5 Tips for New Bloggers

How to Write a Popular Blog

A new blogger asked me for tips. Here’s my advice:

(1) Make your blog readable. Stay away from a colored background, flashy effects or anything else which makes it hard to read what you write. Such effects are very Web 1.0, and readers will flee.

(2) Do your legwork. Bigger websites will link to your blog more if you do your research. Don’t just share your thoughts … as brilliant as they might be. Link to experts or mainstream sources to back up what you say.

As Carl Herman puts it: “Let your facts lead.”

You can round-up collections of facts. Or read an article or watch a talk by a well-known economist, scientist or politician. Write about one or two interesting quotes from the article or video.

This type of research may not seem very glamorous. But it is a real contribution to the alternative media. Indeed, a bloggers who document one particular subject area – e.g. their local city council meetings, changes to the condition of their local forest, or the doings of one particular corporation or politician – are making a big difference.

(3) Write about things about which you are passionate. If it makes you furious, inspires you or strikes you as funny, it’s worth writing about. If you find it only mildly interesting, it probably won’t be that interesting for your readers, either.

(4) Polish your title. Even if you write the world’s greatest post, few will read it without a good title. Writing a good title is essential.

Some blog experts say you should spend as much time on the title as the rest of the post.   I don’t know about that. But I usually revise the title a couple of times before I find something I like.

There are countless sites offering tips on how to write catchy titles. Look at the titles at popular sites like Drudge Report (whether you agree with their politics or not, they write great titles), Huffington Post or Mashable. Play with different styles and see what works.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts suggest you put all of your keywords (words summarizing the post’s topic which you repeat the most within the body of the post) in the title. For those who pay attention to SEO, there is always a tension between creating a catchy title and using keywords. The easiest solution may be to stress one in the title, and then to use a header stressing the other.

(5) Develop your own voice. While everyone copies and there is “nothing new under the sun”, work on developing your own, unique voice. Try to find a writing style which feels most authentic for you and – more importantly – try to find what you can most uniquely contribute to the world.

It may be a tough exposé style, a funny parody style, a romantic, poetic style, or something else. Everyone has a unique perspective, a unique way of seeing. What is yours?

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  • I also suggest the title contain all the key words you want a search engine to find when people want to know about your topic.

    Let the key facts lead, back them up so what you claim is easily verified as objective and independently verifiable reality. And yes, find your passion and voice.

  • How about doing the title backwards to reflect reality? (6 – Plutonomy Brother Big: Homeland The).

    Thanks for caring for wee little people …

  • gozounlimited

    Thank You …. I am in the process of doing so …. The Rouge Voice is coming back !! ….
    see here: http://www.theroguevoice.blogspot.com/

    • gozounlimited

      You can read my mind like I can read yours …. it’s the Ethernet…..

  • You covered it for the most part. Main thing is be passionate and honest. Your topics can vary but should all have a common core theme. Don’t go from cooking to sports to politics. An example would be to go with a core underlying theme like corruption and branch out from there. Try to keep things fresh and posts short. Opinions are good, but fact based and well documented material backing your thoughts is always best. Just winging it won’t work. I also suggest you find your community of like minded blogs and try to become known in them. Over time you will gain street cred in this community. Use can use data from various sources to track your traffic and monitor all aspects of the blog. Organic growth is the best, but you can use social media to bring others to your blog. Link sharing works after you have established your blog, but this also becomes a chore with the more success you have. Good luck.

  • Another tip? Read and comment on other blogs with similar readership to which your own blog will be directed. When you read and follow up with a comment, the other blog author may become interested in you and your work, opening up a dialogue and possibly links back to your blog space.



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