Iraq that (former Iraqi exile leader Ahmed) Chalabi and others had told them were there.”

It was during this period that CIA interrogators waterboarded two alleged top al Qaida detainees repeatedly — Abu Zubaydah at least 83 times in August 2002 and Khalid Sheik Muhammed 183 times in March 2003 — according to a newly released Justice Department document…

When people kept coming up empty, they were told by Cheney’s and Rumsfeld’s people to push harder,” he continued.”Cheney’s and Rumsfeld’s people were told repeatedly, by CIA . . . and by others, that there wasn’t any reliable intelligence that pointed to operational ties between bin Laden and Saddam . . .

A former U.S. Army psychiatrist, Maj. Charles Burney, told Army investigators in 2006 that interrogators at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention facility were under “pressure” to produce evidence of ties between al Qaida and Iraq.

“While we were there a large part of the time we were focused on trying to establish a link between al Qaida and Iraq and we were not successful in establishing a link between al Qaida and Iraq,” Burney told staff of the Army Inspector General. “The more frustrated people got in not being able to establish that link . . . there was more and more pressure to resort to measures that might produce more immediate results.”

“I think it’s obvious that the administration was scrambling then to try to find a connection, a link (between al Qaida and Iraq),” [Senator] Levin said in a conference call with reporters. “They made out links where they didn’t exist.”

Levin recalled Cheney’s assertions that a senior Iraqi intelligence officer had met Mohammad Atta, the leader of the 9/11 hijackers, in the Czech Republic capital of Prague just months before the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The FBI and CIA found that no such meeting occurred.

In other words, top Bush administration officials not only knowingly lied about a non-existent connection between Al Qaida and Iraq, but they pushed and insisted that interrogators use special torture methods aimed at extracting false confessions to attempt to create such a false linkage.

The Washington Post reported the same year:

Despite what you’ve seen on TV, torture is really only good at one thing: eliciting false confessions. Indeed, Bush-era torture techniques, we now know, were cold-bloodedly modeled after methods used by Chinese Communists to extract confessions from captured U.S. servicemen that they could then use for propaganda during the Korean War.

So as shocking as the latest revelation in a new Senate Armed Services Committee report may be, it actually makes sense — in a nauseating way. The White House started pushing the use of torture not when faced with a “ticking time bomb” scenario from terrorists, but when officials in 2002 were desperately casting about for ways to tie Iraq to the 9/11 attacks — in order to strengthen their public case for invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 at all.


Gordon Trowbridge writes for the Detroit News: “Senior Bush administration officials pushed for the use of abusive interrogations of terrorism detainees in part to seek evidence to justify the invasion of Iraq, according to newly declassified information discovered in a congressional probe.

Indeed, one of the two senior instructors from the Air Force team which taught U.S. servicemen how to resist torture by foreign governments when used to extract false confessions has blown the whistle on the true purpose behind the U.S. torture program.

As Truth Out reported last year:

Jessen’s notes were provided to Truthout by retired Air Force Capt. Michael Kearns, a “master” SERE instructor and decorated veteran who has previously held high-ranking positions within the Air Force Headquarters Staff and Department of Defense (DoD).

Kearns and his boss, Roger Aldrich, the head of the Air Force Intelligence’s Special Survial Training Program (SSTP), based out of Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington, hired Jessen in May 1989. Kearns, who was head of operations at SSTP and trained thousands of service members, said Jessen was brought into the program due to an increase in the number of new SERE courses being taught and “the fact that it required psychological expertise on hand in a full-time basis.”

Jessen, then the chief of Psychology Service at the US Air Force Survival School, immediately started to work directly with Kearns on “a new course for special mission units (SMUs), which had as its goal individual resistance to terrorist exploitation.”

The course, known as SV-91, was developed for the Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) branch of the US Air Force Intelligence Agency, which acted as the Executive Agent Action Office for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Jessen’s notes formed the basis for one part of SV-91, “Psychological Aspects of Detention.”


Kearns was one of only two officers within DoD qualified to teach all three SERE-related courses within SSTP on a worldwide basis, according to a copy of a 1989 letter written Aldrich, who nominated him officer of the year.


The Jessen notes clearly state the totality of what was being reverse-engineered – not just ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ but an entire program of exploitation of prisoners using torture as a central pillar,” he said. “What I think is important to note, as an ex-SERE Resistance to Interrogation instructor, is the focus of Jessen’s instruction. It is exploitation, not specifically interrogation. And this is not a picayune issue, because if one were to ‘reverse-engineer’ a course on resistance to exploitation then what one would get is a plan to exploit prisoners, not interrogate them. The CIA/DoD torture program appears to have the same goals as the terrorist organizations or enemy governments for which SV-91 and other SERE courses were created to defend against: the full exploitation of the prisoner in his intelligence, propaganda, or other needs held by the detaining power, such as the recruitment of informers and double agents. Those aspects of the US detainee program have not generally been discussed as part of the torture story in the American press.”


Jessen wrote that cooperation is the “end goal” of the detainer, who wants the detainee “to see that [the detainer] has ‘total’ control of you because you are completely dependent on him, and thus you must comply with his wishes. Therefore, it is absolutely inevitable that you must cooperate with him in some way (propaganda, special favors, confession, etc.).”


Kearns said, based on what he has read in declassified government documents and news reports about the role SERE played in the Bush administration’s torture program, Jessen clearly “reverse-engineered” his lesson plan and used resistance methods to abuse “war on terror” detainees.

So we have the two main Air Force insiders concerning the genesis of the torture program confirming – with original notes – that the whole purpose of the torture program was to extract false confessions.

Indeed, the top interrogation experts from U.S. military and intelligence services say that all torture is lousy at producing actionable intelligence, the only things it is good for are (1) producing false confessions, (2) creating more terrorists, and (3) itself acting as a form of terrorism.

And false confessions were, in fact, extracted.

For example:

(Indeed, the 9/11 Commission Report was largely based on a third-hand account of what tortured detainees said, with two of the three parties in the communication being government employees. And the government went to great lengths to obstruct justice and hide unflattering facts from the  Commission.)

Again, this essay is not focused on questioning the government’s statements about Al Qaeda and 9/11 … it focuses on the false testimony and coercion post-9/11 to justify war against Iraq.

Did Government Officials Have Any Motive?

When criminal prosecutors look assess whether or not a suspect is likely guilty, they determine whether or not he had motive, means and opportunity.

The means and opportunity for top U.S. officials to carry out the war crimes of lying us into war based upon a false linkage between Iraq and 9/11 and to torture people into giving false confessions is a given.  Specifically, top government officials such as President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld had power to take such actions, if they had wanted to.

It has been extensively documented that the White House decided to invade Iraq before 9/11:

Indeed, neoconservatives planned regime change .

This provides evidence of motive by top American officials to create false justifications for a war against Iraq.

In addition, Cheney and Rumsfeld made false claims exaggerating the threat posed by Russia’s weapons in the 1970s to justify huge increases in military spending.  Prosecutors look at previous lies as evidence that the defendant is intentionally lying now. Similarly, Cheney and Rumsfeld’s lies about WMDs in the 1970s add to the mountain of evidence that government officials intentionally lied about Iraqi WMDs.

Moreover, Saddam allegedly offered to leave Iraq:

“Fearing defeat, Saddam was prepared to go peacefully in return for £500million ($1billion)”.

“The extraordinary offer was revealed yesterday in a transcript of talks in February 2003 between George Bush and the then Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar at the President’s Texas ranch.”

“The White House refused to comment on the report last night. But, if verified, it is certain to raise questions in Washington and London over whether the costly four-year war could have been averted.”

According to the tapes, Bush told Aznar that whether Saddam was still in Iraq or not, “We’ll be in Baghdad by the end of March.” See also this and this.  If true, this adds additional circumstantial evidence that U.S. officials were committed to a war in Iraq even if Saddam Hussein voluntarily left.

But Are They Guilty of War Crimes?

The Nuremberg Tribunal which convicted and sentenced Nazis leaders to death conceived of wars of aggression – i.e. wars not launched in self-defense – defined the following as “crimes against peace”, or war crimes:

(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i)

The Tribunal considered wars of aggression to be the ultimate war crime, which encompassed all other crimes:

To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

Judgment of October 1, 1946, International Military Tribunal Judgment and Sentence, 22 IMTTRIALS, supra note 7, at 498, reprinted in 41 AM. J. INT’LL. 172, 186 (1947).

Given that Iraq had no connection with 9/11 and possessed no weapons of mass destruction, the Iraq war was a crime of aggression and – under the standards by which Nazi leaders were convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal – the American leaders who lied us into that war are guilty of war crimes.

Benjamin Ferencz, a former chief prosecutor for the Nuremberg Trials, declared:

A prima facie case can be made that the United States is guilty of the supreme crime against humanity — that being an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation.

See this, this, and this.

The Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court – Luis Moreno-Ocampo – told the Sunday Telegraph in 2007:

That he would be willing to launch an inquiry and could envisage a scenario in which the Prime Minister and American President George W Bush could one day face charges at The Hague. Luis Moreno-Ocampo urged Arab countries, particularly Iraq, to sign up to the court to enable allegations against the West to be pursued.

As a Japan Times Op/Ed noted in 2009:

In January 2003, a group of American law professors warned President George W. Bush that he and senior officials of his government could be prosecuted for war crimes if their military tactics violated international humanitarian law.

Eminent legal scholars such as former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clarke and Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law and a professor of law Lawrence Velvel have since stated that high-level Bush administration officials did commit war crimes in relation to the Iraq war.

Torture is – of course – a violation of the Geneva Conventions, which make it illegal to inflict mental or physical torture or inhuman treatment. It is clearly-established that waterboarding is torture. The torture was, in fact, systematic, and included widespread sexual humiliation, murder and other unambiguous forms of torture.

Velvel and many other legal experts say that the torture which was carried out after 9/11 is a war crime.

Colin Powell’s former chief of staff stated that Dick Cheney is guilty of war crimes for overseeing torture policies

Matthew Alexander – a former top Air Force interrogator who led the team that tracked down Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – notes that government officials knew they are vulnerable for war crime prosecution:

They have, from the beginning, been trying to prevent an investigation into war crimes.

A Malaysian war crimes commission also found Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and five administration attorneys guilty of war crimes (although but the commission has no power to enforce its judgment).

The United States War Crimes Act of 1996, a federal statute set forth at 18 U.S.C. § 2441, also makes it a federal crime for any U.S. national, whether military or civilian, to violate the Geneva Convention by engaging in murder, torture, or inhuman treatment.

The statute applies not only to those who carry out the acts, but also to those who ORDER IT, know about it, or fail to take steps to stop it. The statute applies to everyone, no matter how high and mighty.

18 U.S.C. § 2441 has no statute of limitations, which means that a war crimes complaint can be filed at any time.

The penalty may be life imprisonment or — if a single prisoner dies due to torture — death. Given that there are numerous, documented cases of prisoners being tortured to death by U.S. soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan, that means that the death penalty would be appropriate for anyone found guilty of carrying out, ordering, or sanctioning such conduct.

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 limited the applicability of the War Crimes Act, but still made the following unlawful: torture, cruel or inhumane treatment, murder, mutilation or maiming, intentionally causing serious bodily harm, rape, sexual assault or abuse.

Postscript: A similar analysis could potentially be carried out for Afghanistan and other countries which America has invaded since 9/11.  And indiscriminate drone strikes may well be war crimes (and here) … even in countries against which we haven’t officially declared war.

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  • As important and appalling as this is, it’s all really pretty old news. In a different world something might be done about it, someday, maybe. But in this world? I don’t think so.

    That being said, I suppose it’s a good idea to keep reminding people about the facts surrounding 911 and the Orwellian “war on terror”. Although, it never did much good with the Kennedy and numerous other assassinations, a multitude of “false flag” operations or any of the other illegal american “interventions” in sovereign nations over many decades.

    Maybe someday, if we’re not all wiped out by the sixth great extinction event unfolding at this time, after all the perpetrators are long dead, a few paragraphs in some history book will briefly address the evils of the “american empire”. Or perhaps a great tome, “The Rise and Fall of the American Empire”, will be authored. Or not.

    • AFV

      Time is not a sufficient justification to allow war crimes to go unpunished. Rumsfeld, Cheney and George should be locked up in a maximum security jail, held in isolation, until the day they die and even that is too kind. We can never be lied to about the reason for war. Almost 4,500 Americans died because of that lie.

      • I agree with you completely! But the truth is, these people will never be punished for their crimes, as with so many crimes committed by america, which have gone unpunished, throughout its history.

        We have been lied to for centuries and the lies will continue into the foreseeable future. Millions of people all over the world have died at the hands of the american empire.

    • artbyjcm

      Old news or not, the more people point out this situation, the more likely it is to get resolved.

      • As I’ve been trying to do for many years.

        • Warren Celli

          Richard William Posner, if you have been pointing out the evil over the past two years as you do here on this thread, and then spewing the same; nothing will ever get done, defeatist, futility message, then you are the problem. You sound like a CIA shill troll.

          Only defeatists,
          Give up before they try,
          Only cowards,
          Roll over and die.

          AND, YOU ARE WRONG! This is not old news to those millions recently coming on to the internet. It is fresh news to them. And their numbers are growing every day!

          You sound like Grandma Shiela on Chris Floyd’s blog, Empire Burlesque.


          Just an opinion dude, but god you radiate defeatism. Its dripping off of your every word. What the hell do you get out of bed for in the morning your only going to be tired again at the end of the day? Why brush your teeth they will only get dirty again. Why wipe your ass its only going to fill up with crap again?

          I nominate you for defeatist poison of the day.

          Trust me they are all going to jail and they are all living in their own prisons of their own making right now.


          Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

          • AND I’D LIKE TO BE WRONG!

            I’m sorry I don’t share your optimism any longer. I’ve been trying to maintain mine, in spite of all the evidence of our entire history, for over fifty years.

            It’s my opinion this version of “civilisation” cannot be fixed. I merely think people need to be devoting more time to preparing for what’s coming. It’s now a matter of survival.

            You say defeatist, I say realist. Only time will tell.

            Your video is quite profound. The focus on fundamentalist christianity is very appropriate. Thank you.

            I’ll pay you back in kind. Keep in mind, the song was written back in 1983 and I’ve been trying to wake people up since well before then.
            (it wouldn’t hurt to listen with headphones)


            There is no force inherent in politics. The psychopaths controlling the world’s economies by usury, who completely own the politicians and their faux governments are, for now, the strongest force on the planet.

            Mother nature will soon put an end to that.

          • Warren Celli

            Richard you negate and contradict your fine efforts by so openly expressing your inner fears and faulty perceptions. I am not the only one telling you this. I personally would ban your roll over and die defeatism from comments. Yes, you fight fire with fire Richard.

            Reality is formed by perception. People reading your perceptions form a defeatist attitude, and it IS a CIA propaganda ploy to instill defeatism.

            “Time will tell” yes, but the tell will be based on your actions now.

            You are what you have been through, but now and the future are up to you!

            If you want a good positive reality you have to project it, all of life is politics.


            Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

          • OK.

            2. Begin With The BasicsIts
            a dog eat dog world…

            That’s a bad start right there. And then you completely nullify any right to talk about “positive reality” with this;

            “We are born to exploit or be

            That attitude is exactly what has brought us to where we are today and will never do anything to improve our condition. It will only sustain and enable all the negative forces that are driving the human species toward immanent extinction.

            Humans are capable of rising above such primitive, instinctual animalism. An attitude such as yours will do nothing but hinder that ability and continue to delay the process of human evolution.

            So, your “truth” is kill or be killed. Regular libertarian are we? You only see two kinds of people; those who are used and those who use them. Masters or slaves. Great “positive reality”.

            Warren, your philosophy is psychopathic and I’ll have nothing more to do with it or you.

            You might want to study the science of Ponerology to learn a bit about yourself.

          • Warren Celli

            Reality is always a bad start for a lot of people Richard.

            A worse start is slap dash snap judgment and quoting out of context without even reading beyond the first few lines in order to demonize another.

            Rising above our inherent cannibalistic nature through building a fair and just morality is what the entire BOXtheFOX™ web site is all about.

            Your poor and cursory skills of analysis and expression are what probably make you appear to be such a roll over and die defeatist and negate your otherwise laudable disengagement from the system thinking.

            You might want to look into “attention deficit disorder” to learn a bit about yourself.

            Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  • JimmyNelson

    Prosecute these animals. What is the damn holdup?! If I had tortured someone in the name of home security, I would be in a prison cell at this very moment.

    • “What is the damn holdup?!”

      They are still alive.

      Give it 25 years and MAYBE the truth will be widely circulated.

      Then again maybe not.Honestly, I think it might not matter much in another 10 years.

    • Fuck prosecuting them just hang em. We are the hold up jimmy, we haven’t done shit other then press a few keys on the keyboard, in all honest I don’t think Americans care, they just want to appear as though they do to their fellow people. So on paper yes everyone cares enough to say prosecute them, but who will actually do that?

  • xoxxxo

    Peope like Richard William Posner are always trying to make other people believe that nothing can or will be done.

    I believe that this time, these monsters will be held accountable for murder, torture, 9/11 and other state crimes against democracy and humanity.

    Here’s a related pc. of artwork titled BushCo that incorporates surgical steel bone saws, light and shadow to correctly remember what Bush and Company did.

  • xoxxxo

    Peope like Richard William Posner are always trying to make other people believe that nothing can or will be done.

    I believe that this time, these monsters will be held accountable for murder, torture, 9/11 and other state crimes against democracy and humanity.

    Here’s a related pc. of artwork titled BushCo that incorporates surgical steel bone saws, light and shadow to correctly remember what Bush and Company did.

    • You’re wrong xoxxo, (why not just say “anonymous”?) I’m not trying to make anyone “believe” anything. I don’t believe in belief.

      I’m simply offering an opinion. If you disagree, that’s perfectly fine. I hold your right to do so as dearly as my own.

      I never said that nothing can be done, simply that it won’t be. Until this cycle of history reaches that point where enough people are pushed to the point beyond which they cannot be pushed further. And then will come, as so many times before, a revolution with all the attendant violence, blood and death so we can go back and do it all over again.

      • xoxxxo

        And I was simply offering my opinion, too. I get it that you’re a big picture guy.

        However, what I see is an incredible awakening happening NOW, as millions and millions of people are being pushed to the limit. At the same time I see many brave people, who don’t think trying is futile, working hard behind the scenes to bring about real change through the right issues (like in this article), without violence.

        People like this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68_3rjp0Rkw&feature=youtu.be

        I “believe” in those types of good people and that they can be instrumental in bringing about the massive change that is so needed now. I think the system of lies has reached its limit and is coming to an end.

        Anyway I didn’t mean to offend you.

        • No offense taken. I’d like to be wrong.

          I’ve been clinging to the idea that people are inherently good for well over sixty years and that we would turn it all around this time and not just keep repeating history endlessly.

          Just can’t maintain any more.

    • deflector

      No President will let another former President go to jail. The only chance is if public sentiment was 90% + backing. The evidence would have to be clear too.

  • Nothing will happen until America is in the final throes of its decline. At that point, expect every nation the American Government ever bullied, invaded, or orchestrated a regime change in to take a shot at it – just like the victims of a fallen school yard bully typically do. Won’t be pretty! If the American people want to turn the page on this dreadful part of their history, and take their place in a more peaceful world, they need to bring these war criminals to account themselves. I rather doubt they’ll ever do this, however, because, deep inside, they supported, and still do, this brutal, militarized foreign policy.

    • Well said.

    • Not A Warmonger

      I like how you generalize all US Citizens there, nice one. Just like how all Germans are Nazi’s, all Russians are alcoholics, all French people surrender at the first sign of conflict, all Asians are good at math, all Australians know how to fight crocodiles and talk down water buffalo.

      • tj

        He generalized it because most Americans don’t care, most American’s do what they are told, and most Americans are the problem. Source: I’m an American that has struggled year after year to convince people that slaughtering innocents is wrong and we need to intervene. No, most Russians are not alcoholic. But yes, most Americans are lazy and stupid. Otherwise there would be no problem….makes sense

      • Sick of it!

        I’m also American, and sadly, I agree. 🙁

        When 18% of the population thinks the sun revolves around the earth, we’re screwed :(.

        Hell, people here still think Evolution is a lie from Satan.

    • iridesce

      Apparently you don’t know many of the American people.

    • Deflector

      Nothing will happen until America is in the final throes of its decline. At that point, expect every nation the American Government ever bullied, invaded, or orchestrated a regime change in to take a shot at it – just like the “victims of a fallen school yard bully typically do. Won’t be pretty!”

      I was with you this far. And then you started saying we all support Bush and these decisions. Your statements are hypocritical and you shouldn’t generalize people of a nation. Especially one as diverse as the United States.

  • 11 years later no indictments, no one in jail … and another war israel wants us to fight (Iran) on the agenda

    • kazikian

      Israel is the greatest threat of all to American security. It’s not their fault, and it’s unfortunate, because they really are the good guys in the region, but they are dragging us into a whole world of shit that need not be our problem. I say that as a Jew, incidentally.

  • Spire

    Sure is nice to know there are no statutes of limitation on murder and other war crimes. Then again, at the rate we are going, the future might have very little to do with ‘the Law.’

    • American Patriot!

      According to Obama, there IS a statute of limitations! Once he took office, he exonerated Bush & Cheney, & Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz, et al by saying “LET’S MOVE FORWARD”


  • goingnowherefast

    What astounds me about all of this is the American public is ready to swallow the same lies regarding Iran as Iraq. The question that begs to be asked is if intelligence knew Iraq had no WMDs and they have said Iran has no nuclear weapons program, what is the purpose of the brutal sanctions used against both countries? Answer: to soften up the country up for invasion, occupation and wealth extraction. It’s pretty straight forward. This has been our unstated foreign policy from the get go and yet Americans are still unable to connect the dots. Until they do, the depraved degenerate lunatics who carry out these atrocities will continue to get away with it.

    • kazikian

      Though I will never support another mid-east war, Iran poses and has posed a much bigger threat to us than Iraq. Hell, Saddam was our best friend in the region because he was keeping Iran in check! By taking out Saddam we more or less sealed the need to act against Iran a decade later. Stupid decisions all around.

  • frank

    Except no war crimes have been presented because we DID find weapons of mass destruction. Disassembled chemical weapons in RVs in the deserts of Iraq, so they could be hidden/moved around to dodge the U.N. inspectors. The U.N. mandated that they be destroyed, not disassembled so they could be put back together later. Our justification that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction was in fact true. That’s why all the objections just suddenly stopped in the international body…do some real research instead of talking out of your poop chute.

    • kat nguyen

      Can you cite some reliable sources? I’ve heard someone mention this before, and I’m really curious as to why it seems to be the general consensus that there were never WMD’s found in Iraq.

      • “frank” can’t cite any reliable sources because there are none. It is common knowledge and well documented fact that the entire “war on terror” is based on lies and fabrications, which doesn’t really matter by now.

        By our illegal and immoral actions we’ve created a growing body of “terrorists” throughout the world that see america as the real “axis of evil” and therefore are opposed to any further expansion of the empire.

        The “war on terror” is a self-sustaining negative feedback loop. Our rulers started it for the very reason that, once set in motion, it’s nearly impossible to stop. Perpetual war was the goal and it has been achieved.

        “War is Peace.
        Freedom is Slavery.
        Ignorance is Strength.”

    • goingnowherefast


    • Petey

      Frank, you’re not telling the truth. I don’t know if you are purposely telling a lie or just repeating a lie that you heard somewhere else, but you are not telling the truth. If what you say is true you should be able to spend 5 minutes on google and present this forum with multiple links of MSM stories to back up your baseless assertion.

    • just me

      a lot of people believe exactly what frank is saying. a lot. why?

      because some soldiers found some containers or trucks they thought were suspicious. the media put it in the news immediately. but when the stuff was analyzed, there were no traces of chemical agents for warfare. but the follow up reports didn’t get much coverage.

      that process, ie reporting preliminary results and having people believe them religiously in spite of follow-up investigations and reports, is one of the things that led me to give up on my country and leave.

      sorry, i really don’t feel like looking up the references. and you can’t really blame people for hearing something bad, but not hearing it refuted, especially when the refutation is quieter than the reports of bad.

      oh well.

  • kat nguyen

    I really hope this isn’t true. It sucks that I don’t know of a reliable source that I can check to quickly confirm this. I could probably spend an hour or two to click all of those blue links to research it myself, but I’m a medical student who needs to study, and I don’t have time. I bet a lot of people don’t have the time. So now we’re all just ignorant Americans who don’t even know if our country committed horrendous war crimes and got away with it. If that is what happened, I can’t believe this isn’t a bigger deal than it is right now. This is just saddening.

    • This DID happen. You must be too young to remember, however I remember working as a bartender and arguing with one of the waitresses because she believed Saddam Hussein was a terrorist and he helped plan the 9/11 attacks. Then the whole WMD, smalll pox and anthrax scare came out where we were all lead to believe that there were Iraqis that were going to try and infect the troops with small pox and anthrax, so the troops went in with special gear so they wouldn’t get infected. lol. They found no small pox, anthrax or WMD go figure…and this was AFTER the UN investigator went in and said there are NO WMDS! Its just another lie in the long line of lies the President and his administration made…along with Condi’s famous “We had no knowlege of the 9/11 attacks.” Yes they did. Richard Clark sent numerous memos to Bush..actually the CIA was following some of the terrorists AND Bin Laden right before it happened. If you google Richard Clark you can confirm that one for sure.

      • Rich H

        The funniest thing about this – if you can find any of it funny, was the continued call for Americans to be safe in case of a chemical attack coming from Iraq. Most likely anthrax. Remember the constant calls for people to buy rolls of duct tape, plastic sheeting, gas masks, and antidote (I’ve forgotten what it’s called).
        I had One friend who believed all that shi* and showed me masks, medicine, et al… It was incredible. Well, I guess there’s a sucker born every minute – but in the U.S. it must be dozens (or hundreds) every minute.

  • the Illustrious Illuminati

    9/11 was the only instance in history in which article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was enacted. This stipulated that if one member (U.S.) was attacked, all other members would come to its defense. Obviously this was an historic moment and justification for a preemptive strike on the tyrannical regimes of Saddam-Hussein and the Taliban. If you were to prosecute an American federal official for war crimes do it for the means by which he achieved the goal not in presenting the goal that dozens of nations put their citizen’s lives on the line to accomplish. That said, Iran is a real threat to international security and should be handled with respect for the volatile situation it is and not put off as another steaming pile of dung that Israel wants to dirty American hands in.

    • “They must find it hard to take Truth for authority who have so long mistaken Authority for Truth.”Gerald Massey

  • Ton
  • remo

    The inability of Justice to account for the criminal Liars of false flag 911, is an indictment upon history itself. There is really no question Bush neocon cabal are guilty of 911, by virtue of the cover-up if nothing else; and of war crimes as result following.
    In the 11 years since the atrocity, the circle of those dependent upon OCT narrative [Commission/creatioNIST reports] being maintained, has widened ‘considerable’.
    Therefore, given the forensics establishing some form of controlled demolition of the 3 towers is extensive, continuing, and knowledge of it widespread and understood by many within the ruling elites since that day [there can be little excuse for their NOT knowing 911 was false flag and the WAR corollary to that] but by their continuing ‘the program’, those ‘many more’ have become complicit, and further barrier to Justice being able to be done, since more people have more to loose.

    It was John Kennedy jnr. who said TIME is the enemy of truth. And it was ROVE reported to have said :
    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And
    while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act
    again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s
    how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you,
    will be left to just study what we do.”[2]
    One of those ‘created realities’ we are ‘studying’, is that BUSH et al, exist outside of the law.

    • ok there is absolutely no forensic evidence to support a controlled demolition. They might have known it was going to happen, but they did not blow up the Pentagon and the twin towers. That’s just silly, and to think so is to think that there are no decent people in the White house to allow any form of government to do such a thing.

      • xoxxxo

        Tara, sadly your wrong about evidence, but you’re correct that there were many decent people in the WH, but not all them. Here’s a page with a pc. of artwork and a lot of related information that you should try to consider with an open mind. There’s much more to the story than what we were all told.


      • Army4Ever

        Tara multiple physicists found unreacted thermite and millions of iron microspheres in the rubble of all THREE buildings. Buildings don’t instantly start to, and symmetrically free-fall collapse unless their core support structure has been taken out. Multiple eye witnesses to include firefighters and police said there were bombs in the buildings. YouTube it. You can find numerous videos of reporters capturing the explosions and interviews of the first responders. There’s one where a firefighter says “clear out, that building (referring to the 3rd WTC7 ) is coming down soon. There are bombs in it.”

        • kazikian

          Their core support structure WAS taken out. As for the firefighter who mentioned bombs, you know how many rumors were flying around that day? I was watching TV with my classmates and our first assumption was that bombs were involved, too. Finally, none of us have ever seen a tall building collapse that wasn’t destroyed by a controlled demolition, so we have NO IDEA how it’s “supposed” to fall.

      • dubld

        Whatever helps you sleep at night.

        But the fact is that there is significant forensic evidence, dozens of publications, testimony from civil engineering experts worldwide, and independently verified scientific tests. Furthermore the government defied its own laws and destroyed evidence to prevent further investigation. So clearly you don’t have any of the facts. On what basis do you make your assertions?

        It’s not a matter of what we “think”, its a matter of what significant volumes of independent evidence prove. And they prove exactly what this article claims, regardless of what you choose to “think” in order to avoid thinking altogether…

      • kazikian

        Well done. I keep saying the real conspiracy is that they knew and decided not to act. I believe Cheney called Bush that morning and said, we have a choice: shoot down these planes and be labelled a murderer of American civilians, ending your career, or let it happen and we’ll have carte blanche to attack Iraq, which we’ve been itching to do anyways. And Bush made the cowardly choice.

        • Rich H

          And then a plane just happened to hit the Pentagon’s accounting offices.

          • kazikian


            Sent from a mobile device.

          • I like how the wings of the pentagon plane caused no damage, if only the designers of that plane could engineer the fuselage to do the same there would be no damage at all to the building.

          • I like how the wings of the pentagon plane caused no damage, if only the designers of that plane could engineer the fuselage to do the same there would be no damage at all to the building.

        • jim

          Wrong….they (Bush-Cheney) never really considered shooting down anything. The illusion that the planes hitting the towers was the cause of their collapse was the plan from the beginning. It was essential that people thought it was planes flown by mid-easterners that was the cause, so shooting them down was NEVER a real consideration….not ever ! Meanwhile preparation during the weeks and months beforehand were being carried out (by the so-called elevator repairmen and other supposed maintenance persons) placing military grade thermite and other demolition tools in place. If you doubt that…then explain how Larry Silverman and the NYFD can decide to “pull” down building #7, then set it up to be demolished in only a few hours. It takes at least a few weeks to set up a building of that size to come down in it’s own footprint.

      • Please enlighten us as to how “that’s just silly” is a forensic argument. Quantum mechanics is silly, but its real. Religion is silly, but people believe it. They idea that we celebrate thanksgiving as a national holiday is silly, considering we ended up killing most of them and then take their land, “thanks for keeling over and dieing.”

        Please go look up these events:

        Operation Northwoods

        Gleiwitz incident

        Lavon Affair

        These are just a few to get you started and hopefully get you out of the bubble you live in.

        The worst part is you have a right to vote equal to any other American, yet your logic only goes as far as “that’s just silly.” We might as well let little kids vote.

      • Please enlighten us as to how “that’s just silly” is a forensic argument. Quantum mechanics is silly, but its real. Religion is silly, but people believe it. They idea that we celebrate thanksgiving as a national holiday is silly, considering we ended up killing most of them and then take their land, “thanks for keeling over and dieing.”

        Please go look up these events:

        Operation Northwoods

        Gleiwitz incident

        Lavon Affair

        These are just a few to get you started and hopefully get you out of the bubble you live in.

        The worst part is you have a right to vote equal to any other American, yet your logic only goes as far as “that’s just silly.” We might as well let little kids vote.

  • SukkaFoo


  • Beleck3

    you’ll never convince Republicans that Bush, Cheney et al were wrong. the Nixon episode proves how “My country right or wrong” still works with this group of “Americans”. admit they were wrong. lol. i got wet lands in West Texas i can sell to you if you think Bush or Cheney et al will ever be forced to pay for their “crimes against humanity” Nuremberg style. maybe some foreign countries will get these “criminals”if they dare to land on foreign soil , but otherwise, forget the prospect of making these people pay for their crimes. Americans have been paying for these crimes and i doubt that will change any time soon.

    we can only hope foreign Governments will do to Bush Cheney, et al. what they did to Pinochet once he left Chile. Hope is all we have in this corrupt world.

  • They will never indite and condemn any of the Bush administration. It would never happen. Then Obama would have to figure out a reason for fighting Iran, and whatever other mid-east country that has something we want. Really Saudi Arabia had more to do with the 9/11 attacks, since they helped fund the frickin thing and continue to fund terror cells. Its ridiculous how screwed up everything is and no one is informed. Great read. I would like to see something like this on CNN or NBC (but that would never happen) that way maybe more people would understand the full extent to how much of a slippery slope Iraq was. I believe the attack of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq have INCREASED terrorism and the hatred of American people by the Arab people. This could have been resolved in a different manner. They could have taken out Bin Laden (which they did) without attacking all these countries. Our whole economy has been destroyed, our troops have come home (if they lived) with PTSD, and the Arab world hates us.

  • Rich H

    If we can’t prosecute obvious and world known war criminals – and shield them instead, our country is toast.
    It doesn’t matter if the President gives us all ponies (which I’ve been accussed of wanting) if there is no rule of law. I fear when the vast lazy, self deluded, facebook using (Hey, Look At ME!!!) masses finally wake up, it will be far too late.

  • amerikagulag

    Yes we can all thank Israel for this totalitarian system being installed. The NEW BOLSHEVIKS are well entrenched in the US government.

  • Yes, old news… and after all, why would people who think habeus corpus is obsolete give a d*mn about the geneva conventions?

  • American Patriot!

    You forgot Obama! He deliberately covered this up, REFUSED to prosecute, and said “LET’S MOVE ON!”

  • Paul A. Fried

    I think a similar argument could be made that, besides having a goal of forcing false confessions, the Bush-Cheney admin. must have known that knowledge of the torture policy would leak out of Abu Ghraib, and that this would provoke the Muslim world to more acts of terrorism against the US– and that these could be used to justify more of the 7-wars-in-5-years that Gen. Wesley Clark mentioned in an interview with Democracy Now. This would be not unlike the Robert Higgs historical argument about the FDR policies for provoking war with Japan, or James Polk’s policies for provoking war with Mexico via the Thornton affair (challenged by then-IL Rep. Abraham Lincoln in his Spot Resolutions. Here’s Higgs on FDR’s provocations:

  • Washington76

    Introduction speech of the NWO, George H. W. Bush from 9/11/90


    I am not superstitious or anything like that, but look at the date of this speech. Odd!

  • Washington76

    Photos of U.S. and Afghan Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields June 29, 2012


    Even More Photos of US/NATO Troops Patrolling Opium Poppy Fields in Afghanistan
    September 5, 2011


  • Washington76
  • corperateties

    Hey Dippy doo down there saying there is no evidence….

    Splain Thermite!

    You cant…And wont…Most of America is afraid to say these two traitors did this…Please bring the Homeland Security Pistol and load it with one Patriot Act Bullet…Please shoot me in the head Mrs. Homeland Security! I would kill all that were involved, if i could get my hands around they necks. You sissies have no cahones! Bunch of babies with iPods and don’t care that you financed the attacks on America. Its all over drugs…the poppy fields, the coca fields…America runs all the big drugs…al queida said enough…they took over the poppy field. So we had a war with iraq to cover up us going into Afghanistan to get our drugs back. Can anyone say Iran Contra Affairs? Again America with big black eye. All for drugs… Everything in this world has a price tag. Everything is illegal. Unless you are the U.S. Military. I now understand why so many young men in America commit suicide. I would to if i became aware of my surroundings. and found there was nothing but bullies…gangstas…hookers, thief’s. Everything your sweet mother told you was a lie. The pretty girl only wants a broken or violent man (so she can fix him or be killed by him!) Ugly/fat girls want him too…splain that!
    it’s OK…you losers can have this lame existence. you made it now you sleep in it….dumb ass’s.

  • Freeme

    I have known all along that these sub-humans were guilty of war crimes and feel that all of the fools who let it happen,(those that voted for war), are just as guilty. They allowed the war to happen and have the blood of millions on their hands. The person who says he voted against the war but still continues the murder with drones is just as culpable; (I refuse to call him my President). Didn’t he say he would investigate and prosecute those war mongers, close Guantanamo and end the Afghanistan war as well, among so many other broken promises? If you see names like Rockefeller you can forget prosecution. Haven’t you herd of the new world order? It’s here thanks to garbage food pounding, diabetic, fat, lazy, TV watching Americans, who expect a handout and a free phone that hard working Patriots pay for in hidden fees from a corporation that makes billions but pays less taxes than you and I. No, things aren’t going to get better they are going to get worse.

  • sad to say

    This is so evil it shows how power corrupts how large governments fall from within Sad this was the end of the US as we new it just by the hatred this mass crime has created for us around the globe and the endless wars now to ad to the list North korea! all this just over some oil bush wonted do to his greed for power now endless deaths I’m afraid North korea wont stand down Kim Thinks we are a war mad country and we are

    do to bushes and chennys crimes from
    911 to Iraq was the beginning of the end and destabilizing all of the east to turn people away from there governments was the end of trust for the US, Kim fears he has no choice but to go down with his country in a inferno of glory by throwing every nuke

    he can throw at us and our allies as he never complyed with the UN he’s a regime country that The US is only known for taking out so now for the first time we may have nukes coming our way all because of bush and his admin’s greed of power he’s guilty of the darkest war crimes and the world knows it!! there will be no rest until our government hangs him and all those involved for the world to see

    for the war crimes and that day to come may be the only way out for this country sad to say. What go’s around comes around some day we all pay for what we do.

  • So the word “or” no longer has meaning in English Grammar? Seriously?

    Quoted from above: “(2) acting pursuant to the Constitution and Public Law 107-243 …continuing to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.

    Then the writer of this piece immediately essentially removes the word “or” and implies that the President included Iraq as an “all of the above” party.

    Look – I have absolutely no doubts that GW Bush was itching to pound Saddam. He continually violated the international rules set up, he threatened and tried to shoot down US and allied aircraft. And indeed, there was SOME kind of WMD program – as now those weapons are in the hands of the dictator in Syria…

    But regardless – GW, justified by 9/11 or otherwise, had a mess to clean up, left hanging by his own Father’s lack of backbone in the previous Iraq war.

    And now, we have a president who wants to use drones to kills US Citizens on US soil without a trial – and we still hammering on Iraq and Bush. How sad a life one must have to continue to live in the past.

    We have far larger issues facing us right now – including an assault on the Constitution that makes ANY and ALL actions by the Bush administration look like a child’s game. Lets focus on the problems at hand now.

    • Allen Kidwell

      Well if it was ok for the U.S. to invade Grenada a British Common Wealth . We did so without the permission of the British Government . It also violated our treaties as a part of the O.A.S. . The U.S. had a legal standing to protect the Panama Canal an to occupy the area known as the Canal Zone. We had no legal right under U.S. or International Laws to force a change of Panama’s Government . An then after 10 years of supplying Iraq with not only conventional weapons. In Violation of proliferation treaties we supplied Iraq with Chemical & Biological weapons as well the technology to make more. After we made Iraq the largest Military force in the Middle East. An months prior to the invasion of Kuwait . The U.S. Envoy to Iraq states that he relayed a message from President H. Bush. That the U.S. considered the Iraq an Kuwait dispute as a internal matter. Who are we to tell Russia their actions are wrong ? You must first act as a nation of laws an morality before you can condemn another.

  • nick

    hey yall what differences does it make we will all be on the torture list soon enough but it will be the Clinton hit man Obama instead of bush do you feel safe yet?

  • Tyler Brown

    although I agree with a majority of this article, I think some of the links backing up statements are weak and lead to websites that are steeped in aggressive, emotionally driven political views. The problem we face as citizens who consider their government to have committed serious crimes is one of our image to the rest of America that isn’t aware or doesn’t care. In the same way that Greenpeace alienates the environmentalist cause from the mainstream American, adopting an extremist tone and embracing fiery rhetoric alienates the belief that our government committed serious war crimes from the mainstream American. We must make our case in a manner that leaves those who disagree with us little grounds to dismiss us as conspiracy theorists and the like. That being said, this article achieves that objective far better than most I have read!

  • Christine

    What about bush and his crones demolising the twin towers and blaming it on a plane and the pseudoscience of a fire burning mere substances made of hydrocarbons,( paper, cloth, plastics,and us to name a few) could burn steel. If they hadn’t killed all those poeple in the towers, that would a funny joke, as it can NEVER happen. Also,the building collaped in on itself, which is a trademark of building demolition with explosives, and the fall created apyroclastic flow, just like from a volcano but less intense.That’s why those cars were next to the twin towers melted. The heat needed to generate these flows comes only from volcanos, the space shuttle at liftoff and demolitions using military grade explosives. He should be appearing in the war trials court at the Hague. It must be nice to be rich enough to avoid the deserved consiquences of an illegal and evil act

  • batvette

    With all your blustering useless rhetoric you war critics still have not afforded the man the due process afforded him by the constitution. The man is NOT GUILTY by a trial of public opinion shaped by all the BS you spin.
    There was not a single lie contained in the joint resolution and it is absurd to assume congress relied on sound bites in the media from Bush for their knowledge about Saddam.
    It is further useless to cite polls of the most ignorant americans to declare Bush was responsible for their lack of facts.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    Providence Freedom proclaiming from the mountain top. Let Freedom Ring! Do no harm. Let justice prevail.