Are People Being Thrown Into Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views?

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Mental Health Diagnoses Are Sometimes Politically-Motivated

Many psychologists and psychiatrists are good people, who are only trying to help their patients.

But the Nazi government substantially supported psychologists … many of whom, in turn, espoused extermination of the people they considered to be “racially and cognitively compromised”.

Soviet psychiatrists famously aided Stalin in applying fake insanity diagnoses to political dissenters.  The official explanation was that no sane person would declaim the Soviet government and Communism.

American psychologists created the American program of torture which was specially-crafted to produce false confessions to justify U.S. military policy. And see this.

And authoritarian American psychologists are eager to label anyone “taking a cynical stance toward politics, mistrusting authority, endorsing democratic practices, … and displaying an inquisitive, imaginative outlook” as worthy of a trip to the insane asylum. (Those traits may also get one labeled as a potential terrorist.)

As prominent forensic psychiatrist James Knoll – psychiatry professor at SUNY-Syracuse and director of a forensic fellowship program – writes in the Psychiatric Times:

When psychiatric science becomes co-opted by a political agenda, an unhealthy alliance may be created. It is science that will always be the host organism, to be taken over by political viruses…. [P]sychiatry may come to resemble a new organism entirely — one that serves the ends of the criminal justice system.

Even psychologists with good intentions can erroneously label people delusional simply because they themselves make bad assumptions.

There is even a label for this – the “Martha Mitchell Effect” – defined as:

The process by which a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health clinician mistakes the patient’s perception of real events as delusional and misdiagnoses accordingly.

The authors of a paper on this phenomenon (Bell, V., Halligan, P.W., Ellis, H.D. (2003) Beliefs About Delusions. The Psychologist, 6 (8), 418-422) conclude:

Sometimes, improbable reports are erroneously assumed to be symptoms of mental illness [due to a] failure or inability to verify whether the events have actually taken place, no matter how improbable intuitively they might appear to the busy clinician.

In other words, psychologists who haven’t taken the time to examine for themselves the claims of their patients will tend to label as delusional anything which they “intuitively” feel is improbable.  As such, psychologists and psychiatrists are just as prone to acting out their irrational prejudices as anyone else … unless they take the time to investigate and educate themselves.

Governments Indefinitely Detaining Citizens In Psychiatric Wards Without Due Process of Law

As such, detention in psych wards on mere “suspicion” of posing a danger – without due process of law – is troubling.

For example, former marine Brandon Raub was just carted off and locked in a psychiatric ward for his allegedly “anti-government” Facebook posts.

AP reports today:

Police – acting under a state law that allows emergency, temporary psychiatric commitments upon the recommendation of a mental health professional – took Raub to the John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell. He was not charged with any crime.


Col. Thierry Dupuis, the county police chief, said Raub was taken into custody upon the recommendation of mental health crisis intervention workers. He said the action was taken under the state’s emergency custody statute, which allows a magistrate to order the civil detention and psychiatric evaluation of a person who is considered potentially dangerous.

New York Police officer Adrian Schoolcraft was  involuntarily hospitalizated in a psychiatric ward after he recorded videotapes of his fellow police officers engaging in corruption.

Claire Swinney of New Zealand was also held in a psychiatric ward and called “delusional” for criticizing the government.    Susan Lindauer was held under the Patriot Act for a year at Carswell Air Force Base – where psychiatric drugs were pushed on her – after she alleged government corruption.

The Daily Mail notes:

The [British] Government has established a shadowy new national anti-terrorist unit to protect VIPs, with the power to detain suspects indefinitely using mental health laws.


The team’s psychiatrists and psychologists then have the power to order treatment – including forcibly detaining suspects in secure psychiatric units.

Using these powers, the unit can legally detain people for an indefinite period without trial, criminal charges or even evidence of a crime being committed and with very limited rights of appeal.

Until now it has been the exclusive decision of doctors and mental health professionals to determine if someone should be forcibly detained.

But the new unit uses the police to identify suspects – increasing fears the line is being blurred between criminal investigation and doctors’ clinical decisions.


Scotland Yard, which runs the shadowy unit, refuses to discuss how many suspects have been forcibly hospitalised by the team because of “patient confidentiality”.


The purpose of the centre is “to evaluate and manage the risk posed to prominent people by…those who engage in inappropriate or threatening communications or behaviours in the context of abnormally intense preoccupations, many [Many? That means that some are not] of which arise from psychotic illness.”

Who gets to decide what “inappropriate” or “threatening” means?  What if a whistleblower has information that a member of parliament has engaged in bribes?  Would trying to reveal such information constitute “inappropriate or threatening communications or behaviours” in the context of “abnormally intense preoccupations” with that MP’s illegal actions?

Indeed, a study published in the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry found a high rate of false positives in the British identification of dangerous persons.

The Mail continues:

So-called ‘sectioning’ allows a patient to be held for up to six months before a further psychological assessment. Patients are then reviewed every year to determine if they can be released.


Human rights activists fear the team, whose existence has never been publicised, may be being used as a way to detain suspected terrorists without having to put evidence before the courts.


Last night human rights group Liberty said the secret unit represented a new threat to civil liberties.

Policy director Gareth Crossman said: “There is a grave danger of this being used to deal with people where there is insufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution.

“This blurs the line between medical decisions and police actions. If you are going to allow doctors to take people’s liberty away, they have to be independent. That credibility is undermined when the doctors are part of the same team as the police.

“This raises serious concerns. First that you have a unit that allows police investigation to lead directly to people being sectioned without any kind of criminal proceedings.

“Secondly, it is being done under the umbrella of anti-terrorism at a time when the Government is looking at ways to detain terrorists without putting them on trial.”


The team examined thousands of cases and liaised with the FBI, the US Secret Service, the Capitol Hill Police, which protects Congressmen and Senators, and the Swedish and Norwegian secret services.


Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: “The Government is trying to bring in a wider definition of mental disorder and is resisting exclusions which ensure that people cannot be treated as mentally disordered on the grounds of their cultural, political or religious beliefs.

“When you hear they are also setting up something like this police unit, it raises questions about quite what their intentions are.

“The use of mental health powers of detention should be confined to the purposes of treatment. But the Government wants to be able to detain someone who is mentally disordered even when the treatment would have no benefit.

“Combined with the idea that someone could be classed as mentally ill on the grounds of their religious beliefs, it is a very worrying scenario.”

Indeed, the whole “indefinite detention” process (which Americans living on American soil are subject to) can be based on circular reasoning:

The government’s indefinite detention policy – stripped of it’s spin – is literally insane, and based on circular reasoning. Stripped of p.r., this is the actual policy:

  • If you are an enemy combatant or a threat to national security, we will detain you indefinitely until the war is over
  • But trust us, we know you are an enemy combatant and a threat to national security

See how that works?

This is an analogy.  We are not accusing psych wards of using torture.  However, they do often use powerful psychiatric drugs on patients … which can elicit false confessions.

Are we going to slide into Soviet levels of psychiatric detention of political dissidents?   Unless the spread of psychiatric detention without due process of law is checked, the mere belief that the government is interfering with your liberty may become grounds for locking you away.

Update: The stories of psychiatric commitment of political activists in China are horrendous .

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  • Lance

    Not surprising.

  • LordXenu

    Scientology, meet conspiracy theorists.

  • Yes, some psychiatrists are good people, however, some of their nutcase patients could dive them to commit suicide. For example, Israeli prime minister, Benji Netanyahu’s psychiarist Moshe Yaton committed suicide, leaving a note for Netanyahu: “You sucked the life right out of me. I can’t take anymore”. I am sure the Zionazi sociopath could have survived without a psychiarist all these months.

  • Jason Bohn

    Even if a person is crazy as a loon, he is still entitled to due process. Brandon Raub had his first and fourth amanedment rights violated. Period. Even if he’s nuts. (I don’t think he’s nuts. I mean that’s not the point.)

  • windcatcher

    Reminiscent of the classic “One Flew Over the Cuckoo-nest”, the fellow may be “treated” with drugs, electroshock treatments and even a frontal lobotomy.

    He hasn’t been released yet so he must be being “treated”.

    Look Out! The new Gitmo for terrorist is mental institutions where anyone can be legally disappeared

  • Laura

    I was committed to a psych ward and declared “psychotic” for my religious and political views in May. Am I a 9/11 truther?? Yes. I am aware of the NWO and I believe that played a role. However, wher they “got me” was on my religious beliefs. It was agreed I am no danger or threat to myself or others, am fully capable of daily living activity, am fully mentally cognizant (and even agreed that I am of above average intelligence). It was also stated upon review that I am a kind person considerate of others as I was “watched”. I am telling you that they made a bogus “diagnosis” on the basis of the fact that I spoke of spiritual things and a view of life through the eyes of my faith with which the “psychiatrists” did not agree. In other words, they declared me to be committing religious thought crimes on the basis of being a non-conformist. That’s the bottom line of what they “came up with”. They were Christians. So am I. But they basically thought my views were “heretical” in nature and defined that then as “psychosis”. Why are they the “arbiters” of “truth”?? And since when did religious and political diversity of views turn into a diagnosis of “psychosis” to the “heretical nonconformists” who are obviously fully cogent and capable??

    Being a non-conformist, as soon as I set foot outside of the institution in which I was forcibly imprisoned in what amounted to a FEMA camp against my will — under an existing 90 day bogus court order — I took my God-given inalienable rights, told the police state they had no business telling me I have a “religious pre-occupation” because I choose to read the Bible and pray and interpret it myself without benefit of institutional affiliation, and left the State.

    Psychiatrists are declaring themselves to be the “ministers of truth” of religious and political thoughts, views, and beliefs. They’re calling the rest of us heretics and are the new ministers of State religion. The church and state has merged and the psychiatrists are the new ministers of truth. If they consider you a political or religious heretic, they will assign a label to you, imprison you falsely, and force drugs upon you.

    I left the State. The 90 day order is nearly expired. They said I wasn’t “under arrest”, yet police handcuffed me, threw me in the back of a squad car, and I was imprisoned in a facility with all my rights stripped away from me — and the door locked. I call that a “FEMA camp” – not a “psych ward”.

    God bless you.

  • I’m so glad that somebody is finally reporting on this story. I’ve been ‘banging on’ about it for seven years now…just trying to get soembody to report on the matter…and the targetting goes way beyond that….the censored version of what they did to me is in the ‘blog’…

    It hasn’t stopped since, still allowed nowhere to live, access to healthcare or access to moeny…they murdered my dog, still getting tortured with what is probably microwave weapons…

    If you dig around on the UK govt stats websites you will find that the ‘crazy’ population in mental prisons has been growing by 40% EVERY YEAR for the last TEN YEARS. I don’t know, maybe the CIA are still going around putting LSD in people’s bread or something…

    anyway, general ‘spam’ email copied below if anybody is interested….;-)


    Pls forgive my curtness, just so little energy left these days…

    This is what is done to political dissidents in the UK these days…

    People do ask for me to try and summarise it down a bit, but as i say virtually no energy left. Did have a go in an email the other day though,

    “I struggle to do anything else with it though. Even typing abit
    difficult with how my wrists/ hand is atthe moment. Already edited
    about sixty pages out of it, and it was only ever the second half of
    the story…several years (probably about 5) of being targetted before
    that blog started…cars driven at me in the street, randomly punched
    in the head by starngers in the street, nearly pushed under a bus once
    but i know who did that….camera pointed through my bedroom window
    24/7 for abt ayear and forced to pay for the privelege, black listed
    for jobs, poisoned watyer supply, no central heating, rats running
    about the place, half starved through lack of food….never got any
    ‘justification’ for that, I do know how it sounds! If you haven’t yet
    try reading some of the gangstalking TI sites…

    If he/ she needs a summary of the blog, I will try….lil point
    though, been banging my head against a wall for ten years now! Just to
    be clear, that was a metaphor! 😉

    I was already homeless. They took that away from me and had already
    effectively become a refugee in my own country. as wellas my bank
    account/ any source of income…. Then i was visciously beaten up and
    abducted/ kidnapped. Black trousers and white shirts, but i suspect
    they may have been employed as pigyobs or browncoats. Yanked very hard
    on my testicles repeaedtly. Still got a lot of pain in the left one,
    ‘never hung right’ since…twisted possibly fractured my wrists when
    my arms were twisted behind my back and manacled/ handcuffed…the
    elft wrsit still feels weak, soemtimes alil bit pain/stiff…punched
    me repeatedly in lower back and back of head, grit in my eyes, grit
    down my throat, triggering a somewhat severe asthma attack, really did
    think i was being suffocated, knee in my back then to making it even
    harder to breathe…it was all filmed on camera…then abducted,
    bounced abt in a back of van until semi concious. then yanked out,
    beaten up and stripped naked forced into guantanamo jump suit….i
    thought i was abt to be sent overseas! that probably sounds
    melodramatic, but i swear that is what happened! never said so much as
    a word to me

    locked up for several months. not sure exactly how long. during which
    time randomly violently assaulted. anally raped once i beleive. gang
    raped reapeatedly on numerous occasions, i.e. violently/ sexually
    asaulted and injected with unknown substances. also forced to swallow
    things as well. substances unknown. it was all filmed on
    camera…eithe rone’s mounted on the walls or via mobile phone.

    their sole justification for it? simply the accusation of ‘believeing
    the govt is evil, isn’t it?’ they never actually bothered to ask me
    what i thought of the govt. refused to discuss ‘politics’ with me at
    any time….i did initially try to engage them in ‘debate’/
    reason….severe memory problems with what else went on. was the
    threat of ‘electric shock’ treatment but i have no memory of them
    actually implementing that. dnt think they did, but cnt be
    sure…think memory loss/ brain damage down to chemical abuse, best i
    can gather…

    initial stint was two weeks, or so they say…then i tried compalining
    to IPCC again so yobois in white shirts and black trousers kicke dthe
    door in again, seriosuly kicke dthe shit out of me agn dislocating my
    back and then same treatment for a couple of more months or there

    for the last four years chronic pain in bowels/ groin, lower stomach
    (kidneys/ liver?), lower back, constant headache for over four years
    now, different parts of my head varying in intensity. blurred vison
    occasionally, i suspect some kind of brain damage possible tumour. had
    trouble walking for a couple of weeks at end of 2006/7 i think (from
    memory, very hazy memory now) from the dislocatedc back, i presume.
    bleeding out of backside for a long time/ total loss of control of
    bowel movements on several occasions, but all taht seems to have
    stopped now. scars around my groin, but faded a hell of alot since.

    after released, randomly harassed/ summoned/ interrogated for over a year….

    to this day stillnot ‘allowed’ bank account/ access to money/ benefits
    in any form….refugee in my own country, parents collaborated with
    them and have been forced effetively to ‘live’ survive as their
    prisoner for coming upfive years now…

    cnt even confirm whether or not any of them were real g-men!

    in reference to what your man says about the ‘secret rules’ on secret
    websites that unilaterally vary when ever they like stuff/ codes of
    conduct etc, he/ she really has no idea does he/ she? NOT possible to
    get access to such things and every time you try to engage these
    ‘people’ in conversation they just lie to your face/ ignore you/
    randomly violently or sexually assault you! only way to get a name out
    of one is to kill one in self defence….what one has to do to one to
    get to see some ID, admit tehy’re g-men, see the warrant for that
    information or access to these ‘secret rules’ is way beyond my powers
    of deduction!

    After a year or so I did finally get a SIGNED letter from the GMC,
    stating they were going to ignore my ‘legal proceedings against them’
    as none of the people attacked me were on the ‘medical reigister’.
    apparently everybody employed by the NHS (recpetionists, managers,
    electricians etc.) are automatically put on the medical register
    without their knowledge or consnet, apparently….so i can only
    presuem that tehir investigations, presuming they did any, had
    concluded that they weren’t specifically employed by the govt dept.
    known as the NHS…..but i still presume they were employed as g-men
    of soem sort, considering they operated in broad daylight, the way the
    yob mutherfrackers behave and access to the kind of equipment/ weapons
    and facilities that they did have access to….

    never gonna be able to ‘prove’ any of it though….still refusing to
    confirm or deny what they did with tthe video recordings….stopped
    asking now, got fed up with being attacked for it! all i can do is to
    continue with my campaign, they will ahve to torture me agn to even
    make me talk to them now….best i can hope for it a Raoul Moat
    ending…..the guy also had TI written all over him, I wd be decking
    my place out with cameras to if i had one/ had the resources….but
    they neutralised me long ago! tried to kill myself several times
    2006/7, but turns out i just didn’t have stones for it….total

    as for the blog, really best i can do now. no energy to go through it
    all agn….at the time i just needed to get down as much as i cd
    remember/ much detail as possible whilst i still rembered it! cnt
    really make it any shorter….this has been going on for over ten
    years now! to my eternal shame, i never once lifted o much as a finger
    to defend myself! yet! it’s certainly not going to me going
    ‘pre-emptive’ on them, whoever they are….

    everything i can possibly think of to do has already been done. wdn’t
    even give me access to small claims court- so all i cd try to do was
    publicise! at least some influential peeps have read it, i noted the
    liks of David Mitchell and that senior liberal democrat blatantly
    ripping off my material! did have a lil bit support initially from
    contacts i used to have in Nick Clegg’s offics. His people just ignore
    me to now since he became deputy prime minister….

    did just make msm once though, 😉

    Post 25

    all i want is to be let out of prison now, surely i been punished
    enough already for what i allegedly believed?

    ” In reality it isn’t against the law (should be) to drug somebody
    against their will. It is against the law to brutally attack them or
    physically harm them. But it’s there definition of abuse and harm
    and they can do whatever they want!”

    as i said in blog, paraphrasing criminal and illegal are not
    synonymous, never have been anywhere as far as i can tell! against the
    law? what abt putting on a disguise, creeping up behind someone and
    shooting them repeatedly in the head? murdering the man with the table
    leg? breaking in and murdering the guy whilst shagging his g/f?
    dropping bombs on children? or any of these crimes illegal? where can
    i get access to these secret laws and have them independly verified?
    locking up political dissidents and torturing them without trial?
    human rights act? i mean, HELLO….

    of course, talking like this was presumably why they targette dme for
    it….they must have been spying on me/ reading my emails for quite
    some time! look up those RIPA laws!!!

    does that count as a ‘summary’, pls let me know your thoughts!

  • Daniel Hazen

    Dear Friends,

    Please Join Us

    HUMAN RIGHTS RALLY & MARCH (Flyer Attached)

    Saturday October 6th, 2012, NYC @ the UN! 

    Freedom from Forced Treatment and Abuse in the Mental Health System!

    End Psychiatric Treatment That Denies Human Rights!

    Every day, people young and old are forced into harmful treatment that they don’t want and that they don’t need. Join The Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (CHRUSP), MindFreedom Int’l, PsychRights, The Icarus Project, We The People and more to rally for human rights in mental health treatment, policy, and culture!

    Listen to some of most powerful voices from the psychiatric survivors movement and get inspired to stand up for human rights in psychiatry!

    What do we want? Human Rights! 
    When do we want Them? Now!

    Saturday, Oct. 06, 2012
    12pm – Across the Street from the UN (1 UN Plaza)

    2pm – Solidarity March to the APA mtg. (7th & 53rd)

    In honor of people held in forced treatment settings!

    Daniel Hazen (518)-932-3137 or Email

  • Liz

    I was also committed for making a valid well documented complaint in the state of South Carolina whereby I proved using legit documents that the state had committed identity theft using my name in a ponzi scheme. No one came to my rescue. Not one soul on earth cared. My elderly parents were actively recuited into participation in this scheme. As a result, I have lost all of my support system.
    I think it’s really nice the Rutherford Institute came to Raub’s assistance but there are many other Americans being treated the same identical way and the majority of the population doesn’t even care.

    A resident with 6 weeks of experience in a teaching hospital committed me. He didn”t even possess a real MD license, only a limited license. I was refused a real psychiatrist for 4 days. An internist forced me to take psychotropic meds. An out of jurisdiction probate judge’s name was stamped on the commitment papers that had no detailed information on them about how I was a threat to myself or others.

    This happened at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia South Carolina. I am clearly not ashamed to tell the whole unvarnished story but the hospital refuses to even share the file with a personal treating psychiatrist that was consulted for PTSD that resulted from the limited license resident’s actions.

    Abominable. Unreasonable. Insulting and more.

    Soon, it will be other human being”s turn.
    Then what?

    I feel like I live in Nazi Germany, in the novel 1984 and totally outside of all reality since my world was jerked out from under me.

    Thank you for making these matters public.

  • Liz

    I’m with you. Wish I could help, but you know how it is- exactly same situation, although I’m still in prison. Hope you’re out and at least relatively free.

  • Jake

    anybody wanna fess up why comments keep censored here?

  • Abbie Hoffman

    I think anyone who locks up somebody for there political belief should be locked up for being mentally ill. Power hunger is a mental illness this is very true.

  • jes sayin

    You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

  • Laura Lee

    When you give the State power to define what is “mentally ill”… you’ve just declared the State to be God. Whoever you give power to in defining what is “mentally ill”… you have just declared to be God and the Authority of Truth with a capital “T”. It’s a religion.

  • Rocco Michael Iannacchino
  • Jack

    They did it to me to, but they used my ex-girlfriend who is a cop to do it. I was a ICE agent and spoke out about my demotion… and they used her to help frame me… held me in solitary confinement for an entire year on $500,000 bond for a non-violent charge and forced me to plea out to probation by offering me my freedom in exchange for a plea.

    • Ju.lie

      I was raped for a bet a shady
      group of weirdos who bring the drugs into this town ( pharmasists )
      to experiment on the innocent .
      The drug was a so called .. rape drug
      the campaingn ; “yes or no ”
      I was unaware it was ” a bet ” at the time . My dog was also killed ( so the rapist wouldnt get attacked )
      The rapist .. ( big man ! ) has been given ..political hero status by these weirdos and has stolen my familys trust fund ..all my rights have been taken illegally . I have been twice locked up in *pyche ward ( *yeah they pyche you out ) pycholgicaly tortured and prescribed some potentiallly fatal drugs . *” may cause sudden & unexplained death “.
      The operative word being
      ” unexplained ”
      I have been stalked ..conterpilero style ( gang stalking )
      My home has constantly been broken into ..things moved around and broken ..beds urinated & deficated on , clothes & shoes ripped & damaged .
      gasses left on .. & a gas alarm .. taken & replaced by a pack of kirby grips & hand sanitiser .
      The rapist that stole my familys trust ? He used that to back a NATIONLIST political party .
      His grandfather , persecuted an uncle of mine took over his home &
      stole his pensions / trust status .
      My dogs were recently attacked .(chemicals in their eyes ) then prescribed .. by a vet ; eye drops containing boric acid at a high constistitency.causing worse injury .
      Their smere campaign against me & my family dosen’t stop .
      The thread running through all this is p(harm)acy .. along with their pychological torture .. control of media outlets .. all gained illegally by seizing the substancial trust my grandparents set up for their familys future .
      Ive been to lawyers ; all whom are paid off , to make my claims look rediculous & me insane . including the very expensive barrister the rapist hired to return a verdict of
      “not proven ” .
      The whole town knows hes guilty .
      Its disgusting what doctors ..polititions & shady law enforcement can get away with .
      I have all the documents to prove this filthy conspiricy & I INTEND TO USE THEM .
      The local pyschiatric hospital is more like a torture facility .. with complaints of ; drug experimentation
      sexual deviance pysical & mental torture ; misuse of patients pensions & benefits . I have experienced this & so have several generations of my family , not so co – incedently , starting with my grandfather , ( the one who originaly established
      “The trust ”

  • Ananbel Samson

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  • wildmother

    Philadelphia city government tried to locked me up so many times because they dug up a contaminated site with no environmental report and no demolition or excavation permits or safety- a very politically connected site. Their recklessness and crimes cracked my house and all the haz mat made me ill. I reported it and found out that the people I was reporting to were the people putting up the project, including the two best friends of the District Attorney Seth Williams. One Director of Community Planning at City Planning who worked with City Counsel for decades wrote ” yes, their was a conspiracy engineered against you in Reed Miller office” – a council woman. The entire city government up to the top is corrupt as hell. As soon as the ward leader went around my neighborhood and used the “crazy card” on me—as a lone woman that is so easy– I started my detective work so I could prove what I was saying. OMG, the stuff I find out. That city is like the mob. Ran for my life many times. They tried so many times to lock me up or threaten arrest and made me the target of any kind of crimes anybody wanted to do. The Police were in on it. Sick, sick sick… All they had to do was move me to a safe house away from the illegally constructed project- as 3 doctors said -and get me medical for the haz mat exposure but they had to act like thugs. I told them psychiatry for me was not going to stop their crimes and corruption unless maybe THEY went for some intensive care. My comments get censored all the time. I try to print them out before they are gone.

  • queen tonya bieber

    is it true peoples who pray goes to the mental unit my doctor says it is true that you can go to the mental unit just by praying mrs. queen tonya bieber 2/20/2015!

  • nick quinlan

    Fascism will come to America disguised as national security.
    Jim Garrison
    Welcome to the United Banks and Corporations of America

  • qertyiou

    My father had his throat cut in a small English village and I was arrested but released when it became obvious that I couldn’t have done it. At first the police said it was murder because there was no knife. They then decided it was suicide, but couldn’t explain how he cut his throat without a knife. The Mayor of the village is an ex-policeman as is one of the councillors who is in charge of planning. Both my father and myself had discovered a planning con based around the Defined Development Boundary – is in fact not defined, but agreed by the councillors. The Mayor was in charge of planning, but was removed by the standards board.
    Some time later I was arrested for having no car insurance, and when they found out who I was I was detained by the CJLT, but the mental health unit were forced to release me because I am sane. However, they covered themselves by saying I was delusional, but didn’t explain themselves. I contacted the First Tier Tribunal who found the lack of an explanation strange.
    Since complaining to the mental health unit they have asked me to come back in, and have in effect “threatened” me on five occasions. I was detained by a total of five Indian doctors who frankly had no clue, and believed the police to be honest people, despite them kicking in my door with no warning, to detain me.
    I never made my complaints while I was at the address where I was detained, and waited until I had moved to a different police authority because I couldn’t afford a solicitor – and it seems there are many Freemasons within the legal system.
    This is a case of the Mather Mitchell effect on the part of the incompetent doctors; but I have no doubt that the police, and now the CE of the hospital would like to shut me up to protect their highly paid jobs..

  • Anonymous

    My old company was able to somehow have law enforcement suggest I was crazy after hiring someone to break into my home (my opinion- cannot be proven, police refused to investigate). I was committed and now the police are refusing freedom of information requests and others saying there’s not video- but cops were wearing body cameras. Worst experience of my life. Gave my Facebook password out while in this asylum. When I got out- every account i had was hacked, including my car insurance- total nightmare. I’m 100% convinced that police, FBI, large political contributions from Hedge Funds can all be used to hurt the average American.