HUNDREDS of Tanks Moving Through Burbank, California … Without Desert Camouflage

This was filmed today (keep watching as they roll on and on):

It is possible that they are being shipped to an army base in Southern California to be painted with camouflage. But no Southern California civilians have ever seen so many tanks before.

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  • I was in San Diego last week staying at the same hotel I’ve stayed at 3 years in a row during this same week. I went to college there so we return every year for a mini summer vacation.

    This year, the amount of military jets and helicopters cruising over the Torrey Pines area of La Jolla was unprecedented.

    They just kept coming over – many each day – for 6 days.

    I know it was not like this last year or the year before …

    It was very disconcerting.

    • John

      You can be sure that if Obama looses the election he will declare marshal law against the citizens of this country. The armforces will prevent the new president from taking ofice and
      any resistance will be met with armed forces.
      Is it time for citizens to arm themslves????

    • Phil Williams

      Which direction were the going? Looks tyo me like heading south. Could you see ANY kind of identifying markers or numbers?

  • I’m going to guess those were being moved to or from Ft. Irwin (aka NTC), the desert training center often used by armored units. Putting tanks and Bradleys on rail is about the only way to move them between forts here in the US. Painting is typically done by the major commands themselves, or at a handful of military maintenance depots.

    • Linda

      Hopefully you’re correct, but I’m not that comfortable. I feel that these tank will wind up outside our cities to control “civil unrest” otherwise known as patriotic concerns!

      • erin

        I built tanks for 17 yrs at yermo annex by barstow ca. was also stationed at Ft. Irwin…… Sorry no civil take over, just shipping tanks to training areas, nothing new. Obama’s brought us Peace like he promised..

        • raymond

          erin, all I can say to you is “Horse crap”

          • emilio abreu

            Linda, all I can say to you is: don’t let an absurd message from tea party extremists to confuse you. They want to initiate a war game among american civilians as they know their political stance has been overwhelmingly rejected. You’ve got a great country, come to Venezuela or go to Bielorussia to learn what a totaliatarian and megalomaniac governement acts like……

        • JIM


        • Elijah

          erin, Drink some more of that G.I. kool-aid you’ve been drinking and go back to sleep

        • CeciliaR

          Erin. Really? Did Obama brought us peace as he promised? What well have you crawled out of? Have you forgotten a number of high profile racist rabble-rousers?
          When something isn’t “right” among their people, what’s the first thing they do? That’s right! They take to the streets in needless protest marches and rallies, short of instigating a full-blown riot.

          With those high profile racist rabble-rousers, anything is possible that can and could go wrong. Think about it!

  • par4

    That’s what is left of our manufacturing economy.

  • Rocketman

    My guess is that they are going overseas and very shortly they will be some serious fighting in Syria and probably also Iran.

  • LookandListen

    Due to the camo and vehicles; eastern US unit’s Army or National Guard heavy infantry brigade assets heading back east proably from Ft. Irwin like Ed stated. They are moving east so back to home base.

  • Nowherebeach

    If tanks are part of mass movements of aircraft and equipment, I think we can expect to see an invasion somewhere, probably Syria. A “humanitarian” move into Syria would be the perfect cover to assemble the equipment needed for a subsquent attack on Iran. Using Iraq for that purpose is no longer possible due to the ongoing withdrawl from that country that would be politically difficult to reverse. The last time I saw this type of mass military movement was just before the first Gulf War.

  • Peter

    We just had two shootings . What’s next ? My guess is that it will be big domestic and nation wide . They need an excuse to set up internal check points and to start going door to door grabbing guns off people and then they’ll send the hard core people to re-education camps .

    • Linda


  • Sandy the Swede

    When we see many military vehicles at one time, there are always alarmists who look for sinister purposes. Some were Bradleys and some were MIAI main battle tanks. Get a grip people, the U.S. military has a few thousand of these. And you are amazed at seeing one or two hundred on a train? Of course, they have to travel by train.

  • Righteously Indignant

    This is not the first time this has happened in California or elsewhere… The question is “is this normal or has something changed in the last year? If so, what??

  • Sara Cofresi

    Coming to a neighborhood near you…soon.

  • tazman

    The vast majority of these are not tanks, they are Bradley fighting vehicles. I’m sure this is just a mechanized infantry being shipped from Ft. Irwin back home. Considering the US has an inventory of 16,000 tanks or so, it seems a little crazy to overreact.

    Also, having been in Burbank (and having had a girlfriend who lived) and being stationed in 29 palms and many visits to Barstow (home of THE west coast Marine Logistics Base), I can say that the landscape is decidedly NOT Burbank and is more likely out in the desert somewhere near Barstow (which is also near Ft. Irwin) which is a huge railhead for the military.

    • OBL

      It’s definitely Burbank. Type this address into Google and look at the environs for confirmation: 4100 W Vanowen Pl, Burbank, CA 91505.

  • RDH

    As stated above, these vehicles are either in transit to or from the Army’s National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin (40 miles north of Barstow) or even perhaps the USMC training facility at 29 Palms. From what I could see, there were a few M1A1 Abrams Tanks and many Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The foul-mouthed kid who made the video has obviously never been around a military base. What you saw on the train was nothing compared to what you would see at a motor pool at Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, or other installations that have heavy armored brigade combat teams. I don’t know why everyone is so “up in arms” about this video. The article insinuates that these vehicles are headed to their neighborhood.

  • LocalHero

    What a colossal waste of money.

  • Cullen
  • Tom

    This video is from late 2010 early 2011. This video was downloaded then re-titled and re-uploaded. Hence the the Date shows Aug. 6th and not the original posted date. I saw this exact video myself about 6 months ago.
    The military is constantly adding & moving assets around and will continue to do so in preparing for the economic collapse.

  • High Desert Dweller

    I have lived in California my whole life born and raised , I have seen large movement of Military equipment almost every year , about 6-7 years ago there was a train that went through our area loaded with M117 armored personnel carriers headed to the coast in desert paint Twice as long as this one , probably destined for some other country as they are pretty obsolete by today’s standards , see stuff on the freeways all the time …….Nothing new …..

  • Funny we have BILLIONS to spend on this CRAP, but yet people are wondering where there next MEAL is coming from! INSANITY PEOPLE INSANITY!

    • Daniel

      I agree–The poverty rate under Obama is climbing at a staggering pace with no end in sight!

  • Jay Rowland

    Humanitarian Effort in Syria. Tanks
    Doesn’t Sound so Humanitarian.

  • I can’t say enough about the Boy Scouts and their motto “Be Prepared”. Look to God for salvation.
    Look to yourself for survival. 70 % of the people in the world have never seen toliet paper. Now that the US is de-industrialized we’re down to a walk. The Medical Industry contains 1/6 of the
    working labor force. If things get down to a craw I’m sure State border guards could be hired to track national id travel statistics thus providing that many more government jobs. They woud have to fall outside the jurisdiction of Homeland Security, who after $ 1/2 Billion dollars, are preparing to get ready to protect all of our 1900 chemical plants with part of their 150,000 employes. “ICE” would be needed to provide traffic pathways for the illeagal Mexican/Russian/Muslims and those entering from further points south. But remember it’s all about “MOM” now days. Money, Oil and Military. The Senate gets a free pass for August. Who is worrying about passing jobs bills. The average personal wealth of our current Senators is reportedly $13 Million each. A retiring Represenative stated about Congress last week, “Congress is like an Alcoholic, they won’t ask for help till they hit rock bottom.” Mothers across America don’t want their kids fed “pink slime” so the industry was shut down and businesses closed in 5 weeks. Their sons and daughters are being turned into “red slime” by fertilizer bombs from Pakistan since in 08. Check your local war theatre. “Afghanistan”, playing for 2 more years. Plus we will have to come up with $4 Billion more for not being in the war from 2014 to 2018. Don’t you just love the American way?

  • erin

    I was an artillary repairer for Marine corps logistics base, yermo anex….
    Its common to move tanks like this. Its cheaper to ship them like this. There is not going to be some grand take over! The tanks and operators will meet up again at their duty stations. Some will be off loaded at national guard armories, some will move on to Ft. Irwin National Training center, some will end up in storage, and some will be refurbished. This is a sign of peace. Thank You President Obama for stopping the republician war lords! …. Peace!…Sgt. Peck…U.S. Army..

  • Phil Williams

    Why Not??

  • Dianne

    I would say Obama is using this as intimidation. To scare the people into voting for him.
    Though I can’t imagine why he would do it in California because most of California is liberal anyway.
    I wonder how many people will fall for that.

  • frank Kovacs

    You are so misinformed that I feel sorry for you. You think that only the republicans started wars in this country? How about WW II, or Vietnam? But have you ever heard of the lobbyist who are dictating actions to the almighty US. Just look around and see who is controlling the liberal media, Wall Street, US Central bank, Hollywood, the film industry, just to name a few…Do you know who is dictating the global game? You may not be old enough to remember about 1948 when this tiny country came into existence and it has been supported by US taxpayer’s money ever since. This country is behind the chess game the US government is playing around the world. They are the one aiming to grab the global power. If we will invade Iran, it will be because of them. I let you guess who is this tiny very powerful nation, who may I add isn’t very popular with their neighbors.
    You can’t be critical of them, because it’s a tabu and those who have the nerve to do so usually pay with their job, and they showed aside.
    God Bless Amereica and I hope your “great president’s” days are numbered in the White House.

  • William The Policeman of the World

    I live here….. this is San Fernando Road…..going South (which parralels Int #5)
    In about 2 more hours….you will be in Camp Pendleton. (Not China Lake)
    The Mullah’s control the Oil pumping…as well as the military! and for that matter every other industry in downtown Tehran….and when they get the bomb….well think Saddam!
    You can be sure that the Wicked Witches of the East are brewing a new stew!

  • Wicked Witches known as the Banks and Bailouts(Oligarchy)

    You people think its Republican vs Democrat. All of you are misinformed. Fools! Their way is Divide and Conquer(Destabilization). Look at our country now. “Divided” Fools……. Wake up!! You destroy a country by long wars, Money control, No science driven progress, No creativity. Creating distractions and Non Issues. How about reading your constitution for yourselves and not how the media interprets it for you. Its all about principle not party. Depopulation is there main goal, via thru all the things I mentioned above. We need to go back to our forefathers creation. An American system not a Monetarist(Empire) system we are on now. Welcome to the Venician empire people.
    Syria/Iran is just a destabilization effort to get at Russia and China because they are doing the right thing with a physical economy.

    If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
    James Madison (1751-1836), 4th U.S. President

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and
    bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves
    against tyranny in government.
    Thomas Jefferson
    Fore warned:
    “If the American people ever allow private banks (the Federal Reserve Banks) to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered..”
    Thomas Jefferson

  • J.D.Malingerer

    “Hundreds of Tanks” is blowing the reality out of proportion. There were maybe twenty Abrams tanks on the train and the rest were Bradley fighting vehicles. FYI, the U.S. Army has close to nine thousand MBT(Main Battle Tank=Abrams Tank)s. 20 out of 9000 is nothing. I would’ve been concerned, a bit scared even, if I actually saw “hundreds of tanks” moving through Burbank, CA., but this looks like just a normal logistics… relocating equipments for training and invasion and such.

  • Steve Wolfe

    Anyone traveling on I-15 to Las Vegas NV. while passing through Ft. Irwin has seen many more armored vehicles than these being staged for movement to other bases or to be shipped over seas. What the frightened clowns should be really conscience of is the propaganda our leaders have been forcing down our throats for decades. That’s the real power of our times. They have coerced our common sense from us to the point we couldn’t see through the B.S. of the Presidential nominations.
    There is a reason so many of our military and young voters have supported the Ron Paul movement. Ron Paul was the only one of the nominees that spoke the true facts and wasn’t lying to us about what is going on in the erosion of our republic. Look up the word Democracy. It doesn’t mean Liberty, it means a majority. So don’t let politicians tell you our Democracy is for freedom or let them mix them together. When they use the term Democracy what they actually mean is LARGE GOVERNMENT. What we need to return to is a Republic.
    And please, research things before you forward them. Otherwise you might be propagating propaganda without knowing it. Do a little research before you hit the send button.

  • Steve

    So, what are they doing? Moving hundreds of tanks to the paint ? That’s what you believe? I know I was only a swabbie, and I know that this gov’t doesn’t make much sense, but that’s just insane. Do they ship them to another depot for fuel ? And another for ammo??? Isn’t it easier to move paint than tanks?

    Let’s try this again. The ONLY reason you move a tank, ( or APC, MML, et-al) is that, strategically, you need more tanks in a certain area. You do not move tanks because it’s convenient, or for drills, or for fun. Or because that’s where the effin’ paint is…

    You also don’t move them for the practice of moving them, or because you want to turn around and move them all back…

    Bet your last dollar ( while anyone will still take it…) that there’s a REASON for hundreds of tanks going south ( or any other direction ).

    Then bet your last nickel (worth $.07 in silver) that you won’t get the truth out of Tom ‘Ambien’ Brokaw, or Chris ‘Think I’ll have another drink’ Matthews.

  • That is a lot of tanks for a country that is winding down wars and reducing funding to the military don’tcha think?Everyone take the scales off your eyes and see what is happening. The Black community is threatening to riot if Obama is not re elected. That is toug- because it amounts to threats to poor Hispanics who live in the neighborhoods who now have to fear conscience voting for Romney. Korean shop owners in LA, who would otherwise vote for Romeny, who had to defend themselves with weapons during the Rodney King riots are tempted to vote for the incumbant because of fear of riots. Think about that. Then think about the fact that there a hundreds of twitter comments threatening to assasinate Governor Romney if he wins that about which,all the Secret Service has said is ” we are aware of the comments.” That is not a sufficient response from the Secret Service.Contact with people making those threats shoudl have started immediately. No evidence they have done anything. Think too that the supposed filmaker of that little Youtube clip is cooling his heels until AFTER the election following a 6AM perp walk a few weeks ago that was based on an alleged probation violation and orchestrated as part of the Bnghazi coverup. Its ugly out there and I urge all of you to maintain your cool and vote with courage regardless of race or ethnicity.

  • John

    Its just a brigade going to or coming from the National Training Center at Fort Irwin. Most liking, they came from Fort Lewis. A lot of units are units are going back to the 3-tone camo due to the draw down in the middle east and focus on the Pacific. Fort Lewis is going to be getting more and more requests from PACOM and they are also getting units spun back up on old school force on force tactics (tanks and IFVs in big formations). No need to get paranoid.

  • Snellville bob

    You don’t use desert camo in Europe