Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken …

Must-See Pictures

See if you can guess in which European country all of these beautiful pictures were taken:

LhfDF I Had No Idea Tehran Was Such a Beautiful City

Gorgeous Iranian Nature PhotosGorgeous Iranian Nature Photos

Gorgeous Iranian Nature Photos
Gorgeous Iranian Nature Photos

Gorgeous Iranian Nature Photos

Gorgeous Iranian Nature Photos

Gorgeous Iranian Nature Photos

Gorgeous Iranian Nature Photos

Gorgeous Iranian Nature Photos

Actually, this is not Europe … all of the photos were taken in Iran.

Wait … what?  How can that be?

When Americans think about Iran, they usually picture something like this:

desert1101 428x269 to 468x312 I Had No Idea Tehran Was Such a Beautiful City

 I Had No Idea Tehran Was Such a Beautiful City

Or this:

mecca I Had No Idea Tehran Was Such a Beautiful City

Or perhaps this:

SandstormSaudiArabia2 I Had No Idea Tehran Was Such a Beautiful City

The 4 Middle Eastern pictures above are from Saudi Arabia, not Iran.  Same thing, you say?   Actually, Saudi Arabia is doing its best to overthrow Iran via terrorism, and is persecuting Christians and Jews much more than Iran.

Maybe we should learn a little bit more before deciding whether or not to bomb Iran?

Especially since the U.S. has been claiming for more than 30 years that Iran was on the verge of nuclear capability, and top American and Israeli defense and intelligence bosses say that bombing Iran will only increase the odds that Iran will actually build a nuclear weapon?

Postscript:   Many of the Iranian people are beautiful as well.

Iran obviously has problems and is far from perfect.  But given the tidal wave of propaganda in the news which is doing everything possible to “demonize the enemy” to justify war, we think it is valuable to provide some balance and perspective.

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  • sporble

    Since when is Iran a EUROPEAN country?

    • Wow… a bit dense are we? Did you really miss the whole point of this? The author is claiming it looks like a European country. No one ever claimed it was one.

      • Take ten percent of ANY country, except Arabian El Qutub or Inuit Arctic and you can manage to make it look European…the power of propaganda…like we muslims have successfully hidden the untold millions of Europeans enslaved by the muslim Barbary pirates…ten percent of the new United Slaves budget was to pay ransom for white slaves held in Libya, Algeria Tunisia and Morocco…

    • Persia(Iran = Aryan) is made up of European Celtic people, while Turkic people came from right next to Mongolia…they had to murder tens of millions of Greek and Armenian folks to occupy Anatolia(Turkey)

  • Just a few points the author forgot:

    1)Similarly stunning pictures could have been taken in Germany during WW2. They would not prove in any way that the Nazi regime is ‘close to European civilization’
    2)Saudi Arabia is largely controlled by the US. It can threaten no one even if it wanted to.
    3)The present crisis with Iran stems from the regime’s ostensibly repetitive threats of genocide against the Israelis , despite numerous attempts by western apologists to downplay or deny these threats.
    4)Following an American bombing campaign it would take Iran at least 10 years to get the bomb, but the U.S. will not allow that of course. It will likely replicate the siege no fly zones imposed on Iraq during the 1990s until the regime is sacked.

    • Yes, but all your points are about the Regime. The Regime is not the People, and it is not the Country. Regimes change, but the Country remains. That’s the point I got from this piece: don’t judge the Country by the Regime. Iran was no threat to Israel or anyone else before 1979.

    • co-intel pro

      Anybody who is familiar with translations from the Talmud knows who the most threatening to humanity are.

      What is really bizarre is how Israeli extremists have partnered with Christian extremists. The two Zionist groups have bamboozled the masses, via the Scofield Study Bible, and led us all into some insane holy war around Jerusalem.

    • Winter Patriot

      1) Stereotypes that people hold about other countries and cultures obviously affect their judgement and opinions about who the “good guys” or “bad guys” are. This is clearly meant to address negative stereotypes that Americans hold about Iranians and make them more susceptible to pro-war and anti-Iranian propaganda. In the case of Nazi Germany, the effect was in the other direction – Patton thought that we ought to ally with the Germans and fight the Russians, for instance. And of course, because everyone believed (rightly, btw) that Germany was a civilized, bona fide member of European civilization, they were very slow to wake up to the implications and real dangers of Nazism & their racist attitudes.

      2) But, we do have a Faustian bargain with them whereby they’re allowed to export Wahhabism & Islamic radicalism. If that’s even the right way to put it – one might almost say our government finds Islamic radicalism most convenient.

      3) The present crisis with Iran flows from long-standing US involvement in the Middle East, which of late has taken the form of a drive to control and militarily dominate the region. This of course necessitates the installation of pliant, client regimes in strategic countries in the region – like Iraq and Iran. It also flows from Israeli goals to control territories and resources beyond its current recognized borders, which brings it into conflict with Iranian allies and clients. The Iranian leadership has made no threats of genocide against Israel. Even if it had, it should be taken about as seriously as a threat to “kick your ass” from a piss-drunk, 100lbs 5’2″ pencil-necked geek with a pocket protector and horn-rimmed glasses at a bar.

      4) There are no indications that Iran is working on a nuclear bomb, therefore no such bombing campaign is needed. As far as regime changing Iran, this is a quarrel between the US government, which is an institution controlled by a pack of insane, power-hungry politicals, and which is not responsive to the American people’s wishes, and the government of Iran. By far the greater threat to the well-being of the American people is the government of the US. We will see no benefit from the subjugation of Iran by the US government, just like we saw none from the subjugation of Afghanistan, and Iraq. Instead we will see our living standards continue to decline, our middle class continuing to be undermined, and our people enserfed as debt-slaves in a dystopian and totalitarian police/surveillance state.

      Good luck to the Iranian people with bringing their own crappy government to heel. We here in the US have far far worse problems with our own government, which in every way is far worse than that of Iran.

      • there are stories going around that Patton felt Russia had some 30,000 US troops in captivity and wanted to go after them and thats why the FBI killed him.

    • Genocidal against israel is old news about mistranslation and misrepresentation. These, however, might be news to a lot of people:

      From the Jewish Talmud:
      1) If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he
      is not known and do the evil there. –Moed Kattan 17a
      2) If a heathen (Gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed.
      Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God. –Sanhedrin 58b
      3) A Jew need not pay a Gentile (“Cuthean”) the wages owed
      him for work. –Sanhedrin 57a
      4) If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile (“heathen”) it does
      not have to be returned.
      -Baba Mezia 24a also in Baba Kamma 113b
      5) When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no
      death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may
      keep. –Sanhedrin 57a
      6) Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God
      has “exposed their money to Israel”. –Baba Kamma 37b
      7) All Gentile children are animals. –Yebamoth 98a
      8) Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.
      –Abodah Zarah 36b
      9) Only Jews are human (“Only ye are designated men”).
      –Baba Kattan 114a-114b
      10) Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile.
      –Baba Kamma 113a
      and two rabbis:
      11) Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, “We have to recognize that Jewish
      blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing.”
      -NY Times, June 6, 1989
      12) Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, “One million Arabs are not worth a
      Jewish fingernail.” -NY Daily News, Feb 28, 1994

      • wow

      • Rich H

        So you’re saying all Jews believe this? I don’t know any that would support Any of that.

      • Anonymous

        The difference is that most mainstream Israelis do not accept a literal interpretation of the Talmud, and do not live their lives by it. There are many sects of Judaism which practice and believe different tenets. The head of state of Israel does not advocate any of the beliefs you mention above, not publicly.

        However, Ahmadinejad, head of state of Iran, has advocated wild, nonsensical beliefs, allowed gays to be publicly hung in the streets, and openly badgers neighboring states. Iran did nothing to seal its Iraq border during the 2003 Iraq conflict, allowing Iranian arms and fighters to murder US troops and Iraqi police. Iran in 1989 used child-soldiers as young as 9 during the Iran/Iraq war. The same religious leaders who overthrew the Shah in 1979 are still essentially in charge! An out-and-out theocracy, using medieval punishments!

        I’m sure the citizenry and scenery are nice but it’s an oppressive backwards government run by power hungry assholes.

        • Brian McKeever

          “it’s an oppressive backwards government run by power hungry assholes.”

          Kind of like the U.S. and Israel, eh?

        • Questanvarius

          You have just unknowingly described every government on earth.

        • biggestbird

          One, the Ayatollah runs the government; much like the Queen runs her holdings through hand-picked prime ministers, so Ahmadinejad means next to nothing; and as for different sects’ Judaic belief, some admit to hate Christians and want a genocide of all who are Gentiles (i.e. all non-Jews) while others got along with all Jewish refugees brought in post WWII (until the likes of Irgun came along) and some have even met with “the Persian Troll himself and given him honors, hugs and handshakes! So as usual, you wish we remove another Mosedegh to install another Shah (or perhaps Gaddafi for Muslim Brotherhood/al Qaeda would be more appropriate)!?!

    • Questanvarius

      The author did’nt forget any points. The point is quite clear and shocking. Iran is not a desolate barren, backwater, desert, populated by demons obsessed with wiping,a tiny country off the map. And the second video of its people resoundingly makes the point even more emphatically. Your comment is disingenuous. There is no crisis with Iran. It is all manufactured by agents like you, preying on the ignorance of those you intentionally misiinform..

  • jo6pac

    I got it after the first 5 pictures only because before the crack down I use to read a few Iran bloggers and they alway would put a few pictures of their travels.

  • Stewart Kautsch

    Ten years ago we were told they were about six months away from a nuclear weapon. We’ve been told the same thing every year for ten years. Which means they have made no progress at all in ten years. So what’s the worry?
    (Of course, it may also mean that Israeli and American politicians are total liars….)

    • Dave_Mowers

      Salon showed Israeli leaders saying Iran was working on a nuclear weapon for the last twenty years.

      • John97205

        I saw that too, and so can confirm; I believe the first Israeli government statement they documented claiming that an Iran nuclear weapon was “imminent” was in 1993.

        • Texas Chris

          Iran is much more likely to BUY a nuke than to build one.

          • Pres

            Yeah, and probably buy it from an Israeli Zionist that will sell anything!

          • AND ?

          • Judging from history, the US is the most likely to make that sale.

    • The ONLY countries the US does not “bomb democracy into” are countries that have nukes( they can defend themselves) THATS why nobody wnats Iran to have it, besides compare how many wars Iran has started in 200 years versus US …
      You will find ZERO on iranian side vs a 100 or more by US.

      • brains

        Do you realize that Iran was supporting the group in Iraq who constantly attacked the Americans in Iraq and they killed more innocent civilians in Iraq than Americans or Iraq soldiers. Iran provided them: weapons, training, and personnel. They are providing the rockets to Hamas that is killing innocent children in Israel. Yeah real peaceful! The problem is with their leaders who claim that the Germany did not kill Jews in WWII. Are you dumb enough to throw out thousands of testimonies from Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses and soldiers, pictures, movies the Nazi’s shot, and the actual preserved camps? If so find some of the survivors today and speak to them in person.Their great and peaceful leader has called for the extermination of Israel. As soon as their leader proposes that everyone in the middle east chill and just live on their own land and leave Israel alone even if they have to give up the West Bank. At that point I will agree with you. But you know if Israel gives up more land Iran and friends will come out the next day and declare that Israel still needs to die and give up the rest of their land.

        • aubreyfarmer

          Israel dropped white phosphorous on women and children during Cast Lead. Knocked down hundreds of homes and businesses just for the hell of it. Kills kids for throwing rocks. Ran over a US citizen, Rachel Corrie for trying to stop the destruction of Palestinian homes. Killed Egyptian prisoners of war during the 67 war. Attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 and wounding 172 US sailors. During the invasion of S. Lebanon the IDF let a Lebanese Christian militia into the POW camps and they slaughtered hundreds of unarmed civilians. All of these are facts which are easily provable from news agencies outside Zionist control. On the other hand much of what you have to say is propaganda foisted on you by Zionist controlled media outlets. The holocaust did happen but not like the Zionist Jews want you to believe. It was Zionist Jews that put Hitler in power. Reference “The Transfer Agreement” Black. The Zionists are so afraid the truth will come out that with “holocaust denial laws” they have managed to stifle almost all dissent. Anyone coming to the conclusion that the holocaust has been blown way out of proportion will immedately be attacked by Western media. Look at what happened to Ernst Zundel. I am no fan of Iranian government but they are completely justified in their animosity toward the US and Israel. The CIA overthrew their elected leader Mosadeq and installed the Shah of Iran. You have a lot to learn. Akmadenajab never called for the extermination of Israel. That too was an intentional misquote from the Jewish controlled press. Look it up and stop being someone that the controlled media can lead around by the nose.

        • Henry James Garner

          typical jewish crap. I wonder why abe wasn’t promised Persia as well

  • Anonymous

    It’s a clean and beautiful country with no homosexuals. Ahmadinejad said so, therefore it must be true.

    • Actually he did not say it had no homosexuals. The point he made, which is a very valid one, is that if conservative Republicans were really so worried about gay issues, they would not be attacking his country, which, he correctly claimed, does not have the same level of gay culture that the US has. He clearly said Iran does not have a gay issue like the US does.

      The Republicans are using scare tactics to get people to vote their way but obviously they have no desire to bring back traditional cultural values, otherwise they wouldn’t be destroying traditional values in third world countries.

      It is quite comical how Republicans wring their hands about issues like gays in the military and then destroy the traditional ways of the third world to bring them closer to the same modern ways that Republicans claim to be against. Given that the third world is on the receiving end of that hypocrisy its little wonder someone finally pointed it out. Its amazing how dumb and easy to refute these lies and slander against Iran actually are if you just take a moment to think straight.

  • Erik

    I was going to say Armenia, since it’s right next store, looks similar, and is a Christian nation (although now I see that the images of the church and the christmas trees were really just red herrings). My wife has travelled there for work three times over the past two years, so I have seen many pictures of churches such as the one overlooking the lakes and mountains. Small, octagonal churches are very Armenian.

    That being said, I agree with both the author and some of the other commenters. It is true that because Iran is regarded as an enemy that we seem to be spoon-fed images that fit with our “worst” preconceptions (like the pictures from Saudi Arabia). At the same time, the beauty of the landscape has nothing to do with the nature of the people which has nothing to do with the nature of the leadership. The only meaningful images are the ones in which christianity is not being suppressed, as those of us in the west, especially the US, might expect that it would be.

  • The US supports endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.

    9/11, US and Israel:

    • aubreyfarmer

      All of the up arrows is a good sign that people are waking up. The tactic our government now uses is to ignore everyone. The same thing happens in Israel. Zionist control the media in both countries. Zionist is satanically inspired. That is the only plausible explanation for Zionist hatred, hubris and insanity.

  • John97205

    Beautiful images, though mostly landscape, without people.

    The two batches below, which include many more featuring ordinary people in ordinary settings, are probably even more effective against the corporate media demonization (except perhaps the third from the bottom of the first link 😉 ):

  • Use Google Earth and see much more and also the Zionists have been after Ancient Persia for a long time.

  • Actually Iran ISN’T persecuting Jews – there’s over 25,000 of them WHO’VE LIVED THERE FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS IF NOT MORE, who’ve even REFUSED bribes of $10K per man to emigrate to Israel. EVEN though they are not significant enough to be represented in the Majilis (parliament), THEY’VE BEEN ALLOWED A JEWISH REPRESENTATIVE IN GOVERNMENT. If that kind of behavior doesn’t take your breath away, you need to curl up and die and wait for God to Judge your inhumane, arrogant waste of a brain and heart.
    As for Christians in Iran, I personally don’t know, though what I do know about them from the Noble Qur’an:

    “Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians — whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord. And there will be no fear for them, nor shall they grieve” (2:62, 5:69, and many other verses).

    “…and nearest among them in love to the believers will you find those who say, ‘We are Christians,’ because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant” (5:82).”O you who believe! Be helpers of God — as Jesus the son of Mary said to the Disciples, ‘Who will be my helpers in (the work of) God?’ Said the disciples, ‘We are God’s helpers!’ Then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion disbelieved. But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies, and they became the ones that prevailed” (61:14).”If only they [i.e. Christians] had stood fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that was sent to them from their Lord, they would have enjoyed happiness from every side. There is from among them a party on the right course, but many of them follow a course that is evil” (5:66)

    • My bad, I didn’t look clearly enough – the pictures of CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS TREES and The Church itself speaks volumes against ‘Christian persecution’ in Iran. Like the 10million coptic Christians in Egypt living peacefully for hundreds of years UNTIL NATO/US/ZIONISTS stirred the nest.

    • Can Jewish Iranians vote? No. Can they hold public office? No. Can they speak publically about their faith? No. The list goes on. But they aren’t being persecuted? Sue, go ahead and keep believing that nonsense.

      • How odd. Only a month ago I watched a documentary on Iran which attempted to prove the Jews were persecuted. Turns out to be complete cobblers.
        FYI. Your favourite enemy is an ethnic Jew converted to Islam.

        • There is no worst imbecile than those like bigbird and Andrew Jones that refuse to see and to hear and only take their info from rabid neo-nazis and muslim razziah fanatics
          like those running this site…

          • macmarine

            You are so full of shit … it ain’t even funny anymore! No wonder the whole world thinks americans are imbeciles!

      • biggestbird

        Can a Gentile couple get justice in a Jewish court for the negligent murder of their Gentile daughter?? NO! Can Palestinian parents get justice for the loss of their kids by a trigger-happy IDF soldier? Apparently NO!

        • ConradCA

          The palesitinian’s chose to make war on Israel and should have no complaints when their children suffer the consequences. When the Muslims murder Jewish babies in their cribs with knives and rain down missiles on cities in Israel the response should be the under destruction of these terrorists.

          • Phenry

            It is easy to remain ignorant and ignore history, isn’t it? You should try to read up a bit on the history of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict before making a blanket statement about one side choosing to make war on the other and deserving to have their innocent children murdered. One of the first recorded incidents of violence was a member of Rosh Pina against a member of an Arab wedding. The guard accidentally shot the Arab man to death. This is according to Benny Morris, an Israeli historian.

            People who think the way that you do, that it’s ok to murder innocent children because the other side was asking for it, are the reason that incidents like 9/11 occur.
            Children can’t be replaced, they are unique. Anyone with a murdered child has a permanent grievance against the perpetrator and their relationship with God will dictate whether they can find forgiveness in their heart, or not.
            Imbeciles who spout that the children, by proxy, had it coming, certainly do not make it any easier for the parents to find forgiveness in their hearts…

          • GlobalCtzn

            Talk about selective perception. It never ceases to amaze me the ability of many small-minded people to see one side clearly, and yet cannot see the other side at all. I am so glad I do not live like you!

          • from_the_bleachers

            Yet another jewish drone..
            Conrad, remind me again was it Palestine that invaded, exterminated and stole most of Israeli land or was it the other way around?
            Is Palestine the second most hi-tech military in the world or is it the other way around?
            Are Palestinias the ones who are indoctrinated to openly discriminate against any non-Palestinian or is it the other way around?
            Is it the Palestinian army that is always killling israeli children for throwing rocks at them or is it the other way around?
            Is it Israel that has no nukes, no heavy weapons, no artillery, gets no GIGANTIC subsidy from the US and has no hi-tech weapons systems or is it the other way around?
            Is it Palestine that has a history of deception and military invasions and attacks of neighboring countries or is it the other way around?
            I would love to read your reply..

          • ConradCA

            It was the Muslims who invaded Jewish lands and forced them to submit to their evil rule. Then it was the British who took it back from the Turks in WW1. They divided those lands up between the Jews and Muslims. The Muslims declared war on Israel 4 times and lost every time. The Muslims invaded and occupied these lands by conquest and so did the Jews.

          • from_the_bleachers

            You can tell yourself that if it makes you feel any smarter, but I’d advise you not to share it publicly if you want to be taken seriously..

          • shannogh

            Conrad do you know any other stories? I thought the art of telling fables was dead but no here I find an expert!

      • Justin Hale

        The Ottoman Empire banned Jews from all governmental and teaching positions. It lasted 600 years. Coincedence?

      • xiongnu

        //Can they hold public office?//

        The answer appears to be YES, THEY CAN.

        Maurice Motamed or Morris Motamed was elected in 2000 and again in 2004 as a Jewish member of the Iranian Parliament (preceded by Manuchehr Eliasi and succeeded by Ciamak Moresadegh), representing the Jewish community which has by Iran’s constitution retained a reserved seat since the Persian Constitution of 1906. -WIKIPEDIA

        If you don’t trust Wik. just Google “jewish member parliament iran” or search for anything and and keep believing your nonsense!

      • Christians cannot celebrate in public the US.. forbidden by government.. keep a perspective on who is walking head first into tyranny and oppression and calling it freedom. When you point your finger at others.. there are always 4 pointing back at you
        Iran does not MOLEST CHILDREN, including BABIEs at airports , does not radiate with scanners.. does not rip out colostomy bags, wanna compare dung pile list some more for each country?

      • from_the_bleachers

        If your answer was any more mechanical I would have thought you were a robot.. You can dwell in your ignorance and indoctrination and say whatever you want about Iran, but Iran doesn’t invade their neighbors, systematically exterminate huge portions of the population and steal their land. Iran IS a signatory to the NNPT and ALLOWS IAEA inspectors into their facilities, Iranian soldiers don’t execute people for throwing rocks at them or giving them “dirty looks”, Iran doesn’t use depleted uranium and/or cluster bombs on civilian populations, Iran doesn’t go out of its way to purposely misinterpret other leaders in order to instigate violence among ALL their neighbors, and Iran doesn’t victimize themselves whenever they want something or don’t get something they want.. Go cherry pick some over-sensationalized bullsh*t counter argument, we’ll wait..

        • English bob

          i hope iran gets a nuclear arsenal and uses it to teach big bully america and its jewish run government a lesson!

      • Zahra

        jewish iranian, has rights to vote, they have also member in congress they can study in university same as other religions in iran.

      • Alex

        You sir need to study more before talking ! Iranian Jewish can Vote and talk about their religion , and worship their religion in public . Can go to university and do anything as Iranian can do !
        Sure Iranian goverment is coruppted and dictatore , but they treat every one the same , I have to say , same suppression ! I’m not saying Iran is good , but jewish and muslim are the same ! unless if you talk about high rank people in offices , even regular muslim can not be part them as well ! its family bussiness for them , like kingdom without king !

      • me

        yes they can,they also have special MP in Iranian parliament.
        better to study more about Iran.

      • me
      • Iman Tahamtan

        They have one member in parliament

    • Howard Roark

      Christians in Iran are victims of a great deal of government intrusion, expropriation of property, forced church closure, and
      persecution. Most prominent has been the death
      of Haik Hovsepian Mehr, bishop of the Jamiat-e Rabbani. Recently the continuing imprisonment of Hamid Pourmand, a lay pastor of Jammiat-e Rabbani, and the murder of Ghorban Tourani, the pastor of an independent evangelical church. Youcef Nadarkhani is an Jammiat-e Rabbani pastor “sentenced to death for refusing to recant his faith” but recently released due to international intervention.

    • stageshow

      Quoting you.. “you need to curl up and die and wait for God to Judge your inhumane, arrogant waste of a brain and heart.” This kind of language you just spewed out tends to tell other religions that your religion is full of hate and not love as you portray. You would be wise to let the Creator of the universe judge people instead of yourself. It’s counterproductive to your beliefs.

      • Your Soul Knows

        While you are accurate that the words used seem to ‘tell other religions that your religion is full of hate and not love as you portray’ – first off Islam does not purport to be a religion of love, but of peace… The Creator (in the Noble Qu’ran) states that disbelievers ‘are arrogant and without gratitude’ – in the Holy Bible Jesus calls for the disbelievers to be slayed… and in the Torah (or Old Testament) there is much said about God’s anger, wrath and punishment against the disbelievers…. I’m not justifying the language used, just offering my perception of why it was said the way it was…. we have no right to judge others, but it is clear in every religious scripture that the believers and disbelievers are not equal… 🙂

        • stageshow

          I am wondering how you justify killing disbelievers as the mission of Islam instead waiting for the Creator since you are making the distinction. Furthermore, how does violence equate to Peace? Islam shows me a two-sided belief system. On one hand you talk peace and on the other hand Islam kills disbelievers? Is your religion able to read the hearts and minds of all peoples? I am not a member of any religious world system for the record. I study scriptures myself and have a relationship with the Creator of the universe apart from the imaginations of leaders of religions. You might also consider, since you are referring to scriptures, that it is/was the religious community who slaughtered the common people and Christ just like you/Islam is doing today and how the Roman church did in the past. I believe it’s because the system does not want to give up any power. It is all arrogance… for if you were right with the Creator then why would you require an organization to tell you what you believe or how you should interpret scriptures? I choose to allow the Creator of the universe to tell me Himself. I take issue with the deduction you are making that “in every religious scripture …believers and disbelievers are not equal.” At one time you were a disbeliever no? The difference is that one is forgiven and one has not come to understanding yet. Shall we kill them or teach them? What does wisdom say to you? Peace to all.

          • from_the_bleachers

            After reading and studying some “holy” books myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that no religion is really good for anyone anymore, they have some good teachings, but deep down they are all really about control. The true teachings of the “founders” of religions have been so watered down, so taken out of context and over-edited, that the only thing they seem to have left is the power to control people’s minds at a grand scale..

        • Christianity is a peaceful religion. Both Islam and Christianity make this claim, I have read Sura 19 where it states than an unbeliever can coexist peacefully for 6 months, during this time they can convert but should be killed if they fail to convert in the allotted time.

          I am a Christian and do not know of any statement by Jesus to kill non believers, in fact he expects his followers to give up the things of this world and expect persecution and death because of ones faith. These religions that focus on the afterlife should not expect any sort of militancy of their followers. It is a perversion of the tenets of faith to ask muslims and christians to kill in the name of their religion. As the missionary Paul stated, “For me to live is christ, to die is gain.”

          • Phenry

            Taking suras out of context does not equal understanding of Islam.

            I can quote hundreds of Biblical passages that, taken out of context, would seem to paint Christianity as just as violent. It doesn’t mean Christianity is violent, either.

          • aubreyfarmer

            Christians are willing to die for their faith and Muslims are willing to kill for their faith. Islam is a counterfeit of Christianity using many of its precepts but changing just enough of them to retain a bit of credibility while at the same time completely undermining the teachings of Christ. Want to know the truth about Islam? YouTube “The Islam Catholicism Connection Walter Veith”

          • from_the_bleachers

            -To liberate the children of Israel, God orders the firstborn in
            every Egyptian household killed so all will know “that the Lord
            makes a distinction between the Egyptians and Israel” (Exodus
            -The killing does not cease until “there was not a house where one was not dead” (Exodus 12:30)
            -Amid the carnage God orders Moses to loot all the clothing,
            jewelry, gold and silver from the Egyptian homes (Exodus 12:35-36)
            -A literal reading of the Bible means reinstitution of slavery
            coupled with the understanding that the slavemaster has the
            right to beat his slave without mercy since ‘the slave is his
            money’ (Exodus 21:21)
            -Children who strike or curse a parents are to be executed (Exodus 21:15, 17)
            -Those who pay homage to another god “shall be utterly destroyed” (Exodus 22:20)
            -Blasphemers shall be executed (Leviticus 24:16)
            -Women, throughout the Bible, are subservient to men, often
            without legal rights, and men are free to sell their daughters
            into sexual bondage (Exodus 21:7-11)

            So much love..

        • ConradCA

          Islam’s definition of peace means the subjegation of the rest of the world to the Muslim religion. Mohammed ordered the faithful to spread the Muslim religion by the sword and that is what his followers did for 500 years. The people of the book, Jews and Christians had to submit, all others were put to death. Yes, your right Isam is the religion of peace, peaceful death.

          • Phenry

            Do guns kill people?

          • Phenry

            Since you are not going to respond, “Conrad,” let me do it for you:

            No, guns do not kill people and neither does religion.

            People kill people and they will use whatever justification they can find. Religion is a big one that has been twisted by evil people since the beginning of time, to justify THEIR crimes.
            Evil people have used just about every faith to perform their evil, from Isl am to Chris tianity.

            You can rest assured that if someone is calling for evil to be done, they are anything but the religious member they claim to be.

            Now do yourself a favor, and grow up.

          • No, McDonald’s does.

          • Phenry

            McDonald’s doesn’t kill people either. They do burn a few now and then…

  • Rich H

    Talk about attacking Iran is insane. Haven’t we learned anything?

    • from_the_bleachers

      We did, it’s the government that doesn’t really give a sh*t..

  • jo6pac

    Here’s Rick Stevens, yes that one on Iran. He is right in what he’s saying just like this site. Enjoy

    Slide show

    Then a couple of blogs one hasn’t been update but there some great stuff there.

  • 848484


    • Idiot. He said that Zionism would disappear from the pages of history. He never said he would wipe the falsely called “Israel” off the map. You need to learn your facts before you repeat lies and slander that some spin doctor told you. If you really had a case to make you wouldn’t need to resort to lies.

      • Texas Chris

        That’s what happens when we read the NY Times headlines, but never the retractions.

      • 848484


        Ahmadinejad said:

        Our dear Imam (referring to Ayatollah Khomeini)
        said that the occupying regime must be wiped off the map and this was a very
        wise statement. We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine. Is it possible
        to create a new front in the heart of an old front. This would be a defeat and
        whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime has in fact, signed the defeat of
        the Islamic world. Our dear Imam targeted the heart of the world oppressor in
        his struggle, meaning the occupying regime. I have no doubt that the new wave
        that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will
        eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world.[4]

        • biggestbird

          And most of Israel’s PM’s were members of Irgun and the like, so all Jews are bad because various from Ben Gurion to Bibi have instigated, or outright had their hands in terrorism, right?!?

        • Lest we forget, the present regime in Iran is ultimately the result of one of those CIA orchestrated “interventions” in what was, at the time, a functioning

          democracy. But democracy is
          only desirable if and when it advances the global capitalist agenda. Any
          democracy that impedes the hegemonic spread of capitalism simply cannot be allowed
          to flourish. America finds even a murderous dictatorship preferable to a socialist democracy as long as the
          dictator is in compliance with the capitalist imperial programme.

        • biggestbird
        • tribeseeker

          Iranian’s had every right to take those undercover CIA agents working out of the US embassy in Tehran hostage. After all, they were responsible for the destruction of their democracy. That makes Ahmadinejad a hero! Why do you think he won the popular election for President of Iran?!

          • 848484


    • Brian McKeever

      And Khrushchev told the West “We will bury you,” but he didn’t because of the nuclear deterrent. The “balance of terror” worked throughout the cold war, so why would we expect it NOT to work with Iran even if they DID build a bomb?

      • You never heard of the “suicide” brigades…It number millions in Arya(Iran in Farsi)-Persia…Ruhollah sent waves upon waves on thirteen years olds to clear mines fields…
        They dont mind if cities get nuked…city folks hate the Khomeinists guts anyway!

    • Questanvarius

      Your TV induced ignorance is truly pitiful.

    • Expat

      First, you are an ignorant moron (i.e. you are both stupid and ill-informed). That takes care of the “insulting you” part of my response.
      Second, why doesn’t Iran have the right to declare that an abusive, racist, hegemonist, and terrorist-founded nuclear power (undeclared and illegal) be removed from the face of the earth?

      • 848484

        new Middle East will definitely take shape, but with the grace of God
        and the help of the nations in this new Middle East, there will be no
        American or Zionist presence in it.” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his Own Words

      • ConradCA

        They have the right to do that and we have the right to destroy Iran.

    • Ignorance is strength. Just keep telling yourself that and you’ll be just fine.

    • biggestbird

      One, see above about your “off the map” comment; Two, kill the caps! Three so even if
      Ahmadinejad is a Satanist troll; we should turn Iran into a glass parking lot and our Satanist trolls should lead the charge?!

      • 848484


        • Get some reading glasses asshole. I’m sixty five and I don’t need your fucking caps to read your brainwashed bullshit.

          • 848484


          • And you still

  • All this talk about Iran making the bomb. what a load of bull!!
    They have natural resources of yellow cake alright. One small problem. It’s tainted with molybdenum.
    What this means to the great unwashed is it cannot be removed in the centrifuges better than 30%. You need U235 above 93% to make a bomb.
    And you mental midgets who believe your warmongers that the ethnic Jew who runs the shop in Iran saying he will bomb Israel. He did not. Well. I have a pill to sell you. Makes you immortal and comes with a lifetimes guarantee. Only $25,000.
    Talk about “fool me once”. It’s “fool me five times” for half of you lot! He wants ZIONISM OFF THE MAP!

  • rlc

    Picture #24 is from California. Makes me wonder about the legitimacy of the others.!i=1161508037&k=8MgXBMw

    • crow

      honest mistake. but the rest are from iran. and it still doesn’t change the facts.

      • Dan

        How do you know the others are all from Iran? And if this was an honest mistake, why has this shot not been removed?

        • Paleo-cons like those running this place are our dearest allies, giving the hated djooz fancy names to avoid being identified as neo-nazis, covering up for our systematic spreading of terror states and laying lies so blatants that even Khomeini would not dare to spew…most of Iran is in fact a dreadful desert, it’s cities hideous hovels, it’s many ethnics groups hate each others with a passion, riots blowing up constantly, rioters getting hung immediately after capture, people getting beaten in the street at random by religious police, women getting constantly kidnapped, raped and murdered in it’s monstrous jails, children getting executed systematically for being merely sassy to the maniacs in the judicial…Iran is historically the most nightmarish state ever…just ask any muslim terrorist their opinion of Iran and they will repeat exactly what I just said…Any shiite-iranian spy caught by the populace in Sirya is immediately decapitated or tossed off tall buildings for giving Islam a bad name!!!

  • colleenf

    Well, isn’t this just ducky! All the Iran loving wackos are out in force.
    And this makes them all nicey-nice because they have some beautiful areas in their country? Big whup.
    That still does not excuse the imprisonment of those who preach/believe in Jesus Christ and Christianity.
    Does not excuse their death sentence against those who speak out against their false prophet, muhammed…may pig pizz be on him. Does not excuse the death sentence for homosexuals.
    And we are supposed to accept the fact that their leaders want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth?
    What a wonderful country……………..just NOT their leaders or cult religion.

    • Keyvan

      Wow.. You have serious issues. I suggest you have yourself checked out by a doctor.

    • biggestbird

      And Saddam threw babies out of incubators onto the floor, and the weapons of mass destruction not found in Iraq were to the North, East, South and West of Tikrit …and everything we learned in school was gospel!! Quit spewing Zionist propaganda and venom! The wiping Israel off of the map misquote has been debunked almost as often as the authenticity of the OBL videos admitting responsibility for 9/11, but since no one speaks Farsi, no one will confirm that it was wipe the regimes of Israel and the US) from the pages of time/history (to paraphrase).

      • aubreyfarmer

        The woman that did the phony incubator story was the daughter of an Kuwaiti diplomat if I remember correctly. The Jessica Lynch story was also a fabrication. The Zionist controlled media has been lying to us so long they have zero credibility with me.

    • Ricsi Budapest

      No Christians or even Jews are persecuted in Iran and even if they were,it is an Islamic state so respect that,as for gays,well look at the sickness and corruption in your liberalistic society,the undermining of family values etc…As for wiping Israel off the earth-read a TRUE translation of Farsi,he actually said the ‘zionist regime’ not Israel,thats a bit like your rhetoric of wiping out communism,you meant the hated system not the nation of Russia.Wake up,you are been bled dry by Israel and you will go to war for them again very soon,how many more gullible,misled US troops must die before you can accept the word PEACE instead of illegal WAR????

    • “Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a
      doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that
      aspect of existence.”

      Robert Anton Wilson

    • Ken Long

      I think there are a lot more serious problems with Israel and the Israel/US alliance than there are with Iran. I dont like everything about Iran’s religion, but the country and people have always been beautiful.

    • mossad not muslims did 9/11/01

  • stan131

    They are beautiful pictures. So what? What do they have to do with Iran developing (or not developing) a nuclear weapon?

  • A. H. Wipperman

    Your message has alot of truth in it, unfortunately however, the actions and words coming from It’s leaders tell a different story. Betting against the stated word is a fool’s game. A. H. Wipperman

    • West Seattle Woman

      So true! You are unfortunately right about the fools game here!

  • Hmph…

    In a book called “The Book of Lists” from 1976 it said that Iran was only a couple years away from developing a nuclear weapon. That was under the old Shah’s regime…and he was supported by the U.S. Interesting…

    • Jim

      Jooland has been saying for as long as I can remember that Iran is fifteen minutes away from nuclear weapons, and Jooland is 20 minutes away from attacking them. Giving credence to any of the idiots running the US is not smart. Beware them, but don’t believe them.

  • M

    A beautiful Country. Sad that Barry did not support the Green revolution or we may have been on the way to nromallizing relations and be able to see this first hand. It is usually not the people of a Country but those in charge that cause problems. We have our own problems right here.

    • bman

      Let’s not forget that the “stated word” can be misrepresented. And it often is in our politicized and sold-out media.

  • Hey if the pics are legit the country has some pretty scenery. Be a shame if something bad happen to all those flowers, mountains, valley, cities, and people. I know, maybe if Iran had not been the largest supporter of world wide terrorism for the last 30 years, had not been working on nuclear weapons for years, and had not said that they would use said weapons to annihilate Israel, maybe I’d have more sympathy. Forget it. We owe the Iranians for the 1979 embassy assault and hostage taking and thirty years of support for attacks on US interests. Time to make the persians pay for their stupidity

    • biggestbird

      I think we have supported (financially, training-wise and with weapons) more “terrorists” since the CIA’s creation of Al Qaeda against the Russians in Afghanistan than Iran has in the last 30 years, and if Saudi doesn’t bark w/o us letting them, how come the “official terrorists” from 9/11 were mostly all from Saudi Arabia?? As far as annihilating Israel, if they had 10 nukes, they could not match Israel’s 80 (or more since no one knows since they are one of the only nuclear powers that won’t sign the Nuclear Proliferation Agreement) and they have sworn to the Sampson Option; that if they’re going down, most all of Europe and the rest of the world is going with them …and they’ll be able to because we GIVE them the tools to do it with and the money to afford to research it! Put that in chapter 22 of How to Win and Enslave Allies!

    • tribeseeker

      Phadras Johns must be incredibly blissful if ignorance is, indeed, bliss.
      In fact, the US owes Iran, big time, for the destruction of their democracy. Also, as a co-signatory to the NPT, the US is bound by this treaty to actually ASSIST Iran the development of peaceful nuclear energy, as monitored by the IAEA (who, to this day, insist that Iran’s program is peaceful.) And, most senior intelligence officers in the US and Israel know that Iran is not working on a weapons program.

  • footballcrazy

    There is an old saying that “the truth lies somewhere in between”. Many things said by both governments…Iran and the US are misinformation to support their position. I agree that most of the people of Iran…which by the way are younger than 40 do not support their tyrannical government.

    Our government continues to slide into the abyss of corruption and deceit. Don’t think for a second that the feds only have our best interest at heart! If you do, you are foolish.

    I was recently in Hawaii and spoke with a helicopter pilot who flies tourists around the big island where the US has a base used for bombing practice. He said the base has come alive recently with tremendous activity and security has been beefed up! I don’t know about everyone else, but has anyone asked why we as a nation have been at war practically every year for the past 50 years! Ask yourself, who is the bully and who is the prey?

    • biggestbird

      There was a documentary a few years back and the guy that made it (been a while so can’t remember who) saw all of the government anti-US propaganda (i.e. planes flying over with bombs dropping from the plane making the red-stripes on a vertically-hanging US flag) on the side of buildings, but the people rushed him everywhere he went and after discovering he was American (which most didn’t guess because the Great Satan didn’t make everyone with horns and a tail) wanted to know what is America and Americans REALLY like! They sat around like kids at a camp fire and listened to his stories, and someone even gave him flowers for having to deal with Iran’s chaotic traffic (no traffic lights and minimal rule of direction) everywhere he went. That’s just two of the main things I remember.

    • norm

      That”s easy . Iran and iran

    • Iran is a sovereign nation. If it wants nuclear weapons to defend itself from the enemies that surround it, what of it? Most Americans support the United States’ ownership of nuclear weapons and it is the only nation that ever actually used them.

    • Phillip

      The Iranians have been looking at the Americans funny for years, also they keep saying they are going to put up a fight if they are attacked. What more evidence do you want of their intentions to defeat the US and take over the entire world?

      Not only that but they will force everyone to accept their version of world events and history and only theirs, they will control the media, politics and finances. They will act outside of international norms of behaviour and expect their theocracy to be revered by all and receive regular tribute from those conquered nations.

      • James

        You are speaking of Israel aren’t you ?

      • from_the_bleachers

        You sir, are an idiot. Iran is the threat according to you, Iran hasn’t attacked any neighboring country, or any country for that matter, in well over a century, Israel and the US on the other hand have been invading and attacking countries for decades. And by the way, your dumb logic makes Iran an aggressor for defending itself, try to get that in your big hollow head for a second, the country defending itself from a foreign attack is the aggressor? it makes no sense.
        And while you’re at it, show us the evidence that leads you to believe that “they will force everyone to accept their version of world events and
        history and only theirs, they will control the media, politics and
        finances. They will act outside of international norms of behavior and
        expect their theocracy to be revered by all and receive regular tribute
        from those conquered nations.” That’s the United States M.O.
        Why doesn’t the US threaten Russia, China, India or Japan over their nuclear programs?
        Everybody on the site grew a little bit dumber just by reading your garbage, please keep your moronic comments to yourself..

      • ADDN

        Isn’t this applicable to the US,too?

      • Truth

        “What more evidence do you want of their intentions to defeat the US and take over the entire world?” NONE.
        Your idiotic analysis is plenty! Thanks

  • mossad not muslims did 9/11/01

    • And Ah use mossad to induce mah sand monkey to tear each other apart…jess joking…why would I ,
      a moslom, would do that? Siiiiight, eh, my brudahrz will kill each otha as soon as anything else
      20,000 terror attacks since 9/11 all in the name of Allah and most victims are, of course, fellow Moose ‘Slimes…

      • WWGWD

        Wow, the complete lack literacy in this post invalidates absolutely everything you may have to say. When did we become a country who only knows how to write thing in ‘tweet’ format? What a sad display of Americanism.

        • coloradoval

          Thank you. I was thinking the exact same thing. Wow. Very sad.

      • Yep fool. you believe what the Jewish controlled media tells you? you are a fool who can not think for himself.

        • Fortunately–and thanks to the internet–that breed of media is a dying one.



      Time for Truth.

      • I failed to appreciate the fact that no intelligence agency heads rolled for the “failure” to prevent 9/11. In a sane world there were have been a grand display of some agency head falling on his sword.

        • Noni77

          But plenty of intelligence analysts lost their jobs for begging and pleading that their reoprts warning about 9/11 be released. NSA even hired a boatload of extra “Security personnel” plus augmented that bloated force with contractors to stalk, harass, intimidate, smear and stir up red herring trouble for analysts who dared complain that HAD they been ALLOWED to report what they were PAID to research and REPORT, NOT ONE PERSON would have died on 9/11… except maybe the terrorists.

          • aubreyfarmer

            Sibel Edmonds, translator with the FBI and Lt. Col. Anthony Schaffer working for the National Intelligence Agency have convinced me 100% that what happened on 911 was planned well in advance and orchestrated by agencies within the US security apparatus.

    • t

      Rock on Nick. Want more info on what terroristic country is behind 911? Get Bollyn’s new book on 911. Amazon or

    • Liar!

    • Motek718

      What evidence do you have for this view? Why would they do it? America is Israel’s primary ally. Many Jews, and Israelis, died in the 911 attacks. I knew a few.

      • aubreyfarmer

        29). “Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out
        the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already
        killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” (Chief
        Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn).

        30). “We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity,
        and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races,
        but to its triumph over them.” (Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor
        of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981)

        31). “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the
        destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs.
        We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
        (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).

        32). “We will have a world government whether you like it
        or not. The only question is whether that government will be
        achieved by conquest or consent.” (Jewish Banker Paul Warburg,
        February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate).

        34). “We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting
        their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre
        each other, thus giving room for our own people.” (Rabbi
        Reichorn, in Le Contemporain, July 1st, 1880)

        35). “World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the
        foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.” (Joseph Burg, an
        antiZionist Jew).

        36). “Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into
        it, not this year but later…” (The Jewish Emil Ludwig, Les
        Annales, June, 1934)

        40). “Zionism was willing to sacrifice the whole of
        European Jewry for a Zionist State. Everything was done to
        create a state of Israel and that was only possible through a
        world war. Wall Street and Jewish large bankers aided the war
        effort on both sides. Zionists are also to blame for provoking
        the growing hatred for Jews in 1988.” (Joseph Burg, The Toronto
        Star, March 31, 1988).

        41). “There is scarcely an event in modern history that
        cannot be traced to the Jews. We Jews today, are nothing else
        but the world’s seducers, its destroyer’s, its incendiaries.”
        (Jewish Writer, Oscar Levy, The World Significance of the
        Russian Revolution).

        • Motek718

          Dear Aubrey Farmer,

          I admire your tenacity in finding obscure sources to support your views.  I cannot list all the prominent Jews and Jewish organizations who say just the opposite.  Again, you have provided no proof of any wrong-doing, or even intention.  There is an old joke about a Jew who prefers to read the anti-Semitic press because, in it, we control the world’s finances, media, foreign governments, etc., etc.  In the Jewish press, we are continually struggling for equality.

    • Don’t forget the critical role of the Department of Defense. the 9/10 announcement and subsequent placing of related personnel in harms way clearly indicate that Rumsfeld, and therefore, the DOD, knew and anticipated the events of the day. Why should I believe that they didn’t plan them, as well?

      • Noni77

        Read my above comment, indications from IC friends are they indeed knew and ACTIVELY SUPPRESSED the info.

      • aubreyfarmer

        And Rumsfeld’s announcement of the 2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon budget the day before 911 has faded from the collective memories of those that control our government. How lucky for them that the missile that hit the Pentagon destroyed all records of the missing money. Something stinks and it is this government. Why does the government still refuse to release the CCTV videos of the attack on the Pentagon? Because they would show with absolute certainty that it was not a plane that hit the Pentagon.

    • Are you nuts?

      • EdD

        “Are you nuts?” That’s exactly what I said when I heard the official conspiracy theory of 9/11, as told by the Bush administration through the mainstream media.

  • Norman

    People can argue ad infinitum, but it remains clear and even substantiated by Iran. They have more nuclear refining capabilities now than ever before. That has nothing to do with 10 or 20 years ago. Ahmagenocide is dedicated to destroying us and Israel. The people and the land of Iran are too valuable to destroy with a nuclear bomb. A EMP, however, would set back their nuclear ambitions while not destroying the land or the people. It is unfortunate only other countries are willing to consider such an option against USA, but we are too cowardly or weak willed to attempt such an humanitarian approach. I can’t believe the number of people who are willing to change their position with relation to Israel and Iran based on one article, which presents only pictures of how beautiful the earth God created is. Wise up, people. The Iranian government is dedicated to wiping our Israel and the US. Do you think that, because they live in a land that has some beautiful features that they will not honor that commitment?

  • Kingsman

    I’d like to remind everyone what a beautiful country Germany was before a certain maniac decided to eliminate the Jews and, ultimately, all non-Arians. Unfortunately, the beauty of the landscape does not dictate what’s going on in the collective minds of those in charge!

    • biggestbird

      Hitler like the Shah, Pinochet, Mao and Noriega, et al, was put into power indirectly by our government and the CIA while the international banksters funded them until they stopped dancing to our/their whims and decided to try and become somewhat an independent “leader”!

      • You forgot to say: “Heil Hitler!”

        • biggestbird


          Stating the facts doesn’t mean I back any of these dictators; unlike David Rockefeller does Chairman Mao! So your comment eludes me.

          • I am a racist like you, of course, my best friend and mentor is Looie “Adolf Hitler” Farrakhan, and I am putting to shame our original democrat militia, the Klu Klux Klan.

            They never had a so blatant favoritism for one race as I have had, giving away billions to black farmers solely on the color of their skin, preferential treatments…etc…

            My homies raped, robbed and murdered honkies(YOUR KIND!!!) a thousand time that of the KKK’s lynch mob ever did…Your KKK had ONE cannibal rapist, D.C. Stevenson, Grand Dragon of Indiana…he was immediately arrested and next day, you lily livered wimps had one million that resigned from the Klan….We glorify being cannibals, Patrice Lumumba’s Simbas ATE all their victims and he is a hero with his statues all over Africa and American WHITE campuses!
            We are the only real racists left, witness Looie’s million niggers’ march!

            Still one of us, biggestbird?

          • biggestbird

            Never have been; never will be!!

          • ConradCA

            So you are a Nazi!

  • Watch what I do, not what I say, and since Iran is Muslim, albeit heretical, I, as a muslim will not touch them…beside, the Hidden Imam’s role is to re-unify Islam…and guess where the hidden Imam is hiding!!!

  • Also, in all the comments, thanks for pushing for the Final Shoah…gotta get rid of them pesky djooz…mind you, just look at a map, and these pictures are from 10% of PERSIA…Iran name came from nazi Hitlerian fan Persians…mean Aryan in English…90% of Persia is a desert just as grim as Al Qutub, the Arabian peninsula…but as the base of my islam is Takyia(hypocrisy)…just carry on with the lies!

    • biggestbird

      Please expound on the relationship between Blonde-haired, blue-eyed (Airyan) and Islamic (brown folk) Persian.

      • Persians are Celtic people just like the Macedonians of Philip and his son Alexander…fact even all of north India, the caste of the Brahmins, are of Celtic origin…never read a word of King Gautama(the Buddha)??? Aryan comes up every text line. Since the Romanichels(Gypsies) are from mercenary warriors that came from Northern India, they where most likely more Aryan that the nazi faggots(check “Pink Swastika”) that sent them to the ovens like they did to the Jews…their language is close to the original celtic Sanskrit.

        • The “brown skin” have the same origin as that of the north African Arabs…slave trade mixing…300 million blacks went through from the Sahara…the other castes of India used to be treated like slaves, with the countless rapes of slaves women, came the darker hue of the skin. Originally, in the Koran, it say Momo and his razziah gang had skin white as milk…

  • Buzzard

    The picture of the canyon with blue and orange wild flowers was taken in ‘California off I-5 at the Grapevine pass between Bakersfield and Los Angeles

  • Mike Scott

    There is no “balance and perspective” with radical Islam, although muslims claim to have a religion of peace and tolerance (as long as you are a muslim …. infidels beware !)
    Radical muslims want global theocrasy with shariah law (so if you’re a woman you might as well give up now!)
    Anyone who thinks that Ahmadinejad is not the greatest threat to world peace is naive in the extreme …. how many of you know that he is a “Twelver” ?
    Twelvers are the largest sect of Shia islam and believe that the appearance of the twelfth imam …. the Mahdi …. is imminent and will be facilitated by the promotion of apocalyptic chaos on earth …. nuking Israel would be a good start in that endeavour.
    So think again if you think you can dismiss Ahmadinejad as a nutter !


    • biggestbird

      All of these people with a PhD from Hagee University! If you really know your facts, Hussein and Gaddafi both kept the “radicals” in check; we kill/have them killed and now the tribes are having a “civil” war; and the radicals are killing those who are not radicals (hence not all Muslims …nor Christians, nor Jews, nor Blacks, nor Mexicans, are radicals!). In spite of what we have been told, Libya as well as Iraq were better off before we bought them “democracy”! If our missions would’ve been truly humanitarian, then we could talk, but they weren’t, so we can’t!

      • ConradCA

        Another failure brought to the USA by the smartest president every Barack Obama. He is so smart that it can’t be incompetence. He has to working for the destruction of our country so he can implement is “fundamental change”. He can’t build his progressive fascist state without destroying our country.

  • MiDave

    Are we led to believe everything that is posted on the internet is the truth? I hope not.

    • biggestbird

      And the Ministry of Truth writes History, so unlike the ‘net; we can always believe them!

  • They don’t care.

  • a. palmer jr.

    It’s not the country we have a problem with, it’s their leaders, we have trouble with our own as well…

  • Well done!

  • mtthwbrnd

    The Zionists love to destroy beauty. These pictures will only urge them onward in their thirst for blood.

  • MayorofNYC

    War need not be the only option. The lies that dominate the media about Iran must be revealed to the people. It is the ‘devout’ fundamentalists, Islamic, Christian and Judaic that endanger our world with death and irrationality. Regardless of their ‘blessed creeds’ they all desire the same destructive end game, the end to humanity.

    • ConradCA

      Mohammed ordered his followers to spread the Muslim faith with the sword of conquest. All the people of the book (Jews and Christians) had to submit and be second class citizens, everyone else were to be murdered. The followers of Mohammed spent 500+ years conquoring the world as their religion is a religion of peace. Dead people are very peaceful.

  • fed up vet

    WTF! Who are these people that think Iran and all the rest of the arab spring are misunderstood , peace loving pacificists. The leader of Iran was in the UN threatening the USA and Isreal with complete destruction. Pretty pictures do not change the way they feel about us or the way we feel about muslims

  • GottaBKiddn

    George, great article. Thanks for posting, and spreading the truth, as usual.

  • purplemothman

    Many thanks for revealing such outstanding beauty. Lets all hope it gets to stay that way.

  • blaster

    I see photos from Germany in the 1930s. A beautiful country with lovely lakes, castles, ski runs, and families having picnics. 10 years later 50 million people were dead. So what are these photos supposed to mean? What foolish lies we tell ourselves. Most of the people commenting here can only see an issue if they see it through an anti-American lens. We are to blame, they say. Look at the photos of 2 young high school boys hung on telephone polls in Iran for being gay. Read about the “morals police” who patrol, beating women on the spot for showing a peek at an ankle. Look at the leftists in their prisons, and the fanatic and totalitarian and religious ideology that powers the leadership, and persecutes the bahais, jews and moderate muslims among them. Look at Iran shipping off snipers and other “advisors” to Syria to help the butcher in Damascus kill his opposition. Read about the apocalyptic vision of the leadership, where an end of times is embraced that could see the world go up in flames. And this regime is seeking nukes. And while they do many here fool themselves and play foolish games. Blend a little pseudo science, a little conspiracy about 9/11, a little anti-semitism (its all over these comments), a little American Imperialism, and stir it into a stew. Have a nice dinner folks.

  • Um, hello, is this thing on? Ah, has anyone seen or listened to Ahmadinejad’s speeches lately? The man is doing nothing to calm the mumblings in the west. Just say’n, takes two sides to make peace. Maybe the people of the USA would speak out more if Ahmadinejad stopped talking about genocide.

    • He never spoke of genocide. He advocated the end of the zionist regime in Israel. That has nothing to do with killing anyone; if they wanted to murder Jews, then why haven’t they started with the 25,00+ Iranian Jews who refused to emigrate to Israel because they enjoy their lives in Iran? Many of them trace their heritage back to the time of Esther and the occupation of Israel by Xerxes, and many others were rescued from Nazi-occupied Europe by Iranian diplomats.

      Ahmadenijad made massive diplomatic concessions in his speeches, agreeing to look past the treatment of Iran by the US government and seek to reinstate diplomacy if the US government would rethink its over-the-top anti-Iran rhetoric, and Mahmoud also stated that Iran wouldn’t take the US’s position on Israel into account in diplomatic relations with the US. Those are incredible concessions from the president of a sovereign nation, especially considering that they were made to the very country responsible for almost all of the turmoil in his own country.

  • Iran is a beautiful country, I pray that it stays that way

  • American

    Seems a shame to destroy all this beauty in Iran on the assumption of nuclear arms. Americans were dead wrong about Iraq…why would we think that their government is right with Iran? Baghdad was a beautiful city – destroyed over assumptions of dangerous nuclear capacity. Colin Powell did a presentation on this which made him look like an incredible jackass later. Why can’t Colin speak up now? It was all false evidence and he won’t be called on it. His presentation and and the momentum of that administration resulted in over 500,000 dead Iraqis and over 10,000 American service-people dead. Yet this false evidence remains unanswered. Where is Bush & Cheney? In jail? Nah! So “support the troops” has no meaning when the government is reason for this fiasco. Jail idiots in Syria and Afghanistan? What for when the USA is just as corrupt and exempt?

    Subsequent to this, films by an honest American miltary man – Bradey Manning showing civilian bombing by US forces – sent Mr. Manning to solitary confinement? Is that the America noted for land of the free, home of the brave, truth & honesty? Think again ya’ll ——–times have changed!
    I am sure if San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Grand Tetons were accused of hoarding nuclear missiles in hidden labs located between their respective beautiful peaks and valleys – what would Americans be thinking? They wouldn’t. Do Americans know that their government are comprised of crooks…and these crooks HAVE nuclear weapons? It’s the kettle calling the pot “black”. Should the world be looking to control AMERICA instead? What would happen to natural beauty in America if the rest of the world decided to control YOU. What would a “shock & awe” strike feel for you? Think really hard about auditory function, fear, insomnia, psychological effects, etc….what would it be like? Enjoyable? If not – why would you wish it on others?
    In the upcoming American campaign- Mitt and Obama (two clowns who have no clue on how to bring America back from it’s astronomical debt) – will do nothing for the world economy …nor for the American economy. They will do more for creating war and separation of classes.
    Between Facebook, War games, and Angry birds and reproduction…Americans should peek into their country’s debt and how it plays on each citizen’s future (children included). It ain’t about muslims…this and that…it is about your country’s government and what they do for YOU.
    An old saying for the USA…if you can’t help yourself (45 million people with no health care) – don’t go helping others….(Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, etc). Starting stupid wars that destroy people’s lives, surrounding environments, animal life, etc – do not solve a country’s core issues.

    • Nice Rant, your frustration lies in the fact that the American government and the US citizens have different goals. I urge you not to vote, no matter who you vote for it will be an establishment politician who will win. The higher the number of the voter participation the more legitimate the win appears.

      • aubreyfarmer

        Very few will grasp the validity of your statement.

    • Phenry

      There is plenty of blood on Clinton’s hands as well. The truth is the people who really run this country manipulate the strings of their “left vs right” puppets who stand up there and parrot what they are supposed to say. And every person who votes for one of them is complicit in the spilling of that blood.

      When there are plenty of people, every day, spreading the truth, do you think God is going to accept “But, but, but… I didn’t know!?!?!”

      I certainly do not.

      • aubreyfarmer

        YouTube “The Alleged Crimes of Bill Clinton” Father of the Year. Incredible how stupid they think we are. Obama winning the Nobel Prize. Another complete disrespect for our intelligence. I have $100 say the NPP is controlled by Zionist Jews. They control our banking sector with the FED, our movie industry, 96% of all media, our Congress through bribery and intimidation with the help of AIPAC, AIPAC a foreign lobby so powerful that trying to force it to register as a foreign lobby will get you murdered like Bobby Kennedy. Zionist power is almost to the point of total control. How long before people like Hagel aren’t simply made to apologize but will be required to crawl on hands and knees and lie prostrate asking for forgiveness.

    • There is no “assumption of nuclear weapons”. It’s a pretext founded on the fact that Americans always believe that, particular, lie. They just pulled that stunt in Iraq and I could have told you before they admitted that they didn’t “find” any WMDs that there were none.

    • aubreyfarmer

      Colon Powell got his reward. Whored himself out and his son is now head of the Federal Communications Commission. When you start looking for corruption in our government it is everywhere you look. Porn at the Pentagon, high ranking Republicans acting as pimps for child molestors, “The Franklin Scandal” , congressment running prostitutes out of their DC apartments, Barney Frank, Secret Service agents stiffing prostitutes for their pay in Columbia. There are literally hundreds of criminal and immoral acts going on incessantly in DC. America is going down hill fast. The moral decline is staggering.

  • LOL! The author doesn’t even know where some of these pictures are taken! Anyway…since Iran is not 100% desert, and they have this nice city at the foot of that mountain, that means they aren’t our enemy? Germany had some pretty lovely cities in the 1930’s…didn’t have anything to do with the fact we needed to stop Hitler. I think that city will look even better as a smoldering ruin.

    • ConradCA

      Germany was beautiful under Hitler and so was Stalinist Russia.

  • R Ramirez

    Our beef with Iran is not about nuclear weapons development. That’s the cover story. The same was true with the Iraqi War. Both presidents in both of these countries defied the U.S. and decided to start selling oil in non-US dollars, going against the original OPEC – Nixon agreement made back in the late 70’s. We’ve benefited for years because every country needs oil and they had to come to us to get dollars to complete these transactions. Nixon promised back then to use our military might to defend, first Saudi, then others in OPEC, until all the OPEC countries were under our protection. Now the debasement of the US dollar and political strife between our countries has angered these countries because they are having to transact in US dollars which, of course, means they’re actually selling their oil at a substantial discount. And these middle eastern countries are not alone. China, Japan and several South American countries are trying to do the same. If the US can stop Iran just as we did Iraq, than we protect the inflow of cheap products and services in order to obtain our dollars. These dollars for oil are called “Petro Dollars.” Google it and learn why we’re really threatening them because nuclear development would take Iran another decade to build just a single warhead. Ask yourself why the US didn’t go to war with Pakistan, India, N. Korea when they began development? RR

    • aubreyfarmer

      Gaddafi was eleminated for the same reason. His gold backed Dinar was a threat to the Zionist banking monopoly.

  • Everyone should read the Making Of The Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes. Then they would know enough to not be completely fooled by our liying government. They used the same story how Iraq was trying to build an atomic bomb and just changed the name to Iran. One story is how the Irainians are making the explosives to set off the atomic bomb. Well since they don’t have any reactors to make plutonium then all they could possibly have is uranium. To set off a U235 gun type weapon they would only need gunpower to blow the two pieces together. So I guess the Irainians are closing in on the secret to making black powder. Maybe they are getting some expert help from there ally the Chinese, who figured it out 2000 years ago. They could always improvise and use matchheads or dump smokless powder out of bullet cases.

  • anonymous

    There’s a lot of pretty places on the earth. Nothing I wouldn’t mind seeing turned to glass.

    I see very little memory in the comments here of what they did to our embassy. I was on the hill beside Suitland Parkway (with many others) when the hostages came back into D.C. from Andrews after it was over, and I heard their stories from the inside of the government.

    I’ve seen American brothers in arms and colleagues in other agencies tortured and killed by Hizbollah (agents of Iran) in Lebanon. I still remember their faces and that they died trying to protect all of US over here. Some of them were in the press over the years–after they were killed. I’ve seen Iran’s hand in terrorist attacks all over Iraq. They’ve also done selective hits all over the world…including here in the U.S.

    We’ve all seen and heard the lunatic rantings of their leaders for years now. Most Muslims wouldn’t be heartbroken if Israel just went away, but only these nut jobs think that they should do the job–and promise to do so. I see no reason not to believe an enemy who swears that they will (try to) kill you, especially when they keep saying it. Oh, and by the way, they feel that Israel is the “Little Satan” and the U.S. is the “Big Satan”.

    I see no reason NOT to nuke them. The sooner the better.

    • How about the fact that millions and millions of innocent, defenseless people would die? Is that not a good enough reason to stay your bloodthirsty, sadistic warmongering?

      • ConradCA

        If they don’t want this to happen then they should change their government. We have the right to defend ourselves against evil and the Iranian government is evil. They can’t hide behind their “millions and millions of innocent, defenseless people” If Iran cares about its people then they should not start a war.

        • They aren’t starting a war, buddy. The people starting the war live in ISRAEL. Iran has shown far less propensity for war than either the US or Israel, and they spent less on their military this year than the State of TEXAS spent on welfare.

          You’re very obviously repeating a lie you heard off of the TV; spend a little bit of time and actually look into the matter, because you’re being used.

          • ConradCA

            Israel is a fact. It was created at the same time as the Muslim countries and had just as much right to exist as they do. Furthermore, the vast majority of Jews fled from Muslim countries to refuge in Israel.

  • PBWY

    I don’t understand why it is that in effort to defend Iran, Iranians feel the need to put down Arabs. I’m an American of Arab Muslim descent (third generation), and I hope every day that the Iranian people never see war, but when you put up a picture of people praying at Mecca or people riding camels, it’s clearly in a derogatory manner – as if those people are all obviously “bad.”

    You’re not more enlightened than some American who can’t find Iran on a map when you attempt to educate one group of people by basically attacking another. It’s as if you’re begging the rest of the US to love you by saying: “See??? We’re not ‘camel jockeys’! We’re ‘normal’ like ‘real’ Americans!”

    You can show pictures highlighting the beauty of Iran without turning it into a segment of “Bash the Arab Muslims.”

  • winchesterjoe

    To the stupid people leaving stupid comments – Until you have spent REAL time INSIDE ISraHELL – as an INSIDER with intelligence operatives – you don’t know JACK SHIT! NOTHING!
    Been there seen that – seen what the jews did to the defenseless civilians in Gaza – seen children as young as 5 year murdered in cold blood by the demonic cowardly IDF – just for ” sport”. Seem the USA mocked and scorned and the worst traitor in our history – a jew of course – a dual citizenship IsraHELL jew of course ( Pollard) lionized like a folk hero for betraying the USA. I have seen jews terrorizing civilians in their OWN HOMES that they had passed on from families for FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS. Have seen menacing armed jews screaming horrible blasphemies at Christian Palestinins in THEIR OWN HOMES Have seen IDF scum mocking America and a hundred other ugly truths yu WILL NEVER SEE ON OUR JEW OCCUPIED Talmudvision.
    I didn’t get this experience from a damned arm chair or TV or reading Blogs either!
    I WAS THERE! After 40 years of travel to 31 nations one of which Iheld a consular position for 5 years – i have a pretty good grasp on the REAL WORLD.. I have NEVER EVER experienced a more thoroughly evil sadistic cruel Godless remorseless sociopathic people in my life!
    IsreHELL and the creatures that live there are 100% pure EVIL and wickedness beyond any of your wildest imaginings. Christ did not condemn them as the “CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL” just for kicks!
    IsraHELL and its demonic scum MUST GO or the world will never be at peace again.
    Take my warning and heed my experience or pay the penalty.and watch our country end up on the trash heap of history!

    • ConradCA

      It is the palestinians who teach their children to hate Jews. Who murder babies in their cribs with butcher knives and then are called heros. It is the palestinians who celibrated the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11. It is palestinians who murder civilians in cold blood. You are lucky that Israel doesn’t level Gaza when the palestinians fire rockets and morters into Israel to murder civilians.

    • aubreyfarmer

      Thank you for telling it like it is. I supported Israel for most of my life. Then I started readin and doing research. Research proves beyond a doubt that what you say is correct. Israel can do almost any crime with impunity. Israel could not exist without the British Empire being corrupted by Rothschild money and the US has been under Zionist control since the Federal Reserve Act. International Jew Bankers have been behind every conflict of signifigance for the last 300 years. URL 436quotesbyandaboutjews The Zionist Jew is the spawn of satan. I am sure of it. I doubt there are more than a few people that realize how far back Jewish money power goes.

      368). “The division of the United States into two
      federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil
      War by the High Financial Power of Europe. These bankers were
      afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block
      and as one nation, would attain economical and financial
      independence, which would upset their financial domination over
      which would upset their financial domination over the world.
      The voice of the Rothschilds predominated. They foresaw
      tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble
      democracies, indebted to the Jewish financiers, to the vigorous
      Republic, confident and self-providing. Therefore, they started
      their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery
      and thus to dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic.
      Lincoln never suspected these underground machinations. He was
      anti-Slaverist, and he was elected as such. But his character
      prevented him from being the man of one party.
      When he had affairs in his hands, he perceived that these
      sinister financiers of Europe, the Rothschilds, wished to make
      him the executor of their designs. They made the rupture between
      the North and the South imminent! The masters of finance in
      Europe made this rupture definitive in order to exploit it to
      the utmost. Lincoln’s personality surprised them. His
      candidature did not trouble them; they thought to easily dupe
      the candidate woodcutter. But Lincoln read their plots and soon
      understood that the South was not the worst foe, but the Jew
      financiers. He did not confide his apprehensions; he watched
      the gestures of the Hidden Hand; he did not wish to expose
      publicly the questions which would disconcert the ignorant
      He decided to eliminate the international bankers by
      establishing a system of loans, allowing the states to borrow
      directly from the people without intermediary. He did not study
      financial questions, but his robust good sense revealed to him,
      that the source of any wealth resides in the work and economy
      of the nation. He opposed emissions through the international
      financiers. He obtained from Congress the right to borrow from
      the people by selling to it the ‘bonds’ of states. The local
      banks were only too glad to help such a system. And the
      government and the nation escaped the plots of foreign
      financiers. They understood at once that the United States would
      escape their grip. The death of Lincoln was resolved upon.
      Nothing is easier than to find a fanatic to strike.
      The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There
      was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots.
      And Israel went anew to grab the riches of the world. I fear
      thatJewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will
      entirely control the exuberant riches of America, and use it to
      systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not
      hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and
      chaos, in order that ‘the earth should become the inheritance
      of the Jews.'” (Prince Otto von Bismark, to Conrad Siem in 1876,
      who published it in La Vielle France, N-216, March, 1921).

  • Willy Fox

    I only hope that, if Netunyahu gets his way and we send B52s over to bomb Iran, they save a bunch and drop them on Jerusalem and Tel Eviv on the way home!

  • ron

    Uncivilized is the use of nuclear weapons.

    • And which is the only country to have ever used them?

      One of the most heinous acts of needless terrorism in human history.

      • ConradCA

        Japan chose war and prosecuted it with evil ferocity. Just look at how they murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese and how they treated our soldiers in the Bataan Death. If they didn’t like what happened then they shouldn’t have attacked us, they should have surrendered.
        The use of nuclear weapons saved millions of Japanese lives. The US airforce was destroying every city in Japan killing many more Japanese than died in the atomic bombs. Continued resistance was pointless as Japan had no chance of victory. Tens of millions of Japanese would have died in the blockage that would have cut off all imports and in the invasion that would have followed. The nuclear weapons forced the Japanese leaders to realise the futility of resistance, to surrender and thereby saved millions of Japanese.
        A million American and allied soldiers would have died in the invasion of Japan. This alone is plenty of justification for using the nuclear bombs on Japan. Why should we have to sacrifice our soldiers?

        • “They must find it hard to take Truth for authority who have so
          long mistaken Authority for Truth.”
          Gerald MasseyDig a bit deeper.

        • aubreyfarmer

          Look at the names of all the scientists behind the creation of the first atomic bomb. Jews one and all.

          • ConradCA

            And you point is?

            Or are you happy that no N….s worked on the bomb?

  • ThePurpleCrab

    The ‘official’ story of 9/11 is unraveling and those whose heads will be in the guillotines are getting nervous, hence the distraction towards a war with Iran.

  • Georgia Claire

    What an incredibly powerful way to illuminate the truth behind the assumptions. Thank you.

  • 911c2

    Americans need to take care of America and stop funding those countries that “need help.” America 2012!!

  • ConradCA

    All I need to know about the Iranian government I learned when they invaded our embassies and took our diplomats hostages. Iran should thank their God that that evil Jimmy Carter was our president because Iran wouldn’t exist otherwise.

    • Tjeffson

      But you tend to forget the CIA overthrow of the Democratic Iranian govt in 1953 which started all this mess right? I’m sure you’d hold a grudge if someone overthrew our govt then propped up cruel, evil dictators for decades.

      I don’t know if the American people are stupid or naive or perhaps both. Because they sure don’t seem to know much about history or what’s really been going on since the end of WWII.

      • Phenry


      • ConradCA

        You know that was almost 65 years ago and still Iranians are using it as an excuse for the evil they do.. You idealize the gov that was over thrown so you can pretend to be victims and thereby justify you terrorism, oppression and mass murder.

        Tell me why if poor Iranians are angels and saints why they oppress their people, commit terrorism and threaten the mass murder of millions? You can’t blame the USA for this evil.

        It is amazing how often “victims” justify try to justfy the evil they do. The nazis were victims of the western powers. Communist are victims of capitalists and elites of society. Iran had a government overthrown 60 years ago. The fact is everyone and country has been victimize at one time or another and it doesn’t justify evil. Nothing does.

        • Tjeffson

          The leaps in fact and logic you make are astounding. The fact is there is zero proof or evidence that Iran has attacked anyone or done anything that warrants an attack by the US or Israel or anyone else. You can spew all the rhetoric and made up crap you want but Iran is a sovereign nation that can do as it pleases with their own borders.

          Iran hasn’t threatened millions, they simply stated Israel’s regime should be changed. The fact so many want millions of innocent Iranians killed over something their leader said in a speech shows just how far people have fallen.

          • ConradCA

            We can decide if Iran is a threat and if we need to declare war.
            We have plenty of justification for war with Iran. First there is the invasion of our embassy and holding our diplomats hostage which alone is justification for war. Iran is also responsible for the murder of our Marines in Lebanon and for aiding the terrorists in their murders of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. These action are also sufficient justification for war.
            We have every right to judge Iran by the actions of their government. How they oppress and murder their citizens for daring to stand in opposition exposes them as evil. When they murder 18-19 year old women for daring to peacefully oppose the Iranian governments oppression is clear that the rules are evil. This gives an insight into the evil that lurks in the hearts of the Iranian government.
            Do you think that we are stupid? Only an idiot would believe that it’s all a misunderstanding, that Iran just asked for a change in Israel’s government. If that is true then why don’t they correct this misunderstanding? Why does Iran arm the terrorists that surround Israel with thousands of terrorists missles. There is no doubt that Iran wants to exterminate Israel and that includes all the Jews that live there. I believe that we and Israel should take Iran at it’s word and declare war. A war using nuclear weapons to exterminate Iran’s evil rulers.
            In WWII we took drastic measures to ensure Hitler was unable to build a nuclear weapon. The USA and the rest of the civilized world should take every step possible to ensure that the little hitler in Iran doesn’t have the ability to build a bomb either. It doesn’t matter that they pretend they are developing peaceful nuclear technology. Our judgement is that that is a lie and that is all that matters.
            The citizens of every country have to suffer the consequences of their leaders failures. Iran’s government can’t hide behind the “innocent Iranians” that might die as a result of their governments stupid and evil actions. Just as the “innocent Germans” suffered for the actions of Hitler. The “innocent Iranians” will suffer from what their little Hitler does and says. If the “innocent Iranians” don’t like this then they should change their government.

          • Tjeffson

            So something that happened in the 1970s to our embassy is fine to use against them but the admitted overthrown of their govt by the CIA in 1953 isn’t? I didn’t realize there was a specific cut off date where past actions no longer mattered. So where is your hard evidence to prove Iran was behind the Lebanon bombing and the stuff going on in Iraq and Afghanistan…. time to put up your proof or shut up. Parts made in Iran isn’t proof their govt was responsible, it simply means some of the parts were made there and could have been sold legally around the world (how much stuff made in China or the USA is floating around the world?). When you have hard evidence showing Iranian soldiers or operatives actually planting the devices then we’ll talk. You’re just spewing media talking points without a shred of proof or evidence.

            As for how they treat their people, that’s their business because it’s within their own borders. You don’t see anyone bombing us when the LA police started shooting rioters in the past did you????? You may not like how they treat their people but that’s no reason to start a war. It’s none of our business. Do you think Iran is the only country that does that?? why aren’t you calling for bombing of China where they drive their people over with tanks and steamrollers???

            If you can’t read Farsi (no I can’t either but I sought out accurate translation) then you better find a good translation of what was actually said. The US has called for regime change in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia and many other places… should we bomb ourselves then too???? Again, where is your HARD EVIDENCE that Iran is actually arming anyone? If you believe Iran wants jews dead, then WHY AREN’T THEY GETTING RID OF THE 10s of THOUSANDS THAT LIVE PEACEFULLY IN IRAN????? You’re an idiot just spewing nonsense because you have no clue what’s really going on. Listen to yourself… you want nuclear weapons dropped on Iran to kill millions of innocent civilians because you don’t like their leaders…. talk about stupidity.

            Hitler invaded Poland, France, Russia and many other places… duh. They started a war and attacked us which brought us into the war against them. Iran has attacked no one.

            So you’re saying that OUR judgement is more important than that of anyone else in the world??? what makes us so special??? You do realize that the ONLY nation on earth to ever use a nuclear weapon on people is the US right???

            Stop with the stupid and go back to your parent’s basement, troll.

  • ConradCA

    All this land was stolen from the Sassanid Persians.

  • B. Lipitz

    Perhaps you haven’t heard the latest speech at the UN by the Iranian President. Get rid of the hate and bigotry if you want respect from the world.

  • like a heaven on earth

  • Zalfa

    The pictures posted in this article are not a representation of Saudi Arabia. The author is trying to use bits and pieces that are not necessarily true (Saudi prosecutes Jews and Christians) about Saudi to send a negative message about Saudi. Funny, because that’s what’s creating the misconceptions about Iran and that is exactly what he is trying to fight against by writing this article. I don’t understand why the author needs to put Saudi down to make Iran look good? Is the author suggesting it should be Saudi the Americans should bomb?

  • Beautiful…

  • I certainly know better than to believe the US about *anything*. That said, the most surprising part of this was the snow-capped mountain peaks.

  • yiola socratous

    How beautiful Iran is ! What a shame (or maybe not) that it has been closed off to western eyes for so many years now.

  • Political Observer

    Beautiful pictures of a lovely country and, yes, many of the people are very nice indeed. I have met some of them. But what has this to do with 9/11 and the anti-American and anti-Israel diatribes (rubbish) posted on this site? Iran, under its present leadership, is devoted to supporting terrorism world-wide. It supports Hizbollah and Hamas in their terrorist strikes against the only democracy in the Middle East (ISRAEL), and exports its terrorist activity throughout the world.

    It is not the people of Iran who are the problem, it is the mad mullahs and insane imams of the Muslim world world who preach their message of violence and hatred which inflames the minds of the uneducated, the dispossessed and the vulnerable. Inciting youths to slit the throats of children and babies, grooming the depressed and obsessed to become suicide bombers, and committing acts of violence against women are all the domain of psychopaths, particularly so when they are promoted as being morally right and good.

    Allowing nuclear devices to be developed by these sort of political leaders is an invitation to carnage. Religious fanaticism does not operate in the realm of rationality, and allowing Iran to have the bomb will only encourage Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries top follow suit. It raises the stakes that at some future time a religious fanatic will believe that it is his “divine mission” to unleash nuclear warfare in the name of Allah. It is universally accepted that Israel has the bomb. It has never used it.

  • geography nerd

    Since when has Iran been part of Europe?

  • arian


  • jcm

    it all looks like you listen to too much Genesis and yes over the years

  • craigdc

    The United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel have polluted, militarized and over-developed their own countries and financially raped their own populations. They have systematically depleted their own resources, corrupted their governments and people and now want to invade and exploit Iran and turn it into an open air garbage pit and cesspool just like vast expanses of the US that are now populated with ignorant people, overflowing with radioactive garbage and trash, and polluted with toxic waste. Its all about greed and shaping the herd mentality around un-sustainable religious, economic and political philosophies.

  • TheDecliningEmpire

    It’s a sad, sick, and depressing thing that Americans are so weak and have NO FREEDOM. The “most democratic nation” – hogwash. Every American talks about the country as if they have nothing to do with the policies it holds. Americans are a bunch of sheep and have NO control over their government. What kind of democracy is that? People need to rise up and beat down the military and medical industrial complexes in this country. “1984” has come to pass where everything has turned on its head. Free people have no freedom. Democracy is really democrazy. We do not trust “our” politicians (lawyers) who simply pass and make more laws (that’s their job right? – more laws). Food is now chemicals and we are consumed by a drug society that considers everything a disease or syndrome that only requires drugs to fix.

    This is an extremely sad situation.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    i have now read enough of the comments below so that i am more than ever convinced religion is a mental disorder.

  • I thought it was a trick and they were taken in the United States.
    Iran is a really beautiful country.
    I’ve always said that Iran needs nuclear weapons to protect themselves from another GWB.
    We had no reason to attack Iraq, anyone with sense could tell W was lying about the weapons of mass destruction. Saddam was on the verge of opening his oil wells and flooding the world market with oil when he was attacked. Iran was going to do the same until we threatened them. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Guest

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Many think that all countries in the Middle East are war torn, but they are beautiful and thriving. These pictures show that parts of the Middle East are beautiful!

  • Phillip

    “When Americans think about Iran, they usually picture something like this:…”

    Thanks for informing me that Americans are ignorant about anything that has not appeared (repeatedly) on their prime-time TV screens. This new information answers many puzzling questions.

  • TerryHuggles

    Because Iran is beautiful is precisely a motivating reason why Israel wants to smash it.

  • hvaiallverden

    Iran is a magnificent and the people equally magnificent.

    Hehe, some picktures looked like Armenia, and I belive some of the picktures was from the early orthodox cristian churches, where Armenia have a saggering amount of them.

    Iran is an old land, and have an old people, and is not considered to be Arabic(with all respect), they are Persians.

    The “inventer of religion” as we know it today, and even the “vigin” birth is not even new.
    And I also belive they are Aryans, followers of the books/writings caled The Aryan Awesta, and their diety, Ahura Mazda.
    A sun/fire religion, 7 arrows, the fundamentals of the swastica, the forerunner of Khabbala and Sufism and so on.

    The name Iran is the same.

    And also to remind people, despite the rethoric about Iran as a “threat” to “jews”, and to them I have just One question, and it goes like this, hold onto your hats, why havent the “jewish” comunety, the largest in the Midle East region, exept for Israel It self, moved “home”, and do you know WHY.
    They will not, and their history is an integrated part of Iranian History, and they consider them selfs as Iranian Jews.
    Shooking, huh.
    The fact/whatever the “freinds of Israel” and the hasbaratnjiks are throwing around, statments of whom are “terrorr” orgs. thats solely Their interpitation of Facts, and Hamas is perfectly legitimate, if its effective, nope, but legale, boy, by any kind of standards.
    If YOU dont like it, like Hezb. I dont give a ratts a… for and I dont care.

    And the rest of the wall of drivel I dont want to waist a calory on.

    Lett the scream and drule, eventually the dry up and leave, because I have something They dont have, The f…. Truth.
    I dont have to Lie about Anything.
    THEY Lie about everything.
    Can anyone of you, show anything at all, proving the Legitimate status of the present terrorstate Israel, is, becuase I know their NOT legitimate at all, never have and never will be, they have lied to you for 7 decades.
    Palestina is a legitim land, their people legitim inhabitants.
    Not the f…. “jews”.

    I dont want a war, and by the way, Israelis, gett the f… back to what ever sh..h…. You came from, and Gett the f… out, and to Pr. M. NothingbutYahoho, a Polish Born and a Polic pedigry, is an insult to logic and facts to label him as Semitic, his not, never have and never will be.
    Gett the f… back to Poland.

    Leave the land to the Semitic people, the Shepardic and the Palestinians, Cristians/Muslims and “jews”.

    The we will have Peace.


  • ginger

    since when has mecca been in Iran ?

  • ginger

    oops. didn’t read it. sorry

  • ConradCA

    Parts of Iran my be beautiful, but they are ruled by evil fascists.

  • ConradCA

    Middle East genocide

    We do nothing as Muslims eradicate the last vestiges of Christians and Jews from nation after nation

    Last Updated: 7:52 AM, June 2, 2013
    Posted: 10:39 PM, June 1, 2013

    We are witnesses to murder, and our governments are accomplices. The relentless destruction of the last remnants of the Middle East’s Judeo-Christian civilization is well under way. And we are silent.

    Captives of political correctness, our governments cater to radical immigrant tantrums as our leaders contort the truth to deny the existence of Islamist terrorism. Meanwhile, our Middle Eastern “allies”
    and foes alike eradicate thousands of years of Jewish and Christian heritage. Our diplomats treat the persecution as a minor embarrassment, best ignored.

    The banishments and butchery aren’t new, but the breakdown of the last rotting order in the wake of the “Arab Spring” has empowered psychotic fanatics who do not even value the lives of the faithful, let alone the lives of unbelievers. This is the end-game, the final persecution of Christians clinging to lands they’ve called home for 2,000 years. Except for Israel and the rarest exceptions elsewhere, Jews are already gone from the realms that nurtured them since the early years of their faith.

    A thousand years ago, there were more Christians in the Middle East than in Europe, and Jewish communities prospered from the Nile to the Tigris. Even a century ago, more than 20% of the region’s population was Christian, and Jews still adorned Arab cities with their talents.

    Today, estimates put the Christian population of the region at under 5% and sinking rapidly — and only that high because of the 9 million Copts who remain, for now, in Egypt.

    The birthplace of Christianity, Bethlehem, now has a Muslim majority of as much as 80% — a reversal that coincided with the West’s decision to embrace Palestinian terrorists as “partners for peace.” A few decades ago, Lebanon had a Christian majority. Now, with Christian numbers fading, it’s tugged between Shia Hezbollah and Sunni fanatics.

    Slighted by the US occupation — as our government pandered to Muslim hardliners — the Christian population of Iraq has fallen by two-thirds over 10 years. And the most ferocious elements in the Syrian insurgency see no place for Christians in Syria’s future. Even Jordan, struggling to appease its own Islamists, has cracked down on Christian activities.

    The Jews, of course, are already long gone.

    But the stones of ruined churches cry out, and vanished synagogues haunt decayed Arab neighborhoods.

    If you read the New Testament or study the formative centuries of Christianity, there are few references to western cities other than Rome. The names that dot the Epistles of St. Paul and histories of the church are now in Muslim hands: Alexandria, Damascus, Tarsus, Carthage, Ephesus, Nicaea, Constantinople and so many others. Even Mecca and Medina had thriving Christian and Jewish quarters before the first jihads.

    But all they possess does not suffice for Islamist fanatics. Israel must be blotted from the earth, and the last Christians must be driven out.

    This is an old, old story, nearing its end. We shroud it in lies to excuse ourselves from taking a stand, even accepting the preposterous Arab claim that Muslim failures today are the fault of the
    Crusades, a brief interlude when Christians occupied a coastal strip hardly larger than Israel. In fact, it was the Mongols, then the Muslim Turks, who shattered Arab civilization. And as for conquests, Muslims occupied Spain in all or part for 800 years — and brutalized the Balkans for half a millennium. The Crusades were hardly a burp.

    We also accept extravagant claims that “civilized” Arabs rescued the classical texts that formed our civilization. That’s utter nonsense. The Arab hordes that burst out of barren Arabia in the 7th century were composed of illiterates. Conquering at a time when the warring Byzantine and Persian empires had exhausted themselves, the new rulers found that tribal practices didn’t suffice to run provinces. So they took over the existing bureaucracies, staffed by Greek-speaking Christians and Jews.
    It was those officials who saved the Greek classics for Europe’s future Renaissance — and their descendants designed Islam’s greatest monuments.

    Yes, some Arab rulers came to value learning — but the Arab world never produced a Homer, Plato, Sophocles or Thucydides whose appeal transcended their culture.

    Islam was a religion spread by war. It was only a “religion of peace” where it had conquered. True, Islam sometimes proved more tolerant of minorities than Europeans, but that was at the zenith of the faith’s power.

    There’s yet another illusion of ours — that Islam is gaining strength. Islam is on the ropes. What we’ve seen in the pogroms and outright genocides over the last 150 years has been the spleen of a once-triumphant faith whose practices and values can’t compete in the modern age.

    Consider today’s Middle East, apart from Israel. Despite the massive influx of oil wealth, there isn’t one world-class university. Nothing of quality or technological complexity is manufactured between Morocco and Pakistan. Not even Saudi Arabia has first-rate health-care. Research is nil. Patent applications are statistically zero. Women are regarded as lesser beings, wasting half of the region’s human capital. Not one Arab society’s a meritocracy. And corruption cripples all.

    A handful of glitzy hotels and shopping centers do not make a civilization (especially when the merchandise is all imported). Should Islamist fanatics succeed in driving all minorities from the region, they’d be left with a human wasteland of comprehensive failure, seething with hatred and uncontainable violence. The self-segregation of the Islamic heartlands would be a tragedy for humanity — but, above all, for Muslims.

    Birth rates are a red herring. More mouths to feed are not magic sources of strength in lands of scarcity and poverty. The Middle East isself-destructive, morally brittle and falling ever further behind a world that’s charging ahead. Islamists can’t even get terrorism right — today, we’re terrorizing the terrorists. So they turn on the weak in their midst, the last minorities.

    The initial wave of destruction and slaughter began almost a millennium ago, when the Muslim world first felt itself under threat. But, more recently, as the West shot to power (thanks to science, learning, hard work, religious tolerance and organization), the creaking Ottoman Empire could not shake off its
    centuries-old stupor to keep up.

    Enraged by failure, the Ottomans turned on their most-productive minorities — whose successes outraged yesteryear’s fanatics. Beginning in the 1880s and accelerating in the 1890s, pogroms against Armenian Christians stunned Western witnesses. But European leaders turned a blind eye, just as we do today. So during the First World War, the Young Turks who had seized power decided to finish the job.

    It was genocide. At least a million Armenians — perhaps twice that number — were systematically exterminated . . . although not without being tortured, raped, starved and death-marched first. The scale of the butchery was such that it obscured other, concurrent genocides, most notably that of Assyrian Christians at the hands of Turks and other Muslims. Estimates of Assyrian deaths run from just under 300,000 to one million. Nor did the slaughters stop there. In British-created Iraq, massacres of Christians recurred from 1933 to 1961.

    City names we know from our recent wars, such as Mosul, Basra or Tikrit (Saddam’s home town), once were centers of Christian culture, with bishops, cathedrals and monasteries famous for learning.

    Gone. And the last pale ghosts, those Christians holding on to homes their blood knew for 20 centuries, are soon to go. Meanwhile, our president assures us that “Islam’s a religion of peace.”

    Mr. President, go to Iraq and speak those words in the bomb-torn churches amid desecrated graves.

    Mr.President, go to Egypt and explain to the brutalized Copts why your embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood government’s good for them.

    Then go to Israel, Mr. President, where Christians worship freely, and tell the Israelis they should “return Palestinian land” after Muslims seized the homes that sheltered Jews for 3,000 years.

    Explain to Jews why their temples were profaned and obliterated by the adherents of that “religion of peace.”

    Of course, the real tragedy for the Arabs in the last century wasn’t the Naqba, Israel’s close-run struggle to survive attacks by an arc of Arab armies. The tragedy was that the most-backward, intolerant and indolent Arabs, primitive tribesmen, got most of the oil wealth and used it to spread their Wahhabi cult throughout the Islamic world. The intellectuals in the great Arab cities never had a chance.

    My wife and I spent our honeymoon on a long bus trip through Turkey, a country for which I have great, if frustrated, affection. All went fine amid splendid hospitality . . . until we reached the east. Along the roadsides in what had been Armenia (the first Christian kingdom, by the way) desolate villages, razed to their foundations, scarred the landscape between drab modern towns. When asked what those ruins were, a Turk would avert his eyes and mutter, “Abandoned.”

    Those villages weren’t abandoned. They were the site of the last century’s first great genocide. No one stood up for those inconvenient Christians.

    And no one’s standing up for the Middle East’s tormented Christians now, or for the last handful of Jews left beyond Israel.

    Even the dust cries for justice, and we look away.

  • toto

    Meka is beautiful!

  • Arezu (a Persian girl

    that’s great that there r still some ones looking 4 truth.

  • carla

    what a stupid comparison , your picking landscape pictures so we sympathies with Iran ?

    Why don’t you show us pictures from the most populated city in the world ” Ahvaz ” according to WHO .

    by the way how are the iranian youth who were arrested just because they made a music video clip ?

    Saudi Arabia might be a dessert with no standing civilisation hundreds years ago , but they manage to stand with the world , unlike Iran who have heaven in there land with thousand years of civilization but yet there government is so corrupted it polluted there cities for unsafe crude oil drilling , killed there people for protesting….. I can go on with evidence of horrible pictures from Iran

    Don’t try to convince americans with this Bullshit propaganda, because the USA is not a threat to Iran . Iranians whom sick of there Mullah Regime are the major threat to there govrenement .

    so put your pictures in your desktop folder because I don’t think they exist now

  • carla

    North Korea has pretty landscapes too LOL

  • belinda

    Thank you very much for these pictures. What a beautiful country Iran is.

  • Amin

    As an Iranian, I’m sure pictures 6 is not in Iran. I’m not 100% sure about picture 7 (it may be). Picture 11 does not look like areas I have traveled in Iran.
    #1 is Navvab Tunnel in Tehran, iran.
    #2 is Cheshmeh-Ali in south of Tehran.
    #3 looks like a normal village in Alborz mountains, Northern Iran.
    #4 is a regular waterfall in Northern Alborz or Zagros mountains, Iran
    #5 is Tehran in winter.
    #6 is taken in Latian lake, near Tehran. The area is not that green, this area is a private property and the grass is watered. ( like most of Tehran and other large cities in Iran)
    #7 is a villa in Mazandaran, Iran.
    #8 is near Urmia (Oroomieh) Lake, in north west Iran. This lake is experiencing a drought these years.
    #9 is Parandegan Park in Shiraz. very similar to Jamshidieh park in Tehran.
    #10 is an Apple Orchard in Shiraz, in walking distance of my parents’ house in Iran.
    #11 is NOT IN IRAN. Please remove this picture.
    #12 is an Armmenian monastery in North Western Iran. because of a dam built on the nearby river, the Iranian state moved it to a point some half kilometer higher and in the same time also restored it.
    not very sure about #13 and #14 but they look like Guilan or Mazandaran provinces, also “Jangal-e Abr” (the cloud forest) in Mazandaran province or Chalus Road.
    #15 is Persepolis. It had been the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (First Persian Empire ca. 550–330 BC). Persepolis is situated 70 km northeast of city of Shiraz in Fars Province in Iran.
    #16 and #17 is mount Damavand, Iran. Damavand, a potentially active volcano, is a stratovolcano which is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East as well as the highest volcano in Asia. It has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore. This peak is located in the middle Alborz Range.
    #18 NOT SURE
    #19 Urmia lake, West Azarbaijan province, Iran.

    #23 Gilan province, Iran
    #24 Tehran, Iran
    #25 mount Damavand in winter, Iran.

    • Amin

      While editing, I googled about pics #6 and #7, and yes they are also from Iran.

  • Jynx

    what’s with the fake pictures? geez get a grip already on those!

  • Earth scientist

    Nice Pictures, but what does that have to do with their religious-political-moral attitudes?

    Note the freeedom, such as making all the buildings in Tehran the same!

    they lie, by asking where in Europe these pictures are from, which
    proves they lie without any qualm and cannot be trusted at all.

    they say Iran persecute Christians and Jews only less than Saudi
    Arabia, which proves they except persecution of other people based on

    identified a lot of these pictures as being in the middle East, but
    this guessing game is not the point of the creators of this email.

    Many Iranians are pro-western, but apparently not most as the despotic theocracy remains in place.

    appears the motive behind this email is to try to show that, because
    part of the earth they live on is beautiful that they are nice??? Do
    not trust them in any deal, especially involving economic or nuclear

    Trust them when they say they want to destroy Israel, America and all people and Cultures that are not Islamic.

    I have a lot of questions concerning the middle East, but will only ask one:

    is it about ASSAD which make Obama, and ISIS hate him so much, when
    Obama makes nuclear deals with Iran, buddies up with Saudi Arabia, Loves
    the Muslim Brotherhood, loves the call to prayer and etc, etc, etc?

    Assad is likely not such a nice guy, nice guys do not survive in the
    middle east, but Syria has a secular government which tolerates
    religions other than Muslims, has a democratically elected government,
    and he is a descendant king. If Assad goes, what or who will replace him? Certainly not a secular democratic government, but rather Radical Islamists.

    really REALLY hates Assad (Who else does he really really hate beside
    BB Netanyahu), why? BHO tried to buddy up with ASSAD about 6 years ago and
    Assad rejected him. Is it just a flirtation gone bad or is there more
    to it than that?