Horrifying, Graphic Video of Iranian Leader Savagely Abusing Jews

More Iranian barbarity towards Jews:

Background here, here, here and here.

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  • israel did 911

    they deserve a lot more than a damn tongue lashing…

    • israel did 911

      ….. lol… and then i watched the video..

  • jadez

    quick..name the most dangerous government in the middle east.

    • Also the only nuclear-armed government in the Middle East…

  • Rehmat

    Iran is home to nearly 30,000 Jews who have a reserved seat for them in Iranian Majlis (parliament). Jewish Queen Esther (Purim fame) is burried in Iran. They have nine Synagogues in Tehran alone. They’ve ‘Rabbanic court’ to settle their social disputes. In 2010, only a dozen of them accepted $10,000 each bibe from a US-based Jewish-Christian organization to emigrate to Israel and live on properties stolen from local Arabs.
    Lasley Hazleton (born 1945) is a British-American Jewish female psychologist, author, writer and blogger – with focus on religion, politics and history. Read below her views on how Islam commands its followers to treat non-Muslims.

  • truth matters

    Good video. Piers Morgan did an interesting video of Ahmadinejad the other day.


    Hard to tell the Zionist extremists apart from the Christian Zionists, apart from the Islamic extremists.

    Doesn’t help that our media and academia is full of distortions, omissions, and half truths.

  • That’s what has always confused me. If Iran’s ultimate purpose was to see the destruction of world Jewry, why haven’t they started in their own country? :-/

  • E

    I just lost a crapload of respect for you…. What do you know about naturei karta? Ask yourself…. Clearly nothing

  • E

    I just lost a crapload of respect for you…. What do you know about naturei karta? Ask yourself…. Clearly nothing

  • ConradCA

    The Nazis staged events that showed them being nice to Jews before they were shipped to death camps also.

  • Listen everyday were not killing ourselves is a good day The problem is there are people plotting to kill American and Jews. When the next bomb goes off where will the terrorists be from? My guess is Pakistan. We need to remove any one who plots to kill us from power.

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