Happy Labor Day: Obama and Romney Both Scorn You, the American Worker

Obama and Romney Are Both Terrible for Jobs

On Labor Day, it’s worth reflecting on how bad the 2 mainstream candidates are for workers.

Mr. Self-Sufficient Job Creator Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital destroyed jobs left and right.

Romney launched Bain Capital with money from the leaders of El Salvador’s death squads.

And a federal bailout saved Bain from ruin.

But surely Mr. Liberal Help-the-Little-Guy Barack Obama is fighting for the worker?

Unfortunately not … Obama thinks that unemployment is a good thing, because it shows that the economy is productive.

Despite the partisan rhetoric, Obama and Romney both support policies which help the ultra-rich – and politicos in D.C. – at the expense of everyone else.

They both support idiotic government policies, the off-shoring of American jobs, never-ending bailouts and ruthless behavior by the big banks … and so we will continue to have Depression-level unemployment under either a second Obama term or a president Romney.

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  • Forest_GS

    This was pretty obvious to me. Hopefully the masses think so as well. (and prove The Man they aren’t sheep)

    I mean, the two choices american TV news stations are giving us are (1) someone who hasn’t kept his promises, and (2) some rich dude. Both terrible choices. A teacher would be a much better choice…a collage teacher or professor. I mean, seriously, Kim Dotcom is a better choice than either of those two (and I am familiar of his past). I’d love for those news stations to stop that, they’re just perpetuating the stupidity…there are more than just two candidates for presidency, and there are better choices than the two most well publicized.

    I personally think the best way to solve the low job situation would be to create new businesses. A new initiative to start tons of new businesses. Killing those new cloud storage business was a bad idea. So many people are scared to start new storage businesses now. It would be good to let immigrants to come into the country and get US citizenship if they start a business. Another important thing(maybe) would be to tax business that are based in the US, but still manufacture overseas.

  • Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney belong to the 1% fatcats. As the Shylocks, both believe in machines rather than humanity. To tell the truth, I don’t believe Paul or Jill Stein are ‘friends of labor’ either.


  • gozounlimited

    Doesn’t matter …. the Women are taking charge ….. see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU5MOewb2yQ&feature=related