American Media Drums Up Support for War … Again

Even After Mea Culpas For Horrible Iraq War Coverage, American Media Does the Same Thing With Iran

The American people are being bombarded with messages that Iran will launch an attack unless it is bombed.

For example, this is a top AP headline from today:

The headline is being parroted by virtually every media outlet:

Only upon a closer reading of the AP article can we see what Iran actually said:
In other words, Iran is saying if you attack us first, we’ll fight back.

That’s a little bit different from the misleading headline … isn’t it? As I noted in August, this is the old bully’s trick of pretending he is the victim:

Police have recently stated on the record that:

Indeed, in modern America, even being worried that the government is acting in a bullying manner can literally get one arrested, committed to a psychiatric ward or labeled as a terrorist.


In other words, the government is using the age-old bully’s trick: pretending that the victim is the attacker, and the bully is merely defending himself.

The same is true in terms of our foreign policy. For example, when we accidentally kill foreigners, we pretend that they were armed or pretend that they were “militants”.

The government invaded Iraq because it claimed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that he had a hand in 9/11 … but everyone knew that both claims were false.

In fact, the American media is always pro-war, and happily trumpets disinformation about supposed enemies to drum up support for new wars. Indeed, some think that war is fun.

The people pushing for war against Iran are the same people who pushed for war against Iraq … and said it would be a “cakewalk”.

But even after all of the mea culpas for their horrible Iraq coverage – by the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC and others – the media are doing the exact same thing with Iran.

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  • mmckinl

    Outstanding piece … outstanding …

    and Yes … here we go again …

    the MSM, spinning, distorting, lying …

    to get us into more wars …

    The fact is the blogosphere handed the MIC a great defeat yesterday.

    By the end of the day after Netanyahu and the MSM

    were shown to be completely inept and dishonest …

    to the point where Netanyahu was cartooned into shame …

    And the MSM looked like the war whores they are …

    • mmckinl ,

      when did George go Disqus?

      Brilliantly constructed autopsy of a hopefully, soon to be, corporate-state media propaganda corpse.

      • mmckinl

        Week or two ago …

        thanks …

  • jo6pac

    Yes and over in the so-called progressive/professional left is the cry that you have to vote for the muder-in-chief because the other side is bat-shit-crazy. Then it’s another 4yrs of drones from hell and endless wars from nobel peace prize winner. I’m left and will be voting Green something a hell of a lot closer to my own beliefs and killing at long distance isn’t one of my beliefs nor was bailing out ws. No one but Main Streeters go to jail.
    On another not my state reps wouldn’t return an email or talk to me about the state budget here in Calli, not a suprise.

    • Yes, but there is a beauty to Washington’s Blog’s painstakingly wrought rationality that is most rare in the blogosphere: eager openness to a left-right dialogue!

  • ThePurpleCrab

    Not too long ago there were 50+ independent media outlets now there are 6.

    It does not take a monopoly to curtail programming and a real objective reporting of news.

    Just a bunch of rich basterds.

    Can anyone say anti-trust?

  • If Bibi has such a hard on for war with Iran, there is literally nothing and no one standing in his way. “All we need is space and opportunity. Do you want some of this?”
    It’s not like Israel hasn’t done an unprovoked attack on a neighbor’s nuclear facilities before. This should be another cakewalk.

  • Southernfink

    The rest of the world does not believe that the USA is a victim ,instead the rest of the world is a victim of USA foreign policies.For the benefit of humanity & worldpeace it would be far better if everyone in the USA just voted for the Greens to help stop the bloody wars that benefit the 1%.