The Real Meaning of the 1-Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

What Really Happened with Occupy?

On this one-year anniversary of the start of the Occupy protests, let’s refresh our memories about what really happened.

Despite the divide-and-conquer tricks of both the mainstream Left and the mainstream Right, Occupy and the Tea Party were originally protesting the exact same thing: the malignant, symbiotic relationship between big government and big corporations.  Conservative and liberal protesters both railed against the unchecked power of the Federal Reserve.

Indeed, if the partisan shenanigans on both sides hadn’t derailed the protests so quickly, Occupy and the Tea Party would have joined forces in a way which affected real change.

Highly-militarized, federally-coordinated police used such brutal violence to break up the Occupy protests (see this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this) that the Egyptian military used the crack down on Occupy as justification for the murder of protesters in Tahir Square, Egypt.

(Despite media portrayals, the Occupy protesters were not violent.)

While psuedo-conservatives may laugh, true conservatives do not find this amusing.   Remember that according to Department of Defense training manuals, protest is now considered “low-level terrorism”. And see this, this and this).  And an Army colonel has written a paper advocating military methods for “crushing” a Tea Party insurgency.

Veterans get it.   They know that protecting all political protesters – Occupy, Tea Party, etc. – is the core of American liberty. See this, this and this. Even active-duty police know it.

(While the slur of “dirty hippies, get a job” was applied to Occupy protesters, most of them actually had jobs, and many economists supported their demands.  Again, people may agree or disagree about specific positions, but true conservatives defend everyone’s right to speech and assembly.)

Speak with most Americans today and you will be amazed that they don’t realize (1) how much police violence was inflicted or (2) that the protesters – like the original Tea Party protesters – were standing up for the American people against the incest between big banks in New York and politicos in Washington.

The bottom line is that the powers-that-be used a combination of brutal violence and disinformation to take the wind out of the protests.  Any protests – whether they be of a conservative bent like the Tea party, or a more liberal flavor like Occupy – are doomed to failure unless we can reach the people with the real facts.

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  • One tribute to OWS is that “the 1%” are now infamous, and “the 99%” are now famous.

    Not bad.

    • Tobias Nojob


      • Yeah right you are, way, way, way right.

  • alan2102

    Below is a comment posted on zerohedge in response to this (GW) piece. It makes a good point: “OWS seemed to scare the hell out of TPTB”. The writer goes on to describe how the movement became a target of police action and etc. Note that this has NOT happened to the Tea Party. Ask yourself: why?

    Mon, 09/17/2012 – 13:45 | 2804064 cynicalskeptic
    OWS seemed to scare the hell out of TPTB – look at the COORDINATED crack downs in multiple cities (oveseen by Homeland Security). This was after determined attempts to portray the movement as ‘nuts’ and marginalize it. OWS got the attention of far more than TPTB want to admit.
    NY made it particularly nasty for OWS – even if the city will likely end up paying $$$ for the excesses of its police. Irony is that the blue shirts – regular cops – were none too happy about being used to quash this movement. They are all too aware of how screwed up things are. The behavior of the supervisory white shirts was notably brutal and over the top on many occasions.

  • Almost Ghetto

    Hey GW. I love your blog and have been following it for years. Check out my Occupy Wall Street Song

  • BS61

    The Tea Party of which I am a part of, would never join the OWS crowd of rapist, killers and anarchist. And the TP clean up after themselves, OWS was a health hazard.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    occupy wall street??, I have a better solution, eliminate wall street. break up the too big to fail banks and throw their ceos in jail (or execute them).

    and as for the teabagger party, those people are USELESS.