Israel Is Over-Reacting

We understand, respect and empathize with the historical fact that Jews suffered horrendous persecution and suffering.

But Israeli prime minister Netanyahu’s “red line” graphic presented to the United Nations today is over-the-top.

Says who?

Top American and Israeli military and intelligence officials say:

  • Despite its heated rhetoric – Iran is a “rational actor”. For example, in 2011, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before Congress that “we continue to judge Iran’s nuclear decision-making is guided by a cost-benefit approach.” In February 2012, General Ron Burgess, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told Congress that “the agency assesses Iran is unlikely to initiate or provoke a conflict.” Also in February, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: “We are of the opinion that Iran is a rational actor”

In addition:

  • While Iran’s president Ahmadinejad is certainly a loud-mouthed, trash-talking loose cannon, Iran’s Jews are actually treated quite well.
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  • yaridanjo

    Israeli and US politicians are genocidal psychopaths, 4 to 9 times worst than Hitler’s Holocaust in Iraq alone.
    Google: Iraqi Holocaust : 2.3 Million Iraqi Excess DeathsGoogle: It’s 5:34 AM in BaghdadSeptember of last year the Iraqi casualty report from ORB estimated civilian deaths at 1,220,580 to 1,446,063.Google: Official records from International Red Cross prove “holocaust” was a fraud! – EU TimesRecords show “concentration camp” death totals of only 271,301

  • mmckinl

    “”CHOMSKY: Well, Israel is a pretty crazy state. My suspicion is that they are trying to create the circumstances under which the U.S. will attack Iran – they don’t want to do it themselves.

    LEZAMA: They want to set up a rationale?

    CHOMSKY: I would not be surprised if they staged some kind of an incident in the Persian Gulf, which would not be hard. You and I can do it. The Persian Gulf is lined with U.S. Naval missiles, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and so on. Any small incident, a skiff, or, a boat bumping into an aircraft carrier could lead to a vicious response. “”

  • Blair T. Longley

    It is hard to imagine how Israel could ever have come to exist and
    survive without the backing of the international bankers. It is only
    inside that context that the deliberate preparations for, and provoking,
    and carrying through of one war after another can be adequately

    Control over natural resources depends on control over money.
    Therefore, the ultimate war is for control of the money system, after
    which follows control of all other natural resources. The international
    bankers are basically a gang of trillionaire mass murders, who use every
    possible means to advance their agenda over the long-term, and “Israel”
    was another one of those means.

    I do NOT think it is useful to talk about that as being Jewish, since
    that is just another misleading label, full of misdirections, and
    historical pit falls. I do NOT think that the majority of Israelis know
    about, or are able to control, what their government is doing, and even
    less can Israelis change what the international bankers plan and carry

    Anyway, I do not believe it matters who they are, but rather, what
    they do. The international bankers have been directing almost everything
    happening in global politics for a few centuries, and their roots go
    back in time as far as history does!

    So far, there is NOBODY able to offer anything that is a realistic
    and practical alternative to the systems run by the international
    bankers, by them being the supreme organized crime gang, who took
    control of the world’s money supplies, and used that power to also take
    control of the politicians and mass media, almost everywhere.

    Therefore, I think it is misleading and superficial to say that
    “Israel” is over-reacting. The international bankers are controlling
    Israel, as their tool. and those banksters have an agenda to consolidate
    their international hegemony of control over the global money supplies
    … which means finding any possible excuses, and using any possible
    means, to destroy anybody who gets in their way!

    Clearly Islam in general, and now Iran in particular, is in their
    way. Therefore, the countries that the banksters already control will be
    driven into a war with Iran, and whatever else it takes, to try to
    destroy Islam, and anything and everybody else that gets in the
    banksters way!

    The banksters have already achieved the ultimate objective of
    organized crime, which is that they enjoy the power to legally
    counterfeit any amount of fiat money that they want, and almost
    everybody else is forced to accept that fait accompli. The
    banksters got that power through systematically implementing the methods
    of organized crime, for a long time, in every possible way, no matter
    how reckless and ruthless, and they appear to be relentless in
    continuing to do that.

    Of course, that seems like an insane thing to everybody else, outside
    of that group of trillionaire mass murders. However, there is no other
    group that can actually offer anything better as a real alternative

    The deeper problem is that human ecology MUST have some group which
    acts as the top carnivores. Human ecology MUST have some system of
    functions which achieve those necessary ecological imperatives.
    Therefore, anyone who does not like the international banksters
    controlling the world, and using tools like Israel to advance their
    agenda, should come up with some better ways to control the human
    ecology, and manage the emerging industrial ecology. Like I said, nobody
    anywhere, that I am aware of, is providing anything remotely like that
    at the present time. Furthermore, given the level of understanding and
    the attitudes of most of the world’s population, at the present time,
    BETTER understanding of human ecology, in order to do that BETTER, is
    practically impossible. Therefore, we default back to the trillionaire
    mass murders, controlling the biggest countries, as well as Israel, to
    work through their agenda for how to control the world, through their
    runaway fiat money frauds, backed up with atomic bombs, for which they
    require that there be NO effective opposition that is allowed to stand
    against that anywhere, in any form.

  • Bonnie

    In addition,

    – U.S.-israeli attack on Iran will cause wolrld-wide radiation poisoning from the nuclear bombs from the U.S.-israel.

    I suppose neither of U..S.-israel care about the rest of us, the non-jews.

    I say, NO WAR!



    • chengis_khan

      Amen, Bonnie! We need to use the money from the endless wars – money sinkholes – to fix our education system, healthcare system and so many other things at home, here in America! By the way, we must also cut the yearly $3Billion upfront American taxpayer cash handout to Israel. Every year, our Congress approves this handout with the ease, yet every year, they have a hard time voting on the budget, unemployment payments, etc. So, it is easy to give American taxpayer money to foreign countries, yet it is hard to give American taxpayer money for things that impact Americans. What gives???

  • jay r.

    They are paying off congress not Iran.

  • Dr. Steve Pieczenik, an expert in psychological warfare, political psychology, regime change, intelligence,
    counterintelligence and covert operations states the over 165,000 german jews, known as “mishlinge” served in hitlers army. He states netanyahu doesnt talk about it because it casts a new light on the holocaust.

    He adds that Adolf Eichman, a self proclaimed zionist, helped establish the jewish presance in palestine. Reinhard Heydrich was a diaspora jew.

    Now DNA evidence is saying Hitler himself may have been jewish. Its well known the rothchilds financed the nazi’s and the commies. So what does it all really say about Zionism, rothchild banksters, the nazi’s, the holocaust and the eternal power grab-subjigation-lebensraum-across the globe thing going on here?

    • chengis_khan

      Jason, I wonder if all of these “german jews” were Central Asian Khazar converts to Jusaism, aka AshkeNazis?

  • Gonzo

    In over 6,000 years of Egypt’s written records, not a single mention is made of Israel or its inhabitants. Why ?… Because Israel’s history books are a fantasy lie, concocted from stolen myths and legends from older cultures of the region. Abraham did not exist, neither Moses nor David nor Solomon… Read about this: There’s plenty of sound historical evidence in the net. Israel is all a big sham. An artificial country created by the House of Rothschild to gain political leverage.

  • Just take a second and think about it. If Iran wanted a nuclear weapon for all these years as Israel wants us to believe, Then why didn’t Iran just have a few delivered from China or Russia? Answer: They do not want one. Furthermore Iran signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel has not and will not even though they have nuclear weapons. So just ask yourself, who is more likely to do anyone harm?

  • hvaiallverden

    To clearify some thing, and also to hgihlight a tiny litle glitch in the picture.
    The MEK is acomunistic oriented “muslims”, like the PKK all runn and controlled by, gess whom.

    If its corect, the MEK flagg is with a Hammer and a Sigd.
    Red background of corse, and this sherade is starting to become a Monthy Python like history, first demonise Al queda, and to day a “freind” and even hadled som countrys, by “Us”, conviniantly.
    And comunism and terrorism, all in one with the MEK.
    And right now taken away from the Terrorist Org List.


    And the problem is Israel, a counrty based and builded on lies, forged history and political corruption, a invasion of a suveren country, with the help of that time, biggest powers, the USA/England.
    To a bunch of Zionists.
    There have always been “jews” in Palestina, since the dawn of time, but never more than 3-5% of the populatin since biblical times, and then manly in the citys.
    The biggest Tabu of the all, and also the biggest lie, is the creation and therby legitimation of theftand plunder, killing and ethinc clensing of an Indiginous people, the semittic Palestinians and the Shepardics are the same people, the rest is european/slavic/AzkheNasis(Pr.M. Nothing but Yahoho, is polish, and have absolutly nothing to do with the midle east, in any way)



  • ThePurpleCrab

    Another veiled threat against the world by Israel, how long are we going to put up with them.

    The BDS movement should be increased to a full blown embargo until they resolve the Palestinian issue and withdraw the illegal settlers causeing most the problems and come into compliance with the NPT which they falsely whine about Iran not doing.

    Cut off all their aid.

  • Ernie

    “We understand, respect and empathize with the historical fact that Jews suffered horrendous persecution and suffering.” But it all happened before we were born and we are not responsible morally or financially.

  • peter czech

    Everything Iran is accused off fits only on one!!! regime – and that is Israels Zionist regime of Warmongers and Liers…peter czech

  • chengis_khan

    Why does not Bibi Nut&Yahoo start by saying how many nukes Israel has? Then, how about signing up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of which Iran is a signatory? Or, we are saying that somehow Israel has a “divine” right to build and store nuclear weapons, and a right not to disclose anything about its weapons, yet when other countries want to develop nuclear programmes, these need to be bullied to submission???

  • Rehmat

    Netanyahu is not the only paranoid Zionist. His half-Jewish brother, British prime minister David Cameron told House of Commons in 2010: “Iran is in possession of nuclear weapons”. The Opposition made fun of his ignorance, calling Cameron a “foreign policy klutz” with his feet “firmly planted in his mouth”.

  • amerikagulag

    Jews have been kicked out of dozens of countries throughout history. There MUST be a reason. We’re seeing that reason right now. They LIE, the destabilize, they destroy, they corrupt and they blame in on others.
    It is further been proven, historically and archaeologically, that their claim of being kicked out of Egypt is patently FALSE. They never wandered in the desert, nor parted the red sea, nor had any promised land given to them by the tribal god which they created. It seems their claim of being ‘gods chosen people’ is just a rouse for sympathy. Liars by profession.

  • R Davis

    After W.W.2. the Jews were the unwanted people – n’est pas.
    Just like Australia’s “boat people” – currently.
    No one wanted them, so they took them & dumped them in the Middle East & they have been paying through the nose ever since.
    &/then, they spun a “wonders & romantic” story to hide the truth.

    Iran & it’s nukes :-
    Personally I am more concerned, as to what the scientific world is messing with at the Hadron Collider.
    Are they looking for the power of God & Satan – or – HAL 9000’s joy stick – the weirdo from the movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey.
    Like the Nazi’s were looking for the Ark of the Covenant, so as to be invincible to their enemies, in the movie – Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    A superior weapon to surpass all other weapons. ?

    As for the show pony, Proudly Captain Dreadful Netanyahu. Has anyone noticed that if & when he is not the center of GLOBAL ATTENTION, he is actively seeking it.

    Standing on the podium with ( a visibly, & rightly, annoyed) Hillary Clinton recently, he looked at the camera & his eyes says “SEE !”