Irony Alert: Obama Administration Prosecuting “Hope” Artist

Hope and Change Ball and Chains

In an ironic twist, Obama’s Department of Justice wants hard jail-time for the artist who created his iconic “Hope” poster.

The Department of Justice is nominally independent from the White House, but Eric “Place” Holder and Obama are two peas in a pod.

As we’ve previously noted:

Hoping that Obama will change things is a “hopiate”. We must stop smoking the “hopium” – no good daddy or heroic leader will save us.

We have to save ourselves.

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  • Daniel

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this (a) not irony and (b) straight-up biased political opinion instead of informative news? In no way does your post inform any person of the actual situation, which is about a man intentionally destroying and fabricating documents in an attempt to avoid a copyright lawsuit.

  • PrissyPatriot

    Daniel you’re not wrong. It is someone’s opinion. Which is fine, but of course opinion doesn’t qualify as a factual news source. The writer left out, “In a letter to Maas seeking leniency for Fairey, former Obama for America official Scott Greenstein recalled asking the artist to create a work during the 2008 Democratic primary campaign.” C’mon George, you know better than that…

  • zot23

    Ummm … this guy committed a crime, then tried to destroy the evidence of said crime. Obviously, the rule of law should apply here, or should Obama wave a magic wand and ” make it all go away” like they do with the banks? He inappropriately used an AP photographers photo of Obama for the HOPE poster, then when sued, tried to destroy the evidence. That sounds an awful lot like a fraud to me. This guy committed a crime, should he not possibly serve the time?

    Just because the banks get away scot free, throwing all rule of law out the window for everyone isn’t a great response. Better to push for equal use of the law on everyone than the equal absence of justice for anyone.

  • gozounlimited

    NOT copacetic with …..

    Rep. Emanuel Cleaver invoked hope, a theme central to Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    “There is something essential in the human spirit that searches for hope. We are driven by hope,” said Cleaver. “President Barack Obama has been lampooned for speaking of hope; hope for a better America. I want to encourage our president and all of us to continue to hope for an America that remembers, recognizes, and fervently protects its greatness.”

    “Yes, Mr. President, hope on. Continue to hope, Mr. President,” he said, to rousing ovations and applause. “No matter what, Mr. President, you continue to hope! As long as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sits on the throne of grace, hope on! Hope on! Hope on! We are people of hope, Mr. President! Hope on! Hope on! When everything else is gone, hope on!”


  • mozebyc

    i remember from my school days at Brandeis University in1970’s my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”
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    Yeh I agree that the AmericanNon-Jews are indeed “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!

    The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus
    By Christopher Bollyn

    The Iowa caucus is only a few days away and the nation’s attention will be directed to the results, which signify the beginning of the U.S. presidential race. But does anyone watch who tallies the results of the Iowa caucus?

    The Iowa caucus results were tallied in 2004 by a company that is headed by a man whose company was bought by Elron Electronics, the Israeli defense firm. I suspect that it will be the same this year. Don’t expect to see any grassroots political activists doing the tally in Iowa. The Israeli defense establishment takes care of that part of the American “democratic” election process.


    In the summer of 2004, I first learned that a foreign and out-of-state company using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology tallied the Iowa caucus results.

    The system used to tally the 2004 Iowa caucus results was provided by a company called Voxeo, which was apparently based in Orlando, Florida. (Yellow flag goes up in the mind of those familiar with Orlando and electronic vote fraud history. See Bollyn article on Wang below.)

    The calls from the nearly 2,000 caucus centers in Iowa went to a Voxeo call center in Atlanta, Georgia.

    On January 31, 2005, I wrote to Michelle Bauer, Iowa’s Secretary of State with some questions about the use of Voxeo, a foreign company located in Florida, to tally the results of the Iowa caucus:

    Subject: How was the Iowa Caucus Tallied?

    Dear Sirs,

    When I visited the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Des Moines last summer, I learned that the tally of the Iowa caucus had been “out-sourced” to a company in Atlanta, Georgia.

    What this means is that the tallying of the Iowa caucus results was done over the telephone, using the touch-tone buttons, to enter the results from each caucus locationS

    I am interested in how this was done, and why. Why did the Democratic Party allow the crucial tally of the caucus results to be done by a company in Atlanta? Don’t they trust their own math skills?

    Can any of you provide any information about this matter?

    Kind regards,
    Christopher Bollyn

    A person named Mike Milligan wrote back on behalf of Secretary of State Bauer:

    Mike Milligan wrote:
    Dear Christopher:

    The Secretary of State forwarded me the email you sent to then on Monday, January 31, 2004 [sic] regarding the Iowa Caucuses.

    Unfortunately, you either received some incorrect information in your travels or are confused. The Iowa Democratic Party completed all of the caucus night tabulations in Iowa, in the Des Moines/Polk County Convention Center, which was the Caucus night HQ. In fact, our tech staff wrote the software that tabulated the results.

    To answer your second to last question, we feel we have a comfortable grasp of mathematics.