Nationwide Protests to “End the Fed” This Weekend

End the Fed … Or Rein It In

There will be nationwide protests this weekend calling for an end to the Fed

The “official” End The Fed 2012 website lists protests at the following Federal Reserve Banks:

(There are 12 main Federal Reserve Banks, but quite a few additional branch offices.) Or check out this Facebook page.

Remember, numerous economists say that we must end or substantially rein in the Fed.

Most Americans agree.

Both liberal and conservative protesters – Occupy and Tea Party alike – have railed against the unchecked power of the Federal Reserve.

Indeed, the support among the public and House for auditing the Fed is almost 100% … but Democratic Senate leader Reid has vowed to kill an audit (even though he previously supported it).

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  • Somon


    • the mhb

      end the fed = exactly what needs to be done regardless of it bein’ government psy-op or not.

      just ’cause people decide to try and get a bunch of other people together doesn’t mean it’s govt. run. i think they coulda done it better. kick the doors in and takeover the damn fed buildings. turn ’em into fortresses and make a fuckin’ stand! spray paint on the side of the buildings, “the fed is now dead and shall forever remain so!” that way people know that if a central bank tries to be made in this country again that it will meet with the same fate.