Iran’s Words Mistranslated Again by Americans Trying to Start a War

No, He Didn’t Say That!

Most Americans confuse zionism and Judaism.

While many assume that zionism simply means allowing the Israeli nation to exist, many zionists in high positions within the Netanyahu and Sharon administrations advocate for very different policies altogether, including the use of offensive wars throughout the  Middle East.  See this, and read the section entitled “Securing the Realm” here.

In reality, many devout Jews are against zionism as being antithetical to traditional Jewish values.  As such, many Jews say that criticizing zionism is not anti-semitism. … and some zionists themselves admit that even non-Jews have the right to criticize Israel.

Zionists can be also be Christian. Indeed, millions of fundamentalist Christians – including many in the American military –  want to start WWIII to speed the “second coming” of Jesus Christ.

As such, the common practice of American politicians and media of interchanging Iran’s words about the “zionist regime” with the word “Israel”  is disingenuous.  For example, AP reported today:

Israel‘s existence is an “insult to all humanity,” Iran’s president said Friday ….”The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity,” Ahmadinejad said.

Criticizing a particular “regime” in Israel is akin to criticizing the “Bush administration” or the “Obama administration”.  For example, saying that Bush should have been impeached is not calling for the American government to be overthrown.

Similarly, the AP story repeated the old canard:

Tensions between Iran and Israel have intensified since 2005, when Ahmadinejad said in a speech that Israel will one day be “wiped off the map.”

In reality:

As a New York Times translation notes, Ahmadinejad wasn’t referring to Israel at all, but to the “regime” – i.e. the current political administration – in Israel.

Moreover, it was not Ahmadinejad himself speaking. He was quoting Ayatollah Khomeini, who died in 1989 (and who looked exactly like Sean Connery’s long-lost twin).

People can debate whether zionism is helpful or counter-productive, or which form of zionism is best.  But interchanging zionism and Israel without explanation is misleading.

And anti-semitism is wholly unacceptable, as is prosecution of Christians, Muslims or anyone else for their religion or race.

But whatever Iran’s faults, the fact is that:

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  • There are a few basic errors in this blog entry, both of translation and context.

    Firstly, the statement that “many devout Jews are against Zionism” is very misleading. You can look up the Neturei Karta (a splinter organization of the [Hungarian] Satmar Chasidim) and see that it is a group that is generally ostracized, and exists only on the absolute fringe. Being the guests of honor at Holocaust denial summits, as they are, is not a popular Jewish position.

    Secondly, Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas, and others refer to Israel as the “Zionist regime” or the “Zionist entity” because they refuse to acknowledge the existence of the state of Israel, within any borders.

    Take a look at for translations of Middle Eastern media in more depth and context – it will make your hair stand on end. is another one worth looking at.

    • Mike

      Your statement about Iran, Hezzbola and Hamas’ all encompassing use of Zionist regime as if it is interchangeable with “Israel” is moot. Israel is a violent Zionist supremest state whose aggressive stance towards ALL it’s bordering neighbors leaves these nations with having to publicly condemn Israeli government and obliged to publicly explain why. The Zionism IS an insult to humanity! It is disgustingly bigoted and lacks anything moral.

      • RobW

        You’re right on target. Who cares what the desecration of Palestine is called. Its just a hideout for criminals, with western power enforced immunity. If one has a claim to be “jewish”, and one is a psycopathic criminal, just go to Palestine.
        Much like Australia, a former prisoner exile, where residents brag about their criminal ancestors. Unfortunately, with all this dual citizen BS, the criminal activity just escalates.

        • Patrick Corliss

          Please don’t bring Australia’s convict history into a debate on Zionism – it really is a stretch.

          I have lived in Australia for about 40 years. Right now a significant proportion of the population was born overseas in countries like Italy, Lebanon, Vietnam and the UK. Most don’t even know about the convict days; they certainly don’t boast of it.

          In fact in 40 years I’ve heard very few references except that some old-timers say their ancestors were “on the First Fleet”. That’s more to signify their long-standing ties with Australia.

    • Adamchik, being some Israel’s professional Hasbara member, I have to excuse your knowledge of the ‘Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri)’. It was co-founded by Israeli Colonel Yigal Carmon, who is the current president of the Washington-based Zionist mistranslation think tank. It screwed up Iranian president Ahmadinejad 2005 speech in which he called for removal of the ‘Zionist regime’. He never mentioned state of Israel or Jews. This time’s story goes like this: On Wednesday, Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking to reporters said in Persian that the International Al-Quds Day is “the day for nations’ public movement to liberate the entire human society from all types of modern times’ slavery“. Memri translated Ahmadinejad’s remark from Persian to English: ”Ahmadinejad called for the destruction of Israel“. Well Ahmadinejad is not the only one who is being victimized by Zionist mistranslation. Jewish-born Israeli-Russian writer Israel Shamir was mistranslated by oldest Jewish daily FORWARD in 2011. As for calling Israel “Zionist entity” and its government “Zionist regime” – there tens of million Muslims, Christians and Jews writers including my Jewish blogger Roger Tucker and myself use the same terms – because that’s the truth.

    • I thought MEMRI was an anti-arab progaganda site (Zionist?), and exactly what we’re talking about here, which is Zionists purposely misleading the world about Arabs. You also mention “holocaust denier”, which is the sign of a shill (I’ve learned over the years: holocaust denier, anti-semite, and conspiracy theorist are 3 tipoffs).

      Did you ever see this video:

      I put “holocaust denier” in that category, too. Sorry about that. You don’t happen to be hasbara, ever hear of that?

  • paul

    How can you say Depth and Context in the same sentence as Memri? Self serving lie would be a better description of their work.

  • mikael

    I have ONE dangerous senario running thure my brain, and thats the end game and the root to it.
    Cristians have been fooled to belive the Zionists, in their power game, the 6 million myth is documented to have rised already in the late 1800, and was regulary used and pimped althru late 60 when the hadd their brake thru, in western MSM and the rest is history/forgery.

    The cristians have ONE role in this, sice the initial sacrifying is done, the 6 mill, the final part of their esurection can not be implemented before the Jews and Jerusalem is completly destroyed.

    #this site have reasently been removed from the nett, and its been found in places I can werify other than the Site known as The six Million myth is crashed, but can bee read here, its no lie, its been known for a long time, but the MSM never talks/reports on issues regarding the Zionistic klunatics and the real evil, talmudic teatchings.
    Read it, and bee stunned.#

    Only then can the new Jerusalem be builded acording to the Cristians, and also acordingly to the Zionists, but they are aiming higher than that, New Jerusalem is their main capital for the New Millenium, where they acn rule the world, thue a one world goverment, and have powers beyound anything in our history, with wepons unimagiable and violence as it religion.
    Never forgett that we are Goyim, and just that, wurth lesser than anything esle.
    Just above nothing.

    Its this days we have right now, the weird pause in world finnaces and wars, the direction we all take when we finaly ariwe at the crossroad. I know that the end game will affect us all, to take a stand or perish.

    And belive me, it going to be ugly.
    And right now, wheter you like it or not, we are loosing it.


    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”
    ― Sinclair Lewis

    • During his previous term as prime minister, Netanyahu was asked his opinion of Zionist Christians. “I know they have evil agenda against Jews but they’re great help to Israel,” said Netanyahu. In October 2004 – Mark Ames, a Moscow-based Jewish American journalist and editor, wrote the classic definition of Zionist Christians: “The 65 million American Evangelical cultists love Jews for one simple reason: They hope to bundle every hairy Jewish ass up, air-freight them to the West Bank and East Jerusalem (once those areas have been cleansed of Muslims), and use the Jews as bait to bring upon the Rapture, as kindling in the Apocalypse, the final battle that will bring Jesus back to Earth. None of this can happen until every last Jew is penned into the occupied territoriesand the Jews won’t get there unless the far-right runs Israel and America. Currently 65 million American cultists are using everything in their power, from prayer to politics, to make this Helter Skelter scenario come true.”

    • Lance

      Judaised American Christianity does not truly represent nor teach the “doctrine of Christ”. America’s education system does not teach the “doctrine of Christ” either. It teaches “humanitarianism” and “humanism”, which are opposed to the “doctrine of Christ”. Those who think that the Jews who practice Judaism, the Jesuits, and the Mormons who claim to be the “latter day saints”, are the descendants of the 12 sons of the man named Israel, who represent the 12 tribes, the “12,000” from each tribe that equal “144,000”, are decieved. As it is written, the deception is great!

  • an observer

    KHAZARS, A NON‑SEMITIC, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century

  • Kevin

    Hmmm… anyone notice this informative post is off ZH?

    • anonymous

      At least ZH does not censor comments.

  • Yes, he DID say this, and you are an apologist for a genocidal sociopath. In Mullah-Speak “Zionist regime” is interchangeable with Israel. This is obvious from Iran’s very own PressTV report about Ahmedinajad’s latest racist rant where they said : “The Zionist regime (Israel) …” See for yourself: There was also an explicit commitment to genocide published by Iran’s Fars news agency a while ago. “Top Commander Reiterates Iran’s Commitment to Full Annihilation of Israel”

    • anonymous

      What about all the racist Zionist talk about the Iranians and other non-Jewish groups? I guess that’s ok.

    • Only if USrael attack Iran first darling!

      Do you remeber how many time the Zionist regime threatened Iran, Lebanon and Syria with wars?

      On July 5, 2012 – Brigadier-General Harzi Halevy, commander of the IDF’s Galilee Division, has claimed that IOF is better prepared to crush the Resistance in the third Lebanon war.

      “The next war, he added, will see the IDF “Strike with full force. We will have to go inside (Lebanon) and wreak havoc – not as punishment, but because that is where the (Hizbullah) enemy is. We will kill 13 of every 15 enemy soldiers, so that two will be left to tell their commanders what happened,” boasted Harzi Halevy.

  • Lance

    “Zionists can be also be Christian. Indeed, millions of fundamentalist Christians – including many in the American military – want to start WWIII to speed the “second coming” of Jesus Christ.” Judaised “fundamentalist” Christianity is not true Christianity. Jesus Christ spoke against the established religion known as Judaism practiced by the Jews in Alexandria, Judea, and elsewhere. He even said that their “father” was “the devil”! He also spoke out against the ruling elite’s of his day, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes, the judges, the lawyers! Thats why they crucified him! America is not a “Christian nation”, nor has it ever been. America’s secular, liberal, humanist values and traditions are totally opposite and opposed to the “doctrine of Christ”, and true Christianity. So, where does that leave one who is a true Christian? As it is written, “…hated by all…”!

    • anonymous

      The secularists in the U.S. would love to get rid of Christianity. There World Government view is not only one government for the world, but one corporation, and one religion.

      • Lance

        Christianity in America was long ago invaded, subjugated, and perverted by the secular humanist traditions of the West. Presidents Bush and Obama both claim to be Christian, but their actions betray them. The tenets of humanitarianism and humanism are already the dominant “religion” in the U.S..

  • Jim

    With Jews perceived as controlling banking, media, universities, and many governments. It’s about time the world talks openly about Jews/zionism honestly without name calling with terms like Anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

    History is not perceived as being accurate when it comes to the Jews, holocaust, Hitler etc because of the mis-information distubuted constantly through the media and hollywood. We have been bombed with documentaries on Hitler and and World war 2 that are just inaccurate in many ways.

    Jews have an oversized influence on wesrtern govrnments, and are dragging the US in to wars and conflicts that killing/disabling our youth for international conflicts that aren’t the in USA’s best interest.


  • What more can we expect from the Bully Religion, which is universal in scope?

  • Hyssop

    Please read Nima Shirazi’s excellent piece, Some Notes on Ahmadinejad’s “Insult to Humanity” Comment, full of documented statements on the part of the UN and Zionist ‘notables’ on what has been / continues to be done in Palestine.

    The likes of Adamchik, his peers, and ‘western’ media, haven’t a leg to stand on.

  • anonymous

    This just keeps the attention on what these people are doing in Israel and ME. Much of the devastating destruction in the U.S. and the wars can be attributed to Zionists who live in the West and U.S.. This comment will be censored for saying that probably. They are doing to U.S. what was done to Germany. The “Allies” were all supporting the Hitler regime (which had several Jews, including Hitler, within its walls), until he started directing his own nations destiny, then he became an enemy. That is what they do to US. It does all the filth for the West and Israel, but the people will be sacrificed at the alter. Another repeat of history. The Brits and others in UK constantly condemn openly the U.S. but will support the filth behind doors because it is really their policy too.

  • common sense

    Why doesnt Obama ever goto Israel? Just what exactly is he afraid of……………..